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    Sensei Doug Duggart demonstrates how his “tackle & grapple” technique can provide you with the tools you need to protect yourself.

    About Key & Peele:
    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.
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    1. Cereal Killer

      Key is the Avatar of all races.

    2. Julian Chapman

      Get your ass away

    3. Jaiden Gamerz

      who noticed when the man disappeared

    4. A-xionne Cathalina

      Nah this dude is a 10/10 sensei man😭😭

    5. Stefan's My name

      0:52 The bad timing🤣🤣

    6. Halcion Koenig

      This was totally the 80's.

    7. Ronnie Rubel

      I felt bad for Doug but he gettin da bussy

    8. Ben Leong

      Rex Kwon Do put him out of business

    9. michael san antonio

      Loved how you grab ang squeeze that bubble

    10. I an MeMeng

      he just grab that ass 😂😂

    11. 박봉수

      저기 태극기 실화냐

    12. Channing Davis

      It’s high point NC being about 2 hrs from me. I can confirm this is how they act

    13. Erry Moestafa

      Wow.. Didn't know Key & Peele started way back in the 70's. And they haven't aged. Awesome!


      Specials discount for college students 🤣😂🤣

    15. Suraj Shaw

      0.27 you intentionally went into her guard...

    16. I should be asleep 3 hours ago

      Peele is the gong in this skit

    17. sloth sloth

      jiu jitsu but korean flag at the back

    18. Monk Prasurama

      It's a quick tackle get there😂😂

    19. GODᴇᴘɪᴄᴇʟʟ真神

      I like how he got the tiger like master ken

    20. russell perez

      Mahltiple enemies

    21. Isaac Ofori

      Lmao where can I sign up ??

    22. sci-fi Guy

      where do I sign up???

    23. Moulindu Sen

      1:15 "No... Stay.. Stay away"

    24. Ricardo v. Duuren


    25. nottheonlysinner

      Gong girl kinda cute tho

    26. Ronald Wilman

      Wonder how you got the video to look 80s old.

    27. Rishav Patra

      Damn right he is not

    28. Elly Rust

      Hot bitches

    29. sowhat

      I know grapple is some sort of grape and apple cross that I regret not trying when I had the chance to. Looks like an apple but I think tastes like apple and grapes.

    30. Armani Nguon

      “No you stay away.” LOL

    31. Puellos _

      He seems like he has a fun job

    32. Junior D greatest

      how he avoided a law suit during the filming of this sketch, the world may never know. lmfao

    33. stancexpunks

      Joe rogan needs to see this

    34. Cassa Nova

      Can someone please tell me the name of all these girls in the video?

      1. DasNutellamaedchen

        Kelly, Ally, Tandy, Candy, Betsy and Prunella

    35. poopmannelson1

      When I get off work I’m gonna make a move on my wife and when she’s like “wtf are you doing?” I’m gonna say tackle and grapple.

      1. MoScorpio Gaming

        Go get 'er, poopman

    36. frankenpope

      white women sell-outs whites should not intermix with other races!

    37. Raw&Uncut Gaming

      Tackle and grapple 🤔?

    38. Joseph Cole

      I wonder if their is a #meetoo discount ?

    39. Andriy Frost

      Me: So tired. Time to go to sleep CZ-news: Are you sure about that?

    40. Onyebuci Mordi

      nono stay away

    41. iceffb

      I wanna be a sensei now

    42. Lipstick Zombie

      I get the feeling this is what got Keegan a role in Dolemite. 😁

    43. johnny walker

      This shit just aint that funny

    44. johnny walker

      Soul glow

    45. Ronnie


    46. Cuteboi Haji

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 Im tellin u a lot of old men come jus for this. They wanna tackle n grapple young muscular boys

    47. Jeremy Lagos

      My boy blessed 0:38 😵

    48. xxxxxGhostBoyxxxxx

      Nope. no. Stay away 😂

    49. Ahmed Mustafa

      The funny thing is that High Point North Carolina is not a safe place at all ☠️☠️

    50. CHUTNEY 2020

      Random thought.... I want some bigger king. #w/cheese plees

    51. prestonssebastian2

      Tackle and Grapple

    52. DANA

      How cute.

    53. IDont3ven3xist


    54. j rand

      Unsafe in High Point North Carolina

    55. Walmart Fanatic

      Lol high point is Greensboro's garbage

    56. Richard Hoffman

      It’s the South’s answer to Steven Segal

    57. Hennessy *

      Damn this was recorded with a iPhone camera well that's what you get made in China ...

      1. Lipstick Zombie

        It screams betamax.

    58. wildmandann

      tackle and grapple

    59. Adriano Adinho

      So when's the Orgy?

    60. Ian Flanagan

      But how does takle and grapple pair up against someone who knows REXKWANDO?


      its all about multiple enemies

    62. some guy

      “Special discount for college students”

    63. Primal Way

      Reminds me of nearly every "sinsei" i had from 85 to 89 in so cal.. lmao...

    64. darealliljable

      One of the best ones imo

    65. Roger Johnson

      Free tackle and grapple classes must be over 18 and under 50 hit me up for ur private lesson 2407512448 😋😋😋

    66. Ahmad Muhammad Shakir

      The gong girl is so cute. Can I have her instagram’s account? 😃

    67. John C.

      Doug Duggart... Keeping High point safe.

    68. CivicSTS

      What’s up with the repeat videos?

    69. Super Slimey

      Women are just superior grapplers by nature. He doesn’t want to waste his time with a bunch of Male buffoons

    70. ginger

      He’s responsible for the me too plague