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    Revealing your FRIEND secrets with my friend JENN!
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    My name is Alyx, or Ayydubs on the internet. You may have seen my Hidden Camera Uber Prank series, where I completely distress innocent people. If you can’t handle the cringe, I also make vlogs, advice videos, skits, sketches and whatever else I so please. New videos every Thursday.

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    1. Henry VIII

      It was me...I was the cat

    2. Rrose Red

      ‘’ “

    3. amyisconfused •

      nobody: jenn: 𝒘𝒐𝒂𝒉 𝒍𝒖𝒗 𝒙

    4. Grace Frances

      This is a unrelated question: What breed is finn? If anyone know please tell me?

    5. Andjela Radak

      jenn speaking in british accent is the best and funniest thing i've ever heard hhahhahahahha

    6. x LiterallyLia x

      “Jenn..? ...Luv?”

    7. Annabelle Ps

      To the girl who is 12 and very tall don't worry I'm 10 and I am 164 lbs and I'm 5,4

    8. izabelli rodrigues

      honestly... ive never laughed as hard as i did watching this video

    9. Basic Banana


    10. Diana A


    11. Samantha Burgess

      Jenn reading the confessions in her British accent SENT ME 😂

    12. JustGeorgiaxD

      01:39 yall know entrapta

    13. Just Sky

      I want them to date already like what the fuck

    14. gloria fondini

      Me too i am 13and i am like 6' 12" but i love my tallness sooo yeah

    15. Natalie Bear

      3:02 😂💀

    16. *shimmer me timbers*

      8:34 -Alyx Weiss 2019

    17. Deishenny

      Jen voice reading the secrets is annoying

    18. Cutie Malu

      I keep rewatching this video, I can't like it's so fucking funny 😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣

    19. jeb_ jeb_

      It's an exercise time!

    20. Clouder

      Can you do Revealing your Dad secrets?

    21. Shannon Haggarty

      jenn's british accent is irritating

    22. \Rawrz/ MSP

      "I shoved a whole stick up a frogs ass" 😂

    23. Ariana Hadley

      The humans: ribbit, ribbit, ribbit cat: what the fuck me: I know right

    24. aley williamson

      4:10 why just 🤨

    25. Elsa

      I stopped watching because of the horrible accent

    26. Sky SapFire

      I relate to that tall girl except I like being tall and little people are cute and attractive to I weird?

    27. Sunset Corner

      9:38 she means espionage

    28. Ava Isabelle

      “They must be from British.”

    29. Mariana Escobar

      Omg after Jenn was like "but......................." I got an unskipable ad so I had to wait like 29 seconds to know what it said lol

    30. Angela pop

      So basically my secret is..... I was in 6th grade and I went to my best friends house, she had 2 pets a cat and a fish for some reason I have a mental problem and I hated animals so when she went to the bathroom I basically threw the cat out the window (her room was on the 4th floor) and took the fish and split it in half :) the cat and fish both died, the neighbour saw me throw the cat out the window and told my best friends mum i got sent to a mental hospital :) also the time I was at the mental hospital my parents told the school I was sick (I am a bich :) )

    31. gabriella_cawthon

      jenn speaking in meme is hilarious luv xx

    32. Ruby Isabella

      um this isn’t relatable but a year ago (when i was about 10) i was sitting on my sisters bed choosing clothes, i just got out the shower and i really needed to piss.So i just did that I CouLdNt hElP it yo, and then i lied and said the cat did it and then we got rid of the cat a few days later..and i oop sksksk

    33. Brooke Benjamin

      okay so before i watch this, i confessed something but it was totally made up, and i forgot what i said, but i hope it’s in here.

    34. Edna Castillo

      Alexxxxx your awesome!!! I show my friends your videos!! I'm a Lyft driver and I don't have the balls to do what you do..but I do have a childhood secret to tell you that is hilarious but at me

    35. Edna Castillo

      How do we DM!!? I have a story!

    36. Typicałły Añ Idiøt

      Can someone *PLEASE* explain how you *ACCIDENTALLY DECAPITATE A CAT?!*

    37. Chensung ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      I need to see Jen speaking with a British accent more i love it

    38. bellas outlet

      Her voice that she does sounds like a charcter off of flushed away

    39. Gam3G!rl

      "i cried with them as to not be suspicious" *MOOD*

    40. Rosalie Boss


    41. Rosalie Boss

      LMFAOOOOOOOO 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    42. Life and Coffee

      When she said "but....."I got a flipping AD!!!

    43. Laf Taf

      The girl that shared headlice tho...bitcH COMMUNICATEEE WITH UR FRIENDSSSS

    44. Maya Pariyar

      Your the girl for foursome

    45. hafa lafasa

      I only disliked so that you would kill Jenn. Sorry, I guess, not really.

    46. Gritty Grilled Cheese

      Jenn screaming “DISGUISTING” and using the weird ass European accent had me rolling

    47. Beyond-the -galaxy

      These one was a bit to tame for me.

    48. 『 Lyx. 』

      i find jen's ironic british accent funny. ): no idea why

    49. Crystallize Gacha studio


    50. Crystallize Gacha studio

      Jenn’s impression of british is amazing “pull down my trousers and touch my bits!” 3:01

    51. Don't worry It's marley

      The Rebecca one is from a show called crazy ex girlfriend so don’t get 2 rowled up

    52. Alex amvs


    53. Sophia Rolli

      jen gets to live!!

    54. 〖honey.oats〗

      10:59 **sirens heard in the distance**

    55. Meme Momo

      Next time please alex u do the reading of the secrets

    56. iiJxylen x

      thas crazy luv xx

    57. Fatima Qadadia

      At 4:20 hehe 420 ANYWAYS that same exact thing happened to me! I was also in 5th grade as well

    58. HeyItsJustSammy

      When Jen screamed “DISGUSTING” I wheezed


      Even if they aren't Lesbian they will make a good couple

    60. the yoyo master

      Friend recommended you to me and holy crap is that jennxpenn?

    61. Presley Jayne

      Im tall for my age i really do think im fat every one tells me im not but who in there right minds would tell someone they are fat. I dont even weigh myself thats how insicure i feel

    62. Jimin's Jamz

      "Jenn?.. *LuV* ".

    63. Tea Spilled

      Theif: *breaks in* Nobody: Literally nobody: Alex and jenn: *make frog noises*

    64. Lee Chan

      *"-Probably hot topic"*

    65. Bob _builder

      That fly one tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m dieing

    66. Ash Jarvis

      Bro I love greys anatomy

    67. Ethan Coutts

      It’s simply just mathematics luv, x

    68. Fabiana Bucur


    69. Jessica Robb

      lol i notice jenns shirt bc its where im from/live

    70. Tessa Ormond

      When I was little (YES I DO LIVE IN AMERICA) my mom called them my ‘lady bits’ ????? IK ITS WEIRD DONT JUDGE