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Roddy Ricch

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    Roddy Ricch - The Box
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    1. Roddy Ricch

      Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial: Tour:

      1. Its merrr

        Last comment btw

      2. Its merrr

        Gang shit

      3. emanuale mims

        Stole my Melody

      4. Key Throw


      5. Zephyr does Destiny


    2. YorkFishlas.

      The moment when robbers sneak in a house, open the door EEE URR

    3. reserved xd

      Found this song on TikTok but genuinely enjoy it

    4. Smittywerben jagermanjenson

      Me cleaning Windows: EE EER

    5. Wardhiigley Wardhiigley

      Coming home to pop's house late night trying not to make a sound: That metal gate b like eeeeeh urrrr 😡😡😡🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    6. Nuni Q02

      Nobody: Everybody’s shoes in the school hall during a rainy day:

    7. TheCranf killer

      Let's not let Justin Bieber win. gang


      Honestly I hate rap but this is one of my exceptions!


      I wouldn't be surprised if DaBaby does the remix

    10. assault

      Roddy we need the box music video roddy: 0:26

    11. Shahzad Shaikh

      Bro you song is da best i like dad

    12. br6nin TM

      ER UR

    13. Dattebasa

      UU RR?

    14. ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia

      Ooooh Issa TikTok song

    15. Gloria Murillo

      Me: trying to open door without waking anybody up The door: 0:03

    16. coruja galatica


    17. Waffle Syrup

      Nobody: Submarines under water

    18. Zack ruybal

      My bed at night😂

    19. Veruvados

      when you found out who ate the last cookie.

    20. Official Pacheco

      Nobody: My Car before the checkup: EE EER

    21. oandasan miguel

      i search this song with "imma get lazy"

    22. Κυρ Μπαμπης

      Plaka exei❣😂

    23. Kabuki Ren

      2:01 When your Asian GF come to your home

    24. Y G

      Pull up in wraithhhhhh that's cash app

    25. Medina, eduardo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Cosy Speedruns

      Nobody: Window wipers on a car: EE ERR

      1. ok


    27. Pedestrian #1

      They really tryna Dethrone Roddy from #1... Never, Roddy Rich forever ♾

    28. Rich Jitt

      If you like this you gonna love this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    29. Shoop E

      I like this for the name, "please excuse me for being antisocial" just explains my entire character, well made Roddy Ricch! I also like the song:)

    30. Noah Parker

      2020: Eee Err 2016: Yeet Skerrt

    31. finn vibes

      *_the sound of the glass when it's getting wiped up:_* *_ee ur_*

    32. **************

      God this entire comment section is nothing but a bunch of overused "nobody:" comments and "EeE ErR". This comment section is a goldmine for r/uselessnobody

    33. Kodoku Productions


    34. z- Noah-z

      Nigga said e er

    35. Chinny Chang

      whoever disliked this video has no taste in music

    36. Ezra Daily

      Roddy smart he outsmarted justin.

    37. Celi Rice

      When he said he’ll never sell his soul Lil uzi felt that

    38. Texas Brown

      Love this song so much 😭

    39. Arthur Morgan

      Me and the boys bouta jam on this shit on our way to iran

    40. EBP YT

      *Car left open* Car: Eee eeerrrr

    41. Its Jynx

      Nobody: Literally nobody: My bed when my uncle gets out of prison:

    42. Brandon Brown

      Mr crabs ass as his towel wipes it Eee urr

    43. Thomas Neal

      Nobody: Old windshield wipers:

    44. Laci_n_Rocket 04

      Didn’t know the song name so I searched up “EE ERR” and this was the first result

    45. all type of movies

      🥺💖💖❤😔 me too

    46. iden1100

      I was feeling really sick last night so i went to the E ERR.

    47. RAJAN DIME

      Legend says, Justin been breathing like "Eee Rrr"

    48. nice nice

      Lambo doors "EERR EERR"

    49. Dautik

      me trying to leave house at night: squeaky plank:

    50. E.N.D

      Somebody call the fire department 🔥🔥🔥 Fire Truck Sirens: *EEE ERR*

    51. Mohamed Medo

      The part where the beat said "EEH URR" was the best.😂😂😂

    52. TY

      I thought it said Please excuse my dope ass swag

    53. SilentFish8656

      When you take someone else’s comment and get more likes Literally no one hospitals EeeeErr

    54. Kyper

      my cat : meow my cat after listening to this: ee eer

    55. Rithickulous01

      This song do something to me!!!! This my shit 😩

    56. Card for World Series

      My friend with epilepsy liked this song so much he was shaking on the ground

    57. Ivan Gopnik

      I hope Valve would add this to CSGO as a new music kit

    58. trealaf Jones

      My 39 yr old ass be bobbing when this shit come in the car yup still feeling the youngings raps not all but i rock er time tgis shit come on in my charger lol ayeeeee 😎

    59. Useless memes For useless kids

      Army recruiters when they see someone with a 1.5 gpa

    60. Hazel Nonan

      The beginning of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” sampled?

    61. Armani Swaag

      No one: Every comment: *Ee EeR*

    62. Rammenoodles 29191

      Me when I'm clean my windows with Windex EEEEE EERR

    63. Mlg Man Lmao Bob Ross

      Friend: Help im about to fall of this cliff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me: IMA GET LAZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    64. Steven Luna

      Er er er

    65. Valente hunter


    66. DerpyZatsu

      I, Giorno Giovanna, have opened the door.

    67. Raven

      This is the song that mosquito singing to me last night.

    68. Diego Medina

      ❤️Anthony Pit❤️


      ee ur spongebob rubbing his pickles together

    70. matheus *