Rumors About Me In High School | Wengie Storytime



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    I've always loved telling stories and today I'm sharing the story of how some rumors about me started in highschool! It took a lot of time and effort and I hope you guys enjoy it! This storytime animation is a collection of funny stories that I hope you like. I want to share more of my childhood and teen stories with you guys so let me know if you enjoy these and I'll make more! Make sure you leave your suggestions below! Love, Wengie
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    1. Piper Francisco

      5:45 "I shrank back into my old insecure shelf." NO HATE WENGIE!!!

    2. Piper Francisco

      "Through Daisy I met some of her old friends. Fred..." Me: Thinks of Fred Weasley from Harry Potter

    3. Khloe G

      I only saw 7 people not 8

    4. Aananya Mehrotra

      My school is also a girls school

    5. PastelParade

      Those hands tho...

    6. Vaibhawi Jha


    7. 9 or None

      For some reason I thought she went to Queensland Academy for a second because it’s a really smart people school and lets people in grade 10, it’s probably not because she’s 33 and QA didn’t open until 2007

    8. Adriana Achinicuilteco

      You could’ve said “DRAWING HUGS!😊”but it’s ok!

    9. nada el jroufe


    10. nada el jroufe

      And i love youuuuuuu

    11. nada el jroufe

      Wengie you ar sooo cut

    12. salvester rocks

      hey wengie!! this is a really inspiring story thank you for sharing it with us!!!! Hugs!!!!

    13. Betty Aguirre

      Wait.. So wngie said that she went ta an all girls school but she had a crush an a boy soo i need expanations Btw im not a hatter

    14. Billie TDM

      Sounds like most gacha life stories

    15. Sophia Zanier

      The animation is so cute

    16. Catherine Dashiell

      Make more please it's been so long since you made one

    17. Kookie ARMY

      The worse rumour for me was that there was a guy who liked me and we were in a relationship and I didn't know about it every one in school was looking at me and next day I found it out but I still don't know who spread the rumour ....

      1. Kookie ARMY

        I don't know why but I just was not used to these stuff so yahh

    18. therealmoseph

      If anyone started hating on me I would legit just only reply “k” to annoy them and make them leave and if they keep going after about 15 “k’s” I’d just stop replying :)

    19. 장미블랙 핑크

      Who loves Wengie? | \/


      WINGIE YOU look CUTE

    21. Alexis Torres

      I like wengie's story time ❤❤❤❤

    22. Salena Thang

      Well I bet the girl and her friends that online chatted with u will be jealous because u are a famous CZ-newsr!!!! I hate these kind of people

    23. Angela Poole

      Hahahaha my name is angela

    24. olivia savage

      Wengie: And those Asian parents are gonna be putting the pressure on! Me: So relatable.

    25. Eva Burns

      Your stories are so heartwarming and you felt with the pressure so well! In primary school I was bullied for two years strait!

    26. ChaeLoveTime

      Bully:I think I remember this girl but where? Wengie:makes this video and posts Bully:ummm.....I didnt know that...

    27. Avnit Singh

      Hey wengie make a video about your first kiss Like: you want her Dislike: you don't want her to

    28. diane david

      I do not like you cause you like twilight Gosh what do you see in twilight What is wrong with people these days Who would like twilight 😐!!

    29. Yutara Naidoo

      Please tell us about your high school crush

    30. Lps Twix

      Random piece of of knowledge about meh: im an introvert AND extrovert. When i meet new people im SUPER shy. But with friends,family, or youtube, im SUPER awkward, weird, and LOUD/annoying. Lol.

    31. Lea Hijab


    32. Rin Kagamine

      Look at her now, she’s an idol and CZ-newsr

    33. Raymond Pruden

      wengie i get bullyed a lot can you help plz ps.i

    34. WhatSophia Likes

      do more wengie story time I love it

    35. Rebecca Branchau-Besaw

      Do a pearied one

    36. Aisha D N Hasan

      Plz do another storytime. You really helped me deal with what's going on in my High school.

    37. GachaGirl Edits

      It take so much more than words to take me down

    38. Princess niharika

      Unfortunately am not like u cuz i don't do my hmewrks.😂😂😂

    39. ItzMairaHere

      Did u draw all the pics in this?? 😲

    40. krystal sleiman


    41. Enkhtuya Batmunkh

      Im 11

    42. Enkhtuya Batmunkh

      My parents arent stricts im asian and i have never even ben yalled at bymy parents

    43. Ava Hayward

      I love her story times

    44. Caitlin Webster

      Wengie is the best

    45. Emily’s life! !

      Wengie now: famous youtuber and a singer The bullies: 🤡🤡🤡

    46. Crystal Kitty

      Which state in Australia are you in I’m in Queensland

    47. Lea Mihalićek

      Wengie years later : Famous singer and youtuber Those mean girls : a chasier at Mcdonalds

    48. Strange Elf

      Wengie and lachlan used to be friends then lachlan played fortnite and wengie did diys

    49. ŔainbøwŔaín – My Videos Are All Different

      I've always cry at home and school but school only sometimes.... And I don't know why... I cried earlier..

    50. Jihye Shin

      More like the bullies are garbage pickers

    51. *Itz Sakura_YT*

      AUSTRALIAN?! Oh I’m Australian oh yeah We don’t have cheer leaders (cuz all girl school yeah) We had none of that American stuff u be disappointed

    52. Koka B

      When do you don’t deserve to be get rumor is that I’m glad you’ll be crying because you love me I would like to slap in the face we are really kind person so I learned that I should make time no matter what thanks for making this video I was a dog do you wantany thank you

    53. SelinaTheHogwarts Fan

      I Kinda Wish She Recorded More Chinese Songs Because I’m Chinese...

    54. Chahana Thakkef

      I'm so sorry idk why people did that

    55. LQxN BNN

      anyone realised that there’s only 7 girls?

    56. Adriana Parada

      Isnt that state Washington

    57. Biniam Weldab

      When did you change your hair and why

    58. Dancing Potato

      i just realized her hair glare is hearts 💝

    59. Silly Pig

      More stories please

    60. ChocolateGacha Forever

      Your story sounds a lot like my life currently however I'm in elementary school. I get bullied. I have a lot of Frinemys. And I think people spread rumors about me. But your story has made me feel a bit more comfortable where I am.

    61. Selma Au

      Could you do a story how you got upsessed with unicorns 🦄?

    62. Yandere Lovestruck

      The animamation is awesome Btw you are pretty

    63. Bella O’Brien

      Says we were eight girls and shows seven girls😂

    64. Ender Eclipse

      No offense but these rumors are not the worst type rumors... People spread even worse ones of me.... But cute animation on those video! ¯\_(˶′◡‵˶)_/¯

    65. Kodie Tyler

    66. Ryana M

      Can u tell a story of ur parents please?

    67. Gacha.Loves Brownies.

      I feel like all girls have at least one insecurity

    68. Madison Ambler

      Wengie you should totally do a story time about how you and Max found out that you saw each other in high school.

    69. Luna Fallen Wing

      Well exacusa me ur makeup is great