Rodney Reed execution halted

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    The highest criminal court in Texas halted the execution of inmate Rodney Reed. He was scheduled to die in five days for a 1996 rape and murder. But new evidence raised questions about the case.
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    1. Jaime Lopez

      free Rodney Reed

    2. SHEPARD Csak

      The guy is a rapist he had 7 other cases of rape where woman testified against him. And they had DNA evidence from 96 that proved his guilt. Come on people have a better look at the facts before you come to conclusions. By the way the the police officer (the victims boyfriend and fiance)at the time had no motive whtaoever to rape his future wife.

      1. SHEPARD Csak

        Whatsoever* sorry

    3. Tajai Calip

      Thumbs ☝ Prayers ☝

    4. Holy Holy


    5. Jimmy Lester

      At the end of the story they comment that there will be more to investigate once the cop/boyfriend gets out of prison!

    6. Anita katzina0152 Kissmyass

      Thankfully! I don't trust the victim's "ex cop rapist fiancee" at all. Even, if her family says and thinks otherwise, but racism sadly was and likely still is a thing in Texas, so their personal opinions and impressions might be somehow clouded...

    7. Cat Diaz

      How about helping REAL innocent people kim

    8. dolimi jotoo

      All that was needed for the title was "...because of new evidence." That's literally all the video says.

    9. Belinda Walters

      What ab the 12 year girl he raped that lives with the the thought of this man...or the other woman Linda that lives everyday with it.. Stacy just didn't live...but everyone says he is innocent so be careful for what you asked to come on the street...just saying

    10. The Horde


    11. James Henderson

      This animal rapist is guilty as sin. What about the other rapes? What about the rape of that 12 year old girl ? This is Texas we aren’t going to let this dog get away with this. I want his life.

      1. dolimi jotoo

        Thank God

    12. Icea Kiser

      Thank you GOD ! ❤🙏🏾 KEEP PRAYING FOR HIM EVERYONE !!! 💪🏾

    13. Alt Swede

      Serial rapist and murderer. Should have been executed 20 years ago.

    14. oiuet souiu

      They won the Guinness world record of earning the shortest breaking news aired on their CZ-news channel. Congrats!

      1. bocoy noiu

        Would hope so

    15. Wow Legend

      Evil racist liberal scums defending reed just because he’s black when he is clearly guilty, he raped seven other women as well including a 12 year old. His DNA was found on some of them.

    16. Wow Legend

      DNA matched this evil black POS, he also raped seven other women. This is a fact but the racist anti white liberal media defends him because he’s black.

      1. oiuet souiu

        I’l do it for you

    17. bowen voowy

      If Westbrook and Tracy Morgan had a kid and he grew up to be a 65 year old sociopathic murderer . . .

      1. SsSs RoBbSs

        I was thinking it was closer to Forest Witaker if he got beat for 2 weeks street out of the womb, but I guess he could just be the love child of them both.

      2. oiuet souiu

        Well, he's black so he's guilty of SOMETHING. Throw the switch.

    18. bodoti qwiu

      WHY did you make a video with nothing but the title in it?

      1. oiuet souiu

        I’l do it for you

    19. America First

      He's guilty ,

    20. Carmel Capricorn

      Thank u God. I am sorry what happen 2 the victim. I hope and pray Rodney Reed's name be cleared.

      1. SsSs RoBbSs

        You should be praying for real justice instead because its still EXTREMELY likely hes guilty. If you care about Stites, or any of the 6 other people accusing Reed of raping them (including the 12 year old girl) you'll be hoping for the ACTUAL truth, not Reed's name to be cleared.

      2. bodoti qwiu

        “Yes this is cbs “ “Okay goodnight well see you next time”

    21. TBlount

      They already know the women husband did it

      1. FBI 1987

        Actually, they know Reed did it. It's ok, everyone makes mistakes every now and again.

      2. SsSs RoBbSs

        Noo, thats why Reeds in prison and hes not right now.

    22. A B

      He is dressed like the America flag.

      1. bowen voowy

        Hope all is well

    23. _mundiz_


    24. reach for ma

      This is race bait, please fight in my replies about it. Thanks, have a good day.

      1. reach for ma

        @SsSs RoBbSs damn I can't race bait against facts and logic. :(

      2. SsSs RoBbSs

        @reach for ma Hmm, okay. This is race baiting on multiple levels and Reed is almost definitely guilty.

      3. reach for ma

        @SsSs RoBbSs whatever engages the online fight.

      4. SsSs RoBbSs

        I'm always down for a good online fight. But I'm afraid we may agree, whats your position?

    25. Shalesha Blackshell

      Everyone knows what happened to the evidence and who really did it . They need to release this innocent man

      1. FBI 1987

        Apparently not, cause you think he is innocent. Explain, if you will, something for me: His saliva was found on her chest. Assuming that his claim is true, the only way his saliva could still be present on her chest was if she didn't bathe for a minimum of at least a day, ignoreing that he said it was multiple days since they had been together, and kept her chest wet for that same period of time, while both working, and living with her fiancee. Remember, he said they had been together only a few days prior, meaning for that entire time, she did everything she could, going well outside of reason, to keep his saliva on her chest. Do explain the how, and why.

    26. John Ortiz

      Thank God

    27. wzup77ify

      Where’s part 2

    28. Airborne Ranger

      Would hope so

    29. SincereDoper

      breaking news: something happened. usually with a video and title like this you might go on to explain what that new evidence was along with all the latest information.

    30. Viktor Panzer

      and his brother is in the same prison with tatoos all over his body ?

    31. Panda boy

      I’l do it for you

    32. NOT YOU

      Well, he's black so he's guilty of SOMETHING. Throw the switch.

    33. Billy b

      Thank god the serial rapist isn't going to be killed for a crime that is very similar to many crimes he commited.

    34. princess candy

      Hope all is well

    35. gaming inc

      “Yes this is cbs “ “Okay goodnight well see you next time”

    36. Sherman B. Mason

      Could you imagine being in jail for something from 1996 and about to finally get put to death for it and then they say “...nevermind.”

    37. MrYeet

      Mates been sitting there for 20 years waiting to die, only for it to be halted for another few years.

    38. MessyPotato

      Yall, he is innocent from what ive heard

      1. stan sorensen

        Please! Ya'll tell us more, bless yo heart!

    39. Hunter Shova


      1. Hunter Shova


    40. Wonder Woman89

      I’m praying for him. 🙏🏾

      1. FBI 1987

        Pray for the Lord to forgive him, and guide him to HIM.

    41. Yo Gabba

      Thx Dr.phil and others for helping this man

      1. Michael

        helping a serial rapist.

    42. PsychoticGears

      nobody deserves to die no matter what they did

      1. PsychoticGears

        @SsSs RoBbSs agreed

      2. SsSs RoBbSs

        Maybe, maybe not. But they most certainly should stay in jail if they murdered a woman, and raped more than half a dozen more including her and a child...

    43. CorathTheHung

      You know he did it.

    44. bella2019

      All these celebrities don’t Know

    45. Martin Longbow


    46. SunToTheFlowers

      the description tells you everything...

    47. Jay Micheals

      After reading these comments I’ve come to the conclusion, racist white people just go off whatever they hear lol

      1. Jay Micheals

        SsSs RoBbSs ironc? Hypocrisy? You guy have proof from professional still you cone up with theories to why reed is guilty lol

      2. SsSs RoBbSs

        Lol The irony and hypocrisy of your comment is hysterical.

    48. Randal Krechel

      What about the 12 year old in a case where his DNA was found on the victim with bite Mark's matching. Should he be tried for that or was there affair secret as well

    49. Kareem Chapman

      Wtf. Is wrong with these people. Your holding a innocent man in jail for something he did not partake in how shameful is this . Disgraceful . Your commenced to uphold the law . But you know your breaking it holding this man . I condemn you

      1. D Pleasy

        @SsSs RoBbSs stfu racist

      2. SsSs RoBbSs

        Maybe you should look at the case. Its insanely likely hes guilty.

    50. Carol Grass

      Prison for life absolutely no chance of parole.

    51. Garden Rosey

      This is on trending? Good one CZ-news!

    52. Alan Q. Wake

      CBS really wasn't interested in disclosing any details about the case...

    53. DOE John

      Trump did it. Facts

    54. Trey Tern

      I volunteer as tribute

    55. TKO Brosnan

      I think Kim Kardashian is trying to help this man. I don't know much about the case though.

      1. SsSs RoBbSs

        What would you like to know?

    56. D’s World

      Free this man

    57. Tyler Coomber

      They found Waldo

    58. theoriginaljean

      Why he look like a flag

    59. MultiDiceman

      There is so much power in Unity

    60. R M


    61. santkelly cruz

      Graças a Deus!!! é um alivio não tenho palavras pra espressar minha gratidão obrigada obrigada obrigada muito obrigada que Deus os abençoe grandemente

    62. las vegs trip stoker

      They're always innocent lol

      1. FBI 1987

        @SsSs RoBbSs Yep

      2. SsSs RoBbSs

        He didnt do nothing.

    63. Ally :3

      Um what?

    64. Holli Wood

      What was the "new evidence?" Is it asking too much to tell us? Or is it a secret.

    65. Woody Headass


    66. Laceron

      Bruh I found Waldo

    67. Queen Creepycandy

      This isn't new. They just chose to ignore the evidence until it was spread.

      1. FBI 1987

        No, there is no new evidence. Nothing now presented truly contradicts anything proved before.

      2. SsSs RoBbSs

        What evidence?

    68. AdmiralFroggy

      Stop wasting money already and terminate him and move on.

    69. McKinzie M8

      Why do they not want to report

    70. The Best

      That's the face they claim is " innocent". Naw bruh. He deserves to be executed just for being ugly!