PJ Tucker Returns For Sneaker Shopping With Complex



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    PJ Tucker goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Flight Club in New York City for the second time and talks about being a sneaker free agent, his thoughts on sneaker hype, and his top five everyday wear sneakers.
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    1. Complex

      What's your top five everyday wears?

      1. Nate Smith

        Jordan 11 Concord

      2. Teelynn Official

        Air max

      3. Daniel Donovan

        Why not zero point two Kyrie Alpha bounce KDs and when they where in there days my LeBrons

      4. Daniel Donovan

        Kyries why not zero 0.2 alpha bounce kd and when they were in there days my LeBrons

      5. 1cent

        Complex did flight club fuck him the ass on the way out?

    2. T H

      Who's the cashier?🔥🔥

    3. Kam

      Dude needs a bigger hoodie looks like his belly finna slip out lmao

      1. SwishaHD

        Man don't make fun of him, he probably can't afford it :(

    4. Bradie Gibb

      hardest part for him was finding something he doesn’t have

    5. Krul Popek


    6. Krul Popek


    7. Taha Nauman Karim

      man he got Grateful 3s man seeesssh🤯

    8. ambhoy

      PJ: So do I have a discount? FlightClub: Yes😂

    9. b. lee

      33k for like 6 pairs of shoes. Imma go back on my couch and eat some top ramen for 33¢.

    10. joe mama


    11. Lewis Sinclair

      5:29 - 5:40: When that bad chick you've been tryna hit finally hits you up and asks if you wanna come over.

    12. Michael unicorn

      14153?the shoes are gold?

    13. Michael unicorn

      tucker again

    14. Stunning Wallet


    15. Aaron Briggs

      bruh these prices are nuts. Specially for a baby shoe 🤦🏿‍♂️

    16. Myria

      I wish I was there to look at your face when you saw the total amount

    17. Un Known


    18. ClydeSy loR

      PJ ShoeTrucker

    19. LVB Dinh

      I'm not a sneaker head, but I just want to ask something. Does the community think the exclusivity and prices seem fair for what it is? Having manufactured shoes fetch $1ks-$10ks. I just wonder if everyone understands they are doing this as collective and inflating prices and demand causing things to be much higher than their material worth.

    20. For Fun!

      That face when he was buying them! Haha!

    21. Karlos Pablos

      2:54 Smartest move in the whole video.

    22. Bafoa Jonathan

      Cant make a lay up

    23. Gearswitch819

      Why he buying kicks for didnt he buy all the sneakers in the world already

    24. Robert Andres

      many kinds of rubber shoes

    25. KiidsoFQueenS

      “Damn I dropped 33k on sneakers” 😭

    26. Alexander Salvatore

      Man, he got taste on kicks...

    27. LamaBoiteux

      Please name of the instrumental at 10:00

    28. LamaBoiteux

      9:50 Music or instrumental please ?

    29. Mame Sene

      He doesn’t want theses sneakers anymore

    30. pvangkicks


    31. Char Fresh

      But he can't dress , plz Let me StyLe u plzzzz

    32. joe magwood

      He could have got a couple fly ass sneakers from Footlocker or Niketown for $ 2000 that just me lol.

    33. Anthony Li

      Why the host act like he's a gta npc tho?

    34. Oscar Rodriguez

      14k for shoes got me fucked up

    35. Oscar Rodriguez

      Fuckin choked on my cereal when I read the price total

    36. David petit Eto'o page officielle

      I was planning to go flight club for a lil shopping spree but imma pass now...the way my bank account is set...

    37. Marie Manzo

      Good job Wolfie

    38. tiffany garcia

      doing it stealthy

    39. steven lowe

      This ninja PJ Tucker be spending out on some kicks.... Wowzers....


      Jesus Christ PJ!

    41. Riverrain123

      LOL he looks like he’s going to cry when he sees the flight club price

    42. Marie Manzo


    43. Marie Manzo

      Oloff - Doing It Stealthy

    44. Marie Manzo

      Compare this to a regular day (no intermittent fasting): With insulin sensitivity at normal levels, the carbs and foods consumed will see full glycogen stores and enough glucose in the bloodstream, and thus be more likely to get stored as fat.

    45. Marie Manzo

      Vc e foda cara. Esta de parabéns

    46. Marie Manzo


    47. j wilyumz

      That's almost what my yearly salary is bruh lil ge seemed like he wasn't feelin' that price being that high

    48. Tunji shittu

      Nike pays KD and Lebron to wear sneakers.. PJ spends big money on Nike sneakers.. Hmnn..

    49. Vincemac

      Kobe 2 green

    50. mwccpark

      And here is how PJ Tucker is fighting his bankruptcy by selling old jordans 20 years later

    51. D'Millio Madness39

      Foh 33k 🤦🏾‍♂️

    52. Dave Houston

      I bet flight club increased there prices for that day once they knew this fool was coming lol

    53. San Hovy

      bruh could have started multiple businesses for what he spent on some shoes.

    54. Marie Manzo

      Цены большие, а так все честно

    55. Wali M

      Aw Hell Naw!!!!!! 33,000.00?

    56. Daniel Donovan

      man sneaker shopping is desperate

    57. jorge avitia

      His face when he heard that price 😂

    58. Darious Marshall


    59. Dogol-Cha

      he really is the only one who’s excited to buy sneakers

    60. Ronal Nunez

      Nah this not it chief

    61. DJ🤙🏾

      1600 on some vans 🥴

    62. Marie Manzo

      Vou compartilhar com todos.

    63. Miz Her

      pj tucker is a sneaker god

    64. ison nonong

      Thats more or less a million pesos in my country..thats a house, a car, to us..ridiculous spending..well thats his money he can do whatever he wants to do with it

    65. OneStopShop

      $14k for jordan 3s. Nopeeeee

    66. Tried n True Enterprise

      hell nah! I couldnt spend that much on shoes

    67. nbahighlights best

      What puma Kuz wearing

    68. Marie Manzo

      too cute ol

    69. Adam Yu

      Please look at the price tag before buying your shoes lol

    70. Sandy Ly

      buy sneaker and clothing and bags from www.ssenter.com/customization-c-72.html