Shark Puppet

Shark Puppet

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    1. LoL PoP YT


    2. ghost tryh0rd

      He's not really

    3. Yaris Gutierrez


    4. For The Love of Crab Kind

      This better be fake

    5. TheHandyFamily

      he did NOT do the scream right

    6. Five Nights At Ty’s

      This is not real

    7. Lucario With aura.

      who even voices the shark is what i want to know

    8. Ycs Studio's

      We're is the unsubscribe button?

    9. James James

      This so fake

    10. Raquel novaes

      This is not Shark Puppet! >:0 Let's kill this faker by the power of "YEAH!"

    11. Angie Teyo

      It's Logan paul ew I hate him

    12. Aiden Pierre

      so logan paul is actually shark puppet Click read more if you dare logan paul Yes I believe it don't judge me

    13. Ryan Vong

      That’s Logan Paul

    14. Pedro Gadiel Rojas

      😂😂😂😂😂 el dise paaaa

    15. Yolanda De La Fuente

      You hahaha you're not the real one

    16. Angel Martinez-Muniz

      That was Logan Paul

    17. SuperMarioGPX // PlushStoryFilms

      The guy who is recording is the shark puppet

    18. Zeno_ Marcelo2007


    19. TinyMuffinExtras!

      I’ve seen his real face I ain’t telling were tho Unless I get 20,000 likes

    20. NH Chip

      Pewdiepie is shark puppet

    21. D4rk Clan -

      Fake when you did the uuu Logan didn’t open mouth

    22. D4rk Clan -


    23. Mr Cow

      Fake 0:27 he didn’t move his mouth!!!!!!!!!

    24. Tiffany Neely

      I mean why does Logan Paul have a beard Like this if you agree with me 👇 👇

    25. Tiffany Neely

      Why does Logan Paul have a beard

    26. Mr. Dragon


    27. Roblox_king yt

      My question is how is with Logan paul

    28. Jake Velasquez

      When he had that mask on his head it probably took a while to put on because it’s a shark puppet

    29. Liberato IV P. Fiel


    30. Vault Boy

      When I saw his face my smile just started turning in to a frown

    31. balloon_boylovers balloon

      Fake but I love shark puppet

    32. captain cru

      Fake!! I want the real face reveal

    33. XTeamLavaFoxesX

      Havent we heard your voice in a live stream?

    34. LikeableJ

      Who else noticed his mouth didnt move when shark puppet said yeah at 0:26 and 0:27

    35. Andrey vinicius Moura rosa

      It a fake shark puppet

    36. thingsandstuff_yeet

      A REAL face reveal

    37. Logan Tyree

      Wait you mean to tell me that the person who was controlling you was logan Paul this whole time and didn't say anything?!?!?!?!

    38. Avalanche TV

      Look at Shark Puppet at 0:27 It’s not Logan Paul.

    39. Roman Pape


    40. Girl Squad

      I LOVE YOU ❤️

    41. iSharkohai

      He ain’t gonna do a face reveal

    42. The Crow gamer

      0:31 its not even close to shark puppets scream

    43. Enedina Muñiz


    44. Xallabor gaming

      Fake he did not say yeah

    45. Orion Is Here

      Ahh yes, legend says that he dropped 1000 subs that very night.....

    46. marchkarcz

      I don't know how to feel about this.

    47. TBS Dankify

      Logan: “it’s me, I am the shark puppet. Shark puppet: *screams without Logan talking* Me: “LIES”

      1. Yolanda De La Fuente

        I do not believe you

    48. Minecraft Thanos Voorhees

      Fuck’n fake like for a real face reveal

    49. dragonfire261 gamesing

      I know who it is its jeffy for super Mario "logan" and they bring in "logan" Paul so boom me smart because they have both names

    50. Tiffany Chiniquay

      I knew it!!!

    51. Glitch VR Dog Fan

      100% FAKE

    52. Brad S

      Who even is that

    53. Geeg Castelonia


    54. Josh Taylor

      0:08 me when i do french at school

    55. Cookie Cream

      You Scream like a girl XD bro

    56. -Meme Dank21-

      Omg its Logan Paul I never knew it was him not like that one video when shark puppet gives away iPhone 11 to other people and don’t realize that’s Logan

    57. Kazuyuki Egawa

      What if Jake Paul was the shark puppet

    58. Eli Quinones


    59. Zach The Goated

      FAKE at 0:20 Logan’s mouth didn’t move but the shark puppet talked

    60. Esmeralda Meza

      Its Logan pal

    61. Luke Mundell

      Logan Paul wut....

    62. Saul Amaro

      So wait it was Logan Paul all the time?

    63. Glitch VR Dog Fan

      That’s not real. FAKE


      WTF LOGAN PAUL 😨😨😨

    65. Stefanutz

      He is not When shark puppet said "YEAH" his mouth did not move And the scream wasn't real , it whas the goat scream meme

    66. xXRaining KingXx


    67. Lorenze Migue

      The mask tho

    68. Christina Jacinto

      u. jasj its me i am the shark puppet

    69. guineapig playz

      They said face reveal not the voice actor face reveal stupids 😆😆