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Tj Hunt

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    14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
    Poway, CA

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    1. Louis Greenberg

      Remember no sippy cups in the car my get on that new seats ;)

    2. LEEMURJ


    3. LEEMURJ

      Nick is gonna wreck the shit out of it.

    4. Jesse Fraser

      Day in the life! affordable installs!

    5. Mike Harkins

      Im just curious, but do they have to screen potential winners? lol... What if the winner ended up being some toothless crackhead? lol.. Yet all these car winners seem to be the most normal, camera friendly people.. Coincidence? lol

    6. Mike Hahessy

      Great video..u got a staunch subscriber there. He deserves the car 👌

    7. Jigga

      I’m literally scared for this kid

    8. Manuel Nunes Pombo


    9. Trying Times

      This dude should buy a $500 civic to learn on first. This is crazy to learn on.

    10. EpQsOps


    11. tony ramrup

      Wish this was me wanted a mustang since I was 5 years old

    12. Panos K

      Every time tj says 700hp take a shot in 5 minutes your gonna forget your name

    13. Slanginsenzubeans91

      Too much car for the kid

    14. NoImpulse_ Ctrl

      Hes doing this super "in depth" driver explanation, and the kids just going to sell it asap... nice tho.

    15. Luis Carrion

      poor mustang!

    16. PJ Morrison

      Lol Nick, loosen up bro.. It’s just TJ giving you a new{ish} car for less than $100 No biggie🤷🏽‍♂️😭

    17. Ty Stevenson

      Don’t leave it up to us brother, do what’s best for you! Quality over quantity my dude!

    18. Angel Diaz

      Do vlogmas

    19. Tachanka Airsoft

      Pls do vlogmas iv been watching since the trip to pickup brz's first rocket bunny kit

    20. Jorky Gonzalez

      Yess do the daily vlogs during December

    21. SavageTv

      “Can I let go of the clutch now?”

      1. SavageTv


    22. TripleSix Channel

      is that christian pulisic?

    23. SimonNg_


    24. fitness___matt

      houston we have a problem 😂

    25. jacob 4wol

      Should get Evan shanks to meet up with him in Texas and teach him to drive stick , shared content boiiiii

    26. Austin Peterson

      Watching the beginning of this almost felt like TJ was gunna deal this kid a literal killer car

      1. Austin Peterson

        At the end of vid now. Would like to see more giveaways this was a fun vid

    27. Shane

      you deserve a break Tj you just rebuilt a ferrari and put on your own wide body kit on your supra and took them both to SEMA! Take a break, you deserve it!

    28. Shia Labeouf

      Man, just do what you should do (literally only me), LSX swap, preferably a 454. Then add twin turbos from Ebay and simple tune, for $10,000-11,500 you can get out 1,600+ WHP. Btw, stripped 1982 Toyota Cressida

    29. Joe Smartballs

      I sold a clean 3000GT SL to a 19 year old in Texas. He drove off with the emergency brake up, and waxed the clutch driving 45mph. He made it about 3 blocks. Said it was smoking under the hood. It had a stock clutch i never changed. It made 190 wheel horsepower. Kid was a idiot. He said " I bought it so I can figure it out". So I went in my house and left him alone. He drove off squealing brakes, back wheels locked up not rotating. Then he knocked on my door after walking back. Said he wanted me to buy it back from him. I told him I couldn't estimate the damage. I told him you can wax a clutch on a brand new car, so it is not my fault. I drove him around in it, before he got it. It was his first manual. He drove a Oldsmobile auto. He thought he was Fast and Furious revving the engine in nutral. I told him he should of drove it straight home, and registure it in his name. I left my plates on it so he could drive it home. Kid wouldn't listen to me. I was old enough to be his dad. Anyways, I bet this kid wrecks it in 3 months showing out. 700hp is too much for a amature driver.

    30. F 'ninja


    31. aaron King

      Dang dude I woulda came to pick that thing up an done a cross country road trip home in it. Ole girl needs some miles put on her.


      I loved vlogmas last year

    33. Irxniic Logic-

      Rip clutch

    34. Parouf Indarjali

      The fastest car I have ever been in is my dads 1000hp evo8

    35. malcolm layton


    36. Matt Hayner

      Sold a 19 year old a fully bolt on 14 GT manual and he shredded the clutch and blew the transmission in two weeks. Best of luck to you those transmissions are glass if you don’t shift right.

    37. Sameshen Moodley

      Vlogmas please!

    38. Cold Boi

      That’s nick 30

    39. B GerK

      Better get a retune with those headers

    40. Humbly Driven Media

      To many people bitching about it being a lot of power and him not knowing how to drive stick. Not everyone is irresponsible.

    41. Tr Vlogs Car Life

      So proud of the dude but would have been cool to win still and meet the fam. His voice is so cute lost. Yes, more chill vlogs. You give away the FD I will cut your legs. Do every other day vlogs if it's so much.

    42. Dana Drew

      Big respect to you TJ for giving the winner instructions on big power cars.. that might have saved his life.. inexperienced drivers behind big power with no instructions, not a good combo.. so good on you. Keep up the good content.. With great respect Dana Drew Alberta Canada


      Everyone is nervous he might crash it and die..

    44. Dawson Cossaboom

      For us long time viewers Vlogmas is a tradition, I love the into u use to on vlogmas

    45. JDM LifeStyle

      Who will be checking on coparts for this car soon ? Lol .

    46. Ralph Burrows

      Vlogmas ROCKS Baby !!!!!!!

    47. Jordan Dunk

      Don't run yourself down, no need for daily uploads

    48. kay jess

      Giveaway the RX7 and include Canada if everything's going plz... ;c

    49. Miguel Hernandez

      Maan Im going to sound like a mad hater. But that kid nick. He won’t be able to handle that stang. That’s to much of a car for him. He looks like a Prius driver. Next give away I think you should have everybody confirm that they know how to drive stick. Nick if you reading. Take good care of that beast.

    50. PontiacSpazz

      And I can’t win a damn giveaway but ppl that never drove stick scions can 🙄🙄🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😭😭😭😭 WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK

    51. ImSJPC

      How is that legal?! 😂In the UK plenty of people drive autos but most learn how to drive in a manual anyway just so they have the ability to if they need/want to drive a manual. And you certainly can't just jump into a manual without knowing how to drive one, let alone get insured on a stupidly powerful modified car like this

    52. Taylor Mears


    53. Paul Moravec

      RX7 giveaway!

    54. Mario 4.6

      3:48 tjs his face 😂 like fuck I knew I should have kept it

    55. Shawn Herring

      I really wish this kid the best of luck and hope this car brings him a new found fortune. However, I worry that he's going to be the next crowd chaser.

    56. Joshua Jobin


    57. MG_ StreetKandi

      I'm a pray for him...That's just too much car for him.

    58. Riccio Ollison

      This is how you know that anybody could’ve won that car lol

    59. Trae Moua

      Not to say this kid doesn’t deserve it, but I’m almost certain it’s going to get totaled. Learning stick in a 700hp MUSTANG, that’s a no no.

    60. Doctor Evil

      Prove all of the haters wrong Nick, respect the beast and don't get overconfident. Have fun but not TOO much yet :)

    61. Sarbelio Lara

      I’m from fucking Houston

    62. Jared McDaniel

      I want vlogmas but after Sema I think you deserve a break man

    63. Fishyy420

      Please yess daily uploads for Christmas

    64. Alex Olnhaus

      TJ I think we should compromise as fans. How about every other day you upload a video for Vlogmas? And an idea for the next give away, 370Z?

    65. Joseph Baron

      Car isn't gonna last long

    66. Forza Comedy

      When did the mk4 get a recaro

    67. Gus Mccallum

      I cannot begin to imagine what his insurance would be

    68. Dustin Shiller

      Broooo rear wiper delete on the Supra!🙏🏻

    69. Coal Burton

      Tj, huge fan but listen man and even if you don't see this I gotta say it, you are such a big inspiration in my life, Ive been watching you for years now and I still get so hyped when you upload something, some of my close buddies of mine are starting a channel in the new year and you inspired us to step out of our comfort zones and start one, thank you for everything you do for us viewers, we live up in Canada sop you should come visit sometime!!!

    70. Larry V/vid

      Texas is screwed lol