Rumors About Me In High School | Wengie Storytime



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    I've always loved telling stories and today I'm sharing the story of how some rumors about me started in highschool! It took a lot of time and effort and I hope you guys enjoy it! This storytime animation is a collection of funny stories that I hope you like. I want to share more of my childhood and teen stories with you guys so let me know if you enjoy these and I'll make more! Make sure you leave your suggestions below! Love, Wengie
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    1. shameem zaid

      Pls do more stories

    2. TrapperPlayz

      Who else knows Lachlan Wengie the Lachlan from back then is in my top 7 CZ-newsrs

    3. Leigh Anne Wagner

      Wentie you’re awesome and I hope you have a great day

    4. Bridget Wilgram

      In the drawing of ur friends there is only 7

    5. Olivia W

      All the people that were mean to you are now jealous of you because you have an awesome CZ-news channel and millions of fans!!!💛💛💛

    6. Carl Higley

      i know hw it feels to be bulyed

    7. Bing Damasco

      your so kind and a food girl and i know it

    8. Aira RS

      Wengie how did you got mia and how you two become best friends

    9. Lallana Moy

      Kids that didn’t like Wengie when she was a kid should reagent it now! Love 💗 you Wengie Like if you love 💕 her 👇

    10. Oly The Chihuhaha

      Me: *struggling with youtube* Me Years later: *working at Mcdonalds*

    11. Nova rose vlogs

      I love how she says HUGS it makes my day and it make me feel loved

    12. Wood’s Clubhouse


    13. Wood’s Clubhouse

      Can you do a cope with reaction time

    14. Taekook이 365

      Nice Video!!!!! Also, did anyone notice that Wengie said 8 girls, but drew seven people?

    15. Khairul Ahmed


    16. Brenda Rose

      I can realate to this a lot

    17. Gina Delgado

      So you know those Asian parents are going to bring the PAIN!!!!

    18. vknZz SB

      I can relate everyone tease Because I was born in Brazil so that’s Spread and my life is ruined no but that passed I’m 14 and soon 15

    19. Khairul Ahmed

      when you have asian parents and get a F RIP😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

    20. Milen Separovich

      tell us about why you love and have became a unicorn plz

    21. Danyla Adams

      Hey can you keep doing drawing you life or story time

    22. Claudia's Barbies

      Great video!!! I love you, and please make more storytime!!!😀😀😀😀🤩😍😍😍

    23. Brianna Murphy

      Wengie your awesome like now your a singer so ya! Your story's are so interesting and I would love to here more ;)

    24. Maryam Pirzada


    25. Lydi S

      You act to yourself ❤️

    26. rachel lin

      I am a Chinese American

    27. rachel lin

      Wengie I am also chinese

    28. Crazy Soso Meow

      Me too😳

    29. 陈增

      Roses r red Violets r blue I liked my own comment Cuz no one else will do :(

    30. 陈增

      The sky is blue The ocean is blue The water is blue My shoes r blue So why isn't the like button blue? Love ur vids wengie!

    31. 陈增

      Roses r red Violets r blue Subscribe to wengie And turn the notifications on! I love ur vids

    32. 陈增

      I'm Asian to be exact I'm Chinese and ppl make fun of me but idc I ignored them

    33. khulood Camera action

      Do another story do a story witch is your first day of school first grade

    34. Cupcake Pie 1231

      *drama has joined the chat*

    35. Anjali Mahesh

      *Wengie* - "We were eight girls." *Me* - _counts them_ "Wait, there are only seven of them..." 1:13

      1. Jovi snowden

        Lol omd (oh my dog) ur right

      2. hungtuan65


    36. Amy Brookes

      Ur drawings are so cute

    37. aisha's corner

      This was 13 days before my birthdays 🎉

    38. WhenPigsFly

      Wait... Lachlan is a Australian fortnite youtuber........

    39. Orlaith Culshaw

      Imagine how gutted them bullies where when years later you are famous and a CZ-newsr serves em right *Well I got bullied once since primary 1 to 5 by these girls who used to be my best “friends” after p 5 I stared the main part in a tv show and how gutted they were when they found out SEREVES EM RIGHT!!!!!*

    40. Ęärråpê 503

      Don’t worry Wengie, I’m bullied in school but I just brush it off.

    41. Ęärråpê 503

      Did you go to Sydney girls high school or James ruse agriculture high school?

    42. OhMyDarl'n

      Dont let anything those bully's say to you hurt you, your beautiful the way you are ..(ps. you DO NOT wear to much makeup, your an adult and u can wear as much as you want :) )

    43. Mackenzie Riley

      please do more storytimes please

    44. H I

      Come to one day in my home room class and you will reach the level of drama. Here it is.... %10000000000000000000000 I would do more but I don’t think CZ-news will let me go that long.

    45. Isabella Evans

      Seen the talk talk vid and i love love love it

    46. Isabella Evans

      I am so sorry for u i wish i was there to help u. u are my fav youtuber.

      1. hungtuan65

        Aw your so kind

    47. Tyren Ellzey

      Ik that the story is not based on this but YOU said 8girls but it kept SHOWING 7

    48. jimins hands

      95% of Wengie's fans are 10 year olds. Any mature teenagers here¿? 🥺

      1. Chewie’s Kiwi

        jimins hands what???

    49. narmitha nair

      Wengie , I had the same thing in school . There so many rumors going about me

    50. Sigrid Lae Steinsrud

      Poor you!😭

    51. Wolfie and Unicorn

      Can you please friend me

    52. Wolfie and Unicorn

      Wengie I friend you Snapchat

    53. Mia Vega

      Can u show us a picture of u when u where in high school

    54. Morgana Williams


    55. ?¿MysteriousKaylee¿?

      My best friend is a girl named Daisy too! *watches the rest* Well um. My friend Daisy isn’t like that Daisy

    56. Pickles in my fickles 1v1

      Boy:do you want to live Girl:yeah Boy:would you want to come over? Girl:sure Boy:do you hate me. Girl:heck no

    57. rehena arju

      We want more videos on your life story!

    58. Muhsina Shardow

      why are girls like that? don't attack me im a girl but im just curious y tho?

    59. Belle Duffenais

      Man I can relate,.. Sorta, it's more like I was about to start getting bullied.

    60. Rafaela Marta

      I feel a bit related... im 15 and some similar stuff used to bother me long ago... who else experienced something like this too??

    61. Monty physics

      when you said there was eight in your group, there was only 7 in the pic

    62. LittleMissShady

      Like wut |:< thats how i was when this guy whos was my bff had a crush on me to bad he told me.last day of school then left to another state or somthing i can't remember

    63. RandomCat

      wengie at the beginning of story: r/notlikeothergirls

    64. Hey Y'all

      This is me now til like 1:00 and im about to just start 6 th grade so let's see how that goes lol

    65. Ashley Stone

      i totes relate!!

    66. Caxctus

      I know how it feels.. 😢 But just always be joyful and loving to da haters ❤️

    67. Francis Welsh

      Nice job Wengie! You showed those girls who was boss, doing it your own special way!

    68. dori roles

      That's so sad

    69. Lizzeth Moran

      Wengie your so cool and love your hack video ☺

    70. James Imperial

      i've tried that all of my classmates hated me because all there cruch likes me and i dont even know about