Sasha Banks returns to WWE: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019



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    Unseen in WWE since WrestleMania 35, Sasha Banks makes a statement by interrupting Natalya, attacking the injured Queen of Harts and brawling with Becky Lynch.
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    čas přidán Před 5 dny


    1. Seikura Banks

      sasha never fails me. she keeps the last name relevant and im proud. 🥴🥴

    2. Citra Abel

      i hate sasha!!!!

    3. Ayesha Khan


    4. RaidenXS

      Was that stiff or just me?

    5. Andrea Sánchez


    6. Pain Is God

      Guys let's make this 4/5million views before next raw

    7. Chris


    8. Farrah Curthie Abbas

      I missed when cole said "IT'S BOSS TIME"💖

    9. Mackie101 Mtz

      Sasha and Charlotte win women tag team championship as heels and at Clash Of Champions they face Bayley and Becky Lynch in a winner take all stipulation

    10. Bobby Shaddoe

      Nattie always gets the shortvend of the stick. Not fair

    11. Jessie Rings

      Sasha is a boss

    12. Blessing Ndema

      cory is so annoying

    13. ger2808

      What happened to the boss

    14. lawliet


    15. Ty Medina

      THANK YOU SASHA ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻

    16. Angelina TigBits Adams

      Would have been cool with her never returning

    17. TRWPresident

      Is it just me or is Sasha smoking hot as always

    18. Super Sentai Digimon Power Pokemon Rangers

      Sasha Banks Betrayed Herself Became Ruin to People that she hate and When She Lose The Match She Will Quit Wwe

    19. SleepyHead

      Sasha always beat Becky Becky Never beat sasha thats why the Man Is Nothing for the Boss

    20. Michael Sherman

      Becky will come back with a vengeance no questions asked Sasha Banks bit off more than she can chew

      1. Emily An

        Idc if she's face or heel she's still a good wrestler

    21. Demir Balev

      I love saha benks ❤️❤️

      1. Emily An

        Sasha banks is back?💖💖

    22. Raymond McCullough

      Let's go bae slay

    23. Jibin Jose Mathew

      Two favourites Man I hope they battle for the championship Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

    24. Frank ssj

      I love Sasha the boss

    25. Jibin Jose Mathew

      Man I missed her theme song. Ok I dnt knw abt others. Bt I love the way Michael Cole introducing Sasha Banks everytime specially this time...cuz that Corey Graves is so irritating

    26. Mary Joie Salda

      Wow sasha banks blue hair is so gorgeous to her

    27. Diamond Toves

      I on the other hand like sasha banks with pink hair

    28. sophia delos santos


    29. Judith

      I'm just gonna say it. The blue doesnt really suit her

    30. s0ulEaTeR1012

      love when sasha is a heel she plays the hell out of that role.

    31. Leah ashe

      So man

    32. lian cooper

      what a sweet revenge ugh i love it

    33. DBarationX

      That was not a good line to come in on

    34. Rachel Castro

      I love is hair

    35. Rachel Castro

      Sasha banks is back?💖💖

    36. thecamper12323 fowler

      Idc if she's face or heel she's still a good wrestler

    37. Rohit c. akki. Akki

      Ho god wt happen to shaha Banks

    38. Sabina Bogdanová

      I loveee you sasha benx😍😍😍💓💓💓💓😈


      Is this the live action My Little Pony? It seems unethical to color a horse's mane like that.

    40. Addicted To The '80's

      Finally a LEGIT reason to watch Raw again 🤗🤗🤗

    41. Ella Rosalyn

      Legit boss it back finally😁😁😍😍

    42. pretzel ann sibonga

      its boss time imiss you shasha

    43. UWE Wrestling

      Can you guys please help us reach our goal of 1000 subs...

    44. Joshie Gomez

      Bro sasha wtf did u do go ur hair even though ur my favorite wrestler i really miss ur old hair :/

    45. Queen Bre

      I love Sasha banks when she bad on here but away she back !!!!

    46. Saramanin Rith

      Why sasha attack her I don't know why I'm confuse

    47. Cliff Mcstark

      3:25 becky aint had a punch that hard since nia jax.

      1. hen ko


    48. Yogi Oktadinata

      Blue hair speaks anything

      1. hen ko

        Am so glad the boss returned yeahhhh

    49. Mike Santonato

      Heel Sasha is better than no Sasha at all...

    50. Haley Sevier

      She’s not called “The Boss” for nothing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you freakin go girl 👊🏻💪🏻

    51. Tommy Simonds Jr.

      Honestly they should have brought her back to smackdown, Bayley is so dry as champion would have been a nice feud and mix up. But still Banks vs. Lynch will be top notch.

    52. Jeff Lane

      Her dad didn't die

    53. Floridarulz

      Natalia: *talking about her dead father* Sasha: *interrupts her and turns heel* Croud: *starts cheering* THANK YOU SASHA!

    54. 2345teeth

      Really do not understand why the commentary feels a need to bury wrestlers. Corey Graves was so annoying here.


      What is kevin owens doing in 0:19?

    56. Caidence Williams

      Wonder what snoop dog thought about that🤨🤦‍♀️

    57. GLMR KLLS

      Sasha is so damn hot

    58. İrem


    59. Shquille White

      Sasha Banks returning was very emotional for I cried because I was happy to see her.

    60. Logan Wilson

      From 💛 to ❤️ then 💜 and now 💙

    61. Çomment Slayer

      Anyone else noticed that Vince used the name aew to make Sasha situation intresting

    62. brii k

      Am so glad the boss returned yeahhhh

    63. Sandman Dreamwalker


      1. Sandman Dreamwalker


      2. Sandman Dreamwalker

        yes sasha banks is back

    64. Sandman Dreamwalker




    66. raman reingg

      Sasha bank kaya anak jakarta

    67. Franklin Toledo


    68. Bhadra Rudra

      Why shasha beat ,natalya

    69. Bib Moore

      Ha lol, she snatched her own wig

    70. Jasleen Penaloza

      Go Sasha Banks!!!!