Satan's first pass with it's new engine | The Money Shift



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    1. [DGXL]de gamers xl

      The netherlands that awsome that some people came all the way from the netherlands

    2. Paw Paw

      It’s just a six. That’s what I tell the women. Then their jaw drops. 🤥

    3. augie gaming

      The best sounding mustang ever

    4. Martin Castillo

      god that nova at 16:57 reving its big block😍😍😍

    5. MarcWilson Mendoza

      been wishing to drive that badass cars😰

    6. luke kempf

      "People have been in line for 3 hours" "People coming from the netherlands?" Meanwhile it looks like maybe 300 people total. Just saying

    7. Pink Guy


    8. northlander

      are you wearing a Rolex ?

    9. Albatrozz310

      i have no idea what they're talking about or whats happening but i love it

    10. Hectir Ortiz

      Gavin have a new girl?👀

    11. JR's Variety Tv

      Only 1 half ass pass..lame

    12. OP WOLF

      check my new 2000hp mustang

    13. Cars Production's

      The new girl looks like a Gold digger🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    14. [DGXL]de gamers xl

      Gevin iff i was rich i Wanted to buy your car for 5 mil

    15. Da CheWookie

      Hey what's the song you used at the end beat is dope 👀

    16. CaliberCraft

      Will they be racing in Texas any time soon? I would love to take my brother to one of these events

    17. Revo

      If your car doesn’t scare you, it’s not fast enough. 🤣🤣🤣

    18. Logan Mrdak

      i know exactly were this race was bc i raced there

    19. Richard Mames

      Race GapCat only CZ-newsrs that I see has the wickets Build you in Sikk Whips

    20. Thomas Valencia

      Intro needs more Mustang!

    21. Ace Hardy


    22. Walker Barrett

      say it don't spray it

    23. Alejandro Shakur

      Poor ecoboost guy

    24. Seven Ηaze

      "Satans first pass" not "Satan's first pass"...

    25. RoYaL Nolan

      Yo the outro is so dope i seriously feal like im playing a racing game

    26. KingKultureTV

      Im out of country right now and I literally cannot wait to come back and finish modding my car.. Love the videos bro 👏🏽🇺🇸

    27. MHautovlgs

      Car needs new name. Red is satan's color. Blk is what priests wear.

    28. Alex Ficeob

      time for the Money Shift 2K20

    29. clearedthelobby 1

      Who thinks he should twin turbo the Camero👇

    30. michael huckabay

      Have you raced that demon yet with the new engine


      What'd it run? Driver mod

    32. OpticRanger 3224

      I just realized that he lives in Ruston la I live in sterlington la which is like 10-30 min away

    33. rotor13

      Anyone else saw Murda?

    34. Drew Coggins

      Please host a meet near South Carolina

    35. Tanner187 97

      Spinning ain’t winning. Never seen someone so happy to not have traction lol. At least your loving it that’s all that matters.

    36. Me Me

      Crowd control 100

    37. nate higgers



      you need to tub it

    39. dude 57 arizona

      New moto 150 miles warm up

    40. SirtubalotTX

      Video is pretty clear, you went for 3rd but in typical MT82 fashion, it didn't let you. I love Mustang and the S550 platform but I absolutely LOATHE the MT82. I was curious how this built one behaves and I hope future runs are better. I would seriously consider your options on the transmission.

    41. Nestorian ortiz

      Did I just hear the engine knocking at the end

    42. Deven Ohijai

      just like the old days baby the Camaro aka LEGEND returns @Itsjusta6

    43. Patsy Wingfield

      where is harry?

    44. Rugged American

      Itsjusta6, the only CZ-newsr that I’ll click off of Cleetus McFarland for. Keep it up man!

    45. Jay Walker

      MONEY shift 🤘😆🤘

    46. Troy Phillips

      You remind Me of My ex Boyfriend

    47. Jose Bonilla

      Congrats man

    48. skippys vr4

      Just a video of shitty 60 foot times. And a bad driver.

    49. Matt-Matt

      Hi, i would like to invite you all to my Discord server (Link below) its a server based on giving out any mechanical help (Cars, Bikes, Quads, Machines etc) i believe that this would be beneficial to get help as fast as possible as it can reach users straight away with notifications. And anyone can get help or help others. Thank you Link:

    50. Brandon Love

      Did I miss something in the past few months?? Wtf happened to Jess?

    51. Drew S

      if your late for work the first pass is at 11:55

    52. Abdulla AUM

      11:50 what you came for ,, welcome

    53. Ace Hardy


    54. FernandoBunz _


    55. Zach Plays

      I’m so mad at my self that I wasn’t able to come to the money shift but if you host another event closer to pa I’m 100% going to it

    56. Eric Nar

      Someone please what the heck is the old-school intro music he's using, I need it!!!! :-P Great videos as always!

    57. B GerK

      Dude still gotta learn how to drive, ur first pass you should have just rolled out. Fuck the 2 step do a shake down man

    58. Mario Rioz

      Not an idiot bro you have a whole ass new setup literally !! One hell of a pass

    59. Mustang Man

      I doubt anyone cared you missed 3rd. It's a lot of pressure with that many people around.

    60. captnIdiot


    61. mike gaeta

      So who's the brunette????? And when did jess leave the picture??????

    62. hunter scheri

      Anyone else wanna see a collab between itsjusta6 and thatdudeinblue?

    63. Lee Hunt

      That was so awesome keep up amazing video God bless you

    64. Christian

      where my premiere gang at?

    65. Alex Velazquez

      The OG intro

    66. Johnson Luu

      XPR in ennis Texas love that track!

    67. Bryant Almanza

      Is that gavins new girl

    68. Elliott

      Put the og cam back in the camaro!

    69. FWJC

      Videos are always legit but the outro was freaking awesome. Music and video production is on point! Keep up the hustle guys!

    70. gashthrasher _

      Yeah... FUCK it!! You're a millionaire!!