Running SOLAR POWER Into Our HOME!

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    In this episode, we finish plumbing the pump house and start working on running solar power into our home. This is a huge step for us and we are so excited to get to share it with all of you!

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    1. jessie ferriol

      Haha bear didn’t last long in digging and slept on it.

    2. David Kohler

      You might have to put some Tabasco on that !!! 😎

    3. Bob Builder

      Do you need to do some anti rust coating on the internal metal wall?.

    4. Sandra Van Lankvelt

      You two crack me up just love your video's. Great job on everything you have done to create a new lovely home. Lot's of work and not too long before that little one joins you both in your home. Bear will become so protective over that baby can't wait to see how he reacts LOL. God bless.

    5. Jeffrey Miller

      You should put a mural of the inside of the container, showing what it looked like before.

    6. Rick Rice

      Everytime I watch this makes me think of Lucille Ball in I love Lucy. I have panic attacks often and it sucks really bad! However, when it happens....I turn on this show because it makes me feel calm and at peace. Isn't that amazing? Whatever it is, it makes me feel SO much better. I do so appreciate both of you! Thank you for sharing a part of your world with everyone. I can always tell when a show will be a success because you don't have to work at it, it seems to just come naturally for y'all. Take care! Can't wait to see you both with the baby :-)

    7. Sierra Serious

      Three yrs two kids later.

    8. Sierra Serious

      Took us three yrs.

    9. Sierra Serious

      But ur two seem to have fun unlike me. I was more arguing. My honey business 4yrs. But did our family home on his off time. Just to loving.

    10. Sierra Serious

      U remind me of me n husband when we built our home but on an island in the pacific.

    11. Oscar Delucio

      woooo son una pareja sorprendete Felicidades 👍👍👍

    12. Matt Burns

      At 10:42 "Bear" was even helping by 10:48 he was on break. He must of heard of he's like a CalTrans worker 🤗😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    13. Slider drago

      No codes, no problems

    14. Jonathan Martinez

      Whats that song called?

    15. Not Comatose

      The baby is smiling when you are laughing. Good hormone for a happy well adjusted child. They do sense your psychological state. How much longer. Looks to be at least 4 months?

    16. Not Comatose

      Hope that corn is non GMO. LIGHT YELLOW corn more likely to be not GMO. For your health and new baby coming.

    17. at347est

      8:13 Where's the beef !

    18. Smitty


    19. Ajaxx J

      Great fix! How much time did it take to repair fish tape?

    20. Nick Why?

      well done

    21. Matt Treasure

      12:32 how many bogs did you both have before shooting that

    22. Krystal Ha

      I have a legitimate question. What are your short term goals as it pertains to living in a horse trailer with a baby (in the winter) coming very soon, and the house seemingly not being done for at least 1 year or so?

    23. Marie Rawlins

      I have been watching your videos for several months now, I’m very interested in your progress it’s now November 2019 can you advise how this are going if you are living in your home and if every this is working, have you had baby yet. Sorry if I’m to noisy best best wishes Marie From England

    24. Eva Schnider


    25. Rodrigão Tec-Audio de Rondonópolis MT Oficial

      Conversando 90% trabalhando 10%

    26. Patrick Harris

      Have you guys thought of adding a wind turbine to your system



    28. Tim Royal

      Good thing you have Bear to help with that ditch!

    29. Gerald Odom

      So I like the the look of your home. I wondered if the doors of the container could be removed and reframe to sliding doors or windows. I haven't seen the end result but you are the experts

    30. ask yourself

      What kind of food is that????

    31. Stan Wiggins

      If the local law allows, you need to control those coyotes before they take a calf or Bear one night or early one morning. Sometimes all it takes is to get rid of one, and the rest may move farther away, but you may have to get rid of several to make sure you are all safe. Great videos, and I truly enjoy watching you both do whatever is necessary to make your life, your home, and your property truly yours.

    32. S Griffin

      Solar power is a joke.

    33. Richmo 6

      She'll laugh at anything? She's a keeper!

    34. Ahmad Azrai

      Bear is the sweetest

    35. Stephen Bell Jr.

      🤣😂 you too and the chili had me dying laughing...😂🤣

    36. Lil Lit

      Listen my first song I made what y’all think?

    37. weweko kowe

      Children spoil the fun. Should have stayed in the city in a flat 🙃

    38. John Dozier

      Chili scene had me literally laughing out loud. Too funny.

    39. Gaelle Maz

      The coyotes want to lure Bear to the woods. Beware of coyotes!

    40. jarmymp h

      I am only here for the outtakes at the end and this one was the best so far. Watching people eat is a definite weird internet thing I will never get haha.

    41. RatdogDRB

      Looky 'dat GOOD job-site dog... helping to dig the trench !! AND, standing guard against the 'yote invasion too ! Him deserves extra cookies !! Who ever heard of eating chili without crackers, or chips? Poor Spencer... the hardships he has to endure.

    42. Mesh SEVEN9

      Is she pregnant !!

    43. Bobby Bentley

      Is it me or does she not look sexy pregnant OMG

    44. david large

      Since you like the nailing gun better watch out your baby could be born with a nail gun in one hand and a reload in the other .lol

    45. J B

      These people are the reason I thought I could remodel my bathroom. How hard can it be.... she’s pregnant and building a damn house... meanwhile I am down to 1 functioning bathroom holding a blow torch contemplating on igniting the house or sweating the pipes...... Thanks Obama

    46. Steve Velarde

      If I may make a suggestion when feeding out wire whether single strand or multi-strand let it unroll from the spool because if you notice it's twisting in the conduit which will make additional pulls in the same conduit harder

    47. Doug's Welding & Fabrication

      10:41 That's a beautiful thing !!! :-) I need a puppy

    48. Stanley Keith

      Where the CHIPS ?

    49. Ron Hart

      Those endings !! 😂

    50. John Pyle

      I watched movie called "Wild Card" with Jason Statham. There was a character in the movie named Holly. I swore I had seen her before. I racked my brain like crazy. The actress is, Dominik Garcia-Lorid. Well It hit me where I had seen her! Jen has a twin! Seriously! She looks and even sounds like Jen. Look it up, watch a scene from the movie and tell me I'm wrong! lol

    51. Brandon Dodds

      Where the chips?

    52. Mary Lou Mulloy

      Your home is coming along beautifully! Love your channel and just love watching and learning from you. I get so excited each time you meet your personal goal for the day/days! Awesome and the stamina and determination is awesome! Keep on keeping on. Blessings!!!

    53. mboiko

      I don't trust those careful with Bear and the Livestock.

    54. Marky Mark

      Can't believe your dog did not go after the coyotes .dogs protect their territory by nature. When will house interior be finished ? Not to knock anything, love the home .I'd personally put in sliding glass doors and a wood deck. But everything takes money money money

    55. byrdman662

      What do you guys do when your not working on your house?

    56. Andy Tunison

      The chili thing? Did ya make a quick trip, because I think y'all just got back from Colorado.

    57. Sahlaa Morris

      Saw so many posts about coyotes. They are the same size as a medium dog people and they only eat rodents that spread disease. Please stop fear mongering. On another note, I love these videos and the love the two of you have, the teasing and the jokes as well as the useful info!.

    58. William Winder

      I noticed you didn't use nail plates. Very dangerous

    59. William Winder

      8:32 Feeding wire like that causes it to twist

    60. William Winder

      8:28 Get wire strippers please

    61. William Winder

      6:35 Happens all the time. I do the same thing.

    62. Iain F


    63. Freddie Spadie

      Mmmmm ... That sure looks like some good Chili. Would you mind posting the recipe?

    64. Joyce Fuller

      Hahaha eating chili too funny HAHAHA

    65. Jack Poirier

      Fix it, don't replace it. Good on you, Spencer. Too many people believe in the throw away mentality.

    66. Jack Poirier

      How's that HF nail gun been working out for you?

    67. Brian White

      "Where's the chips?!" Hilarious!

    68. Win Dennis

      What about building a green house once the main house is finished. Find a way to irrigate it automatically. Awesome! You could transition to a garden channel

    69. Win Dennis

      What a great episode. Thanks for the chili segment.

    70. Michael J. Maschio

      Love you guys, and so enjoy watching Bear supervise the trench work. I guess I missed it, but where is your home site, I mean what state and around what City If that’s okay to ask. Chili looked good although I didn’t know you were vegans. Next door cows, you can now completely relax !!