Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Impressions: 108 Megapixels!

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    Galaxy S20 Ultra is the "pro" of Samsung's lineup.
    Galaxy S20 and S20+:
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    1. Julien Dodokal

      7:30 I'm *SUBSCIBED* ! 😅

    2. Lasha Kurdadze

      ძმაკაცის მამას უნდოდა მარა ძაან ძვირი ჯდება ჯიგარო

    3. Hatori Ibuki


    4. GodsOfSeve/V

      The phone is ugly

    5. Adi Bilco

      Always check comment section....

    6. WES

      0:22 I'm pretty sure the succession is: S10e = S20 S10 = S20+ S10+ = S20 Ultra

    7. Nish Dilhara

      Whi spotted the neomorphism logo intro?

    8. Vell Sino

      I was gonna get the note 10 + but I think I just changed my mind

    9. Muhammad Harris

      This phone has 16gb RAM and 512 gb ROM, while my laptop has 4 gb RAM and 320 gb Hardisk. 😉 😁

    10. Mustafa Al-baghdady

      I'm happy with my galaxy s4

    11. Sam sar

      I think 100x optical zoom story is a hoax. There are various parameters like white balance, saturation level,colour gamut, sharpness and above all size of image processing sensors which has to be very carefully looked at before designing a mega optical zoom.

      1. ceerw buty

        Can it run Crysis?

    12. Leezer

      Me: thinks my 16 megapixel camera is good Marques: 108 megapixels

      1. ceerw buty

        S20: 100x Zoom S30: Electron Microscope with Telescope

    13. Opeoluwa Olujimi JP

      The dislikes on this video are from people without souls.


      Missing the side curves on s20

    15. IamKane

      Aye marques I saw you swiping from the edge to go back at 1:33 like it's a pixel 4 boi

    16. Freek Buddy

      I want that 😭😭😭

    17. Fitness With Food

      Really we need 100 pixel camera in phone? An ugly looking camera bump up..I don't see any AI features in this mobile...why people spending huge money on mobile? Just for camera and 5g features spending $$$$$?

    18. DE EU

      It's ok I guess.

    19. Диннер - Майнкрафт

      its so fat phone

    20. BAVER

      MB always hatin on Samsung, headed back to Lou peace

    21. Neil McGuy

      haha i didnt go watch the other video

    22. Inspecktor F

      My computer only has 8 GB of ram..

    23. Jamil

      10 Years from now we're all going to be looking back at how ugly that huge camera is.

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Watching this on an A71. I feel poor.

    24. LT

      Are there any true innovators anymore? Samsung and iPhone looking more and more alike and stealing each other features and ideas. Although, i still like Samsung better.

    25. Dédé

      108 megapixels but shitty photos just like the iphone 11. You CAN'T HAVE GREAT PHOTOS WITH A SENSOR THE SIZE OF A CONFETTI. Just don't listen to this commercial shit, and buy a Ricoh GR if you want a real quality camera in your pocket.

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Se tive brasileiro da um like

    26. Muh Uma

      S20: 100x Zoom S30: Electron Microscope with Telescope

    27. Fajar Ponco

      Can it run Crysis?

    28. Jaswinder Bansal

      This phone is definitely for the perverts and peeping toms lol

    29. darkprince56

      I just want my headphone jack

    30. darkprince56

      I still have my S8 and while I really like it, I was over the curved screen reeeal quick 🙄 and I also don't want to upgrade because of the missing headphone jack, ever increasing prices, ugly notches or cameras directly on the screen (instead of being hidden in the bezel) and the removal of expandable memory to force me to buy a higher gb phone.

    31. Sheishi Games

      I just got the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G then they release this jesus.

    32. Danish Ahmed

      Did he really think that we skip this vid to watch s10 vid!

    33. Sky Band

      Still not a fan of a front-facing camera cutout.

    34. bak j

      Galaxy S20 = CZ-newsr's must have item

    35. Mayyhem Martin

      I'm still enjoying my note 8

    36. REASON℠

      When your phone has twice the RAM of your PC lol

    37. aritra 05

      It can Kamehameha the iPhones..... For now.... And it will continue.... This is the circle of life

    38. Emanuel Alves

      Se tive brasileiro da um like

    39. Ongo Gablogian

      Watching this on an A71. I feel poor.

    40. KTA Motoc

      Beautiful on the front... one of the ugliest on the rear... 🎛

    41. William Malapitan

      The end of Nikons and Canons.

    42. ManaWearBlack

      The greatest smartphone of all time by some distance

    43. mantri akhil


      1. vinasu maaj

        uh was i the only one that got really uncomfortable when he was spinning the phone around in his hand over the edge at 6:38

    44. Mike B

      apples 12mp camera still looks better than this 108mp bullcrap lol

      1. vinasu maaj

        Samsung with the Galaxy S20 Ultra just founded the Stalkers Club. lol

    45. Neo X

      Auto captions are missing?


      Im using j4 ram is 2gb


      2020 display for 2020 camera

    48. Hariwansh Pandey Youtube channel

      Kisi bhi samasya ka Nivaran pane ke liye chamatkari Maharaj se Sampark Karen

    49. Debasmita Nandy

      Still nothing can beat the design of S9 plus. That phone was the most beautiful phone ever

    50. TheEsoteric Pilgrim

      MKBHD: pause this one, then come back i'll wait Me: *pauses video to read comments*

    51. leong1_

      iphone xs max user, it’s it good to switch to the galaxy s20 ultra?

    52. The Black Wolf

      All smartphone reviews videos are : f**k you your poor im rich you will never get this

    53. ParaYT

      That zoom is fcking unreal lot of creepy dudes gonna buy it

    54. Hafedh Sammoud

      Apple fanboy

    55. Manish Mehra

      Mkbhd love you respect best CZ-newsr

    56. BTSfan35 BLACKPINK2

      We only have 12gb of RAM here.. But, thats still fine with me 🙏 enough memory as it is with 12\128 & you can always buy an sd card for more memory

    57. Remoabetswe Matlala

      Should I upgrade from Galaxy Note 10 Plus to S20 Ultra🤷‍♂️

    58. Bullet Ignacio

      Samsung with the Galaxy S20 Ultra just founded the Stalkers Club. lol

    59. Graphit3

      uh was i the only one that got really uncomfortable when he was spinning the phone around in his hand over the edge at 6:38

    60. chidubem

      2020: Galaxy S20 Ultra 2022: Galaxy S20 Ultra Instinct 2025: Galaxy S20 God Mode

    61. TimDawg 919

      I'm ready to pre-order the Ultra, trading in my Note 10 Plus. I like the 5G speed I'm getting on my OnePlus 7T 5G McLaren and I can't wait to see this massive 6.9" screen!

    62. Kenneth Cornejo

      0:36 I actually did pause and watch the other video first

    63. Wolf.

      or you could get a nice s6 or s7 and an amazing camera for photos

    64. angger prabowo

      When people expected for s11, Samsung Made s20 :D

    65. Steve Rera

      I am going for the S20+ because I think after awhile with having the ultra that HUGE camera bump will start to annoy the heck out of me but this is making me leave my pixel to retire

    66. Albastine S.

      People need to stop throwing money at flagships. $1400 for a phone that will be topped in a year is stupid. At this point smart phones are commodities. The flagships dont actually net you anything than luxury and brand. Mind you, you can buy a used S9 for sub $200 pretty easily.

    67. Albastine S.

      Why the fuck arent your videos doing 60fps?

    68. Bill Overbeck

      I'm not buying anything without an S-pen

    69. Lux Vita

      Just give a thicker phone and remove the camera bumps? Could have been a 6000 amp battery they are already so thin k with a case sure it would be way to thick but not every one is so unlucky or stupid to drop his phone

    70. Levi Smith

      I hope you do a giveaway, with my wedding coming up my wife to be will only let me get this phone if I win it 😂