Sean Evans Reveals the Season 11 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

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    Hot Ones returns 2/6 @ 11am EST! Los Calientes Rojo drops 2/6 on! And the brand-new series "Hot Ones: The Game Show" hits truTV 2/18! It's going to be a very spicy month ahead, but first things first: It's time to unveil the starting lineup of spice for Season 11. This time around, we're excited to introduce a whole cast of new makers to table, bringing the heat from Ontario, Australia, Fiji, and all corners of the globe. Welcome back, spice lords!
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    1. TokenDuelist

      Yo you guys should branch out and get Wolfe Glick on here

    2. Madison Blume

      We need Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!!!

    3. Danniee Bunnage


    4. Danniee Bunnage


    5. Danniee Bunnage


    6. FatRagingPig

      why did this feel like the NBA draft?

    7. Cy P

      i think Bill Gates would make a great guest

    8. Hazwan Qusyairu

      Samuel l jackson

    9. snowflake

      I love this show! not only because i love spicy food, but i love to see my favorite celebs and famous people


      Why is this show NOT on network TV?

    11. Alban1501

      Jim Carrey!

    12. Michele Guerra

      Nardwuar please !

    13. Sara Menzel

      RHONDA ROUSEY PLEASE!! Check out her page she just posted a video about making hot wings and saying she loved them. Get the "Baddest Woman On The Planet" PLEASE!

    14. GuRbJUicE

      We wanna see shaggy2dope

    15. Smokin with Small Town

      Sweet video, everyone remember to support your fellow CZ-newsrs out here 🍻🍻💨💨

    16. Sammel Camel

      We need gucci mane, Quavo, Takeoff or Future

    17. Ramelusi Vasukiwai

      FIIIIJJJIIIII feeling so proud right now, thats where I'm from and im also so happy we got a hot sauce on my favorite CZ-news show.

    18. Chloe Huppe

      I need Rami Malek on Hot Ones!!!

    19. Bunyan420

      I can't wait for the Hot Ones Game Show it is gonna be my new favorite show

    20. Ruben Catalan

      Lewis Capaldi For Season 11 Or For Smash Ultimate DLC?

    21. Ruben Catalan

      Lewis Capaldi Plays Smash Ultimate While Eating Spicy Wings

    22. Ruben Catalan

      Lewis Capaldi Joins The Battle In Hot Ones Ultimate

    23. win7ermu7e

      You should really be consuming these sauces whilst reading this script

    24. zizukiki

      I suggest for next year you can do an International spice sauce challenge from around the world.

    25. str8dazzed

      Would love to see Keith Richards on this lol

    26. joshy2 boss

      If someone says “comp video” you know they watch a lot of porn lol

    27. Dillon Ratleff

      Lakeith Stanfield so you can see if the heat can break his California chill

    28. Dawson Jay

      Yo you gotta get Cody Ko and Noel Miller on the show

    29. Jeff Snelling

      The show is great, the sauces are great, but let's give it up.............for camera guy Bill!! 🍻😎🙌🎥🍗🔥💯

    30. Patogeno1000

      Who wants to see the Top Gear/Grand Tour trio on the show?

    31. Dreoilín ÓCoigligh

      Bill is from Buffalo? ME TOO!!!

    32. Song Alex

      Bring in Keanu Reeves, it will blow the show

    33. Javed Shamim

      Fiji Fire, yay. Love to see this on there

    34. Mr Han Man

      I wanna see Nik Cage.

    35. RANDAM

      You should try get Elon Musk on here. I feel like he'd love to give it a shot

    36. 人slashplane

      Is it just me or is this about as entertaining as the actual interviews

    37. sharebear421

      Mel Gibson invite him

    38. Stormister

      How has nobody suggested Ryan Reynolds?! That would make for an amazing episode!

    39. PrRiZzLe

      Eminem, Chris Evans, Adam Sandler, Dave Chappelle, The Rock, 50 Cent. There's too many people lol.

    40. DeeJ Jones


    41. Alec Schruhl

      We need Adam Driver!!!

    42. Saitama

      Bring Tom Holland it'll be too much fun

    43. Kieraaa

      Adam Driver, i want to see him on hot ones because i just dont know how he'll react

    44. Michael Allison

      Hello and good day. Hey Hot Ones, can you guys try and bring the king of chicken wings Snoop Dogg on the show? I think snoop has what it takes

    45. Tarah Schomburg

      Every time I watch your show my mouth waters for hot wings


      Kevin Parker of Tame Impala!!

    47. Giannis MP96

      Bring on Robert Pattinson!

    48. Commentator Matt


    49. Ryan Rodriguez

      Get Tyler The Creator in this

    50. SaftSchinken23

      Henry Cavill and Keanu Reeves let's do this!

    51. Dylan Little

      We need Markiplier on here

    52. deepan kumar

      The real og is you man holy shit

    53. Matt Nezbeth

      Jo Koy!! Sean, don’t be a baby and not do it because you’re afraid Jo can handle hotter shit than you. Just kidding Sean, we love you ☺️👍🏻 but really, be a man and get Jo Koy on here. Maraming salamat kuya!

    54. jezkitt

      Dingo Widow Maker is from Western Australia! YAAAAYY!!!

    55. Jah Mari


    56. Wolf.

      Steve Carrell, Felix Kjellberg, Brandi Love, Chili Klaus, Ewan McGregor, Barack Obama

    57. Quentin Buetow

      Anson Mount needs to be on here.

    58. pablo rages

      Still with DaBomb? ... everyone hates it

    59. Instagram Silastheham

      Does anyone know what shirt he is wearing?

    60. Caleb Cicero

      How do these wings get made? They fry them there then toss in sauce? They just throw 2 wings each in the sauce? We need a behind the scenes

    61. Richard Cheese

      Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle.

    62. Nostradanus 1

      We need Tom Hardy in here..

    63. B

      These are all repeats.

    64. Sanskar Wagley

      Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Lawrence

    65. Steven V.

      Get the Try Guys! 50 wings!

    66. neversaygoodbye

      Adam Lambert would be great!!

    67. neversaygoodbye

      I’d love to see Bill Hader!! His third season of Barry will come out this year, so he could promote that! P.S.- if you haven’t seen it, you should watch it! 🧡

    68. Ryan Smith

      Would love to see PexPeppers. The company is closing, so now is the perfect time.

    69. Huzair Kalia

      Bring Andrew Yang

    70. buh

      Get maynard james keenan in there lol