Sienna Miller Schools Jimmy on Philadelphia Accents

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    Sienna Miller discusses her shocking physical transformation to become Roger Ailes' wife in The Loudest Voice miniseries and her acclaimed performance in American Woman, and she showcases her many accents.
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    Sienna Miller Schools Jimmy on Philadelphia Accents

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    1. Grant2591

      She’s born in NYC, lived in London, she’s not from Philly. Probably never even been in a row home before.

    2. imani

      yes in Pennsylvania it depends where you are where i live some people sound very southern some people sound fine im on the southern part lol


      LIKE. SiEnna's movie "AMERICAN WOMAN" (2019) Roadside Attractions, is incredible performance. SEE THE MOVIE.

    4. Andrew Bauer

      No one from philly talks like that at least not in the north

    5. November Palmer

      I’m from Philly and we don’t talk like hillbillies



    7. Muhamad Adry Rosly

      At sometimes she looks like Emma Stone

    8. GsP1979

      Omg. She is absolutely lovely

    9. Qatherine Z.

      Gotta lurv her!

    10. SiennaLikesAnime :3

      I’m named after sienna miller!! ❤️❤️❤️

    11. Buck Buck

      Who gives a single fuck about this stupid conversation

    12. Brittany Di Franco

      Saw "american woman" when it premiered at TIFF last year . I've always thought Sienna Miller is one of the most underrated actors is hollywood today. She is incredible in everything she does (factory girl! Layer cake! stardust AND live on stage!) In American Woman she takes it to an entire other level. I hope she gets the recognition she finally deserves.

    13. Oniket

      Sienna is an amazingly gifted actress ♡

    14. h d

      Reading review highlights during the interview? Sienna's publicist's idea or Jimmy's?

    15. Chicken Nugget

      Get a black person wit a philly accent so they can show u how it really is

    16. Riley Morgan

      I live in the suburban philly area, and hunny YOU DONT EVEN KNOW PHILLY ACCENTS

      1. November Palmer

        Riley Morgan what county?? Philly is a city not a suburban town

    17. Nawshaba Aziz

      What's the matter with Jimmy? He looks permanently exhausted 😔

    18. Jack Tulskie Vlogz

      Sounds nothing like a philly accent😂

      1. Angela Brown

        Same here..... I was confused as hell.....

      2. ceasar isabel

        exactly and im from philly sooo lmao

    19. theplourde

      You can tell these two are actually friends.

    20. Wise Guy4U

      They have chemistry.

    21. Andrew Robert Moynihan


    22. Andrew Robert Moynihan


    23. Andrew Robert Moynihan




    25. Tasha S

      cantik amet, mbak

    26. Cpt. Walker

      Come on Jimmy. Let the person in the movie describe their own movie!!!!

    27. Steph MacCormick

      I love her teeth.

    28. Michelle Laggan

      LMFAO was "incredible" really the best word to describe talking to south sudanese refuges? smh

    29. Jack Lacrosse

      Caffeine is a helluva drug.

    30. drownsoda

      I went and saw this tonight and it was fantastic-wonderful acting from everyone, especially Sienna.

    31. Markus E

      Selena is awesome.

    32. DrEffinSteamy

      Wow, she kinda took on an almost Jessica Biel sound and persona with her character there.

    33. Potato

      38yrs old with a 7yr old grandson. Someone got knocked up at a very young age.

      1. Miko Philo

        yeah, i think she covered that part comprehensively during the interview...

    34. moonbeams888

      There are no fewer than five Philly accents and that is not one of them. She does not do it.

      1. Crazy Canuck

        @moonbeams888 No you haven't so stop fibbing, Pinocchio.

      2. moonbeams888

        @Crazy Canuck I lived there my whole life.

      3. Crazy Canuck

        moonbeams888 Wtf are you some self-proclaimed Philly accent expert? You wouldn't know a Philadelphia accent from a Klingon one, ffs.

      4. Rach Kate

        Calm your tits whiney imperialist.

    35. Miller Theory

      59 seconds in and I’m already bored. She sucks. Fucking Commie.

    36. Rae’Quan Morgan

      Her arm continues to disappear and it’s distracting lol

    37. Caffeinated Nation

      If you clicked for the title, it starts at 2:43

      1. Lea Faye

        Caffeinated Nation she didn’t quite school at all... it was like 2 words in a Philly accent... 🙄

    38. Ale 01

      I live in philly and idk what accent they're talking about ha

      1. Brandon  Schwendimann


      2. Solo PAC

        Deadass, idk either

    39. Jonathan Trauner

      Sienna was so spectacular on American Woman too with Christina Hendricks

    40. b metrix

      Gorgeous woman.

    41. New Eddard

      She acts differently every time.

    42. Castle

      *Finally somebody told Jimmy you're a bad actor*

    43. Vincent Choi

      What a babe

    44. Daniel Cervi

      Jimmy looks like he was on a drinking binge for a week and a half

    45. M.J. Jones

      Did Hollywood run out of actresses over 50 years old? That must be the only reason Sienna Miller was covered with prosthetics in order to portray Roger Aisles’ wife.

      1. h d

        @M.J. Jones I didn't say it was fair, but it is certainly not the act of bigotry you claim. And sorry, I strongly doubt Kathy Bates draws as well as Theron, not internationally. I briefly worked in Hollywood as an asst. to a CPA who handled much industry accounting, rest assured that 60m from an 8m budget made a lot of folks very happy. Find a better example than Monster to make your case. Maybe one without an Academy Award going to the lead you feel stole the job from a more age appropriate actress.

      2. M.J. Jones

        @h d Monster made very little money. It cost $8 million to make and brought in $60 million worldwide [$34 million in the United States]. In terms of percentage [and not taking into account marketing costs], that is a good return on the initial investment, but $60 million is not a lot of money. I am pretty sure Kathy Bates could have at least garnered the same amount. I am disappointed by ageism for both leads -- Russell Crowe and Sienna Miller took away jobs from actors who have life experiences that would have added critical dimensions to the portrayals. Feel free to believe that all is fair in the world and profit justifies everything. That is your right. [I am officially stepping away from the keyboard.]

      3. h d

        @M.J. Jones Respectively disagree with the weight of your charge. In Hollywood, who is cast is simply determined by box office calculation, e.g. Theron costs more than Bates but will draw many more customers than Bates because she is more current. Of course there are loads of older, highly skilled actors who might play a 60 year old far subtler than a 40 year old could, but the 18 to 25 year old demographic likely would have no clue who that person is.

      4. M.J. Jones

        So many replies to my comment about ageism and misogyny in Hollywood. This is not a new charge. Sally Field portrayed Tom Hanks’ girlfriend in one film and his mother a few years later. Instead of hiring Kathy Bates, the makers of Monster cast Charlize Theron as the lead after she gained weight and performed a makeunder on herself. Charlize was born almost twenty years after her character was. This is unfair and modus operandi for the film industry.

      5. rabid heartbeats

        to be fair, she's probably playing her as a younger version as well. It's easier to make a young woman look older than make an older woman look young again.

    46. Xe M

      Saw her in her car in London once. She is pretty but bad at driving.

    47. Alan Hope

      Jimmy's looking a bit rough. Back on the booze?

      1. moonbeams888

        Who knows, but it's just a scruff beard. It's not like he's so fucked up he didn't notice that he hasn't shaved. He's done this on purpose.

    48. Achote671

      She's just crafty skillful an artist bright funny did I mention good looking 🇬🇺🙏🏾

    49. Sparkling Sienna

      My name is sienna!!!!!


      So amazing! Such a hero of mine! The only other person in the world with her arm amputated from the shoulder to the wrist, but still beautiful!!!

    51. grievousangel09

      Why does Jimmy look high AF?

    52. sienna jayne

      The funny thing is hearing your name on tv, love having the same name as a actor sienna miller, not just sienna but Miller as well

      1. Crazy Canuck

        @h d Correction....nobody is interested in hearing you bitch. Oscar the Grouch.

      2. h d

        @Crazy Canuck Correction: "...another person wasn't." Because unless sienna jayne is your alternate ID (fairly good bet it is) you're likely the ONLY other person on this planet interested.

      3. Crazy Canuck

        @h d Just because you weren't interested doesn't mean that other people weren't. So hush up, grump.

      4. h d

        You imagine how many of us are interested in your name-"story?"

    53. Swann

      « Pick me up at 7 on Saturday » I’ll be there, Sienna. Oh, I’ll be there.

    54. Geoffrey Feinberg

      She's cute. Hope she gets Emmy's and Golden Globes for Roger Ailes wife.

    55. vsquar3d

      the accent riff offs were amazing lmao

    56. Perpetual Student

      Perfection at 37.

    57. starachristy88

      LET. HER. TALK. damnit!

      1. Crazy Canuck

        @Rupert Murdoch Hey, nobody's interested in hearing about your sexual fantasies on a public forum like CZ-news. So hush up as if you'd even have a snowball's chance in Hell! LOL

      2. Rupert Murdoch

        omg I need her sitting on my face so badly, I bet her vagina smells so good and strong.

    58. Daniel Ibarra

      Hollywood couldn't hire a middle-aged actress to play a middle-aged woman in the Roger Ailes biopic?

      1. malfoi

        it's mostly an economic move, Margot Robbie and Charlize Theron are also starring who are big at the moment.

    59. T K

      Please get rid of that beard, looks extra

    60. Jinkazam

      gotta love her splinter cell tattoo!

    61. Jon

      Kelly Ripa/Fergie/Margot Robbie all in one.

      1. Nicki D

        Hes talking about her looks. And i agree, pretty spot on

      2. h d

        Why Fergie? Because Sienna's a legendary party girl?

    62. Getthefuckoffmylawn

      She lost an arm

    63. Anthony Cooks


    64. Josie Park


      1. Sexy Homeowner

        I know, as a Londoner I cringe. Even hers wasn't much better.

    65. C3 Studios

      She looks like the hottest cat ever.

    66. AnaPop!

      I worked on “American Woman” and I can’t wait to see it! She was a lovely woman to work with!

      1. Faris Raza

        On the cast or crew?

    67. עמרי שחר


    68. manguy2000

      Not a day goes by where we don't hear some reference to "female empowerment". Are they any women out there who don't think they are strong and capable and need the culture to constantly remind you? Don't know..I would find that patronizing.

      1. anthony cheesman

        Yea why can't women be weak and unsure of themselves lol

      2. B Millennium

        as a woman I'm sick of hearing it. to me there only saying it cause its popular to say, i know deep done they don't mean it. i roll my eyes everytme and go here we go again with this female empowerment crap! im sick of it!

    69. EmpyreanLightASMR

      Sienna Miller's first night show appearance:

    70. Floppy Bird

      cute voice