Satisfya [AMV] Anime Mix

Jasi Amvs

Jasi Amvs

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    Akame ga kill
    Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren
    Cross Ange - Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo
    Date a live II
    Dragon ball Absalon
    Freezing vibration
    High School of the Dead
    Infinite stratos
    Infinite stratos II
    Kill la kill
    Maken ki
    Soul Eater
    Sword art online II
    Valvrave the liberator
    Black bullet
    Cross Ange Tenshi To Ryuu No Rondo
    Date a Live
    Freezing Vibration
    High school DxD
    Infinite stratos
    Inou Battle Wa Nichijou Kei No Naka De
    Kill la kill
    Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei No Kyoukan
    Maken ki
    Oda nobuna no yabou
    Owari no seraph
    Robot Girls Z
    Shingeki no Kyojin
    Soul eater
    Sword art online II
    Tokyo ghoul
    Boku No Hero Academia 2nd Season
    Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism
    Clockwork Planet
    Eromanga Sensei
    Granblue Fantasy The Animation
    Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi To Akashic Records
    Shingeki No Kyojin Season 2
    Sin Nanatsu No Taizai
    Dragon Ball Super
    ♡Music: Imran Khan - Satisfya

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    1. Некит


    2. Shawn frost

      i really like the video but not the song . u should change that

    3. Kaneky Bravo


    4. Leo llc

      The anime in 0:12?

    5. Leo llc

      Bruh whos the artist in the thumbnail


      Name 1:15

    7. Bleezy Monkey

      sauce for that lamborghini pls

    8. Overton Mcdowell

      What was the end credit song I can't remember it

    9. Serenity Lewis

      1:10 0:58 1:15 why is this so lit 🔥 u ask well one word ANIME

    10. Stealthcon69

      Anime 0:32? Seen it every where wat is it

    11. sirozha AMV 222

      0:13 anime?

    12. Presko123

      i saw darling in the franxx video and ints not in the description 2:38

    13. RSBL

      0:30 name?

      1. The D storm

        No game No life: zero

    14. Sergio Bautista

      Name Anime?? 0:13 Pliss 😎

    15. King Cum

      What is the name : 0:51 PLEASE

    16. Smoku

      Music name ? ;P

    17. vaishnav chaturvedi

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Punjabi di apni Jaan


      Cara esse video de animes combinou certinho com essa musica👌😎 Ta foda 😎🔊🎶

    19. AC 733

      I am Ryder provider 🔥🔥

    20. M V

      0:42 anime xd ?

    21. Shadow Of Knights

      What’s the song they play at the end


      Name 1:15

    23. Godslayer XD

      Damn so coooooooool.......thank you for the amv.....

    24. Raul Naranjo

      1:34 anime nate? Please

    25. M V

      How much time you make this amv xd ?

    26. Jaimie Loja

      Cant imagine how long this editing took.

    27. Smoku

      0:12 best moment

      1. KIRITO-KUN

        @까치이 thank you men 😆💪

      2. 까치이

        @KIRITO-KUN Its from a mobile game franchise called Honkai Impact... that particular scene is from Honkai 2nd but... its a very old game without any english version... and anyways, i think its from a trailer not the ingame material.. still the chracter's name is Mei since i am a big fan of Honkai 3rd

      3. KIRITO-KUN

        What anime is?

      4. KIRITO-KUN

        Yes rias xD

      5. 까치이

        Its from a game called Honkai Impact... its a mobile game and.... that was the ass of a chracter named

    28. blane daniel

      I love this song but the artist sounds like t pain

    29. Deanna Mock

      What anime is 0:34?

      1. Harcok

        Kill la kill

    30. Diego Camargo Martins

      0:33 anime?

    31. Diego Camargo Martins

      0:26 anime?

    32. Kevin Sky

      whats the anime thats on the 42 seconds mark? if someone could tell me that would be appreciated

    33. Samuel Oliveira

      Name anime 0:36

    34. Ree AMV

      Nice Video!!!

    35. Dylan Jarman

      god i love SMUG JIBRIL 1:23

    36. Star Off Magic

      0:57 anime?

    37. Danil Pavlovicth

      who knows what kind of anime is at 2:14 ?

      1. Dylan Jarman

        kancolle and its an ok anime not the best but ii would still recommend

    38. Miguel Hernandez

      No Tokyo Ghoul😕

    39. Emanuel 965


    40. •Rodrigo Santillan•

      No me excites!

    41. Ethan Galloway

      8/10 no RWBY

    42. Living Thing

      omi gah... 0:12


      5 meses y aún es el mejor amv que he visto

    44. James Stone

      all i can say is wow this guy knows what he is doing

    45. Zoloko 18

      awesome work

    46. Xx_Naruto Uzumaki_xX

      2:14 anime name??

      1. Xx_Naruto Uzumaki_xX

        @Joey Music thx

      2. Joey Music

        Its Kancolle / Kantai Collection

    47. eric baque

      Name the music

    48. Pug Loaf 21

      Anime at 0:13?

    49. Holy Knight Percival

      Who would use an umbrella in a- *remembers a dude with the NAME umbrella then shuts up*

    50. LuminousSet 117

      0:13 what is this after highschool dxd?

      1. Nathan Wright


      2. LuminousSet 117

        Hmmm educational purposes very interesting but highly disturbing 😄

      3. Mohamed Abduladiraligure

        Pug Loaf 21 😂😂😂😂

      4. Pug Loaf 21

        @Dead ms too for *Educational purposes*

      5. Dead

        Thats what I'm wondering... what anime is that?

    51. Raven

      Como se llama el anime del minuto 0:37?

      1. Gastón Oliva

        Akame ga kill(? Pelo celeste?

    52. NatsuYTChannel

      This is fire!

    53. Leticia Prestes

      0:40 vegeta (Dragon Ball)

    54. KIRITO-KUN

      2:48 name the anime plis

    55. KIRITO-KUN

      1:38 name the anime?????????

    56. KIRITO-KUN

      Omg this video its so bestiful and name the anime? 0:12 xD

      1. KIRITO-KUN

        @mariano miguel sisi ese lo se es high school dxd hero. Y el del c*lo pense que era high school of the dead pero quiero saber cual es xD

      2. mariano miguel

        Nose si te refieres al de la falda o al q sigue del culazo el de la falda creo q highschool DxD el otro nose

    57. منتظر احمد

      0:13 that ass shot tho 🌝😗

    58. Delta '

      آخر اس

    59. Asa Noturna


    60. Vinime AMV

      0:38 what anime please ?!

      1. LordSauron 22

        Blue hair with hat and sword is EsDeath from Akame ga kill

    61. Atena Amor

      Tóp de+

    62. Julio Satria

      i know its in the description but idk witch one

    63. Julio Satria

      anime at 0:13



    65. F4ll0ut


    66. Holy Knight Percival

      This song is hella dope

    67. jason hamilton

      What anime is that at 0:42 seconds?

    68. Michael Mays

      Anime at 0:47-0:48, please. Girl with red hair in armor

      1. L Y. Vang

        Thats a dude from saint seiya i think

    69. Alex Velasquez

      te falto fate stay night en la lista

    70. Abhishek Ghorpade

      You Got 1.1M views on this video 😏😏😏😏