PZ9 FACE REVEAL! SPY NINJAS vs HACKER in Blaster Battle while Daniel is Missing

Vy Qwaint

Vy Qwaint

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    PZ9 face reveal before big CZ-news party?
    After Chad Wild Clay made the video "10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS REVEALS PZ9 SECRET & CZ-news Throws Party to Give Speech to Movie Executives!", Vy Qwaint created "CAN YOU BEAT THIS GIRL at ARM WRESTLING? Surprising my Friends SPY NINJAS vs Giant Hacker Challenge", and Daniel uploaded "I WANT PZ9 A SPY NINJA! Spending 24 Hours Creating DIY Challenge to Distract Hackers" to the Exposing Project Zorgo CZ-news channel, the Spy Ninjas find out Chad has reached 10 million subscribers on his CZ-news channel! CZ-news called Chad to invite him to a party, where Hollywood executives could offer the Spy Ninjas their own movie! PZ9 wants to join in, but Chad, Daniel, and Regina decide PZ9 has to unmask first! Daniel is off on a strange mission. Vy challenges PZ9 to a seek and destroy battle, where teams of two will dodge firing blasters inside and outside the safe house to rescue a hidden Mr. Squiggles. If PZ9 fails, he has to reveal his face! Can PZ9 avoid getting hit to keep his trademark mask on? Or will the Spy Ninjas be victorious and finally see what's behind Melvin's mask? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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    1. Haremela Tesfaye

      l think pz9 should show his face

    2. minie what are u doing in my booty

      🇪🇹 And all other

    3. Inetter Thomas

      Daniel is in the shed go help him

    4. George Ndugu

      I want to be a spy ninja.

    5. Gaming with kenlieab


    6. vivek cs

      Do you know me

    7. Cool Boy

      i dont FREACK OUT

    8. Dei Rivas

      daniel is not ocay his in the backyard in the shed

    9. Melanie Hernandez

      Pz9 take Daniel he is back yard in the little house

    10. Zara Durmus

      Hi vy

    11. Melanie Hernandez

      That's why pz2 walks lie that

    12. Melanie Hernandez

      Pz2 is a 🐒

    13. Çámèrøñ Røßïñśøñ

      Attention all projects with them we have chatted the freezer room off the ledge we can complete deleting CZ-news if we hurt Peezy nine it will not be Peezy nine tube

    14. Çámèrøñ Røßïñśøñ


    15. Çámèrøñ Røßïñśøñ


    16. Sarah Hall

      And remember project zorgo is watching from Mr e 🐕🏠

    17. Roslyn Crump

      the pz9 you guys are with is not the real pz9 the real pz9 captchard daniel

    18. Nancy Lively

      Im sad because vy betrayed you😭😭😭😭

    19. CoriM42

      I. The passcode is. 2016

    20. ewelina krzykowska

      I really want to be a spy ninjas

    21. Braydon McLean

      I like your videos. I watch them everyday.

    22. Shanna Worth


    23. Aklis Ali

      Pz9 trapped Daniel in the backyard shed and when Daniel said that there was something about his past, it was actually from another video


      I Love You

    25. Avanish Pons

      Pz9 is betrad the spy ninjas

    26. Jazmin castronovo

      there are 2 pz9 i thick

    27. Chance Haddon 1


    28. henry morrow

      I found a weird cord in my couch

    29. Hartsville Haque

      Please remove your mask Pz9

      1. Hartsville Haque

        Iam beaging you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☆

    30. YouTube Watcher

      Omg I am like ugghhh I am subscribed to chad VY Regina and Daniel but I want to add more but I can’t!

    31. Jaanvi Patel

      Daniel is trapped by pz9

    32. Nina Pacho

      P the 9 track dada Neil

    33. Louise Mannion


    34. Ozlem Mazi


    35. akinisie tmangiaq

      Vy can I get a backpacks

    36. Lucy Cortes

      Pz9 has Daniel that is why pz9 did not let you go in that door

    37. Batool Alsaleem

      Vy is your favorite CZ-newsr is l love you guys are

    38. BABY YODA Anamations

      Check in the shed thingy

    39. BABY YODA Anamations

      Daniels trapped in a room

    40. Rinaldas Mitkus

      Where is pz9

    41. ME - 03SB - Fairlawn PS (1443)

      PZ9 trapped Daniel in the shed

    42. Andrea Curtis

      I think pz9 is

    43. Wayne House


    44. Naman Ahmad

      Pz9 trapped Daniel 😭

    45. Lola Mate

      I don’t think that pz9 is on your side

    46. Alina Gonzales

      Save Daniel he's in trouble buy pz9 please save hi for the spy ninjas nooooooooo booo pz9 I am not to happy to see pz9 pz9 is still a project zorgo member get him out of spy ninjas

    47. Alina Gonzales

      Pz9 put Daniel in the shed don't trust him he didn't go to the bathroom he is 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

    48. Daiana Cruz

      Regina is hot

    49. Kensi Nigro

      PZ9 is hideing daniel in the backyard shed

    50. Midnight Fenix

      Who loves the spy ninjas press the blue button

      1. Midnight Fenix

        ,pz9 is still bad

    51. Benjamin Fretwell

      CZ-news party!

    52. Cecile Calagos

      Chad is gone your useless😄😄😄

    53. Christopher Spencer

      people are

    54. Hilaal10 Hassan

      Don’t trust pz9 he traped Daniel

    55. jibran rani


    56. dandsw97

      Mr e is robot someone from past

    57. Jessica Zhao

      If your a true spy ninja like this ⬇️

      1. Tedd Perez

        Jessica Zhao wwwwwwhy

      2. Henryx Venzuela

        I'm a spyninja

      3. Darren Chambers

        Don't worry if your dog doesn't want a better relationship with you

    58. Heidi Tingle

      Pz9 is bad

    59. Lizbeth Cabrera

      Pz 9 come on just be a spy ninja just take it off

    60. Shilpa Shavi

      Spy ninja you have to come back

    61. Benjamin Greengrass

      A hacker was pretending to be daniel

    62. Mohammed Kariman

      PZ9 it’s funny

    63. Jacob Daleo


    64. Daisys Toys

      I love your videos I hope you got to 10900 subscribers and I hope you have a happy life and I love your videos

    65. Pera Pera

      Pz9 is EVIL

    66. Kirols Mina

      Pz9 is working with project zorgo that is why Daniel is not around

    67. Ermal Enis

      Hi spy ninjas the code is 1616

    68. Marziya Daniel

      Pz9 captured Daniel in the shed in the back yard

    69. Mac Dre

      The code is 1626 .

    70. sisilia minogue

      The code is 1626