Rimuru Tempest Fights and Highlights - Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Best Scenes

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    ►Anime:Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - 転生したらスライムだった件
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    1. Vincent Williams

      Rimuru's a heartless little killer ain't he?! Now Question... He *KIRBY'S* A Lot Of Stuff, So How Come The Dragon & Ifrit Are Still Alive But Pig-man & Others Are Nowhere Just Dead&Gone??? 🤔

      1. Martin Markov

        He ate the dragon with a barrier spell that happens to protect it.. He'll release the dragon once the barrier is broken.. Ifrid is none of my concern -_-

    2. ヨッシーたるーん


    3. zubhanwc3

      ugh... i can handle the filter, but at least have the video in order...

    4. SluGGCat :D

      bad edits but these are a great fight scenes

    5. Robuxster

      4.15 i think is the best

    6. intity999 king

      Season 2

    7. きういフルーツ


    8. Raisin Bran

      1:14 That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Shrek

    9. Bob Ross' #1 fan

      Anyone who likes this anime should totally read the light novel it makes Rimuru even cooler than in the anime.

      1. Nuex Dela Rosa

        @Slow Commands then its a one sided beatdown lmao

      2. Slow Commands

        Nuex Dela Rosa apparently there’s gonna be Rimuru vs Arc guy around Ch 360

      3. Nuex Dela Rosa

        @Slow Commands I didnt bother with the side story coz its only gonna leave me hanging only the main one that I finished

      4. Slow Commands

        Nuex Dela Rosa it’s not finished yet, it’s still going on , chapter 315+

      5. Nuex Dela Rosa

        yeah just finished read the LN yesterday and its totally awesome

    10. たかCこうぬぺ


    11. curron jones

      This video was so bad

    12. べんぜんもるりね


    13. [ᑭᗩҜ] βєןเєשєг

      Now im terrified of letting My lil'Sis make slimes

    14. nicol RB

      4:48 sasuke?

    15. Rimuru


    16. Karzalar

      1:10 DRAW!

    17. Nini The Master

      Compared to the others, Soui got fucked up xD

    18. Matthew Bane

      Rimiru vs ainz al gown. Who would win?

      1. TMH

        Rimuru is already a god in the webnovel, so rimuru.

      2. Sentariox

        Matthew Bane rimuru he can cancel ains magic and he’s got the upper hand in close combat since he has his regen and well. He’s a slime and he can be hard to hit. Diablo woulda been slightly better because of his magic reflecting ring. Also anything ains will summon he could (probably) eat with gluttony. Still be worth the watch though.

    19. Chronosphere Steen


    20. Ms.時雨


      1. 火拳のエース

        Ms.時雨 2:55

    21. Jonathan Figueroa

      He could’ve eaten everything easily like the flying horseshoe too

    22. Anthony Price

      4:46 is that another season or another part cuz that's not from season 1

      1. Anthony Price

        @櫻櫻 maybe i missed that part or didn't watch that episode...

      2. 櫻櫻

        season1 ep21

      3. Siddhesh kakade

        No it's from season 1

    23. 2Awesome

      Rimuru vs Kirito

    24. eep

      sooo, noone noticed how Rimuru eating the demon lord looks like Peter Parker and Venom?

    25. UseeWhatIsee :3

      But will watch this anime... thanks for editing~

    26. UseeWhatIsee :3

      It's only take one hit... it's look like saitama with holding back with good 🤣🤣 entertiment...

    27. King Whyvern Dragoon

      What happens when you use body armor from the armorasaurus and sticky steel thread from big spider and combine to make sticky steel armored thread. Then it equals grappling hook.-

    28. Just a sad waffle

      Major SPOILERS Sadly shion dies😣😢

    29. めろんぱん会長

      正直麻痺の奴だけでよくね? リムルさん楽しんでたろ

    30. 赤羽無月


    31. Teddiursa92

      i was looking forward to watching this but the fights are all out of order....pass

    32. amuro kaiser

      can someone send rimuru to naofumi world to help the shield hero party cause they are outnumbered by the waves

      1. MayhemGang - Minecraft

        @amuro kaiser but raphtalia chan

      2. amuro kaiser

        @I lewd lolis yeah so naofumi finally have a nice vacation with filo on his side

      3. Just some guy passing by

        try watching kenja no mago

      4. I lewd lolis

        Rimiru would take on the waves by himself

      5. Phoenix

        @amuro kaiser I would also like to see "in another world with my smartphone" in it as well it's a long shot but I'd like to see how it would go

    33. Maryu Daiku

      I Can't Wait for the Return of this Title the Next Year my friends. Thanks.

      1. Maryu Daiku

        Thanks for this News. Greetings and Good Luck.

      2. Sentariox

        If you mean the second season it came out. Season 2 episode 1 Tragedy of M is out on VRV at least.

      3. Maryu Daiku

        Thanks Again.

    34. nathan zion

      Outro song?

    35. Marko Kovač

      why would they cover up that wolf howl with a childish scream

      1. Phoenix


      2. Kedolan

        Because that makes it even funnier :P

    36. しゃけなべいべ〜

      転スラにて日本人を落ち着かせる魔法の言葉 「悪いスライムじゃないよ」

    37. Kazamune Laken

      Fastest way to end every enemy is to always use the Predator skills

    38. 하늘

      이분 편집 잘 못 하시는 건가? 아니면 일부러 이렇게 편집한건지는 모르겠으나 영상 순서가 뒤죽박죽이잖아 ㅋㅋㅋ

    39. lanihawj

      Most op character ever

      1. waterphoenix857

        Kirby 2.0 :P

    40. Jeff The killer

      Yes the time i got reincarnated as a slime

    41. Skylet Jason Dean

      Rimuru was taking it slightly on that golem.

    42. Master Baiter

      I had an idea for rimuru and his predator skill. What if he can make his stomach inside out, that is to create a ball that has its stomach outside so lets say it activates that skill and like the whole planets is protected inside of rimuru but not in his stomatch, and everything that touches his stomach, asteroids and such, get absorbed like his normal predator would work and he looses all of his powers afterwards and everyone he ate reapears on earth but he doesn't remember anyone and as he disolves over clouds he falls down like a drop of water slowly regaining his strenght as parts of him slither towards him and now u can choose a happy or sad ending and i think the point should be sacrifice, so rimuru basically dies and has an IQ of a slime lvl1 monster bcause when he dissolved parts of him became veldora and others, thus he looses his gained powers and becomes powerless since he needs to eat them again and they're his friends. I think it all started with veldora and when he named him, thats where he gained huge amounts of magicules. Eating monsters only aquires the skill and not increase magicules. I guess he could eat smaller grunts to get a spider web but like to get at black lightning from level 1, he had amazing luck and thats like 80% of his dungeon run. Lucky slime

      1. Moon Tourmaline

        Master Baiter it has a limit a stupid limit but still a limit

    43. Yuu sei

      Which music do you use in the intro?

    44. 翼柚月


    45. Jasper YT

      You trap your opponent then you spit on them

    46. Jaxx SFFS

      Is it just me or did I find this anime right after Overlord III

      1. Daniela Mares

        Same here

    47. 부계정1


    48. Melissa Watson

      Can we talk about how my favourite fight was missed altogether? The one with the little demon girl XD

      1. Speed'o Goku

        @Melissa Watson *sounds of tanks and FBI sirens intensifies"

      2. Melissa Watson

        @Speed'o Goku *pout intensifies *

      3. Speed'o Goku

        @Melissa Watson Ight that's it, I'm calling the army.

      4. Melissa Watson

        @Speed'o Goku But why? *pouts adorably *

      5. Speed'o Goku

        @Melissa Watson See that's what I thought u meant, now hold on a min while I get the FBI.

    49. Chopstick Cunt

      This filter... It hurts my eyes... But its not as bad as Pewds'

      1. xX_6H05T_Xx

        Or i guess for copyright problems

      2. xX_6H05T_Xx

        It's done for a reason.. i think its those prone to lights that cause epylipsy (correct me if im wrong)

    50. Ad SJB


    51. Jonathan Gurley

      Despite what people may say slimes are very op

      1. MayhemGang - Minecraft

        just look at those minecraft slimes quadrupling each time

      2. otaku crap zone

        The slimes at konosuba & overlord is quite op themselves too

      3. Totally not the flash :3

        Especially if you play Terraria expert mode for the first time... Good times.

    52. Alice 127

      Is he or she a girl or a boy?

      1. Alucard

        Alice 127 neither He was a boy before he got killed in his real world but got transformed into a genderless slime

    53. irksome occult

      "Calm down, kid"

    54. Retska Centino

      I already watch 2x hope there will be season 2😍😘

      1. Ann Sears

        @Ahmed Bajwa I mean , LN contains a lot of words after all . most of ppl dont like reading😂 not that I mind tho , I already finished the web novel and I also read the light novel up to vol 7

      2. Ahmed Bajwa

        if you can look past that its a fun time if you already like reading novel for that matter

      3. Ahmed Bajwa

        @Ann Sears of course especially with all the jokes and references in the LN usually meant for japanese

      4. Ann Sears

        @Ahmed Bajwa light novel is not for everybody . I prefer the manga , it's actually better than the light novel in some moments . it's also more light hearted nd fun

      5. Ahmed Bajwa

        @Ann Sears most definitely light novel the manga isnt really much further than the anime and the lightnovel is just really entertaining the anime covered 3,5 of 10 volumes

    55. Daniel Budiono

      U should say thanks to the production team

    56. リル


      1. しゃけ紅


    57. xXSpone 980xX

      2:14 Huge 😂😂😂😂

    58. DarkAlex

      Why tf is this so weirdly edited and poor video quality?

      1. Onkar D

        Its a filter to stop CZ-news algorithm from finding out it's copyrighted material

    59. ProNoob ProNoob

      Bad editing

    60. doom8589

      Fun Fact: the reason Rimuru is able to "EAT" Veldora without being harmed by his yoki/aura Is because he let him do it.. otherwise he would've burnt to death. This info is verified in a later chapter in the l/n if anyone didn't know.

      1. Ann Sears

        it's not really fun fact in anime episode 2 , rimuru literally *asked* veldora's permission . u know ?

    61. Chipp Zanuff

      Intro ?

    62. Sabir Hossain

      What is the name of that Outro music ?

    63. D Legacy is ReAL

      Is it just me or are slimes pretty op in this world

      1. Alucard

        D Legacy is ReAL he’s the only slime who has the predator ability all the other slimes are the weakest things on known earth

      2. Long Duong

        No they are the weakest actually xD

    64. Seven 7

      Screen copy??? Why is the video quality so bad?

    65. BB B


    66. Priju Roshan

      It would have been best if he wasn't a slime but a cool looking high school kid

      1. Priju Roshan

        Long Duong I comment before watching the anime but now I understand

      2. Long Duong

        Then it would just be another mere isekai

      3. Kazugaya FŁ

        It wouldn't

    67. 瀧神城

      やった..のか...? ↑定期フラグ

      1. ポムード


      2. 池田素子


    68. NotUnique 1

      There's so much bass😵

    69. Edgar Pewds

      Rimuru: black flames Sasuke: dude!!! that not cool

    70. Getsuga Tenshou

      intro song? :D