Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Durability Test - is the S-Pen Worth it?

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    The Note 10 Plus 5g is ready to be durability tested. Prevent scratches to your phone with dbrand: Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this video. Every year Samsung comes out with several new flagships. This time around releasing Notes. The Note 10, The Note 10 Plus, and the Note 10 Plus 5G. Yeah, its getting hard to keep track of these days. Its time to take the most powerful of the three, The Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5g, and see how well it can stand up to one of JerryRigEverything's durability tests. Lets see what this Note 10 Plus is made of.
    The Note 10 comes in 4 colors, the Aura White, Aura Black, Aura Glow, and The Note 10 Plus also has Aura Blue.
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    1. Letizi

      I'd like to say, I did the lighter test on my note 10+ and it did not recover😐

    2. TheEngineer 8257

      He low key rosts apple every video

    3. TheEngineer 8257

      Help my ocd is broken from stress

    4. Joe Hampshire

      Jerry I've found where the notification setting is for gmail on the note10+

    5. Bharatdwaj Patel

      Give me this phone

    6. Chris Rice

      I have this phone I I absolutely love it to

    7. Jose Navarro

      Dear Jerry, I am upgrading my phone to the notr 10 plus, should I get it

    8. Deplorable Constitutionalist

      still enjoying my note 9 lol

    9. N B

      Can we please stop whining about the headphone jack it’s been years!

    10. Ián Mazzo


    11. Dubious Dove

      that metal screeching sound always makes me cringe but worth it because I like these videos.

    12. ANANDHU AS

      Apple makes the joke i just read the spec sheet

    13. Blaze 35HX

      Is it just me that when he scratches the phones it hurts your soul

    14. Alex Powrie

      Watching you scratch my phone made me very sad! Good content though

    15. simsie sims

      My wallet screams

    16. Jack F

      Hope it's better than my Note 9 which has screen cracks after dropping from knee height. What a rip off.

    17. Pablo Pincheira Santander

      What's the point of breaking the pen before even trying it? I mean, i understand how you do reviews, but it was really unnecessary, i would've really liked to ser how the pen works

    18. yuyaturtle

      My heart snapped when you broke the stylus pen

    19. tahir zaid

      @JerryRigEverything Mr Jerry im also using s8+ since almost 3 years now and if note 10+ had headphone jack..i should have switched already.. But according to u is der any phone that i can switch from my s8+...? 🤔

    20. اميرة شمس

      Please can you give me thes mobile phone please 😓😓why you doing that I have phone Samsung Galaxy tab for 2016😔

    21. periawan awan Official

      buat saya saja dari pada di hancurkan,,,,, udah 3 bulan pake HP berlayar pecah,,, ahaahahha

    22. periawan awan Official

      buat saya saja dari pada di hancurkan,,,,, udah 3 bulan pake HP berlayar pecah,,, ahaahahha

    23. lychin jenny

      Hi sir, could you pls test Xiaomi note 10 pro. And take out all the parts. Hope to see your next video soon.

    24. البديري

      اذا مررتم من هنا و انت عربي فخلي لايك

    25. Trucker Mississippi Reject

      people in Africa could have eaten that phone

    26. iteachvader

      "Apple makes the jokes, I just read the spec sheet." Insult 100

    27. William Eve

      home boy looking like mr clean

    28. Giovanni Fast

      Nice Ithink is the best...much Better than iPhone...price... hardware and everything!!

    29. DiegoDakinz75

      Likd an artist this makes me kill my self when you broke that pen.

    30. Will Luz

      OMG😮🥺😢, this phone is my biggest dream. While you're breaking an S10, it breaks my heart.

    31. Kian Kapil

      Oh the pain .

    32. cooldude20128

      no bend test

    33. HYPER 77

      Lol and my phone which costs about $150 (₹10000 in India for realme 3) comes with a 10 W charger

    34. Chocofresh Lover

      Not even 2 minutes and you destroyed the SPen🤣 but wow there is so mush technologie in it

    35. fahad shakoor

      this man really have guts

    36. 민이JK

      한국어 자막 감사합니다.

    37. Ollie

      The only part of these videos are when he scratches the side of the phone. I dont know if I am the only one who gets chills when he scratches that metal

    38. L L

      watching this on a note 9 is like getting laughed at because you have an ugly pet while everyone else has pedigrees ;) it hurts

    39. Lyan Aerni

      Putain arrête.

    40. Honza Hendrych

      7:17 Turn on the Radio , FM Radio Note 10+ 5G ?

    41. Dummed

      Do a durability test an some of the new phones from the a line of phones from Samsung like the a 40 or other from that line up

    42. Prabhjot Sekhon

      I'm using note 10+, and it's worth it!

    43. Yossel Garcia

      "Remember apple makes the jokes, I just read the specs sheets" 🔥

    44. Sacheth V N

      Please upload durability and teardown of Samsung Galaxy S10 lite.

      1. Sacheth V N

        @Nick Motsarsky S10e is same as S10 but not S10 lite.

      2. Nick Motsarsky

        Why? It's exactly the same as the S10, minus one camera..

    45. Faanila Chy

      I want that you do lvl 10 scratch

    46. lightworker221

      "Like I always say, groceries are overrated."

    47. Vincent Paricio

      I always turn it up around the part where he uses the razor knife to the edges

    48. ꀯ

      7:00 wtf how is there an fm radio? There's no headphone jack, no antenna

    49. Gustavo Costa

      I have been using iphone for so long and i bought the galaxy note 10 plus and i liked so much a i switched right away.

    50. Jesse Cohn

      Good Lord this is hard to watch

    51. Lee Soulsby

      Is there any need to scratch the fuck out of it tou could take it apart without doing it

      1. Nick Motsarsky

        To see how tough it is, genius.. Wtf do you think a "durability" test is??

    52. Darth Vader

      When you realize you just walked into a restaurant with your new note10 plus 5g but the restaurant only has 4g "Quiet sad noises"

    53. Taha Acila

      I wont to cray 🤣🤣🤣

    54. Ricky Wuba

      100% youre a psychopathhhhh

      1. Nick Motsarsky

        And you're an idiot.

    55. Ricky Wuba

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3a333333aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh wtf did you dooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    56. Ricky Wuba

      dude wtf im dying here you have no fuckin heart aaaaaah you just shattered one of my dreams

    57. Adam T

      advertise towards and business phone... but not function of the traveler.. no headphone jack

    58. A H K

      Daaaaaaamn youuuuuu Oh, Sorry...Damn meeeee Why am I even watching this?😁 Anyway thanks but still... Holy crap...

    59. Kawaii Noodle

      Everytime you scratch the phone I cry :(

    60. Miguel Lucas

      This is painfull to watch.

    61. [ILLUSION] FL1CK

      Is it just me seeing that phone or other phone makes me my soul hurt

    62. Ana Stankovic

      Are you crazy??!!!

      1. Nick Motsarsky

        How is he crazy?

    63. Fbi Agent

      I might get the note 10 or the xr

    64. Hart Dr

      I felt my note 10 plus 's heart jump as i watch this video.

    65. r k

      His tests are bs no people mostly don’t have these things in their pocket he never drops them

    66. Jimmy C

      Hilarious durability test but it was a little hard to watch since I have a identical Note 10+ but mine isn't 5G and the reason for that is because of exactly what you said it's extra money for nothing since 5G isn't widespread yet and if you did happen to be in a area with 5G you pretty much have to be standing right next to a tower to get the speeds everyone has been bragging on lol cut a corner, have a tree in between you an the tower, even a light rain forget about it you'll be back on 4G lol This might not look like a business phone to you but it's been my business phone, what made me select this color was my last two phones were all black (which is what I usually get) but I decided to go with this one for a change and the mirror like back has came in handy since I'm out of town now an forgot my mirror at home I use my Note 10+ mirror back to shave with in the shower while it's connected to my bluetooth speaker, crazy I guess but what can I say I'm a survivor and like to make the most of what I have 😂 And it's good to know it past the durability test, I've been pretty good with keeping my phones from getting damaged but it's good to know if I do accidentally slip up an drop it there's a decent chance it should still be fine based on what I've seen here.

    67. 크팀소네

      why only this video can translate korean? anyway thx

    68. Goku saiyan

      You should do drop test too, and will keys scratch the screen?

    69. Chenoa H.

      Why didn’t you show the features of the pen before breaking it?

      1. Nick Motsarsky

        Because he's not a reviewer.

    70. James Regnier

      I never saw someone breAk a product in a review wow .

      1. James Regnier

        @Nick Motsarsky okay

      2. Nick Motsarsky

        It's not a review... And that's all he does on his channel..