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    What does Ron Swanson love in this world....
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    1. Pastel Spectrum

      Ron’s my big time mood 😂😂😂😂😂

    2. José Torres

      Every time I see a video of Ron my mind says “Please and Thank you”

    3. CrazyKingdom _326

      6:18 can someone tell me which episode this is from

      1. CrazyKingdom _326

        @Chet Steadman thanks

      2. Chet Steadman

        Season 3 Ep 2 " Flu Season"

    4. Blu Crotalus

      I do want that. Please do that for me.

    5. The Mutual Friend

      What was that song right at the beginning?

    6. Fadhli Zulkifli

      so he had a smartphone, with a gunshot ringtone

    7. Marisol

      When Andy said WHAT THE FUCK I legit cry of laughter every single time

    8. Drew Cronkhite

      First you take the cow to the killing floor

    9. Ms. Apherix

      When Ron giggles and says "Andy wait up!" is so mf cute and that little giggle from a "manly man" to make is hilarious. Ron is my spirit animal

    10. Kat Montanez

      The last scene where he moans while Andy is shining his shoes. I LOVE IT SO MUCH

    11. deltagamer127

      Meat wood whiskey capitalism

      1. Modern Art


    12. Zenkai Angel

      6:24 "I'm starving, I haven't had lunch since yesterday." Ron Swanson is the best 😂

    13. Wesley Rowden

      What episode is the scavenger hunt ?

    14. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

      Lucy Lawless has gotten prettier with age.

    15. assman12354

      Does anyone know the name of the rap song at the beginning?

      1. StephyMar

        "Who Dat Girl" by Flo Rida feat. Akon

    16. superpal43

      There's no better actress to have played Diane!

    17. Storyteller

      I'm here because next semester, I have a professor named Swanson, and thus need to come up with jokes before January 14th

    18. Birb

      I aspire to be like Ron. Only eating meat and in a high quantity

    19. Son Of Batman523

      🎶 First you take the cow to the killing floor

    20. Mr Anderson

      I've been rewatching this series, God it's good

      1. Mr Anderson

        @Matthew Schmelzer Not sure sorry

      2. Pastel Spectrum

        Mr Anderson so true me to!

      3. Matthew Schmelzer

        Song in the beginning?

    21. Cap't Toffee

      You had me at meat tornado

      1. Isaiah Chung

        A whole new meat delivery system

      2. Matthew Schmelzer

        Song in the beginning?

    22. Thomas Alexanian

      Now I want a Swanson

    23. ThatOneOddLookingDog ThatBarksAtYou

      2:20 literally my favorite Ron moment. Aside from when he punches Jam right in his stupid face.

    24. Richard Collins

      Ron is without a doubt one of my top 5 fav characters ever.

    25. high_tech_redneck

      Fuck this channel and the over abundance of ads.

    26. Melinda Guy

      Starlord does a good job

    27. southerncajuncharm

      If Garfield and Theodore Roosevelt has a child.

      1. Daniel Castro

        southerncajuncharm my upmost respect to you

    28. Overlord

      9:15 did really Ron came here? :D

    29. Lucas Bitencourt

      Forgot his wish on his deathbed, which is to have his ex-wives around him to tell them to go to hell one last time.

    30. Pier Giorgio

      Ron's dance replay button 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01

    31. CatsareBest

      I really want the gunshot ringtone. Cracks me up every time. Currently I have a cricket one, but it doesn’t have quite the same effect.


      Ron Swanson dated Raymond Holt.

      1. Kraken Warrior

        And he had a great wooden duck.

    33. Angel36930

      The shoe shining bit had me rofling🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    34. Bold Persian Immortal

      A common shoe shine orgasim. Happens to everyone.

    35. BullShark

      I was at a mandatory seminar at my college and the person asked what I wanted to be like I was a child. I said I want to be a Swanson.

    36. Jackson Levanen

      1:59 why does Ron Swanson allow Clinton in his office?

      1. Jackson Levanen

        @FighterCK yeah but as the parks and recreation director dude who hates liberals, why doesnt he demand she take that down? He could fire her if she doesnt comply

      2. FighterCK

        Jackson Levanen That's not his office.

    37. jesusbonnie

      "First you take the cow to the killing floor"

    38. Frank Barajas

      Is it just me or does Ron look more attractive in the thumb mail

    39. Abhijith S

      9:36 what is Angela doing there?

    40. somethingsomethingDarkSide

      Lucy and Ron should have banged.

      1. J J JR

        Lucy did Bang Ron. Lucy Lawless.

    41. Young Prince

      Nothing yet lol

    42. Ophilia Naranjo


    43. Donald Piniach

      Big Head Joe's has the meat tornado. It killed a guy last year.

      1. Eric Daniel

        You had me at "meat tornado."

    44. Three O Five

      The sad thing is: some people have already forgotten the genius of Ron Swanson.

      1. Masked Fusion

        Three O Five: Ron! Damn spellcheck!

      2. Three O Five

        @Masked Fusion You can't get that one by me.

      3. Masked Fusion

        Three O Five: I don’t know I mean Ryan is a pretty memorable character.... at least to me...

      4. Three O Five

        @Masked Fusion The show has not been first run in almost 5 years. There are people who go into a store and when they come out 20 minutes later, have forgotten where they parked their car.

      5. Masked Fusion

        I don’t get it. How do you forget?

    45. Jumbo Cat Studios

      🎵first you take the cow to the killing floor🎵

    46. Rufflesxi Hawaii

      3:14 makes me laugh so hard..... and can I buy the ringtone?

    47. Satomi Takagi

      best channel ever

    48. Dr.Ben Abraham

      'im surrounded by a lot of women in the department. and that includes the men.' classic :-D

    49. Gor Vkhkryan

      When he giggles and says “Andy wait up!” I’m Was immediately transported to my childhood.

      1. Benjamin Gearig

        I'm was, too! ;p

    50. Eamon Silvia-Chandley

      you forgot his best friend who he still never talks to sometimes

    51. Perennial Rhinitis

      I keep on scrolling down to the comments. The app update is confusing.

    52. Adam A

      "First you take the cow to the killing floor" For hangovers just follow the swanson way people, or just dont have them...

      1. Mihoshika Furude

        @Burpo Stockings Practically any food after drinking would probably help.

      2. Burpo Stockings

        @Masked Fusion lol i had no idea if this was true, medically or otherwise, but no. Steak after drinking and before bed. Works amazing. Glass of water in between drinks, nope.

      3. Masked Fusion

        Burpo Stockings: Protein absorbs the sugar!

      4. Burpo Stockings

        lol i did the swanson thing once. after drinking all day with my brother i went home and made a steak. ate all of it, woke up feeling excellent

      5. Masked Fusion

        It was REALLY nice of him to bring lunch for everyone!!!!!! Like super nice!!!!

    53. Caleb young

      Isn’t nature amazing?

    54. Ethan

      He loves dark haired women and breakfast food, simple

    55. Misael Cortes

      *SLASH IT! SLASH IT!* ✊

    56. Burgah Boy

      I love food & stuff. Its where i get most of my food and some of my stuff.