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    We tried making each others favorite drink from Starbucks!!
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    For New Merch!
    Friends in the video:
    Mariah Amato - IG; @mariahamato
    Carly Incontro - IG; @carlyincontro
    Erin Gilfoy - IG; @eringilfoy

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    1. Celestia Langille

      Is no one gonna talk about how adorable and gorgeous Carly is?? Or is it just me

    2. Davin Juhlin

      Erin is a bitch to Mariah

    3. Njp Nigward

      The whites video on youtube

    4. SzechuanSophie

      How long do you think it takes to milk an almond Erin 2019

    5. Riley Joseph

      Honestly PA sucks but I'd say center city philly is the best place here

    6. Lina Kramer

      I wish I had friends to do this with lol y’all are my fave couple ily 💕

    7. Mia Redmond

      I dont think the red head and mariah like each other


      When you start gettin money and just buy everything lol the pressure washer

    9. DafnyDaphne

      Carly:hmm it smells like Christmas Few mins later Carly:hmm it tastes like Christmas

    10. Gary Waldrep

      Wow, ginger chick sucks. If you can't be friendly, stay home.

    11. kam _

      3:33 aha the youtuber reality house theme song

    12. XoX_hetty_XoX sillystrawbs

      Its a Komodo dragon

    13. Katie Dowd

      Erin trying to steep chai tea in cold milk... oh my 😂

    14. Messed up asshole

      Heaths vlog: 1) IM DOING STUNTS 2) LoOk mY nEw ToY!!!!!!! 3) Starbucks and overlapping chatter

    15. Kristina

      Carly stans carcinogens. Edit: liked the video because Carly said she wanted to “chai” the chai tea latte.

    16. Sarah K

      I just started watching heath’s videos and Mariah is my absolute favorite. Erin seemed so rude to her in this video, girl bye.

    17. Zoie King

      I feel like Mariah and erin dont lioe each other

    18. Danielle pickens


    19. javidgt8

      Aww i feel bad for Matt at the beginning. I love Matt. I wish he was in more videos. I hate that he feels left out sometimes lol. Cmon guys do more videos with Matt!

    20. Dynasty Maldonado

      Where can I get all the stuff at ?

    21. Sarah Macedo

      Erin’s being so rude to Mariah...

      1. Mia Redmond

        Im not the only one, i noticed that too

    22. tricia renai

      I mad im seein this late and theyvwas in pa😭

    23. Aleol Olgusk

      Heath,Mariah,Erin,Carly=high schoolers in a meth lab 😂💀

    24. Elise Sprenkle

      I live in PA and here there Hershey Park, a great theme park, there is the turkey hill experience, where you make your own ice cream, and there’s just a lot of small businesses with amazing things to offer☺️

    25. Leah Murphy

      nobody: carly: i wanna chai

    26. Nizzy Cross

      No one: Carly: I wanna chai 😎

    27. Laken Jackson

      Anyone know what that foam sprayer thing is called?? :)

    28. RunZ Flickz

      I am just waiting for ppl to say ThEy UsEd PlAsTiC sTrAwS

    29. Sophia Pettibone

      Why is Erin being so rude to Mariah? Mariah was being so nice to her the whole time

    30. cosmic gadget 420

      "Now that I'm all wet I might as well try out my new toy" -Heath Hussar 2019

    31. Kayla Walton

      Go to kop

    32. Samandcolby._adore _

      When I saw the lizard I instantly thought of..... Zane: OMG is that a mini dinosaur!? Heath: *smacks Zane* No you dumb bitch it's a Komodo Dragon! If you know what that's from ily 🤣

    33. Bay Larsen

      i love that heath is off to the side struggling and the girls just keep going forward lol love you heath

    34. Alex Arnold

      Go to Pittsburgh !!! So many good places to eat -- primantis, the dorstop, and so many good museums definitely go to the Andy Warhol museum and point state park for some cute pics with the water in the back

    35. Tahlia Knight

      re-usable straws? Instead of getting plastic ones xx

    36. Julia Gustavson

      oh my baby it’s called satisfying

    37. Laura G

      Mariah said: 💪

    38. Brooke

      Go to Kennywood if you haven’t already left if your in the Pittsburgh area

      1. Brooke

        Lol I’m stupid haha

    39. random car guy

      Heath and I like the same coffee

    40. Drew Wood

      My top vlog squad member is you then David Carley and Erin and Scotty since he doesn’t really post.

    41. Summer Smith

      Heath you washed your truck but didn't wash the Ford away ugh that sucks

    42. Liliana Castro

      I love how heath gets more views than subscribers. It low key is a backhanded compliment but it’s not intended to be 😂

    43. Jocelyn Gross

      update on the lizard?

    44. Ducky MSP


    45. Karson Wright

      This is the whitest video I’ve ever seen in my life💦

    46. Tea Beach

      1:30 it's a Kramoda dragon

    47. Mani

      "we didn't know you were here" life story

    48. Cielo Villarroel Soriano

      Me: "look at those arms" 2:03 LMAO 😆

    49. Gavin Lawrence VLOGS

      Go to Hershey park

    50. Jadduck

      ...but does Heath want almond milk in his?

    51. Simon Peterson

      Literally what is everyone talking about Mariah and Erin, sure she would make sarcastic remarks but they weren’t rude, and you could see all the time she made cute little gestures towards her, cause they’re friends, stop trying to start drama, they don’t need that.

    52. Twisted Breezy

      What was the surprise on Aug 2nd?

    53. BosunDog V

      Carly. Is. So. Attractive.

    54. Bella Smith

      You have to go to Hershey Pennsylvania!!!

    55. Zariya Green

      My grandad drinks straight black iced coffee

    56. Natasha Delgado

      Erin: eewaw

    57. arueger97

      if y'all are gonna be in Philly, theres this chocolate restaurant called Max Brenner's thats bomb asf. They have tons of desserts and p good lunch and dinner food too

    58. Lowk D's

      I’m gonna need to know where did you buy the car foam gun so I can buy it!

    59. Rachyl King

      heath are you still friends with elton

    60. Dominic Gillen

      I live here!!!!! It is so funnnnnnn!!!!!!!

    61. Jordan Garrison

      I love that I have the same order as Mariah

    62. cancelled

      erin is so mean to mariah but then mariah’s like ☀️

    63. Addison Barks

      Nobody: Zane : picked up frog Zane’s:u gonna be an insta star Me: lmfaooooooo

      1. bbgxbop

        Addison Barks Heath**

    64. Rachel Hughes

      They remind me of the power puff girls

    65. Leah Davis

      soooo it’s august 5th and i’m still waiting??

    66. Andreew Seymour

      8:10 okay no one heard that, no one laughed, but I thought it was funny

    67. Cherrilyn Einsig

      if only i saw this video quicker. i live in pa

    68. Jared Shaw

      Mariahs editing has made heaths videos 100x better

    69. salma

      no one: erin: oHmYgOd i WaNnA ChAi

    70. Alexus Behn

      ``edit napkins`` ~edits toilet paper lol~