Puppy Meets Wolf!

Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa

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    The day is finally here! After almost 2 months some of the puppies meet my dog Wolf for the first time!!
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    1. Joey Graceffa

      Should I introduce the rest of the puppies to wolf on vlog channel?

      1. Carly Wieslander

        Best part of this entire channel:::: JOEY’S IMPRESSION OF EACH OF THE DOGS/PUPS!!! Toooo funny!!!

      2. Lina Bru

        The puppy’s got so big

      3. Tatia's Travels!

        Joey Graceffa please keep pink

      4. Saarah Scott

        Annalisa Jackson not red pink

      5. Abigaga does gaming

        Joey Graceffa yes

    2. QueenPuffball 20

      WHOS the daddy 😂

    3. aRe YoU bItChEs CoNsPirRnG AgAiNSt mE ?

      who's here after the decided who to keep🧼❤️? (the emojis give it away XD)

    4. -BяøКЄп-

      Red reminds me of Billie Eilish 😂💙💚

    5. Catie Lucas

      who the dad

    6. HOBO Z

      6:39 wtf

    7. Asa's World

      Keep there names

    8. Mckeina kendall

      wolf ok

    9. Kyndal Blackwell

      Wolfie: Dear Diary, Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    10. Lovely Bomi


    11. Laila Owens

      Green and pink are sooo cute I wish I could keep green soo cute

    12. Tammycat Bambrick

      What happened to storm

    13. Vinz Pacomios

      Awwwwwwww, its very cute Joey pls introduce the puppies to storm

    14. Sarah Rean

      Who’s the Dad?

    15. Xx_Kandy _KaylaxX

      Storm in the backround doo

    16. Kittenball Grim Reaper Gamer Chan

      I want you to keep all the puppies except I know that will be a lot of work!

    17. Danny Danny

      Gonna Sniff his Butt :-P

    18. Kaitlyn Tanner

      Yellow and teal plz ❤️

    19. Who Knows?

      Who’s the father?

    20. Pedro Fralre

      Wolfe:can I show my butt to the people plz wolfe:I don't care anyways wolfe:*just shows butt to us

    21. Maze Playz

      I feel like you should keep ALL THE PUPPIES!

    22. Devon Hickey

      Hi Julie I love your puppies

    23. Elle S

      I wish that you were able to keep blue bear, teal and moo! Since pink already has a home and red seems to be an only child type of dog

    24. Tatia's Travels!

      Please keep pink

    25. Muffet / roseetn

      Joey’s teeth are cleaner than my future

    26. JanielLove DanielPreda

      Daniel Preda 🍆 Joey Graceffa 🍑 Janiel ♾

    27. undertale gaming101

      Wolfy would like be the best farther

    28. Kiley J

      I think you should keep yellow and teal or yellow and pink

    29. Animal Petter The Better?!


    30. heather tareila

      I would love to have one of the puppies, they are all so cute!!

    31. daisy-mai gregory-sargent

      Petition to keep red 👇🏻

    32. Ilovjesus

      *See's a kind comment and likes. Person who made the comment*omg thank you for all the likes Me*unlikes

    33. Baeleigh Orkwis

      I just thought about it and all of Joeys dogs have 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye

    34. Saarah Scott

      Red has the Billie Eilish look

    35. Saarah Scott

      Keep red he’s so pretty

      1. Saarah Scott

        He has the Billie Eilish look

    36. Dietrich Ahlers

      You're going to get all the puppies neutered as soon as they're old enough, right Joey? Right???

    37. Rae-rae Louissant

      Lark looks really skinny

    38. Megan Shaw

      How the hell Storm get inside 🗿

    39. Lottie H

      who else loves lavender? 💜

    40. Anika Lorainne

      The pups are so big now

    41. desmon 434

      whats niclodien joey the puppys are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

    42. desmon 434

      yes of corse

    43. Stella's Stories

      How many puppies do you have??????🐶

    44. Liz Black

      Pink, Green, & Teal are my favs😫

    45. Phoebe Fiore

      I literally started crying it was so chaotic 😂😂

    46. Indie Lavender

      Who’s the pups dad?

    47. kaylanie Jimenez

      Do more of these vids I like them

    48. KITTYCAT guenie pigs

      Your puppies are soo cute and dogs are my fav animals hope they go to good homes

    49. Nadia Gardner

      keep teal

      1. Nadia Gardner

        if you can keep all

    50. Elle May

      KEEP PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    51. Gacha dogs :3

      Are you just gunna keep all of them? I want one BUT I CANTTTTT!!!

    52. Allienunu

      Who's the daddy

    53. ThisBeachxo

      3:52 just look at that sweet little angel 👼

    54. Liesje Pattikawa

      I felt sorry for storm

    55. Gacha potato Angel

      There trying to give you a new hair look because they want you to look nice XD

    56. Charlotte 96

      wolf look a little chubby but its sooo cute

    57. Gosia Lipinska

      I love puppies and white wolf

    58. Sarah Deeb

      Who’s the dad of the pups

    59. Cailey Duffy

      Who are the puppies dad

    60. Kaleigh Adkins

      Lol I've been commenting on ur videos but i made a choice you need to keep teal and pink YOU HAVE TO THEY BOTH HAVE SUCH A STRONG BOND TO YOU AND LARK!!!

    61. Oh mah lord

      I’m obsessed their so cute

    62. Oh mah lord

      :o Kawaii!

    63. Nicole Frederick

      *:Wolfy Reminds Me Of Toothless So Much ^W^ 16:24

    64. Serena Raquel

      Wouldn't Wolfie and Storm be their uncles?

    65. Chloe Murphey

      😳😳😳 awwwwwwwwwww

    66. Arianna Waine

      The pupies are adorable

    67. Crafty World


    68. Rachel Deeves

      Ihope they keep them all

    69. Aniyah Markowski

      can you keep pink and one of the boys