Ryan Newman hospitalized after terrifying crash at Daytona 500

CBS News

CBS News

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    NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is in serious condition with non-life-threatening injuries following a horrific crash during the final lap of the Daytona 500. CBS2 New York's Dick Brennan reports.

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    1. Carole M

      Wow, this is awful. Hope he comes out of this okay

    2. TheEagleGamer

      This is like on cars 1

    3. Dario Puig

      Blaney hit him in the back purposely!

    4. Forrest Robbins

      Yeah well if Nascar didn't have all of these gimmicky rules, this never would have happened. This was what, the 2nd overtime attempt? Overtime is for ball sports, not racing.

    5. Galaxie

      Só eu li " Neymar acaba batendo seu carro " ?

    6. Para noid


    7. Joshua Forester

      If you ain't first, you're 9th.

    8. Zoey Fights

      Yo this scene from Cars 3 is lit 🔥

    9. Gary Romp

      another dreaded block results....

    10. TheVideoKid782

      people without pfps gonna be here making this about politics soon

    11. Mike 42 fan

      Wishing Newman a speedy recovery

    12. President Juicy

      NASCAR racing isn’t a sport

    13. Soapymigt

      Eat your cereal

    14. Sergio Silva


    15. Sergio Silva

      Eu tenho raiva de vc

    16. Evan Oliver

      Why do these guys speak like they actually know racing?

    17. lil rice cakes

      why are the color commentators so casual about a car crashing full speed and flipping over like it was just another sports injury ??!!??

    18. ADMIN

      Crashed him to win but took 2nd

    19. David Marotta

      He had a bad flip at the 2003 Daytona 500 but not as bad as this one....praying for #ryannewman 🙏🏻

    20. Ted Thompson

      Critical condition non life threatening means he got burnt up, they wear nomex suits but from the look of that he got showered with fuel when it went up. God I hope not, even fox was saying that we watch it for the crashes, some do, I don't. I watch it for the sport of it. But he clearly got pitted and that's what happens when you get pitted at 195mph. Just imagine being in a car going 195, the fastest I've seen is in my buddies car, has a rouch stage3 mustang, super charger chipped out all that, 160, and I was like damn I hope you know what you're going bro.

    21. Spaghetti

      i love these news ppl "going 200 mph"...he is going with the flow of traffic... 30 mph impact more like it

    22. alex coss

      He might come back as Robocop.

    23. Michel Jenson

      Does anyone else simply hate the editing done these days?? Just show the crash from one or two angles for the whole things then play editor. TV people assume we all have a gnat's attention span and need to keep us on edge even when death is at hand.

    24. Ken Rose

      Trump left behind that bad juju

    25. stephen7072

      Hope the Boiler maker is ok. He would of won Daytona again.

    26. Mephistopheles

      Latest report of his medical condition is they are rebuilding him as a cyborg.

    27. Kyle Sheary

      What an idiot. He didn’t spin him out. That’s plate racing. Please have people who know what they are talking about when they report news! It’s called drafting. Drivers lock bumpers and us this to push the other driver.

      1. Kyle Sheary

        alex coss you don’t care* reporting something wrong is still reporting something wrong. Wrongfully making someone a villain because a reporter is uneducated on a topic isn’t “professional”

      2. alex coss

        No one cares.

    28. ashley klotz

      Why is it some of the worst crashes are in moments away from winning? Why must it happen like that? I know they're just like "yea in almost there?" And wham! Damn, it is good that they have the safety in the cars that they do, I've seen drivers get out and look at their mangled car and walk away

    29. Victor C

      If Nascar just put out the yellow flag for the Chase Elliot crash,this wouldn’t have happened

    30. Kymberly Johnson

      Think of how many lives Dale Earnhardt has saved!

    31. Kymberly Johnson

      Good to hear it’s not life threatening. That hit on the driver side though, ouch.

    32. Jessica Lopez

      It was Newman's race he won that race what nobody says he had it.

    33. QuinnGT3

      This makes me *SO MAD* that they said it was a “wild celebration”!!... it really wasn’t it was very tame and everyone was worried! I don’t know why they would lie about something so serious!!

    34. hollywooddre5

      I love a good race, but I hate to see this. I know it's a dangerous sport but seeing this makes your heart skip a beat. Prayers to Newman and his family for a speedy recovery

    35. ICY-HURR

      Jesus... he would be dead in any other car besides these well designed and built vehicles

    36. Tony Smith

      Newman tried to block Blaney & it failed!!!

    37. Jackthegoldinminer

      Fake news he didn’t spin him out the dirty air made him loose traction... he didn’t get spun it was the air

    38. Charles Wiese

      No One at Fault, that's a joke. NASCAR rules or lack of rules caused this, they need to eliminate PUSH and Bump drafting.

      1. Chad Justice

        How do you eliminate it?

    39. Mathew Kromeo

      Nice panty shot.

    40. Lazy Boss

      Ryan newman always flipn his cars. Look it up. The man has an angel

    41. Rebecca Peterson

      Ya! Crash, burn, spew gas and smoke, make loud noises, watch someone almost die! Ya! Go America!

    42. David Rodgers

      Wow .. Shocking how CBS tryed to muddy the water on a conservative event .. They had it wrong on what happened..

    43. dirtyshirtinfo

      That looked like clean racing and an unintentional incidental wreck.

      1. Anxious Vids

        That's exactly what it was he tried to block blaney but was not clear to go down rubbing is racing!

    44. jason labudde

      It’s because trump was there

    45. Cindy Yavorski

      He didn't spin him out. CBS is fake news smh

    46. Evelyn

      Crazy how they just keep on celebrating as one of the people they raced with is being hauled out in an emergency vehicle... Can't tell if that's disrespectful or just plain disgusting.

      1. Chad Justice

        It's already been stated they had no idea how bad it was until they were told and if you actually bothered to watch they stopped celebrating.

    47. BigHaas

      Notice Blaney didnt say or tweet a word after he purposely spun him out, thus screwing him out of a win and making him go to the hospital.

      1. Anxious Vids

        Yeah that's not what happened blaney was gonna pass him and Newman came down to block him but he was not clear to do that it was Newman's fault happens all the time

    48. Fabian J

      The Cars real Life movie Looks lit. The poor Hudson Hornet.

    49. Tuber Life daily

      Fudge man slow down

    50. Mrrobotobrains

      Nascar is dumb.

    51. Noles fan89

      Glad he is going to make it Ryan has had some of the worse wrecks in Nascar history he's a great person

    52. the dude

      they should ban that driver ryan blame he for doing this.

      1. Anxious Vids

        @the dude no it wasn't Newman was not clear to block blaney and he came down and got a bump draft and that caused the spin it was Newman's fault trust me

      2. the dude

        his name is blaney and it was his fault he clipped his car behind him and cause this accident.

      3. Anxious Vids

        Why it wasn't blaneys fault he was gonna pass Newman on the bottom and he tried to block him but didnt have enough room that happens all the time is was Newman's fault

    53. Weasel Worm

      Hey can a serious NASCAR fan tell me if the driver who started the accident was acting responsibly or if it was a mistake or even a bad move, please?

      1. Anxious Vids

        Thanks for asking and it was not ryan blaneys fault at all like the news is saying Ryan was going to pass Newman on the inside for the win and newman came down to block him from passing him but he did not have the clearance to do that so it was Newman's fault he crashed it happens all the time the news needs to check there facts before they blame someone.

    54. Hope he's ok.

    55. porousorifice

      Heart stopping crash? Not a good way of describing something that could stop your heart.

    56. James Zelazny jr

      First of all,the guy did not spin him out on purpose as it was made to sound.He was pushed and the momentum accelerated his car forward and if you watch the whole video,tried to get around Newman...Newman tried to block him.Also...was NOT a Wild celebration by Hamlin`s team...was a very quick and short and they were obviously concerned. News is great...but not when it exaggerates.

    57. Cali Baby

      The winner should of given him the win, but it’s still a dangerous sport my prayers go with him and his family 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    58. Ylli Berishaj

      That’s gotta be one of the worst crashes I’ve ever seen

    59. Twigg 570

      Crashed him to win! Crap racing

    60. Dj T TiME /EBP


    61. CleverMan

      I don’t think kissing or bumping or sticking to someone’s back bumper like that should be allowed. It’s dangerous and doesn’t seem right.

      1. CleverMan

        Anxious Vids nah.. a crash happened before that one for the same reason, the one Logano was able to escape from. They need to forbid that. People can lose their lives. It’s not worth it.

      2. Anxious Vids

        @CleverMan well it was Newman's fault blaney was passing him on the inside for the win amd Newman was not clear to block him it was Newman's fault it happens all the time you think you have enough room to block but the guys right there and you get a bump draft and then game over

      3. CleverMan

        Anxious Vids and that’s why that guy is in the hospital. 😒

      4. Anxious Vids

        Rubbing is racing

    62. System6 Rail Productions

      I hope is ok.

    63. theivory1

      He "had no place to go" except into the back of the car in front of you?

    64. Brian Graves

      Install inflatable corporate logos on all of the cars. Make them corporate parade floats of safety. Fans will be fighting over who's is faster, Bounty or Tide. Reduce speeds and double the laps for more corporate exposure.

    65. Captain turtle butt

      Crashes are the only things that make this boring thing watchable.

    66. Capo primo

      Get rid of restrictions plate .this cars can’t be so close to each other like sardines . God heal Newman’s amen 🙏

      1. Scout

        Capo primo yeah that way the cars are at 240mph. Can you picture that crash at 240? Not a very smart idea.

    67. Bob Goodman

      The news said it was "heart stopping"...probably not the best way to describe the crash 😉

    68. Bosco26726

      1:25 dude got thrown into the air AND smashed into at about 200mph AND the car caught fire; "you see a crash, you just dont realize how serious it was" uhhh what kind of crash does it take to get this guys attention??

    69. Your sim enthusiast

      They didn't show Newman walking away, but did he?... Because I don't know how that kind of safety made Austin Dylan back in 2015 walk away but not Newman now

    70. bertulforc1

      He was trying to block the driver behind him. Bad thinking moved! If he just continue driving straight to finish line there will be out of accident!

      1. SHA8UTIE

        Of course he did... its the end of the Daytona 500. He timed his move perfectly and all Blaney had to do was breath the throttle or at least hit Newman square but he didn't.