Rich and Jay Talk About Ghostbusters: Afterlife

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    Rich and Jay do the thing that the title of the video says. Remember Ghostbusters??

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    1. saputodude

      My gosh, the guy in the hat: if Charlie Day critiqued movies. I love it

    2. finnigan16

      My theory for the basic plot is below: My theory is it's the containment unit breaking down. The guys busted all the ghosts in New York back in the 80's and early 90's, and filled the containment unit to the brim while working themselves out of business. Egon eventually got old and realized he wouldn't be able to maintain the system forever, so he moved out to the middle of nowhere and buried the thing in an old mine like it's nuclear waste. It's now 30 years later, the system is breaking down from lack of maintenance, and ghosts are starting to "leak" out. So a bunch of kids and their Mom who inherited the equipment, and a Ghostbusters enthusiast teacher, are going to have to do something before the containment grid collapses entirely.

    3. Honey Poo Poo

      There hasn't been an Ecto 1 in 30 years😏

    4. Matt Nunnya

      The best time to have made a reboot was around 2001-2005. When the Frat pack were making films like Anchorman and Zoolander. Like Ghostbusters they were all friends and had worked together a lot and had chemistry.

    5. Dylan Fagundes

      I’m low key into the trailer

    6. Guru4hire

      The ninja turtle van had the sidecar I think you are thinking of.

    7. MargarineKnife

      I don't get why it's so hard for producers to come up with a Ghostbusters plot. Have it be 30 or 40 years after the original movie. Ghostbusting has become a legitimate career path, but the equipment and education is expensive. Then make the movie about 4 poor bums catching ghosts with garbage from their basement. The whole story is about them outcompeting greedy ghost catching contractors who are trying to keep them out of the ghostbusting union.

    8. Chris Parlamas

      Still laughing at the Carrie Fisher joke.

    9. Disturbed Individual

      Looks like Egon got to run his Gynecological test on someone 🤔.

    10. Vincent Calabrese

      Where does Rich make that point about throwaway lines in the original Star Wars being spun out into mythology?

    11. Burger W Fries

      The end of the next trailer: "What's your name, kid?" *looks directly at the camera* "I'm Finn Ghostbusters"

    12. GnomeBotexe

      A shitty video tape with Egon giving a instructional on how to maintain and repair your proton pack

    13. MrCrockett1

      9.35 "Ivo", not "Ivan".

    14. a90zx

      Im calling it now Paul Rudd is Oscar

    15. giselle montiel


    16. Zachary Stucki

      7:52 - What do you do? You don't make the reboot! Find some original stuff for a change.

    17. VideoJones

      Now I really want Finn Wolfhard to play a character called "Wolf Flintmore". I don't care what it's in, someone make it happen.

    18. FromBeyondTheGrave1

      Personally enjoyed Ghostbusters 3 from the new Proton Pack attachments, the background into Ivo Shandor and the secret cult, the awesome creature designs, and just so many other things. My only complaint is the new Ghostbuster to join the group has no lines and only really emotes.

    19. d d


    20. YuniQ9 Gaming

      How come the blue guy sounds like a girl?

    21. Josh Whalen

      "You make it too close to the original and everyine says 'Oh, it's just like the original'. Make it too different and they say 'Oh, it's not enough like the original'." If only we could discover content that was both new and original. Wouldn't that be something.

    22. popsodarootbeers

      I feel bad for Finn Wolfhard spending his adolescence satisfying the Gen Xers insatiable appetite for nostalgia by acting in movies that are throwbacks and remakes to things he's too young to remember.

      1. Duncan Van Ooyen

        Don't feel too bad for him lol he's not even 20 and he already makes more money than he knows what to do with, as long as he can avoid going the Michael Jackson/Justin Bieber route, where he just goes bat-shit crazy as an adult, he'll have the freedom to do whatever the hell he wants for the rest of his life.

    23. Asal181

      I really don’t get the comparison to stranger things. Small town + actor from stranger things doesn’t equal stranger things rip off to me. I might be missing something but I don’t see it

    24. Marco Mattiuzzo

      You don't fuck much, do you?...

    25. OpticNinja

      Do.... Ray... They brought Carrie Fisher back and she wasn’t even dead yet

      1. YuniQ9 Gaming


    26. rex mundi

      GB16 went over the top comedy but it wasn't funny. If this one is skewed more towards the creepy I'll be fine if it is actually creepy.

    27. Faded_Ink

      Is this replacing BOTW?

      1. YuniQ9 Gaming

        Its actually replacing BOTSWANA

    28. cannon

      The intro makes it seems like "Rich and Jay Talk" is a series lol. I for one welcome it I like it when Rich isn't the butt of the joke tbh

    29. Stephen Dean

      They already did Ivo Shandor in Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Hopefully they aren't going down that same old road for a third time, I want a new villain. That's why this movie is called Afterlife and not 3, because the game is considered by many to be the third movie and that's Harold's last performance as Egon. At least it's not called 2020 anymore, 2020 being the last four digits of the Ghostbusters phone number as seen on Ecto-1. You guys have it dead on, they are going to do something sappy as hell. Jay, Rich, they want your tears.

    30. Spinch Sprimkle

      I hope Ron Jeremy gets another cameo

    31. ThemFuzzyMonsters

      Ghostbusters did not exactly have jokes. It was funny because all the characters are losers, but they all took themselves seriously. They are all terrible people except when they are together. Their idiocies, when combined, becomes greatness. The only normal & successful adult is Sigourney Weaver’s character, which why she is the impossible catch for Venkman. Jokes is what ruined the second Ghostbusters movie, and killed the 2016 movie.

    32. AdamTokay

      So disappointed with these guys. What's even the point of this video? Shitting on a movie for 15 minutes based on the trailer? Will you just give it a second until they finish the movie, watch it, and then hate it with a passion? Or don't watch it at all and just talk about something else. It would be soo easy to do something useful with the same effort you know, like promoting a great little indy horror movie or something that you liked by talking about it to the 1.1 MILLION subscribers you have! You guys hate Hollywood, we get it. Stop saying it over and over again that's not the reason why people are here. "Rich and Jay Talk About Ghostbusters: Afterlife" No, they don't! They haven't seen the f_ing movie!!!!!!!

    33. Ben Jammin

      the script was written a long time before stranger things ever aired

      1. YuniQ9 Gaming


    34. Michael M

      Main villain will be the ghost rising from the corpse of the 2016 movie

    35. CancerLicker

      "They brought Carrie Fisher back, she wasn't even dead yet!" I'M WHEEZING

    36. TheJanDahl

      inb4 they remake Cassablanca because YOU gave them the idea

    37. Roger Chavez

      How do you rip off Stranger Things? It’s literally a show about borrowing other movies and shows?🤷🏻‍♂️

      1. Seven Ellen

        Quite! It's a love letter to the 80s, pure and simple. It feels like people want magic. They want the original Ghostbusters to be in their 30s and 40s again so they can have the impossible thing: Ghostbusters 3 (the movie, not the video game) without having to bring in new people. That's absolutely insane! People grow old, and fans just have to accept that, especially when their own behaviour is ridiculous.

    38. A British Guy

      Best theory I've heard is that the ghosts are coming from the Ghostbusters containment unit they buried in the mine like nuclear waste, and now it's failing because Egon isn't around to maintain it.

    39. DJD &c.

      6:45 prop cup fake vid

    40. Major Glitch

      I love how CZ-news is advertising Ghostbusters 2016 right underneath the video.

    41. electron9

      15:00 Is that girl Egons fungus clone? Well that makes sense.

    42. electron9

      13:00 Mostly from the genus Psilocybe. Well that explains a lot.

    43. electron9

      10:56 I just love Dan Aykroyd talking about his family business.

      1. electron9

        While smoking cigarettes.

    44. electron9

      9:39 The mineshaft is the inverse spook central.

    45. electron9

      7:14 Spot on, Rich Evans.

    46. electron9

      5:40 Like ghosts in a machine.

    47. electron9

      4:47 Is this a stoner comedy? Everyone is scared but this one guy asks if you remember when thay dabbed under the table.

      1. xFBE STEEZ

        electron9 I hope you’re joking lol

    48. 12Mantis

      The writers/producers might've been drawing inspiration for that farmhouse and pop-out seat from 'The Real Ghostbusters!' cartoon. Cause in the cartoon Egon learns that a few members of his family dealt with the supernatural, one ancestor created a crystal-based ghost trap while another (who lived on a farm) tried to use magic to fill his well with water but somehow ended up conjuring a sort of ghost-dragon. And perhaps the Ghostbusters did become a franchise, just on a far smaller scale than Vankman wanted/imagined on account that without a Big Bad like Gozer to stir up the present ghosts and attract new ones each team has to travel a lot in order to get enough business to make ends meet so while ghost busting does happen it's low enough to stay far in the background and out of the limelight. If I'm right then we might see one of these wondering teams show up (in a large bus with the Ghostbusters logo and a license plate labeled 'ECTO-9') at the end to help with the cleanup and perhaps offer some training to help this new group starting out.

    49. Hikki Gamer

      Only thing missing was a clickbait title like: "So me and Jay TALK about Ghostbusters: Afterlife, but then..."

    50. Ishpeck

      @12:25 "I was a Ghostbuster once!" "Okay, boomer."

    51. eraserhead

      Bring back Paul Rubens to play Ivo Shandor like he was meant to in the original film

    52. Joe Greene

      Ghostbusters IS NOT a comedy film. It's a sci-fi flick with snarky people comedically interacting with the absurd situations they're in.

    53. Tim Creech

      A Gohst Busters Tremors cross over would be the coolest thing ever but they would never!

    54. Romeo Javier

      I'm waiting for the Fandom Menace Crew boycotting Ghostbusters 3, that the Video Game & The Real Ghostbusters is not Canon to this movie, & Bill Murray is the Jake Skywalker of Ghostbusters.


      I like Bill Murray because he appeared in Zombieland got shot by a shotgun and still lived on to be a Ghostbuster even if he didn't want to Beggars can't be choosers and scientists can't be doctors


      Glass in cars

    57. Lithus17

      It's just Stranger Things and IT with the Ghostbusters brand slapped onto it.

    58. astro2683

      I think the mine shaft holds the old ghost containment unit. Environmental Message: The unit is damaged due to fracking and over development of the once small remote town.

    59. anonimuso

      Literally 4 seconds in and I'm already laughing and hitting the 'like' button.

    60. Han_Solo

      The fact that Finn Wolfhard is a fan of RedLetterMedia and will probably see this video makes 16:04 even more hilarious.

      1. YuniQ9 Gaming

        Yeah, thats not a real name.

    61. Bungalo Bill

      It's like Ghostbusters 4 It's got kids and they're busting ghosts all over the place You'll probably like it if you don't hate the damn thing

    62. Jon L.

      I feel like the "best" route to go on if you have to make a new Ghostbusters is a tv series. Make the business a larger organization, update and streamline all the tech to properly show the passage of time, and put more emphasis on the mythology background fluff that the original films came up with. You can't match the chemistry and humor of the original cast, so don't bother. Have the main draw of the series be the ghosts and paranormal situations, with the cast figuring out how to deal with them. Make it almost like Star Trek and Starfleet, with a large ensemble cast traveling around and keeping the peace. I'm sure you could work some humor in there if you wanted to as well.

    63. brok2

      Rich is right though- Flip Wolfhard has indeed found his niche

    64. grinspoongirl 31

      The trailer was disappointing in that it came across as a stereotypical modern horror, the stupid over-used 'dramatic' music, the editing, the scenes they picked... Gross. Also the lack of humour/jokes - as is said in this video, the original was a comedy/action/thriller. The trailer for this movie comes across as pure horror. I love Paul Rudd as an actor and it's great to see him in movies but my hopes for this movie are very low.

    65. John Gordon Mitchell

      On accident is such an american saying. Up here in Canadia, we say `by accident'.

    66. MadGhost

      im just glad ecto cooler will come back

    67. Cyrus Karloff

      Is this the first show in the "Talk About" series? :-D

    68. Clyde Denby

      Ready to see the movie already!

    69. MegaBearsFan

      The cynic in me says that the reason there are kids in this movie is the studio desperately trying to make this movie appeal to kids. Like, do kids these days even give a crap about Ghostbusters anymore? People who are in their 30's or older will remember when Ghostbusters was a big deal, and the movie might appeal to those audiences on the nostalgia factor alone, but younger kids probably won't give a crap.

    70. TheDeadlyAvenger

      New trailer looks decent IMO