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Ben Azelart

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    She was so mad at me for this...
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    1. Ben Azelart

      Thanks for watching! Like this video for more pranks on Lexi😂 Can we reach 100k likes?😍

      1. Shanika Britner

        Like you

      2. marissa ingram

        Vale gang, you weren't the first one who commented, it was Malak Madkour

      3. Miguel Velez

        Malak Madkour ☝️👋🙏👅👀👶🧑👵👷‍♂️👩‍⚕️👨‍🍳👩‍🏫👨‍💻👩‍🔬👨‍🚒✋💍🧠🧕🗣👤👥👣👁💋💋👄👄👥👥👤👤👤

    2. OfficalDfried

      Lexi more like bexi

    3. It’s me Ehra

      Y’all need to stop saying pranking my crush JUST DATE ALREADY

    4. Ashfi Ashraf


    5. Kristine Sarmiento

      lexi's reaction when she saw the sign lolololllol

    6. Terra Martinez

      No buddy like when you do that

    7. Sabrina Sunderland

      Are you and lexi dating.

    8. Shanika Britner


    9. Solar 22

      You guys should do like the I hit my crush in front of her brother prank

    10. Valerie Camarena

      I thought it was for a week not for a day

    11. Cassidy Petty

      you just took the phone thing a little 2 far

    12. Iveth Leah ashe Fan

      What should there ship name be? Like for Bexi Comment for another one

    13. Jasmine Lynn

      That is embarrassing it feels like someone is actually honking Twitter

      1. Jasmine Lynn

        I feel so bad for Lexi why would you do that

    14. Jasmine Lynn

      And why would you do that that is just rude

    15. midnight cookie


    16. Megan Bahlmann

      Actually really laughed😂

    17. The FL Family


    18. Vitality_Tomster

      *throws phone in pool* lol ot’s just a prank 😑😑 wooow

    19. Joseph SRM SEEN 408-

      I love your vids

    20. Brenda Yaderin Lopez

      I love you 💕 so much

    21. trung nguyen

      7:55 eeeee

    22. Delanie Westcott

      6:30 when he said a cereal i died

    23. 『Bella’s Sunflower』

      The eggs in the cereal box rank came up as the same time I was eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    24. Cookie Gacha and roblox


    25. Lily29 Isaboss

      IM FAMILY!? 😄😜🤩

    26. Jocelyn Hudson

      I swear Ben lives in the same apartment complex as Nate Garner!?

    27. Flickzy FN

      The dislikes are from lexis alts...

    28. Briele Tatsing


    29. marissa ingram

      when are you and Lexi gonna make a baby 😏😎😙😆😂😉😻👊

    30. Carissa Cooley

      you should take care of 6 kids

    31. Suzy Darch

      Dooooooood. Yyyyyyyyeeeeeessssss

    32. Thatsdevious

      Omg I love this video but I feel so bad for Lexi

    33. Koko_Solis

      I thought they were dating

    34. Mike Sterlig


    35. Mike Sterlig

      B en💁‍♂️🌹💁‍♀️❤🦊🎃🎤🎧🎹🎸🎷📯🎻🎺🥁🎬📽🎥📸🚻⚜💓❓❗✅🇫🇯

    36. Ree Wes

      she is a 100% your girlfriend, one video she said ill break up with you on the pause challenge, and if not together, do it

    37. sourpatchkid2019 101

      Prank Brent for a month

    38. prickly hedgehog

      TheRes No OnE ElSe AroUuuNd

    39. Jane Keyrouz

      😂😅🤣😆good prank

    40. Garritt Clubb


    41. Ninja Mohsen


    42. Santina Larocca


    43. Lindsey Clemons

      At 1:34 isn't the paperboard gonna cover up her license plate? Give this a thumbs up if you agree!😕

    44. XXJDPLAYS1226

      *Lexi’s next video* Pranking my crush for 1 year

    45. The Gacha Zincs

      Oof Lexi:/

    46. Shannon Freeman

      Noooooooooooooooooo more pranks Ben and lexi

    47. Suzette Stafford

      I love you baby even though I'm 10

    48. Edith Camarillo

      Ben you look like my brother

    49. Python Network

      It’s fake the sign covers up the number plate also her reaction isn’t convincing and the horn sounds are too clear they have been added in

    50. Sherry Bales

      Do it again and see what happens when you mess whith queen Lexi👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

    51. Shanaz Choudhury


    52. nicolette mooi

      My name is also Nicolette

    53. Eddy Mtz

      At 5:49 Ben is like “Ow my god” and I am literally laughing out loud!!!

    54. Annie Stafford

      What if he actually got confused and picked up the wrong phone...

    55. Midnight Eunicorn

      Next tiem, write "pranking my girlfriend for a week"

    56. Cheryl Goer

      You guys are my favorite couple!💛💛💛💛

    57. Cheryl Goer

      5:45 that pause 😂😂😂

    58. Cheryl Goer

      This is awesome!!!😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    59. piojito ramos


    60. Alex Blackowiak

      Little sister

    61. Jordan Davis

      HAHAHA this video was really funny

    62. hayley Cupkakes

      I dropped my phone in the water 3 times

    63. Maria Aguilera

      Your sí fin y i am a big fan of you

    64. Ericia Logitu

      Why would he say your phone is water proof

    65. Katherine Miller

      Poor Lexi she dose not deserve this

    66. sara raines

      My kids tell me your really cu cu Ben

    67. Abby Munoz

      Hi baby

      1. Abby Munoz