#RIPPOPS John Witherspoon Best Moments

Paris Milan

Paris Milan

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    Sadly, Comedian and Actor John Witherspoon passed away suddenly in his home, on October 29th, 2019. Details of his cause of death were not released, but many worldwide have expressed their grief. This video is a compilation of his funniest moments during his career.
    Check out his past cooking videos cz-news.net/online/video-oSaq3UyfQFU.html

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    1. Paris Milan

      I feel so sick! This feels like I lost a family member 😥. Comment your favorite quotes by him below 😇.

      1. Jose Heredia

        Paris Milan we all lost a wonderful pops.i feel the same way about John Witherspoon .Godbless his soul and his family

      2. thaillistproducer

        Heart Hurts to know this....He was like a Dad to me...Never been an autograh guy, but his autograph was the only one I ever wanted....RIH Pops.....

      3. Spencer Osei

        Bang bang bang

      4. EthanAutomotive

        “You ever tried beating his ass?” It’s a boondocks quote

      5. Scholar Shine

        @Annie M. Tru

    2. moultrie03


    3. Diane Owsley

      thank you for shareing this amazing pic of late John W.miss him dearly .knowing he,s in heaven with late great legends.Richard Pryor,Redd fox,Barney Mac list goes on.pops going miss ya .Bang,Bang.

    4. GottaWatchMyMemes

      I didn’t know he died. I just found out.

    5. Mr Nobody

      I'm not pussy whooped I whoop that pussy bang bang bang 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 rip pops you will be missed

    6. Notice Me Onii-Chan

      Watching him in the Waynes brothers TV show back in the 90s through early 2000’s coming back from school was the greatest days there goes a legend 😢

    7. 4shacks1house

      Funny as hell in Black Jesus. Too bad. A sad loss all around.


      RIP this absolutely amazing man. He fed the homeless, he was married to only one woman for 31 years faithfully, and he always wanted to make everyone laugh. A real legend.

    9. XxWARCHIEFxX 514

      RIP John thanks for the good times and thanks for the good life qoute you win some, you lose some, but you live, to live fight another day.💙 Thank you.

    10. Lance Link

      Damn , I got to go watch Friday's again, RIP 'Pops', Handsome son of a gun when he was younger

    11. Skeletongirl91

      John was young wow! #R.I.PJohnWitherspoon you will forever be missed!!!

    12. LangBellsChannel

      4:44 Aw Famous Last Words

    13. Fard Bey

      Rip to one of the funniest men of all time! love ya Fred!!!!

    14. GalaxyKane

      "I pay $700 for a basketball game, I wanna see a muthaf*cka fly!" 😆 R.I.P Mr. Witherspoon.

    15. Reneisha Brooks

      I absolutely loved him. He was so fearless as a comic and a joy to watch on screen.

    16. Russi567

      RIP POPZ! You will be missed!

    17. David Kirkwood

      fucc the 136 pussy that dis this vid.

    18. Chemical Spore

      BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG -John Witherspoon

    19. SergAlvarado

      Sadly loss of a great comedian !! RIP John...May God Have Mercy on your Soul.

    20. Fresno State Hooper

      fuck all the bullshit...what is trippin me out is the fact that he was interviewed here in LA on a local new station and was talking about the fact that he was still touring and performing....he was gonna be performing at various local venous around here....he looked healthy, sounded great, energetic, basically like many of us remember him...death is basically not to far from any one of us and can strike at any moment....so to all those people who still don't appreciate life and or others the way we should...keep this in mind....live every day with a smile regardless of shit....live everyday to it's fullest....and be kind to one another....hate, negativity, and all that other b.s.....is not what life is about.....life is only a temporary small spec on the scale of history and time...so get as much as you can out of it.....this man was and is a LEGEND....he loved to make people laugh and will continue to do so...now go watch Boomerang ( 1992) and get some laughs in...

    21. DjLadyMuzik


    22. Sergio Cancino

      Damn this hurt, thanks for all the laughs rest in peace!

    23. Mr. 70's

      YEETEETEE!!! I been an admirer... did this song while he was still alive. cz-news.net/online/video-DWF4dHsDvfU.html

    24. Nehemiah Israel

      I'm sad miss you Pops John Witherspoon you will be miss but your work will always be here for life

    25. JoeyJ 71

      "you got 3 feet... run mother fucker" Best ever :D RIP Pops

    26. Joel Burrell

      Jonny was good from the start. But you gotta admit the older Jonny was off the chart.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    27. Tim Gavord

      God I so wanted to see a last Friday movie

    28. Mike Iakopo




    30. RawR_Exility

      So we gonna have his funeral Friday, the next friday, or friday after next?/

    31. errrrm78


    32. Ironic 67

      RIP Pops you will be missed. Our favorite underrated comedian.

    33. theodorepedro

      Forgot vampire in Brooklyn with the flip floppy shit

    34. T James Glore

      RIP Mr. Witherspoon. Pops

    35. TheDieselbutterfly

      I loved this man

    36. Dee Simmons

      he was really funny, gone too soon

    37. Mike Iakopo

      "Yeah booooooooy!"

    38. justin case

      Man ,man, man what the hell "pops dead? Charlie murphy too wow, thats a pretty cold one to carry, life is short.

    39. Mark Solano

      "Stinky Pinky"

    40. Dominic Canale

      Hoes got eat too!

    41. Donald Duck

      You better put some water on that shit!

    42. Anthony Diaz

      That steroids bit had me dying lol Rip Pops

    43. alan storm

      So sad He was a funny mofo Thanks for the laughs john

    44. Brisdad53

      He wasn't that funny. Never was.

    45. OG Message Show

      RIP to a legend born in Detroit 313 to LA

    46. Daniel Phillips

      Yes very very much sadness from my heart .an shocked.he was a very good actor an a warm hearted person.he will be missed by all.rest in peace Pops an God bless!

    47. ChrisHQCrypto

      10:30 Smokey should have said #1 😆 #RIP #mrjones #mrwitherspoon

    48. Daunte Bull Bear

      "Dana told me about that big snake situation" smokey: "BIG WORM" pops: "BIG WORM BIG HOLE BIG I DONT GIVE A DAMN!" r.i.p John "pops" Witherspoon 🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️

    49. Buddy Ro

      Come on Taco gym give me my money 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    50. Buddy Ro

      Well you need a trade, take a look on that paper on the cccccounter 😩there 😂😂😂

    51. USA Rocks!

      Richard seemed shady to John when he was up there talking.

    52. BaronSays

      I wonder when started the Bang bang thing?

    53. king sora

      Riley: man I ain't crying. You crying😢 Huey: see ya granddad.

    54. Barnacle

      How sad. The man was hilarious and will be missed.

    55. James Saculla

      From now on,every October 29th will now be known as "Hot sauce on my burrito" day. I'm going to celebrate every year.

    56. Tina Bitch Ass

      Bang bang bang

    57. Randy Edwards

      RIP POPS!!

    58. paul hearn

      this bloke is a legend the funnys comedian out of all of them.he can make you laff with out a swear word. him and Bernie mac are legends and all ways live in are hearts, thay changed comedy with there originality.

    59. Sonic Thrillington

      "ever tried beating his ass?" and "I'm not (censored) whipped, I whips the (censored)."

    60. B mac

      Grew up with this guy on my TV all the time!!! 313 baby!! Gonna miss him!!

    61. Jose Mendoza

      I smelled your shit for 22, now you can't smell mine for 5 minutes.

    62. Karen Jordan

      Wow, this was one of the best videos ever made. RIP John Witherspoon...😢

    63. papy mukadi

      what is the name of the movie where they both with murphy and martin please

    64. Black Zuzu

      Bang bang bang!! Do that thang “bang bang Bang” do that thang...Ayeee!!🤣🤣🤣03:43

    65. Ren Beach

      aw pops ... :c

    66. Mario Anaya

      You've always been the funniest guy ever and you will be missed. Rest and Peace. 🙏

    67. Mr.kevin not home

      Hard to believe he's gone, guess there is no boondocks next year, rip Robert jebediah Freeman

      1. MasterMindTV

        Mr.kevin not home it could be already done before he died.

    68. Curacaorider

      I look better than you and my dick is bigger than YOOOuuuurssss... !!!!

    69. shayshaycabana


    70. Villain

      R.I.P. Pops