Roasting Fans (pt. 3)

Cody Ko

Cody Ko

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    1. MasonMorrisProductions

      5:06 5:13 5:19 6:37 6:44 7:32 9:13 "Holy shit you fucking killed her dude"

    2. Henry Cheatham

      Eat your cereal

    3. Samantha Rae

      The Harry Styles comment called me out

    4. Michael  Favre

      That's cringe video coming soon?

    5. Charlotte McGuire

      noel is so scary

    6. Mojee

      The first video of yours I've watched an u guys r funny😂😂 earned a sub

    7. m00nrox tunes

      1:03 jack harlow with diabetes LMAOOOOO

    8. Illusion Mirage

      7:53 looks like a lego lil nas

    9. andres acosta

      Beanie girl is 1insult away from loading up the AR-15

    10. Allie Hughes

      What brave souls I don’t think I could send a picture of myself knowing Noel was gonna roast it

    11. 3X_ Kamikaze

      Noel looks like a Chinese person who puts cats and dogs on top of the food chain

    12. Raghvendra Singh

      The girl in the cheetah hat tho....

    13. Sapphirewire

      why am i just noticing now that noel wears a shit ton of carhartt

    14. Juliana

      No one gonna talk. About the twister joke about the clown hahahah

    15. S. B.

      noel's smile is 10/10.

    16. ShenSquad

      They really took down my comment w 2k plus likes calling Noel the cinnamon stick from Apple Jacks

    17. Sadie Gayle

      Shoutout to the nice guy with big thighs🙌🏽

    18. Kid Graffiti


    19. jenpen1107

      “Looks like he works IT for Guitar Center” 😂 dead.

    20. Jack Dudley 0

      2:30 he looks like Steve from mc

    21. Hannah

      "You got this from my priest's depop" crying

    22. Strange and Wonderful

      Dog is looking for peanut butter

    23. The Lexdysic cartographer

      Fuck, when noel roasts some one I fuckin feel it.

    24. Nate Gruen

      21 plump street 😂 for the two dudes with the fuckin pistols 😂.

    25. Lupus ad Noctem

      Ik we're roasting and shit, but the cowboy's eyebrows are immaculate.

    26. Thicc Holland

      The first one reminded me of the kid who had to eat the cake on Matilda but older

    27. LazyBobba

      i'm kinda new here. And i gotta know if it's a well known fact that cody looks like a scrappy mark wahlberg you'd get from ordering him from china.

    28. Ry Lanz

      That second guy definitely knows all the best vegan taco spots in Cali

    29. Ry Lanz

      Diddle kids fit

    30. Carlos26698

      Cody is doing this shit with a LaCroix hat on...

    31. Richard Tyson

      big thigh man is lowkey hot

    32. Megan Stitt

      I feel attacked by Noel and I didn’t even send in a picture

    33. I love Harry Edward Styles

      I almost left cuz this vid was boring BUT THE I HEARD HARRY STYLES MEET N GREET BITCH WTFHFJWJC

    34. Zestil

      came back to the video, still believe they're fried

    35. Andrew White


    36. Cookie Waffle

      that bangs comment really hit me where it hurt lmaooo

    37. Zeus_ Your_Savior

      I love the chilled laidback vibe in this video

    38. nightlightslove

      Epstein didn't kill himself! My favorite show!

    39. yovngk1ngamonte

      7:40 she look like my art teacher and fuck art

    40. Stephanie Holey

      Y’all are hilarious!!! Your content is better than the shii on tv, cable, Netflix & the Movies! Keep comin with that 🔥 content

    41. Tandri Anditya


    42. Athena Penelope

      2nd guy looks like lead vocalist from infant annihilator

    43. Daniel Goslin

      cosmetic equivalent of barbed wire holy shit

    44. SpitShrine

      M e d I e v a l F R I A R t. U. C. K.

    45. foxywolf girl

      You can not roast not try to

    46. Beckham

      I miss Spock

    47. Chain Reactions Film Productions

      9:41 so that’s what happened to the main guy from Ratatouille

    48. Grace Bryant

      This whole ass video gave me anxiety lmao

    49. Kapital Kashh

      You make music but say "tune your frets" as a guitar reference? What the fuuckkkkkk

    50. aiden c.


    51. Katwoodz

      Out of every joke in this video why did *”you look like an earthworm”* KILL ME LMFAOOOO

    52. Maggie Augustine

      noel must've been bullied cause he fights to kill

    53. Aidan Larson

      fuck, dude, does anyone else wish the people could roast cody and noel back lol

    54. Theresa lol

      5:20 you already know it 😪💀

    55. Austin Weller

      “This is Harley Quinn with a cookie addiction.” 😂😂😂

    56. Axelle Valentine

      where the fuck is cody's hoodie from, i need to know

    57. shontay romey

      jack harlow? ..... yes

    58. Brealynn tf

      4:02 y’all just not gonna mention his ears?

    59. Tyler Asuncion

      “Golden Corral Regulars” IM DYING

    60. PretzelStick

      Cody: Chaotic neutral Noel: Chaotic Evil

    61. PretzelStick

      I like how Noel is talking yet he looks like sheen from jimmy neutron

    62. Celia Caputo

      Cody had no right looking this fine in this video

    63. IgloozIsHere


    64. VTG INDY

      but is 4:16 single...

    65. VTG INDY

      Just glad that Jack Harlow got some clout.

    66. emma duke

      the tom from succession impression had me in tears

    67. Juanita Acosta


    68. Saachi Sharma

      you look like an E A R T H W O R M

    69. rieley herman

      They’re impression of Tom from succession was on point

    70. ChimChim

      The clown girl lowkey looks cool don’t get on my ass please