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    1. Richard Shi

      9:43 That's a Chinese artist. He does this thing that whatever worldwide event happens, he goes there and takes photos of himself doing naked pushups.

    2. Reina Dragoness

      9:40 dat dude is Saitama before his hair loss

    3. katie McCue

      I recken that Damian has a recorded laugh because HIS LAUGH IS THE EXACT SAME EACH TIME

    4. Jimbo

      screw these madlads, this man just went and watched a burrito video *for the heck of it*

    5. Mr Omega

      Backlash? *W H E E Z E*

    6. Jack Slade

      14:25 like and subscri

    7. Creeper苦力怕

      1:33 Yep!

    8. Jack Bright

      13:56 Their video is the second video when you search Making Breakfast Burritos

    9. Dungeon Dummy

      You shut the f**k up about friends that is a treasure

    10. Javier The Awesome Gamer

      Bruh glass bottles for brewing

    11. M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT

      went to a hot girls house to fix her plumbing and didnt fuck her 🤘🤘🖕🖕

    12. Destruction King

      14:10 Aw crap, can’t let my girlfriend see this

    13. Artic EndiX

      This is how many mad lads there are 🔽 🔽 🔽 🔽 🔽 ▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️ sorry man better luck next time dont worry you will know how many mad lads there are soon.

    14. Andrea Jarrett

      12:10 Damien: didnt notice the amout of comments me: pathetic

    15. Kai H

      12:44 it doesn’t take that long

    16. Levi and Lava

      3:59 those kids heads look photoshopped

    17. blank facade

      Why backlash, why not?

    18. Miraesh

      Hydrochloride acid is the acid in the stomach It is concentrated enough to dissolve a steel screw (don’t try it) it would be able do dissolve an AirPod

    19. Demon Pigeon

      I am an artist

    20. Aston Corvee Reyes

      im laughing at your laugh not the thing your showing

    21. Zack Jones

      About that born in a car one, you went into the car as an egg, fetus, etc. The only other ways would be to use a motorcycle even as a baby or to never get out of the car.

    22. Bailey The Kitsune

      5:19 SCP-3008: "first time?"

    23. Agent Fox 101

      8:43 Well, That is more than 3.

    24. Sean Zimmerman

      That dude running for nobody as mayor was running for it in my town, Keene New Hampshire, I feel famous now.

    25. Tomi Gt

      Troll face is a lier his last post was on October and said he got in a coma for 8 years and woke up 2 MONTHS AGO BUT THIS VID WAS POSTED ON OCTOBER SO HOW WAS IT 8 YEARS?

    26. Charmant_Playz


    27. -Unknown-

      12:14 I love how everywhere I go I see a 420 somewhere.... I just glance up and see 420.. now I gotta smoke my joint I was saving lol

    28. -Unknown-

      5:21 I think that's just scp 3008 lol

    29. Graeden Mcafee

      anyone else hate comments that have likes and no comments

    30. Talia Buckner

      I loved the Elton John reference 👌🏼

    31. GrandPhoenix22

      12:12 420 comments

    32. Khash-Erdene Batsaikhan


    33. Fet Ket

      So effin Elon Musk can say door hinge rhymes with orange but when i tried the same line i get told ItS tWo WoRdS thAT dOeSnT CoUnT. Fck you Musky man

    34. Cringe Master

      4:00 I saw it was from WSB-TV and got confused af cause that’s my TikTok I forgot my account name was an actual thing for a solid 3 seconds

    35. Kitty Bucher

      I once walked into Antony barber shop with a picture of a hairdo that had a little cat face cut in & the dude was super happy to do it *just* so he could practice. It turned out really well too.

    36. Rosie Sakura

      Me: Does something in a video talking about hating fortnite CZ-news: 👎 Me: ... Me: frick you tube 😎

    37. Francis Moonyoz

      I got hooked... i got hooked.... I have test tomorrrow!!!!

    38. Joe Yes Just Joe

      So no one is gonna tall about the pornhub awards in the back?

    39. Wade Pop pop



      Can someone please tell me what this means? 13:45

    41. the snurp show

      12:08 OK so did anyone notice there was 420 replies on it ( PS I am watching this with my phone in the shower

    42. chara dreemur official

      I woke up this morning and rick rolled someone best morning ever

    43. Doge Pacito

      wait a sec... Em Kay, is your intro "Zoot Suit Riot" by Cherry Poppin Daddies? cause that's what it sounds like no offence

      1. Super Girl

        No, it's an instrumental version of Cuphead's I'm Mr. King Dice

    44. Alexandar Hull-Richter

      7:09 Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove!

    45. I am a Man

      1:25 Minecraft but real life

    46. Daddiii_Sam

      4:03 You know their parents are related

    47. PokeMon _EDDIE

      Myth is not a legend but a myth

    48. Aciois POSTS VIDEOS

      Colorado has the strangest animal problems ever like at 2:20

    49. UwU much Wholesome

      I saw that video “saying every word in the English language” video

    50. Artsy fox

      no ill be seeing you

    51. I ate a frog

      9:26 “2019 Pronhub Awards”

    52. Christopher Damant

      The orange fruit is named after the tree

    53. Nut McButt

      1:16 big odysseus energy

    54. Thomas McCleod

      ow i think i broke my leg, better heal up

    55. Boihotdogs Mate

      Johnny: I just wanna punch God in the Face Kratos: Me and you Buddy, Me and you

    56. BuilderBoyHarry

      Lol I’m watching this wearing beats

    57. Super sayin ultra instinct shadow

      I put someone's partly empty beer in a garbage can.

    58. Daniel Jun

      Friends is a funny show dont @ me

    59. Elizabeth Thies

      person: for the love of God, don't pet that dog, if you do the world will end me: me: me: **pat**

    60. AshenTycoon

      The Goodwill I work at has 'Never gonna give you up' on the song rotation (I shit you not), oh and Roundabout also plays at the store (for those of you who don't know that's the 'to be continued...' son), though that song kicks ass and is my 4th favorite song to play at the store. So you could be RickRolled just by walking into the freaking store. Also the super suggestive 'Careless Whisper', aka the sexaphone song has played in the store as well, you might recognize it when CZ-newsrs use the super suggestive saxaphone bits for shit. The Ghostbusters theme plays on a pretty regular basis as well. The song rotation is strange there, though the fact that the guy running the station thought that playing 'Baby Shark' in October was a good idea needs to be executed for subjecting people to that torture and making me want to jump off of a cliff. Though at the same time he's a madlad.

    61. Donnell Jones

      Why backlash more like why not zergberg

    62. Viggo Niemi

      Im drawing a tree person and the feet are roots and i hid the emkay logo in the shape of the left leg

    63. gacha potato cat :3

      Damian your the best you make me laugh when i come home form bullies at school and you showed people some things that they like and show to others so they become friends like what happened to me and damian you should have more subscribers

    64. Piggo Learns

      1:34 i watched the video and you Can pick it up

    65. elecric

      9:31 it's one punch man he's doing pushups every single day even if there is a typhoon

    66. Orka

      11:58 It’s a shartist

    67. IronmanMason 4580

      I feel like his laugh is fake or at least exaggerated at times

    68. mine gamer 200

      3:57 If that was my child i would have gone FETUS DELETUS

    69. Nejx

      11:24 so, funny story. Once for a project in photography class we had to make a fashion magazine cover, we could decide on our own what kind of fashion, what magazine, and the text on the cover could be copied from a different cover, the photo was the only thing that mattered. So after I put the photo in to photoshop and ad the text I decide (may or may not have been slightly high at this point) imma have some fun and went to google to find a custom QR code generator, and made it so that when you scan it links to Rick Astleys “Never Gonna Give You Up”, but my professor never mentioned anything to me about it, so I’m pretty sure that I Rick Rolled my professor without her even knowing it...

    70. Vladimir Avila

      4:11 if you want to watch the original video of that, here it is: cz-news.net/online/video-oEygbbZK-u0.html