Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Durability Test - is the S-Pen Worth it?

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    The Note 10 Plus 5g is ready to be durability tested. Prevent scratches to your phone with dbrand: Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this video. Every year Samsung comes out with several new flagships. This time around releasing Notes. The Note 10, The Note 10 Plus, and the Note 10 Plus 5G. Yeah, its getting hard to keep track of these days. Its time to take the most powerful of the three, The Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5g, and see how well it can stand up to one of JerryRigEverything's durability tests. Lets see what this Note 10 Plus is made of.
    The Note 10 comes in 4 colors, the Aura White, Aura Black, Aura Glow, and The Note 10 Plus also has Aura Blue.
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    1. Uriel Angel01

      2:29 Hey! Isn't that the intro of 20th Century Fox?

    2. Adnap_Music

      JerryRigEverything: There’s Absolutely no reason to buy the Note 10 Plus 5G Version. -Unless you’re planning on destroying it for a CZ-news Video.

    3. Jay Lee

      neccessary 🤔 dudes more destructive than cancer 😅

    4. WebCamCartmell

      i will NEVER get used to the noise of you scraping stuff with the knife i can't do it. i have to pause and calm down.

    5. Fievel Mousekewitz

      I think I might get one. Just probably not the rainbow. It’s a fingerprint nightmare and I’ll just cover it up anyways.

    6. Hbab Hbeb

      ماهو نوع جوالك بما أنك تختبر جميع الجوالات ماهو الجوال الذي استنتجتهو لك بعد تلك النجارب

    7. 김선지

      썸네일 겁나 예쁘네

    8. A Day in My Life

      Some of us still need headphone jacks because we drive older cars w/o bluetooth. I still use an AUX cord to use the speakers in my car.

    9. عثمان العثمان

      سفاح الأجهزة قلبي لا يتحمل

    10. Alzzino

      How do you do this to a phone What’s the point of buying ittt

    11. jm대디

      긁을때 소리좀 안나게해주세여 이어폰으로 듣다가 폰 던질뻔요

    12. Shady

      "Remember, Apple makes the jokes, I just read the spec sheet"

    13. Dheeraj Singh

      Jerry rig you are top level Fucker you are mad you destroyed the 80,000 rupees phone

      1. Lokk j

        U are an idiot

    14. dark kitten light puppy

      Please for the love of everything please stop putting in the scraping noise it sets my teeth on edge

    15. mia mia


    16. Kiwi YT


    17. Selvan Sulaiman

      You have problem In your head

    18. Jean-David Mérette

      Imagine the day we finally get to see a phone that scratch only at level 8 omg

    19. Jeremy Feagle-Bridgmon

      I think I'm gonna stay with the note 9 forever. A true durability test aswell is the test of time. Plus I'm the rare guy it seems that loves my Bixby button but not for Bixby but to play pokemon at the touch of a button lmao. Had my note 9 since day one and its yet to crack I have supcase pro and I have dropped it from my chest pocket while running. I guess you can call me lucky? Lucky I didnt go for an apple cause my sister doesn't seem to have the same result sadly

    20. Shaktiman Gurung

      keep doing

    21. dj sciullo

      I'm watching this from a normal note 10 not plus it's crying......

    22. Prang Sokphearak

      I get hurt

    23. Thanos

      This hurt

    24. Nadhu Nadhu

      Are you mad to break the s pen 😂😅

    25. egs1505

      iPhones are better than any android phone because they have better security and simplicity. They also have better processors than and android. It is better to wait a couple years to add a technology rather than add it when it is brand new and could break. Android fans are inept and stupid because they choose to sacrifice security and speed for faulty new technology.

    26. Hane ullim

      I miss the feature rich days of Samsung

    27. Syafiq KP

      Hi there zack. I still using the Note 5. Can you send me an upgrade?

    28. Ryan Worrall

      U need help!! I could understand you doing this to iphones but samsung, you just destroyed a work of art!!!

    29. Brian the pro

      Can you do mi play

    30. Saurabhav

      Note 9 is ideal phone and I love it

    31. Lonnise Graham

      I love the skins but I plan on getting the -unicorn vomit- monochrome phone in the video and don’t want to cover that up. Will look at some skins though.

    32. fuad jarufe

      hahahahah. i love how when apple removes the headphone jack, zack is hating on the Iphone and making fun of it. but when Samsung removes it he says " i never really needed it"

    33. Tofe Alwerfaly


    34. Macoladon C

      I just can’t watch this man

    35. Adrien Goncalves

      T’es con arrête de gâcher le téléphone ça coûte cher de faire foot speedé

    36. -Ant Gamez YT-

      3:40 rip my ears

    37. Afia Khan

      Note 10 video please dear!

    38. 월루

      자막이 한국어 밖에 없어서 국뽕이 차오르구만

    39. Why so serious

      오오 한글 자막이라니!!

    40. Sasha Sana

      Ебануться , чего он ждал , когда шоркал его ножом концелярским по металлу ??? И сломав платиковый стилус .....

    41. John Merik

      I always like to see expensive phones like this Note 10 plus being torn apart. It relieves me from frustration from not affording it.

      1. rgtm aa

        How could he do that , is he very rich ? Does he makes that much money through u tube views ?

    42. Yeah Dat way

      4:35 Lmfaooo turn up your volume I think he farted 😭

      1. Podróżnik YouTuba

        It was Samsung notification

    43. Jason Dolan

      You are pissing a lot of people off by scratching and ruining that £1200 phone. For most they can't afford it. I did however pick up the Note 10+ 5G 512GB last week. Beautiful phone, fit a Spigen Tough Armour case. Best you can get. I have no idea why you say 5G is not available until end of life of the phone, EE in the UK already have it in the big cities and are adding more 5G masts later in 2019 and more in 2020. Thanks for your video.

    44. Breezy Danny

      I would appreciate it if you send this phone for me Jerry

    45. Prakash Wankhade

      Why jerry loves saphire glass ?

    46. 너일루좀와바

      한글보고 국내유튜번 줄 알았은데 Jerry아저씨가 여기서 왜 나와ㅋㅋReally Awesome

    47. CatsPlays :p

      Scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7

    48. die idot

      Poor people watching him scratch the phone: STOP STOP!!

    49. AmariPlayz Ruepong


    50. CP

      How do you the phone is 5G beside the the front box said so ? Like different serial number or other way to tell ?

    51. Ashley Johansson

      Why can't apple make their phones rainbow like these, these are so cute

      1. Ashley Johansson

        @Jason Dolan You must be a closeted homosexual if it bothers you that much HAHA

      2. Jason Dolan

        I had to buy the Aurora Black version due to not liking Rainbows anymore. The queers/freaks have hijacked Rainbows.

    52. ajo510

      lol it broke my heart to see you torture that note 10+

    53. Hghtrt

      My Note 10+ 5G after 2 days has massive scratches on the back, and I try to take care of it...

      1. Jason Dolan

        Man, before you start using a phone this expensive you have to buy the Spigen Tough Armour case.

    54. Harry Jackerson

      Note 10+ 5g ; Romanians with 3g 2gbps AMATEURS

    55. R and I

      Can you give it to me free


        @R and I no u

    56. DIK'FLEX D

      Can we put glass screen protector in note 10 plus?

    57. Aws Alkzmawi/ اوس الكظماوي

      اكو عرب بل طياره


      Jerry, which phone are you using now. Am still using my s8+. I will only change when you change.

      1. Jonathon Spears

        Still have my S8+. However Verizon is offering $450 to trade it in. Plus an additional $200 to switch to Verizon


      Jerry, which phone are you using now. Am still using my s8+. I will only change when you change.

      1. McTrav Loves Me More than You 1

        Still on his s8

    60. shibby _TV

      This video made my depression level go up by20000

    61. kawa sindy

      Damm that brakes my hart

    62. Gena4Beauty

      nooooooooooooooooooo don't waste it:( give it ton someone who can't afford one.

    63. Glauber_Ricardo Games Blox

      3:40 aarrghh😡😡😡

    64. Alex Tabara

      2:20 lol for a second I thought samsung messed up pretty bad=)))

    65. harrish& rayyan

      The horror

    66. SMACKALL

      Apple Alsways Say Improve Face Id more power

    67. I Gede Setia Dharma

      I went right away to the Samsung Store after watching what Apple did to their 11 Pro Max. No offense, those 3 gigantic cameras make the phone looks like a joke. Note 10+ is pretty normal, so long Apple. Thanks for your-smartphone 10 year services, I'm changing to Samsung.

    68. Rhythmic Attackers

      I cringe so bad when you break the s pen because I have a note 10+ and just think of myself breaking it

    69. Creeper, Aww Man

      'Thumbs up to Nintendo' Bro have u seen my New Nintendo 3DS XL yet?

    70. AJ Hill

      My s8 active is still kicking butt 2 years later. Glad samsung doesn't do what apple does and force the phones to slow down with progressive updates