Sasuke vs. Itachi - Full Fight (English Dub)


  1. 90s Jaded

    After itachi collapses how/why is there a bunch of Amaterasu flame flying around and finally attacking the snake?

  2. Lazy Blue Shell

    Can't they just swap eyes so they both get Super OP Sharingan?

  3. Lindero Burrows

    when the show made sense and was kinda less like dbz :(

  4. Bryson McGinnis

    Why is their voices deeper?

  5. Rodger Arnold

    Wait, Obito never really lost his Sharingan's light though...

  6. Almighty Push

    Team 1 should be sasuke , nagato , itachi, naruto

  7. Orochimaru The Sannin

    I got sealed away. But i still life (or live?) on.

  8. denise shalieah

    He pulled his freaking eyeball out ...👎🏼☠️☠️☠️😰😰😱😱😨😨😶😶😟😟😕😕🙁☹️😱😨😰😥😓🤭

  9. quoc ly nguyen

    Pretty cool🤪

  10. Jake Artemis

    They really spent an hour fighting who the better brother is

  11. Lunlalphaipi Mahmah


  12. Samuel Rodriguez

    Yo wasnt itachi bad?

  13. Brian Alvarez

    how the heck can they ripped off eyes so easily?

  14. zzzurreal

    @ 20:29

  15. Justin Jones

    In this episode it makes it sound like madara took his brothers eyes with force but later revealed he gave them to madara on his deathbed after being fatally wounded by tobirama

  16. Michael De La Rosa

    17:26 And you can’t win against me against my molecule sharingan *english caps*

  17. T Animations

    Of your ever feeling stupid remember sasuke tried to stab a S'susano

  18. Naeem Salemi

    What's the name of the song in the beginning

  19. G.C Fernandez

    0:59 it hasn't even been a minute, Sasuke lost already

  20. Christian ver Gano

    Itachi has two mangekyou sharingan, but he didn’t use the other one. Cause he has a plan.

  21. MrSaintMichael The Saint

    Whoever choreographed this fight deserves a goddamn medal.

  22. Raltin


    1. Raltin

      AH SHIT. i got trapped in the Tsukuyomi.

  23. shakela cofield

    (Itachi sees Kiren) Itachi: I was foolish, perhaps I did go a little too far Sasuke: NAY YOU GOOD!!!

  24. D e n n i s s s

    Why are these stories so different

  25. JojoBlitz

    Keep in mind that even tho he was sick, he was rapidly throwing shurikens while weaving hand signs for a Shadow Clone

  26. DropNight

    53:30 ... well duh

  27. jhin playa

    it's easy to steal eyes in naruto

  28. Tyrell Hawkins

    English dub sucks

    1. Tyrell Hawkins

      @Swippe ッ bruh the acting in dub is trash it's boring, cringy, non-dramatic, and outright dull. You know I'm the one speaking truth

    2. Swippe ッ

      Tyrell Hawkins no I speak truth

    3. Tyrell Hawkins

      @Swippe ッ you lie

    4. Swippe ッ

      Tyrell Hawkins I prefer sub to, but dub is alright

  29. Geover Rodriguez

    itachi le podia ganar nole gano porque no pelio con todas sus fuersas si no le habia ganado iademas le habia quitado los sharinga de sasuke

  30. HOWLER2K19

    Sasuke - "Alright, then just hurry it up and try to kill me with your mangekyò sharingan...or am I too strong now for you to dare to test your abilities against mine?" Itachi - (sighs) Bitch please.

  31. Val Saludo

    plot twist. itachi was already dying to begin with so he just used genjutsu to make sasuke think he was actually fighting him

  32. Holy Shit

    Who else believed that Itachi's story was the real Story of Madara Uchiha? :)

  33. Oovoo Eats

    Sasuke: HAHA I FINALLY BEAT HIM Tsukyomi: *allow me to introduce myself*

  34. Riyaad Bah-Traore

    This fight is legendary I was in awe when they tested each other with genjutsu

  35. jr chua

    52:34 wtf was that?? Where's the translation?

  36. zzzurreal

    start @ 16:30

  37. Haruka Loren//collin deal

    This was my absolute favorite Sasuke Fight in the series where Sasuke finally (warning spoilers) kills Itachi from always losing to itachi he finally grows up and becomes the most powerful uchiha out of the whole clan weather or not itachi aloud Sasuke to kill him he is still way more powerful then itachi and all the other Uchiha members he not only took down itachi as in killing him he also killed Danzo and Orochimaru but then Orochimaru comes back to live but still Sasuke was able to kill Danzo, Itachi,Orochimaru and countless others and at a very younge age as well like i think he is 17 in this Anime but still pretty younge to be able to surpass everyone Even the Hokages as well, I am done now thank you for taking your Time reading this for whoever reads this XD also you can say I'm wrong all you want to but it's not going to Chang what I say

  38. Backflip Cena

    At 1:46 I legit thought he deid

  39. Dad

    Her: takes down her bf from her bio Her DM’s : 18:32

  40. tater tots


  41. Riley Salas

    Itachi could have beat sasuke’s ass but he didn’t

  42. Danny Nguyen

    The most powerful cult, the akatski, has little red clouds in their cult suits?

  43. Tristen Gardner

    Crazy to know that Itachi was fighting sauske Blind the whole time and was letting him win. One of the best characters in anime history in my opinion

  44. idk lmao

    This fight was the biggest mind fuck

  45. Alexandros Graham

    How can anyone watching this, actually think that Sasuke really won this fight?

  46. ken健 see it

  47. Lake Harewood

    The insanity of this entire 4D chess was that Itachi dragged that out to get Orochimaru. That's it. If he had been out for blood, Sasuke would have been dead before the fight even started.

  48. RageReacts

    Who still watch 2019

  49. Jose Figueroa

    Good thing Naruto and his seal, that guy had Kurama Kushina Minato and Itachi all up and one room.

  50. George Aguirre

    And some think this is better than DB? Smh.

  51. Raul Sanchez

    Lol this has 2 b 1 of the greatest anime fights n history

  52. Uziel Jimenez

    I still don't understand why Itachi had to keep up that farse so long.

  53. Ice Neet

    Hol up this was uploaded on my birthday

  54. Ice Neet

    What happens after?

  55. VIZA

    Can you subscribe me guys please , I need help

  56. cool guy

    itachi could have used izanagi if he sat there for 8 minutes and then stole sasuke his eyes and then killed him he could have too used tsukoyomi and destroyed him

  57. Trimart Nigeria Limited

    I love your ve dios

  58. DDirtz Yt

    I thought he was going to boop sasuke on the head like he did when sasuke was a kid

  59. cha0r

    Who else wanted to suck Saskue's dick?? Likes=good luck

  60. Lucas Courtney

    I love how Itachi just slams his head against the wall when he dies. Great writing by Kishimoto to create such a contrast in how itachi lived and died

  61. SíŁèή† xTreme


  62. Benjamin Frost

    If Itachi at close to full strength would have wiped the floor with sasuke even without his eye jutsus....sad.

  63. Pain

    Probably the most LEAST rewatched fight in the series... Every one knows Itachi could have beat Saska 3x at this point in the series.

  64. abo0od2013

    Itachi is the strongest naruto character if he’s not sick BELIEVE ME!!!!!!!

  65. Orochi Senpai

    „each of us lives dependent and bound by our individual knowledge and awareness, all that is what we call reality“

  66. Sumanyonzon

    Itachi:You know I have lung cancer Sasuke:dont lie you are dead meat Susono:same to you sasuke


    Who with itachi like me

  68. Jeremiah Coleman

    In the middle of the battle they where talking about the Uchiha clans past and stuff like that and then 5 minutes later they start fighting again and Sasuke uses chidori and makes a hole in the ceiling and ....🤔🤔

  69. Andy Lui

    18:31 ssbu accurate description of online link dittos

  70. zzzurreal