Raptor Instantly has Engine Issues, Off-Roading

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    In todays episode we're fixing a major engine issue and going off-roading!
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    Details: In today's episode we are diagnosing a PB606 error on our Ford F150 Raptor, this is an error with the PCM circuit communicating with the knock sensor. In the end we found this was caused by the spark jumping out of the coil boot and grounding on the block. The fix was to replace the coil boots and internals to improve conductivity. And then were waterfall chasing and off roading at Abiqua Falls outside Silverton Oregon.
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    1. roger osborne

      The water fall was awesome. 😊

    2. DixonSwe

      Minecraft waterfall :)

    3. Juan Tapia

      Like there arent enough adds from CZ-news. The first 2 minutes of the video are an add.

    4. kakan esco

      12:13 still no spare tire lmao

    5. Ed Wilko

      They down the engine on the sub frame at the dealers and when building them as no access from above. I too have had to sit on the engine on my snap on pads & even called in a young neighbour as at the at of 9 her had small enough hands to get to 4 bolts $40 bucks very well spent & a happy neighbours son 😉

    6. B Real

      He's soooo cheap. Will always do a patch job instead of doing it the right way. But I still watch 🤣😂🤣😂

    7. KekLordGrey

      i watched the entire rebuild and then.... this?... was a click bait... glad the truck works. BUT..... you're killin me smalls...

    8. Arak BMT

      Please tread lightly 😥

    9. RedNeck Biker109

      Um...i could do your "off roading" my motorcycle lol

    10. jimmyjt16

      Thumbs down for the click bait 👎

    11. Kat Wallingfordton

      CLICK BAIT!! YakkityYak! This guy don't know shit. Can't tell a car from a truck or a truck from a Raptor. Stick to bicycles..........

    12. s drak

      Downvote for clickbait title😡

    13. Bill Beck

      Nice rear pinion seal leak

    14. KaUz Nation Gaming

      Did he just say 7000lbs of IRON??!?!!!!

    15. Thom Fult

      Rename the channel IDIOT CENTRAL!

    16. Dominic O'Conner

      Classic Ford Engineering, The ford aerostar vans had great engineering too if you wanted to change spark pugs you had to pull the engine to get at the ones in the back closest to the fire wall.

    17. Ram_rebel_ 805

      Should have checked the plugs as well

    18. David W HENRY

      American junk! You don't get that with a Toyota. Will never buy a raptor.

    19. Mario

      Lol, the CZ-news app feature where it shows video with no audio, but adds subs had subs say "beer is for bill" instead of "B is for build"

    20. huehue yoong

      18:17 what's the third pedal for? Noob here

    21. Iain King

      Maybe you should get a real mechanic to do the engine, instead of a you tube mechanic

    22. Joe Loochtan

      I love that truck, huge fan of that blue!! I enjoyed the entire series.

    23. TheOriginal Energy

      Only been watching since this raptor build but I’m instantly let down by the click bait

    24. Angel Gomez

      Clickbait 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 good videos ... bad idea the title

    25. fcmacken

      Killing your vehicle, rather than testing it, can become very expensive.

    26. JonEilertsen (HellsatanX)

      bruh... if you were gonna watch the video anyways what the hell does it matter if it has a clickbait title?

    27. AlexD optician

      Get ready to spend most of your weekends under that hood

    28. Zil Co

      I hope one that day, all automobiles are Ford Raptors...

    29. AlexD optician

      Expected it's a Ford

    30. Wolf

      The truck sounds great! Very nice unit

    31. Walker Russell

      get some floor matts jeez

    32. Diddy Doodat

      B is for *bait.*

    33. Laine Laux

      Anyone else confused why he had Chelsea sitting in the back of the truck?

    34. Harlan T

      Clickbait=lost subs

    35. Terry Gasnier


      1. Dom Cricket

        Totally- I have watched several of these Raptor videos and I am very surprised he did not include replacing the air cleaner and cover- wow!

    36. lprcn1

      What happened to the spare at 12:10?

    37. timmay556

      whos the hot redhead?

    38. Ryan Buck

      If you're going to bait me at least change the plug!

    39. HobbyGrade RC Studios

      I caught you looking at da booty @10:47 😂😂

    40. James Voils

      What was the waterfall you guys visited?

    41. David Williams

      That thing sounds like a beast

    42. waqas mushtaq

      You should clean the engine of your rebuilds

    43. Joe Goins

      B is for believer


      $5 for the raptor and I am risking my money

    45. Colin Davis

      You should look into doing the raptor run

    46. Joseph Anzalone

      You should take the raptor to the raptor run with Matt Carriker and his raptor from off the ranch/demo ranch/vet ranch,great way to meet new youtubers

    47. Nathan Jordahl

      Hey Chris, Which Water Fall was that? Looks amazing!!

    48. Sterlin876

      In order to know if the Raptor came from dealer with the Roush supercharger, I would recommend taking a deep dive into the VIN number. If Ford shipped out a few Raptors to Rouch to get the Roush treatment, it should reflect in the VIN. I know there are tons of forums on the Raptor's and they could probably steer you to the correct information.

    49. Taylor Andersen

      Hey, That's Crooked Finger OHV Area! I've been there!

    50. Clyde Barrow

      C is for Clickbait R8 it 8/8 M8 and H is For Hack.

    51. Jorge Figueroa


    52. dark zaku

      Fuck this channel. Never watching another video

    53. Frankie Teague

      Donuts are not a truck thang they a stoopid kid thang kinda like a burnout thang.

    54. mobielz1

      First mistake was buying a Ford

    55. Barry Bridges

      OOPS! Should've replaced those plugs.... seeing as you did the hard part of exposing them. Sweet Truck!

    56. Rob E

      Looks like you guys lost your spare tire!

    57. SteelBlueBody

      That Raptor is awesome!

    58. Red_Bug_James

      That waterfall though :O. Raptor sounds amazing as well!!

    59. Raymond L

      grungy air filter...

    60. Tony Litten

      Love the channel. But I'm gonna start calling my Fx4 a raptor now.

    61. Slinky511nx7

      Yeah welcome to Ford issues. Ford Built Tough? Yeah right

    62. zioncardman18

      I learned on my own car that you always replace ALL the boots at the same time. I chased boot failure for 6 months just to find that when one went bad it caused a chain reaction that I couldn't stop until I replaced them all.

    63. Dan Coxie

      don't subscribe to this channel as the guy is a liar right from the beginning in the comment!

    64. Colin S

      i live in the northwest can someone please tell me where that waterall is ??? thanks!!!

    65. corn_nugget

      You should definitely do a dual exhaust dump right behind the rear axles. It will give you a bunch of clearance for offroad activities :)

    66. Javier Palma

      I don't see the clickbait, title says engine failure not major failure 😪😪😪🤷🏽‍♂🤦🏽‍♂

      1. Matt Welter

        he changed it

    67. Eddie Engberg

      Are you returning to the gambler 500 this year?

    68. M

      When in doubt always use factory Ford coils or oem coils! No if, ands, or butts! Everything else is garbage!

    69. Kcducttaper1

      A worn boot is a "major engine failure"? Right.... And a paper cut is a life-threatening injury. *facepalm

    70. L Hsd

      So where the hell is the lambo?

    71. anything 4r utube jims

      What about 1000 $ giveaway on St. Patrick day

    72. EklipsedDarkness

      B is for Bitch used clickbait and lost a sub.

    73. Cristian Lee

      What happen to the spare tire you put on ? Wasn’t there from looking at the rear camera

    74. Magna Carta Sam Adam's

      That's why I got a ZR2 diesel Plenty of Room in the engine compartment

    75. GT3582R LSVTEC EJ8

      Chris, are you sure that your password isn't B is for BBD?

    76. Today on the Farm

      just wait till you start blowing spark plugs

    77. Jori Atkinson

      Please please please can you give the "truck" a full detail. It is filthy and I don't know how you can drive it like that.

    78. Marty


    79. moz father

      nice tights woman!

    80. Rich Myer

      Before you jumped that thing for real. sdhqoffroad.com/collections/10-14-ford-raptor-sdhq-built-products/products/10-14-ford-raptor-sdhq-built-rear-bed-frame-reinforcement-kit

    81. Jon Jonny

      Now called Ford Rupture.

    82. Tyler Z

      Where are these falls? Ive been looking for a cool ATV/UTV spot in oregon

    83. Gamers Lust

      Why Chelsea in the backseat

    84. Paul H

      The important part cz-news.net/online/video-7mvcjzCwpU8.html blink and you'll miss it

    85. Shatter 420it

      And i admire the booty with the wetlook legging

    86. Shatter 420it

      Do the right caption @B for build it

    87. Midwest DankAlumni

      10:47 B is for... ass

    88. Conn0isseur Dana

      Did you not learn anything from the all knowing TLC?! Don't go chasing waterfalls. Just stick to the rivers and lakes that you're used to!

    89. Chris Bruton

      Click dunno....who cares. Wish we got real raptor's here in Australia.

      1. Clyde Barrow

        Chris Bruton there’s plenty of ‘Real’ Raptors here in Australia. Not just those Over priced PX Rangas.

    90. flappy188

      you guys are such fuckin posers, all you are are fuckin a bunch of fuckin hipsters.

    91. Ltl_Jeeper

      Trying to make the Raptor look bad? I didn't believe it since the original Raptor went across the U.S, ran a baja race, ran it back, and drove back to Detroit with no "major engine failiures", but I clicked on it anyways. Welp.

    92. Ralph Erizonie

      B is for bollocks

    93. spencer owens

      Damn all the people bitching about getting click batted needs get over it, he very rarely uses any form of clickbait but the one time he uses a misleading title yall cry like crazy

    94. spencer owens

      Damn just the crap you have to go threw to change plugs is enough to make me not want one anymore 🤣😂

    95. Chris Yeah

      How comes shes never aloud to talk? 😂😂😂

    96. KFStreich

      12:12 all that work to get the spare tire in place, but being a stubborn teenager it snuck out after dad went to bed never to be seen again...

    97. Ian Yates

      Click klick why just be honest in future

    98. joe alcott

      Damn, you got it apart, how about cleaning some of that crap?

    99. Rick

      unsubing to much clickbait

    100. Zachary Newman

      All this talk about click bait and just wondering who this red head is?!