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    1. Tiago F.

      Queria muito saber o nome desse dançarino de cabelo comprido!


      The designer said “how high do you want the high wasted jeans” Sam smith said “yes”

    3. Moisés Trejo


    4. Gilles Theligene

      Sam Smith: how do I sleep 💤 Me: I shut my eyes and get comfortable 😀😀

    5. Sathia Soares

      Love Sam ♥️

    6. Shauna H.

      Love this song! Also, cool to see Kylo Ren's fashion choices make it into a music video.

    7. Jamey Leanne Cooper

      I think sam Smith is gay 🤔🤔🤔

    8. Lucifer Morningstar

      Anybody else amazed by that bike ?

    9. JustAFox2183

      i sleep with my eyes closed

    10. Mikael Mirzaei

      what’s the the brand off the blue jeans worn by Sam Smith in this video??? asking for a friend

    11. Tammy Howland

      Love this song

    12. Tammy Howland

      Love him he is sexy

    13. Olympia Roberts

      I love this song! The video? Not so much 🤣

    14. Black Storm

      que puta obra prima, até me arrepiei

    15. Black Storm


    16. Skylark Tsuki

      Amazing 😍

    17. pranta Md hazrat

      I mean yeaaaz !!! Let your inner Queen shine 🙇‍♂️💗

    18. Mycke Douglas

      2:55 - 2:57

    19. siplemente Soto

      Pido a dua lipa y a sam smith en una misma cancion

    20. Cutie_vk234

      I think he's trying to catch up with beyonce

    21. Mily Vilches


    22. Salvatore 0382

      i'm in love lol

    23. Sixdisjxnykal Djdnxn3kddmx

      omg you're dancing like an angel

    24. Paul Jenkins

      Sam is so good! If you dig Sam, you'll probably dig JOSH WEATHERS too! cz-news.net/online/video-ninnrh_VIRw.html check it out!

    25. anali torres

      Me encanta!!! Sam Smith tiene una exelente voz 😍

    26. Chanell Buttowski

      Ariana Grande guy version

    27. Boi Bragzxxx

      Sam's a killer with the moves and the voice. Too bad he's g**

    28. coooolibri

      how are you people so terrible in modern times, disliking cause of how this man lives his life. disgusting people, you should all be burned like witches. ultimately this is why you are losers sitting at home, while this man gives you a blessing for free, you cant even take due to ignorace.

    29. Oreos and Chocolate Chip

      2:11 the one to Sam's right looks like Sirius Black lmao...… ngl kinda hot

      1. Oreos and Chocolate Chip

        2:17 the one to the far left is pretty cute too,, damn, sam surrounded themselves with some very fine men

    30. bbh xxx

      Sam already kills me with his vocals. Now, he has SLAYED me with his dance !!

    31. АРТЕМ

      Good gay song.

    32. Gripit L

      I really feel this song.. So glad I’m past that not..

    33. D.I.L

      I'm so proud that he's so open and doesn't give a fuck about what anybody thinks. He's doing what he loves being his true self. 😍

    34. Nashika Wallace

      Sam looks like a dad trying to dance such a dad vibe makes u wana duck and hide so no one ask u the "isn't that your dad? " question lol

    35. the lastest songs أحدث الأغاني


    36. Giya Tun

      X 1.25 🙆🙅

    37. Kinyar Karangi

      Eargasms 😍😍😍😍why is he so talented

    38. Jema Rose

      Minute 2:20❤️🤗

      1. Zack Edison

        Do you have any talent you can share with us on CZ-news? And if you have, can you please send me a video or music to this email zackedison8@gmail.com

      2. Zack Edison

        yeeaah me too jema

    39. Thato Bafana

      Gay excellence! Come on now!

    40. JuJu

      I didn't know Sam Smith dances now, ha!

    41. Djalil Yakine

      This is gayer than homosexuality it self

    42. Jojo's life 101

      I love how confident he is 😍😍SLAY SAM

      1. Ryan is cryin

        Antifa and ISIS are terrorists Nobody is forcing anything upon you. Just shut up for once and, if you don’t like their music, why the fuck are you even here? Dang.

      2. Ryan is cryin

        Antifa and ISIS are terrorists He has no mental illness. You are the one who seems to be mentally ill.

      3. Antifa and ISIS are terrorists

        @Ryan is cryin Its he with a mental illness,don't try to force this disgusting things to others

      4. Ryan is cryin

        Zack Edison What?

      5. Zack Edison

        @Ryan is cryin yes i konw but i meant you do you have ?

    43. Gai Gai

      I just love this song so much, can't get enough of it😍😍❤️

      1. Zack Edison

        Do you have any talent you can share with us on CZ-news? And if you have, can you please send me a video or music to this email zackedison8@gmail.com

    44. tasha harris

      i'm hopping that my love will keep you up tonight❤🌼

      1. Zack Edison

        Do you have any talent you can share with us on CZ-news? And if you have, can you please send me a video or music to this email zackedison8@gmail.com

    45. alvan zulfikhar

      Wtf 🏳️‍🌈

    46. Dark Ace03

      Before watching the video of this song, I was imaging it to be a video of lonely guy and lonely girl roaming around after breakup or something but REALITY: Gay boys sassy dancing

    47. Dominick Sanchez

      I love this song

    48. Unique Lee

      We Ever was so nostice for the video bit he was was so mean an so dlacnk but wut was worse was his guts and looks.... sorry... I just wishing them happiness

    49. geeta

      He is just amazing

    50. CYMONE & TYLER

      I love this song

    51. •A Gấu

      Không có phụ đề Viet Nam chán quá😞

    52. Brooke Martin

      here's a friendly reminder that Sam uses they/them pronouns!

    53. Florent Tytyri

      Are u gay ?!

    54. Lauren Russell

      So beautiful. No words.

    55. ooo o


    56. chris beckett

      sounds just like guy sebastion to me and he looks just like jude law! love this song

    57. Varma Bhogaraju

      Bruh like this should be girls but like that shirt tho I THIS IS GAYYY

    58. Mary Neo Pop

      Like si vinistes por el cover de Kun de WAYV 💚💚💚👀👀😍😍😍😍😍 SAM SMITH I Love You💖✨

    59. Mariluz Morales Gomez


    60. Nancy Gomez

      Gay is OK

    61. Squishy290

      I think I starting to go gay a little

    62. Daniel Accorsi

      Sam Smith: How do you sleep? John Lennon: Hold my beer

    63. Lucia Yanneth

      Te amooo ❤️

    64. WhatOkay

      I love!!! How gay it is!!!! 10/10!!

    65. Anthony Santos

      Omg love him and love this song!

    66. Maritza Galvez

      I'm only 10 and I know how hard it to be different from straight people because they think there better but there not ho gives if he are not straight like at my school there is this one kid who is gay and all the kids are making fun of him they say"gay s***" or "gay boy" I fell sorry for him stand up for him.

    67. Marco Hernandez

      “Oh no how did that man seduce me? I’m usually not this desperate not this crazy” WOW I really felt that 😔😔

    68. Alejandra Ravines

      That's precious!

    69. Bookie Ellz

      You are still amazing

    70. Signos & Diversão