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    Day in the life on a summer day!
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    1. VPN The Gamer

      Whats that beat drop before 4:37

    2. Adam Mallicoat

      At 8:50 Jesse had DUN then at 8:59 he has DU. Conspiracy theory confirmed??!!

    3. Basketball Singers


    4. Golfer Boy

      You should make a yt channel for Humphrey

    5. hugo martinez

      None of these were dunks

    6. Xavier X

      jump of the roof i dont no about that

      1. Xavier X

        but dont get out

      2. Xavier X

        ok good dunk boy

      3. Xavier X

        herevit come that was a good dunk

      4. Xavier X

        some of youl dong

    7. PGEPIC18

      The standing desk will help him because every time some simi cool happens he runs around

    8. Leaping_Flix

      Pt 2 the food is goneeeee

    9. Foster's Way

      This is bs they dont even dunk it, they throw it

    10. Seahawks Fan go 12s

      White van burgers are the best change my mind

    11. Seif Khaled

      Eyyy Gucci jesser

    12. Joey Jay

      Y'all Don't Care Y'all Are Awsome Nit Being Mean But Y'all Comment Murder With These Dunks Which Is Why I Love Y'all 2HYPE!!!!!

    13. Blitz Bros

      Mopi can’t do a dunk vid in pool without the skin board

    14. LEGEND012

      How is Michel out

    15. RNG Legend

      Mopi 6:15 😂

    16. missheard1984

      i did what the button said

    17. Robby Priestap

      Like if Culver’s is the best

    18. Billie joe Bareng

      Wear your house

    19. Andrew Lavin


    20. ItzShawn

      What is the best drop at 7:32

    21. Ashton Odham

      Pals the best

    22. Hallil Palmer


    23. Element Plxys

      You know, no one is actually dunking. but still good video

      1. Element Plxys

        in most of there dunks

    24. Christopher Streif

      Do a different sport

    25. Cayden Keiffer

      i mean come on you look like a homeless hippy

    26. Cayden Keiffer

      shave the beard you look like my grampaw when he got a disectume

    27. Jayden Lin

      Jesse quick question what is the music called starting at 4:05 to 4:33

    28. EXA_Ghost55

      Wow when mopi is standing he is short and also jumping

    29. Laurie Hagerty

      Jesser is the GOAT 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    30. The_ Black_Sun

      Man that's not the dunk. Yo all are not shooting a clutch shot and also not touching the hoop for the dunk WHAT A NEW TYPE ON DUNK IS INVENTED 🙄🙄🙄

    31. Sebastian Floyd

      What beard

    32. Keem Ibrahim

      The Big Macs where u live are like trash. Where I live in ny the Big Macs are bigger than a steering wheel and rlly gud

    33. JdogRockhound5

      You should make vr chat videos

    34. Zahrin Khalil

      When will they realise that most of the dunks are thrown in

    35. ZIRVI LIFE

      When Jesser misses Jidels dunk It said Moochie was out for the rest of the challenge

    36. Bob Ryh

      They have the same sound effect play every time they fall into the water

    37. Dino S

      Culver’s has 🔥 burgers

    38. Yung Flashlyt

      Ur not dunking it ur just throwing it in the hoop

    39. PJ Tucker

      Jesser selling with the letters

    40. Starlord

      Jesser and Jiedel reminded me of Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon

    41. Alex McKoon

      Threw some good strikes but you did not dunk.

    42. Braylon Councilor

      There was literally one Dunkin that entire thing all these are layups

    43. Elizabeth Huggins

      Do hide and seek

    44. Marcus Phillips

      Nigga this a jumpshot challenge 💀💀

    45. johncarlo consul

      Not even dunk tho.

    46. Aayan Ali

      jesses for real i want you to stay safe with these stunts when i saw 7:00 it reminded me from nick cleavlands injury and it was bad so please stay safe

    47. Evan Cobian

      What song was playing at 4:10

    48. Steven Jelly

      Vlogs are great!

    49. tupou piho

      @8:50 Jesse had D.U.N then @9:05 he has D.U but still a lit video

    50. Kyle Mansuy

      Humphrey 0:12 😂

    51. Richard Fulcher

      White boi ish

    52. louiegregoryy

      4:30 music anyone?

    53. Thekussmauls

      Shave your beard please

    54. Salami GamingYT

      If a 220 pound jesser jumps off the roof and lands in the pool it can be catastrophic for the town he is living in because he will create a mega tsunami about the size of the empire state building lol

    55. That Boy Brian

      Song at 4:30

    56. Walker Hill

      What song is that beat drop when they were at the pool

    57. Jackson Lewis

      New desk is fire

    58. Noah Macias

      We love hump

    59. PickleRick 484

      2:30 for vr chat that is normal so yeah a lot of people are Very weird

    60. Gesh

      I havent watched jesser in 3 years. And im just amazed. How is Humphrey still alive

    61. אורי מזרחי

      Great video

    62. Qguf

      If you’re reading this have a blessed day

    63. Kyle PH3


    64. Jackie Bandosa

      Who else wants Jesser’s Moustache and Beard shaved?

    65. Ayden Phung

      Am I high or are they just throwing the ball in the hoop not dunking 😂😂

    66. kentatheking

      Love your new beard

    67. cracky mane

      No hate but i can beat y'all i have alot of ideas to beat yall with nd get 10s from judges but no hate

    68. Lachlan Jetta

      There wasn’t even one legitimate dunk, just throws..

    69. Ty Orser

      Jessers content recently has been so 🔥🔥

    70. joaquin_brown 3

      Jesser: sees non rainbow sheep Also jesser: oOoOOoOO wAter sHEep