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    Rick and Morty Season 4 Premiere Explained! Rick and Morty 4x01 Edge of Tomorty Rick Die Rickpeat plays with time loops and destinies... does this violate the show's long-held rules against time travel? In this Rick and Morty aftershow, Erik Voss joins special guest Rick and Morty writer and contributor Abed Gheith (inspiration for the character Abed on Community) and friend of the show Tommy Bechtold to discuss the deeper meaning of Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1. What's the story behind Red Meeseeks, and what would Yellow Meeseeks and Green Meeseeks do?
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    1. growingoaks

      no where is there a time travel. ricks "soul" travels alternate dimensions, but there's no time travel involved.

    2. Thomas Noorlander

      no but s1e1 did break the rule. do your dayum homework

    3. Alex Morrison

      Who's copy of Oedipus did you read? That's umm not how the story goes... Nor is it English Literature...

    4. Bluetakkun

      Actually, they broke the time travel rule on episode one, when rick goes off to get the broken leg medicine. He spent Tons of time with the ladies in the other dimension, but for morty, only a bit of time went by.

    5. Zebulun Garner

      Thing is, the box of time stuff is perhaps foreshadowing. Perhaps there's a REASON Rick doesn't use time travel. Perhaps he knows it creates a time loop where he ALWAYS raises a Morty that will turn out evil.

    6. Maddogg TV

      I thought rick traveled in to the future in the first episode to get morty a medicine for his broken legs before he put those things way up his butt

    7. TheOtakuX

      ugh. All You Need is Kill isn't a graphic novel, it's just a novel. There IS a two-volume graphic novel ADAPTION, but the original is just a novel.

    8. Hoang MVP

      This season is dark. I think it comes from DC.

    9. asmuel

      Seeing into the future doesn't mean they are travelling 'vertically' through the axis of time, the universe is already diverging into these distinct realities. If the crystal can predict how actions will effect how realities branch, that's not time-travel.

    10. Grayson DuBose

      Why do you look like a sleepy toddler

    11. Gaming Master Anthony

      Ummmmmmm........ did they actually time travel? Or even meddle with it? I don’t think so but I guess that’s what this video is for. I still don’t think so but....

    12. Robert McCutcheon

      The creators said they will never do time travel

    13. MungeParty

      The premise of this video is flimsy. This isn't time travel. Time travel is when you travel to a different time. That raises unique narrative problems this episode does not.

    14. Francisco Alejandro

      There's no real timeloop, the crystal only shows you possibilities, and Oedipus was not the one obsessed with fate. This video feels like it was rushed and they didn't bother checking if it made sense.

    15. Manuel Ochoa

      rick would have been killed regardless in that episode when he came back as clones in other realities. what possible proof would you have that he isn't a rogue clone.

    16. GhostH20

      The pilot episode had time travel.. But everyone thinks there isnt time travel in rick & morty just bc the writers lied about it during an interview

      1. Francisco Alejandro

        He didn't, Rick called it a "Future Dimension", wich could mean it is simply a very futuristic world, or that some dimensions time doesn't quite "line up" with others. Also it was a pilot, some inconsistencies are to be expected.

    17. Josh McIntosh

      Checks out...no matter what path you take...its a horrible fate.haha

    18. Billy Smith

      Can I just point out that there was time travel in the first episode?

      1. Billy Smith

        @NV Comics Gone for five seconds: "There were a lot of attractive women there, Morty, and they they they they all wanted time with me. I had a lot of fun with a lot of young ladies, but I spent so much time there, my interdimensional portal device it's got no charge left, Morty. "

      2. NV Comics


    19. Canadianbacon eh

      Anyone heard of steins gate.

    20. Short Snort

      This isn’t time travel at all, it’s just trying to do what’s needed to have the outcome you want. You aren’t changing anything in time at all

    21. SuperTmarley

      Rick getting stabbed in the left eye is clearly an occult reference the joke also being that occult symbolism often does it's best to hide in plain sight and laugh at the naive hence why rick says the exact line he says. "I'm sure there's a lesson here somewhere, but I'm not going to be the one to explain it"

    22. Neverending Ong

      Episode 2 just broke that rule.

      1. Filip Arlet

        I don't think so, Rick just went into reality where the guy's wife didn't die and he still shits in his toilet, so his wife has nothing to do with that :) and it's not an excuse to use his toilet.

    23. Hermann Göring

      0:20 that shit literally make me scared ;-;

    24. Saurab Lama

      Rick does go to the future though that one time - in the pilot episode Rick mentions that he went to a FUTURE dimension where they sell "broken leg serum" in every corner drugstore to fix Morty's broken leg.

      1. Saurab Lama

        @Daragh O'kane the way Rick says it in that episode really makes me think, because he also says that he spent a lot of TIME in that dimension, a lot of women wanted Rick and all...but then he reappears in the dimension with the broken leg Morty in seconds. That's why I think it was time travel. There are times when Rick is blatantly obvious about not using time travel, when he went and got those pizza and he says "I didn't time travel, I just grabbed them from the counter". That line makes me think that the pilot was time travel.

      2. Daragh O'kane

        I thought that meant the tech was more advanced he didn't travel forward and then back in time

    25. omni O

      Its like they were playing around with the idea of evil morty & his transformation

    26. Milan Teerink

      This has nothing to do with Timetravel or anything like it. Rick gets "reborn" in alternate universes and tries to get back to his "original" (let's be honest, it's definitely not his original universe.) And knowing your future isn't "time travel".

    27. conlang know

      No because they weren't in the future

    28. Naivedo

      Albed said deep down Rick is evil, I think the exact opposite. I believe he is evil, and deep down he cares about his family, it is the only thing preventing him from becoming pure evil, he has a purpose with his family, otherwise he would be evil. So really, deep down he has a purpose that holds back his evilness.

    29. Brian Nolan

      ONLY time travel forward by our reference is possible!

    30. barih4prez

      Great video! You guys ever consider doing one that questions if “Evil Morty” is actually the protagonist? Pretty much every single Morty in the citadel is a kidnapping victim. Imagine finding out the one constant among all realities is that you are a tool for your Grandfather to use as he saw fit. As precious and irreplaceable as an ordinary screwdriver..

      1. White Asian

        barih4prez I’ll save you some time. He isn’t. Why would they make a character who appeared for only like 2 episodes the main protagonist? Maybe antagonist but never the protagonist

    31. soal159

      The death crystal shows morty's death in a hospice. Once again Rick uses it perfectly , to avoid immediate death. Mind blown.

    32. ThePigletGamer

      The butt ice cream was in an episode

    33. noir o'donnell

      what happened to the blue dungeon?

    34. cobanerdanny456

      10:06 Did Abed just confirm that there’ll be 70 episodes of Rick and Morty.....

      1. Zero-Gravity

        @cobanerdanny456 at least probably

    35. Andrew

      gonna use a green lantern meeseeks in the next vindicators

    36. Agrionemys

      This is just quantum superposition

    37. Petar Vukojicic

      I don't think this episode comes anywhere near time travel. The way that crystals work is through very complex modeling that takes into account the current state of the universe as a constant and then factors in the user's immediate decisions and simulates outcomes accordingly by playing out the simulation. It exactly negates any idea of a predetermined destiny since the outcomes Morty sees change radically with every small decision he makes.


      It’s not really time travel. The crystal only “shows” the possibilities and it’s not certain either.

      1. Joseph Frietze

        Right. There is no single fate he was being steered towards, nor a "right" outcome, like Marty McFly (who did change things and resulted in his parents being more successful). It's a myriad of possibilities, and he kept steering himself towards one.

    39. DarkAkuma

      I always assumed the "no time travel" rule was just to encourage staying away from a overused scifi device. But recently I realized something... That's probably just the quotable reason. The real reason? Probably because, seeing as Rick and Morty spawned from the Doc and Marty bits... it's probably legally a good idea to distance them from elements of the characters that helped inspire them, as much as possible. It's a rule they can, and probably will break int he future as Rick and Morty have defined themselves as a whole on their own without time travel, so it can be argued legally that they are different enough and can just use a simple common scifi device that everything uses. At some point they are going to realize they are leaving a good idea, in some form or other, on the table for no good reason by strictly adhering to the rule.

    40. Wynand Olivier

      Butthole Ice cream in S2 Ep8

    41. The Neo Normie

      Well Since it set in multiple realities it has to have dimensions that are created as off shoots of a prime time line.

    42. young9INE

      You got the Oedipus story completely backwards oedipus's father is the one who got rid of him because of the prophecy Oedipus was still a baby at the time

    43. Mike Jons

      So Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow places them in fascist worlds in strange bodies? Wait, this episode repeats the exact same timeloop over and over again? No? Then it aint breaking any timetravel rules.

    44. CHANGstixx

      Its not time travel, as they dont actually travel to the future or past at all

    45. Nelson Ortez

      Morty is not shown to have a destiny; he is actually shown to have gained knowledge of multiple, probabilistic eventualities resulting from in moment, decision making behaviors. So no time travel 🧐🤓😎

    46. Nick Goodlock

      they go into cause and effect but definitely not time travel

    47. Jack Kontny

      Wasp Rick is a commentary on how that when marginalized groups (or anyone really) gain any power (or mass), that they immediately become greedy destructive forces. Just playing devils advocate

    48. Lane

      The Lesson to be learned: gain corporeal eyeballs, get stung in corporeal eyeballs

    49. Carel Boshoff

      I don’t know who else realized this, but Morty does everything he needs to do to die with Jessica, but then Rick comes along and mess it all up, so the other statement they (maybe subconciously) made was that even if you make all the right choices, your future doesn’t just rely on you, it is also influenced by people around you, so there really is no way to control your future.

      1. coisman

        Did you watch the post credits scene?

    50. Z -RO

      Was Rick making some kind of time machine by taking so many of those Death crystals.

      1. Z -RO

        @Rhythmically Difficult but the capability of those crystals can see how you die in the future if Rick were to experiment on it,he would try to find out what makes the crystals see the future,or just put it in that box that he has on the garage named time travel junk

      2. Rhythmically Difficult

        No lmao he sells them like anything else... drugs nd money

    51. Jason Franquez

      I thought of Altered Carbon Waking up in a different body but same consciousness not like Tom Cruise's movie where you keep waking up trying to get past a certain object in the same body

    52. Nerdy Bernie

      Time travel episode: Slaughterhouse Rick.

    53. Jason Theobald

      Just wanna say. You all are super cool.

    54. Kid From 21 Jump Street

      I read Slaughterhouse 5. I'm 23. I'll be waiting.....

    55. Maximiliano Sanchez

      How is Rick trapped in a Happy death day time loop? is more like the season 3 premiere when Rick was swapping bodies.

    56. Maximiliano Sanchez

      All you Need is Kill is a light novel adapted into a 2 volume manga

    57. Adam Le Mieux

      The only good thing that happened to Morty in this episode is that he was probably too crystal'ed out to remember that he declined a skinny dipping sesh with Jessica.

    58. blarg bob

      i think they just named it this to try and bait in retards like you into thinking its a timeloop but it isnt so they can be like naaah its not !!!!

    59. Cyclops Was Right

      by this argument, if i order something from Amazon it's time travel, because I'll know I'm getting a box from Amazon in two days. Weak. Downvote.

    60. Fabrizio798667

      It’s called manga you uncultured swine

    61. Derrick Bryson

      They did time travel in Season 2 ep 1. The 4th dimension creature traveled through time and beat up Einstein, causing him to create the e=mc^2

      1. Kelly Nolen

        @ImNoah2212 yeah i did that too but theirs also time dilation so that could explain it or his drug problems or he just lied for some reason

      2. ImNoah2212

        Derrick Bryson nobody seems to remember to first episode, when morty breaks his legs Rick goes through the portal and comes back seconds later talking about how he spent a lot of time in the other reality

      3. Kelly Nolen

        Ohhh yeah i mean rick didn't i dont think he ever will morty might someday or jerry because he so inconsequential he could have his own lame time travel episode that would be nice

    62. Google User

      *BEST* episode ever!

    63. Justin Lindfors

      This doesn't break their time travel rule as time travel will create paradoxes too complicated to delve into while knowing how you're going to die simply allows you to avoid certain deaths but without context of the death we choose

    64. Lazlow Branson

      1 million percent clickbaited guess this is another channel i wont be subbin to

    65. debunkthejunk1

      Wait, Harmon and Roiland say time travel is played out? Did they forget they borrowed the idea for R&M from the most famous time travel franchise of all time?

    66. a very chronic tonic

      my only problem with time travel is the rules are always to dam confusing and often leavev all kinds of plot holes and once you do it that could be your answer for every problem

    67. Stupid Sounds Channel

      But they never time travel🤔

    68. Xajin Elizium

      Whoever wrote this isn't smart enough to be watching Rick and Morty.

    69. Doom Cool

      Interesting thing about the episode was that rick mention Hitler curing cancer the first time they dimension hopped, then three out of four dimensions he went too was Nazi based

    70. fecklar jenkins

      Back to the morty