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    Revealing your FRIEND secrets with my friend JENN!
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    My name is Alyx, or Ayydubs on the internet. You may have seen my Hidden Camera Uber Prank series, where I completely distress innocent people. If you can’t handle the cringe, I also make vlogs, advice videos, skits, sketches and whatever else I so please. New videos every Thursday.

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    1. z

      Jenn? *_Luv?_*

    2. Gracie's Garden

      2:15 . Alyx secretly confessing her love to Jen. ♥️

    3. karessa lewis


    4. jadon Playz

      I’m 12 and 5’11 👌

    5. Paige Foster

      Jen:you tripped him and he broke is leg arm and neck me:my uncle is basicly paralized for life when he was walking onto the football field he tripped and that was that.

    6. Bella Vlogs

      not being rude but did anyone else think the voice was getting annoying

    7. Carlie Warner

      The fact that she read that whole thing about the girl and her brother in a accent has me wheezing like I’m crying right now

    8. halle camelle

      ig means i guess 😂 you probably already knew that but..

    9. ava smith

      “this person must be from british”😂

    10. Diegis Fundirburko

      When my dog bothers me at night, trying to get on my bed 8:41

    11. Stephanie Noriega

      4:30 Ummm I was 5"3 when I was 12 and since now I'm 13 I'm 5"5, I really thought for awhile I was average until now. Edit: I thought I was average because there was already so many people taller than me and you know when you had to line up to tallest to shortest and I was mostly always in the back and I thought I was just so short because of that.

    12. simplyeason

      7:08 i fucking died 8:42

    13. stinky stuf

      "She's probobly from British" -Alyx 2019

    14. Mistress Song

      I was banned from Walmart because I threw a pillow at a lamp and that lamp hit an employee...😂 SHES OKAY THO!

    15. human being

      XD I'm British and I don't sound like that 😂😂😂

    16. Creamy Queen

      "Woah, luv. I am *lit rally* -speechless- right now"

    17. Ella T

      I hate Jens british accent. I was quaking

    18. lx Gasha

      girl thinks shes fat bc shes 140 lbs and 5 10 me same grade 5'2 and 148lbs

    19. Emma

      Their British accents made the secrets 10000 times funnier 🤣🤣 ly guys

    20. lilly xx

      im um. im lilly. WTF I SEE THIS 5 MONTHS LATER. DUDE

    21. Roses are Red

      WOah luv, ur LIT- a- rally scaring meh right noew

    22. Lillie Rose

      lol I love how my name is lillie and now im scared that imma get cancer and die before graduation I don't want to sleep

    23. Tamara Tamara

      Its very funny luv xx from Macedonia

    24. ILENS. WORLD

      11:53 I’m dying!

    25. Honey Howard

      All the British are quaking *Including me*

    26. Katie Loo Hoo

      Do family secrets!!!

    27. arianna

      alyx: aRe yoU oKay a second later jenn: NO ONE KNOWS THIS

    28. Gacha Bangtan

      4:31 IM 10 AND IM 5'10!!

    29. banger tea

      If you don’t pretend to date your friends as a funny joke, *are you really friends?*

    30. Hunter Sinclair

      3:02 3:42 4:14 8:45 both have me crying 😂😂😂



    32. Lens suzzn

      “ ThIs PeRsOn MuSt Be FrOm bRiTiSh “ *okey*

    33. isis quarterman

      When she said "ig" I got confused I realized it meant I guess

    34. the wild transalex

      In my school it’s cool to be tall I’m 12 and 6’1 and weigh 173 lbs

    35. elzx dolly


    36. Lucky The lion

      I feel bad for laughing at Jen for falling I'm sorry 😂😂😂😂😂

    37. Abby Orellana

      I feel like jenn and my best friend is ayydubs

    38. aaa

      litrally madnass luv x

    39. Rocio Ortiz

      jen’s accent is the funniest thing ever oh and also yours alex

    40. Kenna Gilliland

      Jenn!! Are you ok?

    41. Fadia Bairouti

      9:02 “DIsgUsTInG” I cant 😂 🤣

    42. nikiya xoxo

      4:49 its funny

    43. That one Lemon

      2:57 lovely British accent

    44. Livi Holland

      *“PuLL dOwN mY tRoUsErS aNd tOuCh mY BiTs”*

    45. Josiah Roberts

      It's hilarious to me I couldn't stop laughing at her accent 😂😂😂

    46. Billie Eilish Media


    47. Katsuki Bakugo

      When my dad walked past me Jenn shouted vagina ;-;

    48. Tiana Jones

      i feel ya and my friend keeps talking in meme im always lik 2.5 seconds away from slapping her. but she is still my bestie

    49. Mya Hush

      lit rally luv xx

    50. Marie

      Jenn is an absolute comical genuis

    51. Sophie Stoen

      *wOah lOuVe*

    52. Melanie The Clown

      4:31 im almost 13 and im literally 5 feet. bruh.

    53. Leon Skenandore

      0:52 if I were to tell that to them they would start laughing and say “really?!😂”

    54. JUDD AHS

      "Must be from british" ? Bahaha

    55. Carmen Le


    56. Parsee Mizuhashi

      8:25 if you drop an animal high enough and let their necks hit something, like a rock or an end of a table they can be decapitated. If, they are high enough and it only hits their necks. Otherwise, it’ll be a mess.

    57. Penny’s Vlogs

      at 1:39 in the vid when the text was in the air, it looked like Jen was looking at it lol

    58. Oleg Arte

      Kiss already

      1. YouClodyClods 163

        Dang, don’t force them!

    59. Itz bixnca

      jenn’s accent sounds like the girl from the movie brave

    60. Shreeyanka Bardhan

      I relate with the tall girl I’m 5’’ 3’ and I’m ten. I’m 95 lbs and all my friends are like 70-80 lbs and I’m like ‘I B fat depression!’

    61. farwa rizvi honeyy it's poundss

    62. Jjam1206 _.

      Watching this to make myself feel better about my awful friends

    63. Keara Gregg


    64. Angel fancylegs and about to get lps

      I live in Tennessee

    65. miranda taylor

      oof that awesome moment when the English meme is a girl that went to my high school and got pregnant at 14

    66. Joshie

      Jen reads the meme wrong which makes it even funnier

    67. Arielle Eileen

      your videos are amazing luv x

    68. Boring Contents

      2:48 the same thing happened to me when i was younger too. my classmate did the same thing to me, we stopped but later in the years she started bullying to me andd now i hate her and i kept this secret, idk how to feel about the fact that im not alone.

    69. Lizzy Smith

      I was eating and I choked laughing when Jen went over the ‘couch’ (?) 😂😂😂

    70. Cherry Rose

      I swear to bloody god why is it all the time Americans think that British people talk like that British people DO NOT TALK LIKE THAT