Psh Nascar..

Ed Bassmaster

Ed Bassmaster

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    Nascar was fun, got kicked out and banned for life but who gives.. pshh unreal. make sure to leave a like ain't nothin' setup here boss real pranks only. Insurance king brought us out they didn't know how crazy chip was going to go but he doesn't care.
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    Filmed By: Wayne Reilly
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    1. MacNifty

      HAHAHA too funny man.

    2. Sean McNally

      Hey Ed...another fabulous video man !..can't stop laughing..."who's got time for that crap" !

    3. Brian Longenecker

      Next PSH at the barber shop 💈

    4. Christopher Booker

      Told this man he couldnt take a shit lol

    5. Seth Perry

      YARD SALE SATURDAY 10/19/2019!!! Edward...Can you PLEASE Psh some Saturday morning yard sales??!! We were having a sale this past Saturday and my brother in law pulled up all fast and crazy...looked at us through the window and hit us with a hard "Pshhhh" with the hands and sped off. Classic- and I think it could become one of your greatest hits. Imagine the old couple trying to squeeze some dollars out of an old box of tools are a golf club from the 50's and you show up. "Unreal...."

    6. Kenneth Fehribach

      He said “Yogurt? Pssh!!!” 😂

    7. suskyboy3

      this isn't even remotely funny, haven't seen one yet

      1. Ricky Jameson


    8. jgswartz23

      What song is that in the background? Its killing me....psh

    9. ICU81 2

      He looks like phil Cassidy from vice city lol

    10. Birdie Pari, Rico & Friends!

      ...The dog... even looked confused...

    11. ali dodo

      Good advertising

    12. michael weber

      Psh contest between him and a blow off valve

    13. Michael Constantine

      Where can I get a sweater like that tho?

    14. Michael Constantine

      From 1:00 to 2:16 is fuckin gold 😂😂

    15. bansheemania

      @2:34 i was Waiting for that Mechanic to Torque him. Pssh

    16. MR COMENTTOE S Cohen

      I love that that's what I say all they do is go in circles

    17. Ryan Hundt

      pssssh get real

    18. Alex Milian

      Wtf mircocip

    19. Orange Monks


    20. No more breaks Migo

      Lol you haven’t uploaded in a long time n when u did you got little views but good contrnt

    21. proud2BaNurse

      Another left turn!!!!


      There’s something fuckin hilarious bout him kickin dirt - I think it’s because of how disrespectful it is hahaaa

    23. Kentucky vlogs

      Nascar pshh unreal

    24. John Burke

      *Don't do that again...* @2:25

    25. Daniel K

      PLEASE do ugly face again!

    26. TJ Nascar

      How do people think this is funny

    27. Kevin Kinney

      Kicks tire “Don’t do that again”

    28. Peaky_Blinder

      Ed the ledge

    29. Lex Lutoh

      RIP... Got shot while doing his prank... We will miss you Ed.. PSH!

    30. Lumeify


    31. TOODLEZ

      Anyone think I'd be funny if Ed went dressed as Skippy exactly, but acted like Teste?

    32. Fetina Wimberly


    33. Jack&warren channel

      How is this guy not on snl or in comedy movies in hollywood at this point ..pssshhh unreal !!!!!!

    34. Douglas R ed must see this, the guy from noreay says hiddle biddle, this may be a new language!

    35. Henry Oliver

      You should do a psh with an Uber. Mumble about their driving and be like there goes 5 five stars lol

    36. yungbizzlebaby

      Hey Ed, what can we do to get a new Halloween scare/prank video (similar to the vampire in the streets, or vampire drive-thru pranks from years past)??? Oh, and while I’m asking, how about an iHelp/iWork video please!!!

    37. Carl Brutananadilewski

      To be fair, Nascar is garbage.

    38. Diapason

      That dog didn't deserve it, you did them dirty ed you really did.

    39. Seafoox animations


    40. TheMiketrax

      I could of done it way quicker lol

    41. AKA Peter Rabbit

      Those guys at the start wouldn’t let him use their toilet...

    42. Eli N

      My cheeks hurt😂

    43. Crusifix Jesus

      that guy was was psh'd

    44. Mel Manske

      We need ed bassmaster at lost lands music fest 2020 ... Ed if ur reading this please get back to me

    45. joshioaz85


    46. Satan Himself

      kicked out for life? that is pretty extreme. Fuck Nascar, Formula1 is where the real talent is

    47. DarkVostik 31

      Where can I get a PSH pass?

    48. Brad Beckwith

      I would have kicked the car tire again. Called that guys bluff.... PSHHH

    49. John Doe

      You made my night man i was feeling down but this brought my spirits up

    50. DIRT_BIKEKID2683477

      Lol Tyler Reddick was dying of laughter 😂

    51. Mistar Doyle

      1:51 lmaoooo

    52. 7 6

      Kicking dirt on asphalt to a golf cart that’s already passed you by 😂 psh

    53. James Graham

      Yogurt? PSSH

    54. Infosyphon Gaming

      PPSH not impressed. 😂

    55. gage wallen


    56. Long John

      I came home today a Friday, got high as hell found a new series I like and all of a sudden I see skippy as a background character with one line and it freaks me out the series is it’s Bruno s1e7, anyways Ed’s on Netflix!

    57. Darren Wilson

      Where's your chin?

    58. Jeff Cardinal

      More psh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    59. Fix It


    60. YUPPY

      Can you do another Swollen?

    61. Mitchell Da

      post more!!

    62. skandar sahebzada

      Video with cassady compbell please

    63. D Scott

      OMG, that's was right up there with the funniest videos I've ever in my entire life! Ed Bassmaster just keeps getting better at his craft. He's the fk'n funniest guy ever in CZ-news ever!!

      1. Oakley Sierney

        Because he's REAL. Not like 99% of these youtube pranksters that fake stuff! ♥♥

    64. musclegamer09

      Big fan mate I’ve been doing a couple little pranks myself I’m trying to get awareness for the homeless and been doing couple vids on it if anyway you could give me a shout out or anything to get more views and more people knowing about things it would be a big help 👍🏽keep up the good work your funny man proper class act

    65. Jesse King

      Chingo bling inspiration

    66. Juan Soto

      Hey Ed wen are you gonna start making more The creep vids scaring people especially girls😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 super funny man

      1. Oakley Sierney

        I LOVE those! Or I work. TOo good :)

    67. Chi guy

      Legendary things

    68. William crowley

      Ed bassmaster doesn't replie to or pin comments anymore because he has severe crap mo stank

    69. Khalid Omar

      Omg I'm dying dis shit funny as hell

    70. KreativeCuts

      Rocking the rasta sweater. Where is the rasta hat bro?