Raptor Instantly has Engine Issues, Off-Roading

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    In todays episode we're fixing a major engine issue and going off-roading!
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    Details: In today's episode we are diagnosing a PB606 error on our Ford F150 Raptor, this is an error with the PCM circuit communicating with the knock sensor. In the end we found this was caused by the spark jumping out of the coil boot and grounding on the block. The fix was to replace the coil boots and internals to improve conductivity. And then were waterfall chasing and off roading at Abiqua Falls outside Silverton Oregon.
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    1. Lion Heart


    2. Sean L

      B is for bull-shit 👎🏼

    3. frances alaric

      you rather introduce your companions than click baiting...

    4. a tribute to Yeah, Sure

      C is for Clickbait.

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    6. jason jonilionis

      knuckle busters, waterfall, backseat eye candy, off-roading. Looks good to me, but where'd the spare go?

    7. jim blair

      Typical Ford

    8. Dave Woodmancy

      Awesome show. Keep them coming

    9. Dave Smith

      12:11 You said earlier, you installed the spare tire, not there..

    10. Emma CN

      To the girl, it must be hard dating that guy LOL😂😂😂

    11. MoonEDITS

      Most click baiters don’t even get nudged about clickbait, even though everyone knows them and that they’re click-baiting. When this dude does it ONCE, possibly an accident, the comments go fucking ballistic

    12. Jason Mercer

      Driving fast in water never good idea.It will bite u in the ass one day...

    13. Lonestar Bassin'

      Wheel specs?

    14. Reid McPherson

      Does he even wash it?

    15. Benji1982 Zhuang

      I love it

    16. Nestor Lugo

      That growl!

    17. eric reanzares

      He’s begging for viewers. Poor f*tso

    18. HydroCarbons p

      there is a weld underneath i saw on a previous video that scares me when you are trying to jump the thing

    19. Greg Scott

      remember the portion of this video when you said you were installing the spare tire? how come one of your cams showed the spare tire chain swinging? dont think you ever really installed the spare tire.... OOF

    20. Warren


    21. Zendail

      I feel bated

    22. M. Thee

      Why not change all sparkplugs while you're at it? But other than that.... that's a really great car!

    23. Sam Weyer

      That a Minecraft waterfall?

    24. mijo mcgyver

      Add me to the list of folks kvetching about the misleading title. That being said, congrats on having a pretty damn cool Raptor. One of the last of the big V8s with a Roush supercharger, to boot! BTW, you haven't even come close to finding its off-roading limits. Have a good time finding out exactly how kickass that truck is (both on AND off-road).

    25. kathleen long

      You never showed us the license plate you talked about in #7

    26. Hhvx Sueus

      It’s the worst car

    27. Carl Mason

      Abiquia Falls, beautiful hike!

    28. Kevin Hill

      If you have to use Massive click bait! To get people to watch this then you don't deserve my time so I unsubscribe you.

    29. Kenneth James

      watch out for Edward and Bella n Werewolves n shit out there.

    30. Bill Sheley

      Is this a 2wd Raptor? WTF?

    31. YooTooobJeff

      Looks like the spare wasn't installed...

    32. YooTooobJeff

      You're supposed to clean and detail the engine compartment...

    33. uvcoach42

      Don't go chasing waterfalls...

    34. BuYaBC

      No guys you're all wrong !!!! He instantly fixed the engine issue ! Even before there was one !

    35. Damian Garcia

      Dielectric grease is your friend with Ford c.o.p!!

    36. Charles Degener

      For God sake, put your hat on right what are you some kind of home boy? LOL!

    37. Curtis Gregory

      Forscan man.. You can get allllll the info you will ever need from your ford.. forscan.org/home.html

    38. ZManMD

      That intake air filter is atrocious - change it please.

    39. carverboy carverboy

      no spare tire?

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    41. Zach Anderson

      Sorry man. I definitely like the chanel. But please dont do the whole click bait thing to us. You dont need to click bait us to watch the videos you put out. You have come a long way with subscribers. Dont run them off by getting into the habbit of that man.

    42. MAKSTR

      I've quickly gone through his videos and he never shows the end finished result and jumps to another project ... really lame

    43. Lachlan McCurdy

      That was really rough back there but were not the only ones who made it *points at dodge journey*

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    45. Solis Outdoors

      Click bait alert. Damn.

    46. Tim Rayburn

      More truck videos !!!

    47. Alex tietjen

      Raptor f10 50

    48. Andy Rose

      You got to be the biggest douche bag ever in existence

    49. Gerry Harvey

      Why did you not replace the spark plug while you were there?

    50. Ryan Kirk

      Not clickbait. You had a PITA engine problem. Then went off-roading. I don't see the problem.

    51. Tech Reviewer 44

      So that guy in the other video said it needed a new knock sensor so I guess it really was his truck 🤷🏼‍♂️

    52. Doug Snider

      Beautiful red head saved this video...😉

    53. Kevin Morgan

      Why is the spare tire gone?

    54. Lars Kessel

      Pathetic video. Unsubscribed

    55. Collateralcoffee

      What is the girl wearing? Black latex pants??? Fail....

    56. peter ellis

      i would not try to jump it if you like the truck

    57. Evil Panda

      Needs a different exhaust or at least the tip

    58. Eric Kelly

      Always liked Ford but they don't make shit easy to get to like u need to pay extra to things changed before it leaves factory if a company ever offer that option they be the shit! I mean aftermarket not oem for the nay sayers

    59. GM Kof hard

      I told you! Should have gotten a chevy!

    60. Brian Hughes


    61. miguel roque

      I feel used.

    62. Not Available

      You're already in there, change the freaking plugs.

    63. Logical Guy

      You should have just replaced all the boots.

    64. Jaxson Steils

      Should have got a Chevy

    65. Patrick Sullivan

      Total clickbait title and thumbnail. Boo! Hiss!

    66. Joseph Falco

      Fords are still junk....

    67. NagU ت

      Beautiful water fall

    68. Greg Bliss

      you were about one door gap from showing us your butt gap

    69. Tech Gadget's

      Did you changed your Blinked fluid ?

    70. Shawn Swnh

      Those pants she was wearing are 🔥🔥very nice 👍🏻. Need to get those for my girl