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    1. Myra Dixon

      Gio:ahh my favorite pizza place...pizza sample text Me: so aren't we eating sample texts?

    2. Alexis Stars

      3:18 buzz isn't that bad ..

    3. Max Petersen


    4. Mìķú Øćâřä


    5. Vladimir Lenin

      6:19 He is speaking the language of the gods

    6. Vladimir Lenin

      5:25 is hilarious

    7. RewiindedEon

      lol ty so much for these vids i laugh my head off

    8. Hunter Whittaker

      2:46 Why

    9. Toon Link

      No way to get onto your balcony? That’s okay! Just pull out your Hookshot, aim at the Hookshot target, and fire! Boom! Balcony reached! #LegendofZeldaLogic

    10. MamaLuigitheDonutGal

      The only reason I can think for the "stage toilet" having no door on it is so the disabled can access it easier. Except that would be completely negated by the platform it's on.

    11. BLXST

      His voice looks like stewie

    12. BLXST

      6:08 😂😂😂

    13. xraven

      1:48 me too

    14. Gull Not Laughing

      8:54 was a missed opportunity to write "Buzz of wasps"

    15. not me

      3:19 i mean, buzz lightyear looks fine, but woody tho...

    16. D I S C O M B O B U L A T E D.

      3:42 This spongebob actually had a nose, i saw it on a Chinese buildings compilation

    17. Illora Goodwin

      THAT POOR SAXOPHONE.. anyone else here a band kid and felt that Saxophone's pain?... I am a flute though...

    18. XxShady_ReaperX


    19. ZKB8z k

      “He’s peeing in the UNIRALLLLL”

    20. Rianne 1


    21. Time for Abi_Rea

      Ahhh! 2:19 i literally have nightmares about this! i didnt know it was real!

    22. Time for Abi_Rea

      1:36 Ahhh! ive been caught!

    23. amelia Yasmine

      My 19 year old brother has discord light

    24. bebe kermit


    25. Just Trish

      The girl that moves and talks on the thing lol how do I describe this I pass that thing 3 million times at the mall and I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks that’s kinda useless

    26. Boys Griggs

      It looks like a RAT

    27. Anonymous Qwertz

      4:04 I have one of these stores in the mall I go to and I agree with your opinion

    28. Magdalena Dobrev

      Make this the most liked comment on CZ-news!

      1. Chocolate chip Mint

        Yeah, not happening any time soon buddy Sorry

    29. Swamp

      2:42 Uniral?

    30. Hazard-Ryan


    31. Tubehero2109_the_original

      7:29 (GIOFILMS looks at this photo) GIOFILMS: “OH THE HUMANITY”

    32. DaBoiOfShadows


    33. Ganliard

      4:17 This seems to be done on purpose, to show that the building is older than it looks

    34. Songoten jr

      0:24 it tells you that when you start the car

    35. innocent person

      once I typed *snow in beij* in google one of the autocomplete options that came up was *snow in beijing, beijing, china* umm. you do know that beijing is not situated in another place called beijing?

    36. Azelia

      These were an accident *just like me*

    37. Magi Lagi

      6:26 it's:What does it mean to care.Just reading by color

    38. Mahish Dwarka

      i think that for 5:38 the person wanted to go for a FRIENDS design... U know the series FRIENDS..... Monica's apartment

    39. Bojan Vijatov

      I wish he could play VR

    40. MyPcWorksAlot

      Who could make spongebob scary? People who made McDonald's chairs.

    41. Nerdus Maximus

      Or you could play the saxophone while watching people pee. "Ladies and gentleman, my new song called "Bathrooms suck!"

    42. sans the skeleton

      Focus on the road there's nothing but road

    43. Noah kelly

      2:40 when you forget to rotate in the Sims 4

    44. Nico Thibert

      ha ha ha soooooooooooooooooo funny

    45. It’s Epic

      3:00 I thought it was pizza

    46. SisterCat Gacha ミ

      5:46 use the window

    47. CrocoGator

      In this house we serve the 之̮̙͇ɞ͠ḍ̭̭̞̀א͝

    48. Mike Mike


    49. Pete Z.

      Like for 2020

    50. Gavin Bruderer

      5:25 In this house we serve the laord. I can't stop replaying that

    51. The Fantom

      Lightning Maquin (idk how to spell it) : does a ultimate jumpscare Me:😱

      1. Dimension Animations

        The Fantom but how is this supposed to be funny? r/youngpeopleyoutube

      2. The Fantom

        It's just that it scared me

      3. Dimension Animations

        The Fantom how is this funny

    52. ItzmeehSugar -

      I literally just clicked the video becuz I saw JongKook from Runningman://

    53. imp babe

      3:57 i have one of those in my mall. they put a Christmas skirt on it during Christmas time.

    54. Barstool

      The warning screen in the car is the splash screen when you start the car, you have to click ok acknowledging the warning before you are able to use the touch screen Most likely to absolve the manufacturer from liability if somebody crashes because they weren't paying attention to the road.

    55. Prisca Pua



      Why pee in the uniral When you can pee in the TRUMPET

      1. BladerGamerJeff

        That’s a SAXOPHONE


        He actually said uniral

    57. Kayla Paulauskas

      4:00 I never knew Tal Fishman had 2 sisters! Wow!

    58. Mike TGM

      5:10 I Turned Off My PC And yeah...

    59. Trollsome

      3:55 NECC

    60. BlazinBeth PheonixGirl

      With the light up pillow, that actually sounds wonder, me and my long distance boyfriend live in the same time zone, some relationships are close but not close enough to see each other regularly

    61. IMMA BIRD

      Weird pictures of toilets 4

    62. jmihm

      1:13 thats not a foot its a...

    63. LASER 130

      Everytime i try to build a nice house in minecraft but the details doesnt sync up right. R/crappydesign

    64. LASER 130

      Ive been in one toilet with a urinal in front of a stall. And i was panicking to finish my business as i hear a guy in the stall flushing

    65. Ramon Nelson

      Don’t judge me but I like discord on light mode better but it’s my opinion per say I don’t really care

    66. Qwasey Wearycooldoc Inc.

      “What does What What does?” *_-S P E E C H 1 0 0-_*

      1. Georgia Gaming :D

        *_-DESTRUCTION 100-_*

    67. N Is For Nick67

      6:19 people talking on roblox

      1. American Mapping