PROOF: The World is Laughing at Donald Trump

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    World leaders laughed behind Donald Trump's back at the NATO Summit, it was a long day for the House Judiciary portion of the impeachment proceedings, Rep Devin Nunes tried to defend his multiple phone calls with one of Giuliani's Ukrainian henchmen, and Andrew Yang decided to squirt whipped cream into people's mouths.
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    PROOF: The World is Laughing at Donald Trump

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    1. Nevaeh Lucero

      How did we end up with such an ugly old ass clown for a President..this is one time I agree with trump. The world is laughing at our President

    2. frenchis19

      Jimmy, you've always been a loser; you probably squat to piss and that's why you hate men who look like real men! What do you weigh , about 120lbs? Your mouth is big but you are a light weight woman! Its going to be hilarious when president trump is cleared n re elected and it is going to happen , 100% ! Here your funnies then((( trump is forever impeached!!))) Actually people are laughing at you not with you!/

    3. Amsterdambaby

      TRUMP is the BOSS!!

    4. Amelia Cook

      Let's send Trump somewhere far, far away... MARS!!!!! he can't FCUK that up.....then again he probably could... but at least he'd be gone!!!

    5. Chris Madison

      Jimmy, you need to get a life. You have Trump derangement syndrome. He is able to get in your head so easily you can't just stop talking about him every day. HE shows you and the rest of the liberal media or liberal host what a bunch of fools you really are.

    6. smoked buns

      Hey Jimmy Kimmel, why do you think Donald Trump won?

    7. thomas 71

      Trump should start watching real news channels.

    8. Pat Fallon

      President Trump will be appointed as President for the rest of his life

    9. mike becker

      Imagine if Obama sent unmarked cash to Iran so they can fund terrorists all around the world.

    10. mike becker

      Is salami laughing at Trump

    11. SinusPrimus

      I‘m a Swiss and I guarantee you that our comedians in Germany Austria and Switzerland tell about Trump that he is a better comedian than themselves. Greetz from Switzerland Second 🇨🇭 Google Idiot 🍊

    12. Rhett Simbulan

      I'm no American but based on what I know from world history, your founding fathers were totally fine with slavery and racism until Abe. So maybe saying they would've vomited and stuff was inaccurate?

    13. -King- Dragon-

      This orange isn't funny

    14. Coldplay AndRollerCoasters

      Before this happened politics never made me uncomfortable until now

    15. Otsile Modiselle

      What a joke

    16. supanova

      With a Plain face😐These are the people RUNNING Our Lives We dont need then!

    17. Wanda Kowalski

      People are laughing at him everywhere I travel. A year ago, I was driving from Johannesburg to Kruger National Park. Stopped at tiny roadside stand in the middle of nowhere to have a bite and the owners, who thought I was American (not), really gave their two cents worth about what a stupid, sick, corrupt person Trump is. So there.

    18. Anthony Zaleski

      Lock hillary up ASAP !!!Trump is Great 4more yrs!

    19. ceicli se-i-sl-i

      Boris Johnson is way smarter than Trump, he's good at pretending to be nutty though!

    20. Toyotarou

      I love how these trash shows just constantly throw their own people and there president under the bus all the time lmao

    21. MrJoebotello

      Very sad that this orange Psychopath is the president What embarrassment for Our country

    22. mo salah

      Imagine who voted him though.😂😂😂😂.lol

    23. bill hawk

      But so many inbred idiots voted this nut in an they still out there!

    24. Yoyo

      You know it’s Bad when in a lesson in some smaller European country trump comes up and the whole class starts laughing....

    25. Criss Howe

      No, genius, they're laughing at YOU!!! - you big DUMBASS

    26. joe arreola


    27. Westside Granny

      Enough of this lowlife moron and family who thinks clothing that costs. way too much is impresdiv

    28. Westside Granny

      Enough of this lowlife mo

    29. Westside Granny

      Never heard it before. No one laughed at Barrack or his fabulous family. Need that family. This bozo actually said the world iui a laughing at us because ifell Barrack. W one. For Christ sake, we all liv

    30. Marion Lorimer

      Your a JOKE!!!!!!!!

    31. Criss Mullen

      Well Jimmy at least Mr Trump is getting some laughter which is more than can be said for you You are a on-track long-playing scratched vinyl record Expand your universe why dont you? You know try something different Different meaning not the same thing show after show ad nauseam ad infinitum get it?

    32. muhammad auwal dakasku

      Useless media....whatsoever the case my be Trump is the Best ...No one is from Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

    33. Miguel Salazar

      Somebody translated that " "the world is laughing at us" from Hitler's speeches right before Germans voted him to become the worst murderous dictator of the 20rh Century !

      1. Who is this kid?


    34. Alexander Hickerson

      "I watched Sean Hannity, I watched Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, a lot of legal scholars." W... w .... were you too afraid to watch anybody that doesn't kiss your ass?

    35. Ahmed Alshhrani

      Fake news

    36. Ben Miller

      Oh no! Countries with weaker economies and militaries are laughing at us! I feel so insecure!

    37. OCFam

      Perfectly awesome presidents have been assassinated...why can’t someone for once take out a shitty one?

      1. Monster under your bed

        OCFam Wishing for someone's death. How compassionate and tolerant you are. Typical liberal. Sooner or later, they reveal their TRUE colors.

      2. Con Chron

        Your a terrible person u should know that

    38. Newly Awakened Guidance

      😂😂😂😂don’t be too hard on the Trump. It’s who is in control of our govt and Trump. That’s the person or persons we need to shine spotlight on. Love and Light 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    39. Kolton Walker

      trump is probably the best president of all time.

    40. Davidwhat

      you have to be retarded to consider this comedy... it's clearly just pushing an agenda. the use of fake audio of laughing is sad... they know the majority is not that intelligent and they are lead like sheep.

    41. Amelia Cook

      We're laughing at him in AUSTRALIA 😂😂😂😂😂 TRUMP IS A HALF-WIT

      1. Pat Fallon

        yes while the fire is burning you people are sick

      2. Divine Ray

        How are your koalas now?

      3. El_Aguiluch0

        How is Australia right now? So much fire and water?

    42. Stevenson Tavares

      Sad that americans laugh at their own president... Who does that?, only them !!!

    43. Roy Johansen

      We are😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    44. Bobby Decker

      They SHOULD! HE is a JOKE!

    45. Angel Espinoza


    46. Gael

      What foreigners call Trump: The orange man. What Iranians call him: That sonovavitch

      1. Gael

        @Make America Great Again - DUMP TRUMP! I wouldn't say in history because there were worse people back then. But in our current generation, he is🤔

      2. Make America Great Again - DUMP TRUMP!

        What Americans call him: The most dangerous political leader in the history of mankind.

      3. Henry Miller

        The target

    47. Dave Olep

      No Kimmel I'm tired of you , you're traitor you disgust me I don't like you any more . They should cancel your show and I was your #1 fan .

    48. Purple Rain

      Thats because dumbass make it so easy.

    49. Italian God

      TRUMP IS GREAT,TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

    50. Mr Gondorian

      You know your doing better than everyone when they start acting like school kids and come up with rumors and dispersions behind his back

    51. Ralph Nabozny

      Jimmy Kimmel gets paid well for being a fool. And he needs a shave

    52. Eddie Rosario

      the world was laughing at us, Whos laughing now?

    53. Wiebahh

      Why does he leave out mark rutte?

    54. jerry graeber

      when Trump inters A room they run to him and fall on every word they realize that he is the winner in the room and that is the truth Donald Trump best president of modern times

    55. jerry graeber

      ABC what a joke the other country leaders would love it if they could do half the work that MR Trump has done for this country for there country we see this Great President the best president of modern times thank you Mr Trump

    56. Jazz G

      It’s really confusing that the Americans call Boris Johnson Britain’s Donald trump. As much as a hate BoJo for what he is doing to the U.K. the only similarities I can see is he acts like a buffoon sometimes says racist stupid things and has crazy blonde hair! He is well educated, intelligent and articulate. He doesn’t want to privatise our healthcare believes global warming is real so much so that he rides a bike everywhere and when he was mayor of London he introduced “Boris bikes” to cut down on pollution. He has never claimed to be a successful businessman, hasn’t gone bankrupt and his family are loudly and outspokenly against what he stands for! I do not like the guy and I do not support him but he is not in any shape or form the equivalent of Donald trump!

    57. James Sharles

      I was not laughing I would like this to hit 10000k likes

    58. Matty

      Seriously Jimmy, you should be ashamed of yourself. This is your President like him or loath him his office deserves respect! Considering what this man has done for the American people since he took office is nothing short of amazing! You’re nothing but a paid lemming!

      1. Carlos Facundo Perez

        Shut the f...up i'm from Argentina, who do You people think You are? Stop protecting and thinking like that monster...makes You the worst kind of person in the world...killers and thiefs that try yo pretend that You are the good guys... Trump stands for the type of north american jerk everyone can't stand... Me revuelve las tripas, lo siento mucho por la gente en Estados Unidos que no es como ustedes... Que asco dan.

    59. Emm Yo

      Oh the talk shows will have fun with this!!🤣🤣 $80,000,000 bounty for trumps head.

    60. N64Guy

      PEE SEX TAPE!!!!!!

    61. Tom Evans

      Weren't they also laughing when he ran for president? Don't you get it? Bigots laugh at EVERYONE who disagrees with them. It's who get the LAST laugh that counts. World: laughs at Trump Trump: "The USA is cutting off all military and other aid to the world." World: stops laughing Trump: starts

    62. Moonchild

      In Europe we are not only laughing at the president we are laughing at the Americans for voting for him. 😂

      1. Pat Fallon

        In Europe the Muslims are taking over hahahaha

      2. Who is this kid?

        @Monster under your bed You are really the dumbass.

      3. Make America Great Again - DUMP TRUMP!

        Moonchild That comes to a total of 63 Million and one retarded Trump roaches who would run for cover, if you told them the sky is falling.

      4. Moonchild

        nodozhit yeah I think everyone is laughing trough the pain 😂😅

      5. Moonchild

        KiPPi I‘m not talking for any country I’m talking of the majority of citizens and my own experience. I think it’s true but it is also just a joke.

    63. Tom Evans

      World: laughs at Trump Trump: "The USA is cutting off all military and other support to the world." World: stops laughing Trump: starts

      1. 5164john

        Trump pisses off Iran again and the entire middle east rains fire on the uS and all of Europe says FU US. and nobody laughs.

      2. The true Reds

        And fight poverty,cancer,global warming etc? He'll be a saint. The world is tired of non stop wars!

      3. Andir 737

        I as a German can say we dont even care if Trump would cut off the military support because unlike Trump our politicans dont insult other countries and presidents so we dont habe to fear war. Besides that the rest of the world is laughing at Trump since his campain got attention and he did nothing against that during his whole time as president so why should he start now? I could even imagine that he is so arrogant that he doesnt even notice the rest if the world laughing at him.

      4. Shawn

        Tom Evans omg the rest of the world is going to be laughing even louder. US send armies to pressurize others not supporting them. that’s what keeps US economy going otherwise the economy will crash. Geez why do u think US would drone that Iran leader

    64. Tom Evans

      Weren't they also laughing when he ran for president? Don't you get it? Bigots laugh at EVERYONE who disagrees with them. It's who get the LAST laugh that counts.

      1. 5164john

        That question is resolved. Everyone but Donald Trump got the last laugh. Because they were laughing at him.

    65. franco contino

      I am not an American and I am not laughing at your President but I am laughing at your hopeless stupidity and lack of respect for yourselves have you nothing else to mock there are democrats though that are hilarious even those crazed professors sorry for you guys Trump is in again for another 4years lol

    66. David Braun

      Jimmy if you don't like Trump then leave this the way your not even funny.....

    67. JohnGalt009

      That’s what was done to him at his high school, the NYMA. He hated it.

    68. Angel Villarreal

      You gotta know one of those dislikes is from Trump's secret account.

    69. stoeydude2000

      The world is laughing at anyone who still thinks jimmy kimmle is any form of entertainment.

    70. Billy Vee

      Who's laughing now.