Ron Swanson, A Lifestyle (Vol. IV) - Parks and Recreation

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    It might be cool outside but it's about to get warm all up in his jazz... Get ready for another wisdom-packed Ron Swanson session: not suitable for all audiences.
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      i love these videos keep em coming but really,thanks for the amazing content keep it up

    2. Keshav Agarwal

      Was the tune Duke silver was playing actually Hark the Angels?

    3. fafany y

      0:39 his voice reminds me of those guys that appear on the "Love Comes Softly" saga.

    4. iveco555


    5. STUDIO BENCIVENGA Marcus Bencivenga

      He is much more fun than all the bribed comedians

    6. Noah Søby Bang

      7:03 just casually hits a bullseye

    7. heiboi kyu

      "by choice" lol

    8. sammy eagleson

      When he punched that guy✊✊✊

    9. Larry Cabz

      there should be an appeal for that Jamm case. #JusticeforSwanson

    10. Ross McMahon

      7:48 spot on

    11. Anas Bahi

      I will work all night so nothing gets done

    12. returnoftheredeye

      Leslie's "I don't have time for a history lesson" line felt like one of the rare moments when someone 'Ron'd Ron.

    13. An Angel

      his laugh is sooo cute

    14. TwiPrime

      If ya like Nick Offerman, you might like to know he stars in this creepy video by my very favorite band They Might Be Giants. Hope you like. :D

    15. 2,4,6- Trinitromethylbenzene

      When Ron Swanson says anything: ***ok boomer***

    16. Chad Kelley

      Ron Swanson is a true anarchist

    17. samuel brengelman

      5:47 the inner Ron Swanson has been released.

    18. Jono Mate

      8:07 this makes me angry. ron swanson is supposed to be capable but he uses a wetstone like THAT?

    19. Hannah Sheffield

      Strong man being emasculated by used up roastie, or maybe not he was married twice idk

      1. justano badi

        @Hannah Sheffield not the type of pure I was talking about. normally when someone uses the term "roastie" it has the connotation that they have "visited the neighboring tribes" so to speak

      2. Hannah Sheffield

        justano badi it’s different if the children are virgins?

      3. justano badi

        @Hannah Sheffield well it's different if the husband is dead, and the kids are "pure"

      4. Hannah Sheffield

        justano badi yeah I just thought of that

      5. justano badi

        I hadn't thought about it as such, but you aren't entirely wrong.

    20. Patrick Stanton

      “I don’t know how much money I have, but I know how many pounds of money I have”

    21. Mahmoud Schahed

      I love that Ron's tv appearance started with him as spokesman for the gala, then ended with him as host of "You're on with Ron"

    22. Kinlam Hui

      4:19 This is how you get a pair of Christian Louboutin

    23. akabrock 6952

      Guys parks and rec has 69 k subscribers!

    24. Danielle M Hall

      I share Ron's opinion on skim milk.

    25. O A

      Im glad they gave him a son in the end.That kid is going to be awesome

    26. The homeless cannoli Swanson

      *My dad in a nutshell*

    27. Norwindian

      I’m new to the show. Can someone please explain how and why a government hating libertarian is working at city hall, and does Ron actually work and/or receive pay? Other than this one incongruity I am delighted by Ron Swanson.

    28. Lady

      Ron...the man,the legend!

    29. Ifollowmusic1

      Parks & Rec >>>>friends, seinfeld, 2 half man, & *ESPECIALLY* The office. No question, this is the superior sitcom show. There’s only 1 show that could compete with this & its that 70s show

    30. Daniel Walker

      Ron Swanson and Nick Offerman are the same character. From the woodworking through that giggle.

    31. INeed AName

      Can’t wait for the fifty one

    32. SpicyBacon

      Why’s Duke Silver in the thumbnail?

    33. Zach Waddell

      Ron Swanson and Michael Scott: National Treasures

    34. Levente Czelnai

      im here because i was lookin for a job in parks and recreation :D

    35. Jared Wills


    36. deni_.senpai

      If Ron Swanson and dwight schrute met they'd be bestfriends

      1. This Sucks

        Ron is too shrewd and alpha male. Dwight would be his bizzle.

      2. Saloni Sharma

        I don't it. Ron doesn't make friends.

    37. Battenkill Rambler

      No way would Ron connect with the single way. He can do much better.

      1. BioYuGi

        Shut up

    38. Jason Ogea

      6:36 the laugh of angels

    39. Oaklore Gaming

      Lucy Lawless will never NOT be a babe.

    40. Princess Anna


    41. regalshot.24

      The character for Ron Swanson was actually based on a real woman!

      1. gweneth p

        @regalshot.24 that's awesome!

      2. regalshot.24

        @gweneth p a lady the writers met while working on ideas for the show. She was a higher government official but hated the government and they thought that was hilarious

      3. James Piper

        Saloni Sharma Libritatian, not liberal, they are like opposites lol

      4. Saloni Sharma

        Yeah the inspiration came from her and just the liberal part of it. Woodworking and a lot of other parts are Nick's own touch to it and it's brilliant.

      5. gweneth p

        oo who?

    42. KI77Y AMAZ1N9


    43. Firiel

      Giggly Ron is the best Ron

    44. anonamous365

      Just filter out all the simp cucketry they put on Ron

    45. Toms Tech

      5:49 90's axel rose

    46. Aleksander Tiik

      2:27 this laugh. i love it

    47. StandsAlone4ever

      Ron is a Man's man. totally awesome.

    48. Joshua Johnson

      Lucy lawless on the show. She is not going to last.

      1. Yee Liu

        She does. But she enters the show near the end of it. You know this shows been over for a while now right

    49. Arcturus Mengsk

      Actually, the skim milk quote is my life motto now. It is such a great quote, better then anything ive ever heard. "Skim milk. Which is water lying to be milk."

      1. Arcturus Mengsk

        @Luqman Darries No. I just cut out a small portion of what he said. That's on me

      2. Luqman Darries

        Lol, yet you've misquoted what he said

    50. Tenthgravy

      Ron: technology bad, i hate my wife

      1. Keerthana Umesh

        Okay Boomer

      2. 최호정

        hey, its wives*

    51. Señor Hilter

      I'm Ron fucking Swanson

    52. Decent Gamer

      Make another season

    53. Nuña Bisness

      All Up In My Jazz

    54. Antriksh Tiwari

      Okay, who designed the thumbnail? Compliment!

    55. Wayne Essar

      Thought food.

    56. brucewayne236

      I know that this has been said a thousand times but Leslie and Ron's friendship is arguably the best thing about this great show. The dynamic between the actors is fantastic and the dialogues are some of the best for a sitcom.

      1. This Sucks

        Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman are perfectly awesome together.

    57. Charles S.

      you posted this 5 hours ago... thank you

    58. Jason Flores

      7:03 Ron actually hits the bullseye😂😂

      1. Spencer Scott

        @elonwhatever one take.

      2. elonwhatever

        Makes you wonder how many takes that took :p

    59. The Kirby T

      "I thought I would teach them to saw" may be the sweetest thing Ron ever says to Dianne. He not only wants to be an active part of their lives, but wants to share something he loves with the people he loves.

      1. goose

        he seemed genuinely excited about it as well

      2. Rensune

        Homeplace "acquaintances"

    60. Phireo

      07:04 Bull's Eye!!! Wonder how many takes or if he's just that skilled and did it on the first try (or the actual take they used, as usually it's the acting that's important, not skill at darts)... Considering how good he's a throwing Darts and Bowling, I find it VERY strange that whenever they show the target in the background, the darts are always positioned randomly.

    61. Carolina Gun Guy

      Don't let these scenes distract you from the fact that *Epstein didn't kill himself.*

      1. BioYuGi

        Who cares

    62. royoboyotube

      I could watch Ron Swanson compilations all night

      1. royoboyotube

        @Brad Rigg Easily done

      2. Brad Rigg

        royoboyotube, that is exactly what I have been doing for the past 5 hours.

    63. salsanacho

      Actors usually drink fake alcohol when filming, but I get the feeling Nick Offerman was really drinking Lagavulin 16 in all of his scenes.

      1. Elijah Lawrence

        Dylan Dinan yes it came out a week ago. Just bought a bottle today. It is quite unique from traditional Lagavulin, unlike the Game of Thrones Edition which is just normal Lagavulin 9yr

      2. Daniel Walker

        There is an outtake where Andy takes a drink in Ron's office and has to spit it out because he didn't expect it to be real alcohol.

      3. Dylan Dinan

        He even has a special Offerman Lagavulin coming out if it hasn’t already!

      4. salsanacho

        @Alex Vozniuc Yeah, on other shows it would be filled with ice tea or something that looks like alcohol but really isn't. But I bet on all of Nick's scenes, Ron Swanson was actually drinking the real thing no matter how many takes were needed.

    64. Mark Cox

      "Any dog less than 50lbs is a cat and cats are pointless".

    65. Aiden K.

      Now that is a man I aspire to be

    66. WhiteWolf496

      Is it just me or is Chris actually Mister Peanutbutter?

      1. Yash Gaur

        @T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit. my man!

      2. T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit.

        @Doctor Tophat That's what she said.

      3. Doctor Tophat

        Chris came first

    67. Teddy III

      Whoever is making these thumbnails is having too much fun

      1. T Electronix

        @Parks and Recreation We see you.. Leslie Knope.

      2. Silent Falcon

        100% worth it

      3. Johannes Hoha

        Parks and Recreation love it:D

      4. Parks and Recreation

        Yes, I am! ;)

    68. glogirl128

      Tammy1 and Tammy2 disliked this video

    69. Dr.Ben Abraham

      whoever runs this channel loves ron swanson the most, of the lot... n deservedly soo... he is RON FUCKIN SWANSON... a fitting oldschool chivalrous male role model that is rare in a world of whiny central male characters in other modern television...

    70. Luke Kane