Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars) - Top 5 Epic Moments [HD]

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    1. SpectacularNub

      Tadokoro definitely developed a honey fetish

    2. Koji Koi

      14:28 this is what someone would say with this kind of fetish *Golden Slower*

    3. ravenclaw yea

      Gordon Ramsay is shaking rn

    4. Colton Chen

      When u can make anything out of fish

    5. Son Of Mina

      Number 4 the live cooking was the coolest to me mainly cause this passed at the 2 second mark.

    6. Nazzeem

      6:05 why that nigga looking like eren jager

    7. Desmond Moreau

      Anime needs to stop making the male characters or leads such bitches oh my god, its sad

    8. Gacha Cavern

      This cooking advice sounds legit Can someone try it so I know if it's legit

    9. Gummy

      M o M I i T s A b O u T F o O d I s W e A r

    10. ANIME SI

      5:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂 it trap kou-kun

    11. Liczt

      the manga is almost ending

    12. Hitler Nazison

      First lady's mind is broken

    13. 50,000 Subscribers without videos

      Sees leftover scraps: just a piece of bacon Soma: FFFFFF

    14. Xuan Trung Hoang

      SoUmA Is a SwEAt

    15. Kirusei Nagisa

      Souma is stubborn, but a stubborn badass Freaking challenged a teacher that was also a former elite ten member

    16. LP_ Muntje

      Food so delicious it’s like having fucking pleasure to the MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE

    17. Zeretard Ed

      Number one never fails to give me goosebumps especially when he says “Shokugeki”. 🥶

    18. Zirio Akatsuki

      Funniest line: LET GO OF ME, OLD LADY

    19. Souvik Dutta

      Season 4 is coming this October...

    20. Excalibarsonic

      Everyone's first opinion of Shinomiya was probably the same: kill this bastard. After season 2 though I actually kinda like the guy. His time during the Stagiaire really helped his character. And it vastly improved Souma's cooking knowledge, which is a bonus.

    21. D. Mina

      Hands down Yukihira is an ultimate badass

    22. Ui Son Goku

      2:24 he should say "SASAGEYO"

    23. Vidal Keignaert

      I don't understand how you can like anime like food wars, kurokos basket.. so freaking pointless, and btw i dont only watch naruto and one piece, i like hajime no ippo, attack on titan hxh, kimetsu no yaiba.. etc can someone help me understand HOW can you like this and not get bored?

    24. KURO YURI


    25. Ell J

      Soma is so kind and good person. I really love when he tried his best to help Megumi passed her exam. WE NEED THIS KIND OF FRIENDS ❤ oh, I ship Soma & Megumi hehee

    26. Samuel Samuel

      I still wonder how they keep track of the amount of dishes served in the 200 servings part

    27. Schwamm Man

      It's so sad how they ended the manga I hate shounen sometimes

    28. InK_Clôúd


    29. Captain Scorpio 1998

      What's with the people experiencing Nirvana in this Anime?

    30. Bananasauros Rex

      Soma: Can cook 200 dishes in under an hour Me: Tries not to burn the house down making a pb and j sandwich

      1. Lancaster

        Bananasauros Rex wut

    31. Eleanor Williams

      That asshole in the end should never have been allowed to be a chief teacher.

    32. Pratiksha SH

      Does anyone know if there's going to be a s4???

      1. Pratiksha SH

        @JAKE ahhhhh thank-you I was scared

      2. JAKE in october 2019

      3. JAKE

        yes its going to be s4

    33. RasenRendan

      "Does this Totsuki rule apply to Alumni as well?" "What are you talking about?" "SHOKUGEKI..." I remember this so well. I got legit goosebumps back then

      1. Naruto Uzumaki

        @Кси Ян yeah and soma ended up calling shinomiya his "master". Soma really like shinomiya where he got his some style like french cuisine style of cooking.

      2. Кси Ян

        @Kristian Gruezo Yeah, it was really unexpected

      3. Kristian Gruezo

        That was the coolest shit it felt awesome

      4. Кси Ян

        Yeah, I know this feeling... When Tadokoro brought Soma's hand, I almost cried at this moment (((( It was too sad and cute... **ship**

      5. BadAss LeviZoro

        Yeah soma is badass MF

    34. Anakin Skywalker

      I'd like to see an anime like shokugeki no soma except it's not about cooking food it's about cooking meth

      1. Anakin Skywalker

        @Noddye 17 Like they'll be explaining what kinds of chemicals they used and the judges will orgasm when they whiff that shit And like the protagonist will tell the villian to sniff his crystal and he'll start to have a flashback about him cooking meth as a child It'll be fun

      2. Noddye 17 the suggestions are getting a bit scary 😅😅

    35. Pratiksha SH

      It's weird how I react the exact same way when I taste good food...

    36. F B I

      why they cant make like this anime lvl??? fak hoope all anime lvl is like this i love this show

    37. ur mom happy

      Anime boys that can cook butter MY biscuit

    38. Lord Clutch

      Soma got worked on the last ond

    39. ガガイスト


    40. Tatiana Cendejas

      Soma is the reason I have such high unrealistic expectations of a guy !

    41. Timothé Bouche

      The " Shokugeki" 😍

    42. Kei5 5

      The moment 19:23 when you make a best girl cry

      1. Clab Clab


    43. Dillon L-X.

      8:31 so no one is gonna question how Soma can just grab multiple pan lids at the same time. The lids and their handle have to be hard right? So then how do you grab multiple lids with one hand that has a solid top? Huh? If you say magnets then wouldnt the lid stick to the pan too? Unless they have velcro that is something I cant think is real. Then again, a lot in anime isnt real, especially my waifu.

      1. Kei5 5

        "Especially my waifu" I feel you man

    44. ClutchPlasmaツ

      fuck u bitch us

    45. Rui Higuchi

      Kuroyanagi made it to food wars as well huh?

    46. rifdi hilman


    47. s4xtt

      Would it be a shock if Fumio Daimido happened to be Senzaemon Nakiri's wife and the grandmother of Erina and Alice, while Kou chan was his younger days haha

    48. kirito x

      Worst top 10


      19:18 best moment

    50. Bonn Quintil

      Fumio is basically a hentai character

    51. Do not read my profile picture

      I never knew cooking could be more epic than an action movie.

    52. TheOneTon :/

      I love Food Wars.

    53. Ankit Gogoi

      Souma challenging Shinomiya gave me goosebumps

    54. Aung Zaw Myo

      I didn't even know cooking can be that epic

    55. Zach GamingTv

      Dai nanaseki isshiki satoshi

    56. Rєαpєr

      If I was Soma, I would have told others they were all pieces of shit for taking the cauliflower. The cauliflower were good for nothing. The people who were fired and took the fresh cauliflower had no chance and should have just left like pathetic retards.

    57. Ginboy Balbarona

      A mackerel burger... Sounds way too fishy Like if you get it

      1. Drexler Mendoza

        Someone already pointed that out in the past, but oh well, I might as well not ruin it.

    58. Loki

      lol if i was soma I'd teach those 2 shitty people who put salt in the dish to learn how to make your own cooking and twists to a dish

    59. Vivid

      now this is really epic!

    60. My Nguyen

      I always put on full volume in order of better experience in amine,i was so pleased, UNTIL. the moaning part comes.....

    61. だるそうなバナナ


    62. Nightcore Chick

      Damn.... I watched the episode where soma challenges shinomiya like 20 times already.... And I still get chills every single time

    63. Rohit Thongram

      My first thinking.... How a cooking anime will be good, then it blow my minds up

    64. christian jaye

      I had my mouth open because of the old lady and a surprised face then it changed to a live cooking show while i still havent gotten my fixture what!

    65. 野口明


    66. Hacher Unfriended

      I was reading gourmet of another world. When I saw Mc challenge top 10 to battle kitchen knife, I had to come and watch this

    67. ちEgg


    68. christel

      How many episodes does the season 3 have? And where can i watch all of it? Thank you.

      1. christel

        @Janina Herrera Thank youuuuuuu : ))

      2. Janina Herrera

        I think it has 23-24 episodes and you can watch it in

    69. White Lancer

      I wonder who will wash the used plates in the live cooking part

      1. love me chain

        ive been thinking about it a lot.

    70. Phoenixia [usually quiet]

      #1 when you make soma's future waifu cry You dead meat son

      1. Ui Son Goku

        @WUUL 27 Gay

      2. WUUL 27

        Nah Soma X Erina all the way