r/crappydesign Best Posts #22



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    1. Mr. Helper

      2:42 R/whoooosh

    2. shawdowcat studio

      And emkay intros

    3. Poni Draw

      this me giggle me not gilggle lie me giggle very yes giggle much geatrb

    4. juub TPT

      Hey, why is the saxophone mouthed piece upside down?!?

    5. Super BanjoBoom

      I love peeing in UNIRALS!!!

    6. Sword0fRamsay


    7. HamzterBANKEN 1

      6:25 r/ihadastroke

    8. Mckenzie Welsh

      4:02 = human poodle

    9. Cement Table

      ㄷ ㅐㅌㅌㄹㅌ?

    10. Alen Buncer

      My little brother said 0:52 looks like a hammerhead shark

    11. O_O

      6:26 took forever to find out the meaning but the Color green blue and yellow are separated idk I can’t explain:/

    12. sonic the rockstar plush

      0:41 they say building blocks

    13. ItzMeDB

      "ctrl alt delete turns off the computer"

    14. Raeleene Snider

      2:36 When you're making a house in the Sims and forget to rotate.

    15. rubik's nerd

      What does lmao mean?

    16. ethanrockon

      Butifful 3:38

    17. ethanrockon

      This made me go insane 2:30

    18. noob_26

      1:39 I put discord on light mode

      1. Henrik Inthavong Finne


    19. TheRedGuyYT Roblox and More

      i forgot that discord light mode exists

    20. Ana Bannana

      3:55 oh lol that's at the mall I go to :p

    21. Modern Blueberry


    22. Inna

      Is peeing in the uniral. Hold up

    23. Fizzy Fruit6428

      2:42 did he say uniral instead of urinal

    24. Ashley Sanchez

      4:00 when I was 5 or 6 years old I always saw it when I’m on the second floor

    25. Aashit Agrawal

      THE best one 5:21

    26. khentherobrine DACULAN

      *Fat Hero*

    27. jimararoyaleplayz

      8:46 i was doing try not to laugh at night and that made me pee my pants! 😂😂😂

    28. iogamer alpha

      1:17 Phone Guy confirmed!!!!!11111!!!1!1!

    29. Mael_Str0M

      8:10 That’s Cerberus, Hades’ dog from Greek mythology

    30. Huneiti142


    31. dawnmccarthy1

      Single use Iphone charge? For what? If there's an emergency? If you're lost in the woods and your cell phone is out of power? Just go all out and buy a multi-device solar charger. They don't cost THAT much. Unless you go for high end brand names.

    32. 20thCenturyDenzel

      7:24 This is the 2nd alternate version of me when I got therapy on 5th grade in school. "We do not allowed to let me go to the therapy and nope, there we go. Thanks, Juan D. Stubbe."

    33. DrRatnum

      3:33 looks just like punker_irl from tik tok

    34. just___ Yuru567

      Nobody Giofilms: ***calls a urinal a uniral***

    35. ReolisticGoast

      That thumbnail made me laugh so much I have a reddit post for r/entitledparents

    36. the spectre


    37. roblox gamer

      Em i the only asian that whaches giofilms #boneapletea

      1. roblox gamer

        The #boneappletea wrong on purpose

    38. Ark and Rex

      I have dark mode to....

    39. Symphonial Squid

      That scary spongebob has lt’s ( pennywise) smile

    40. Rann Williamson

      What if someone played the saxophone after someone peed in it

    41. Jason Wilkerson

      *The Uniral*

    42. Violanda Antonio

      Kim jong kook only running man fans will know 8:44

      1. Violanda Antonio

        @Anna TRAN lol well i guess its the time to stop chatting now

      2. Anna TRAN

        Violanda Antonio ik

      3. Violanda Antonio

        I mean technically its not my app its called running man forever

      4. Violanda Antonio

        @Anna Tran Oh lol i watch running man not the cartoon one and i have an app that can make me watch all the running man ep lol

      5. Anna TRAN

        ur comment

    43. ultimate destroyer114

      This is the best youtuber

    44. Prismus of 夢世界

      I put Discord on light mode.

    45. Prismus of 夢世界

      I put Discord on light mode.

    46. Jeremy Enge-Frey

      i think the eat more potatoes thing is supposed to be E.T, because those letters are capitalized, but that's still a weird way to advertise potatoes

    47. Terry Miller

      When your workers are lazy and dont try on costumes

    48. OmNomCutz

      2:40 toilet can even look at his wife

    49. Wiccan Blossom

      6:27 I deciphered it “What does it mean to care” Jumbled up and it makes 0 sense

      1. Thi-Antra Chirasarn

        Wiccan Blossom it’s not that hard to understand... thousands of people already commented the same thing.

    50. CFK

      6:22 not crappy design

    51. cricket the angel dragon

      The saxophone was Lisa's toilet if she was manly

    52. Reece Gibbons

      1:57 r/madlads

    53. Reece Gibbons

      8:46 doctor:hello so whats your condit- GET ME OUT OF HERE!

    54. teenageastronaut

      The saxophone is in brussels airport

    55. Cynthian oof

      Sample text memes😅😂

    56. EonCringe

      1:35 *I use discord light mode*

    57. Surinder Dosanjh

      4:20 the point of the pillow is that it glows when there asleep so you know not to call them and it doesn’t glow when there awake so they know that they can contact them

    58. PenguinJP MC

      2:40 If it was there, i would knock something off the sink and *PLOOP*

    59. Sian Adams

      In my school the boys uranuls r next to the 🚽


      I saw kim jong kook and was like wutwutwut

    61. Käpt'n Kadaver

      2:39 You mean the toilet looks *pissed*

    62. UZI_draw z

      Your laugh sounds fake and sarcastic but I love your vids keep uploading

    63. Cleo Martir

      3:31 SPONGEBOB SCAREPANTS not square pants lol

    64. Pedrito Ramirez


    65. Red bandana Gaming

      r/woooosh r/woooosh

    66. WOOF

      Ctrl alt delete turns the pc off? Wtf

    67. venom venom

      6:05 looks like E.T

      1. Bev Hindle

        ET phone grocery store

    68. GraffieNoobLord

      I wish i had my camaera but when i went to a store i saw a crappy steve design from minecraft

    69. MaeMae Davis

      4:07 omg everytime I go to the mall I have to see that and it scares me every