peach's 5th birthday

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    1. Kathryn Blair

      Wow she’s so big compared to her in the video I just watched of the day that you got her

    2. Shelby

      paesh is nervis

    3. Anna Elu Toyah

      You’re making me cry 😭 am too emotional

    4. Sausage Shark

      You do all of this for your dog's birthdays when I cant even remember mine

    5. Jade Matthews

      Peach looks so cute with that tassle scarf /collar thing

    6. Philippe Micheli

      I think peach was finally happy she got a sister so she wasnt arrogant about it, she was the one who was so happy.

    7. Vincenza M

      Why do I always tear up when you guys sing happy birthday to the dogs 😂😩

    8. SweetSaw

      god i've never seen 27 year old act like a baby until 14:06.

    9. Emma Emma

      The purest content on the internet

    10. Ubelleye Bubbles

      So I'm watching all of the dog's birthday videos. Marble's 11th Birthday Bunny's first birthday Peach's 5th Birthday And then... Kermit steps in oil paint (lookin' like a nasty boi)

    11. Heidi Aberdein

      why are bunny in put the cage when alone?

    12. Queen BeeLife

      9:58 My dude's probably suffocating himself in the whip

    13. Grace Faria

      "He's like a Canadian goose"

    14. Brianna Taylor

      Can you please ask Jenna to do a video where she puts a lot of extensions in her hair and keeps putting extensions on her extensions until her hair is ridiculously long?

    15. Becca Charles

      The video shows bunny with a muzzle on saying she cant play with the toy because it is not hers. *jumps to kermit playing with the toy even though it is not his*. I would be pretty confused if I was bunny :( Even if kermit doesn't toy guard it is confusing for bunny to understand what you are trying to teach her if the other dogs don't get the same rules... in my opinion

    16. outloudkat

      It must be said that Canada Geese are called Canada Geese, not Canadian Geese. They do not have citizenship, but they are nasty.

    17. outloudkat

      Jesus, why does J&J singing happy birthday to their dog make me cry?!

    18. Lacey Byrd

      Peachy starts kindergarten because she’s 5. Perfect time for a backpack 🎒:)

    19. moonee !!


    20. ominotago min

      I'm watching this video for the 10th time because it makes me cry tears of happiness. Peachy really is such a daddy's girl.

    21. Cassie Mcnally

      Is that guy smoking a black an mild while he drives my dude hahahahahaha

    22. captain morgan

      PLZZZ get the little dog fam a cat brother/sister to bond with!!! I'm a certified cat mom and I love binging yall's dog vlogs but I can't help thinking about how INTERESTING + CUTE it would be to have a feline member

    23. Tee Tee

      There definately one cute family 💗

    24. Ochre Clay


    25. Ochre Clay

      “HUMAN PAWS” Omg 😂 I love you I’ve only just discovered you but I see why Jenna is with you. ✨💖✨

    26. Eric Fincher

      Can ANYONE tell me which episode features Jenna in the background (I think it’s at the old house) screaming “GOOGOO GAGA!” ?

    27. zny


    28. LikeNoOther TheQueen

      Peaches 🐩 Happy 🎁🎈🎂🎊 Birthday

    29. Brandi

      ☺😃 so cute! These Vlogs, are Happy times 💟 ty for sharing!

    30. Emma O'Malley

      I'm not crying.... You are 😭😭❤❤❤

    31. Lady Datura

      Kermit when people ask him what his favorite body part is: human paws. I mean, feet.

    32. Megan Elizabeth

      “You’re 35 you should have already been in school”

    33. Emily Chatzaki MUA

      I still remember her first birthday like it was the hell 5 years pass by so fast?

    34. Jo uwu

      Those are just hUmaN pAws

    35. Sianna Perkins

      1:29 only an Aries would hold a coffee cup like that I swear to god I thought he was gonna drop it

    36. Sarah Howard

      Definitely cried again seeing the weech homecoming clip, just like I did the first time 5 years ago 💕

    37. goodbye yellowbrick road

      At 0:35 I thought he was putting Peach in there 😂😅

    38. oregonstonerr

      you were holding that kong like you were level 1 on elder scrolls

    39. aCtuAlly, tHatS WrOnG

      What, it was just a little while ago when I watched paesh get picked up from the airport

    40. AmberAlert 711

      The video of Baby Peach asleep in Jenna’s lap - and just FLOPPING - is my all-time favorite.

    41. Brenda Verse

      I live for this wholesome content

    42. zyler

      i thought julien was holding an apple out for bunny- also peach is so cute in that tassel bandanna

    43. Amethyst Crow1102

      I haven’t celebrated my birthday since i was 10. These dogs are spoiled rotten 😂

    44. Reacty Time

      I’m still getting used to bunny

    45. Alex Tarr

      14:38 You got a problem with Canadain gooses you got a problem with me, and I suggest you let that one marinate.

    46. Alex Tarr


    47. Dani_space Plz

      Tiny little Weach

    48. Kain Thomos

      i wish i was 1 of your dogs

    49. InfinityandBriyond

      I love how all the dogs genuinely enjoy sunbathing

    50. Konnecta 0101010

      Only humans would feel the need to make a dogs birthday "a thing"... even projecting your insecurities onto a dog. Why must people, "baby talk" towards dogs?? That's just too weird. Ugggh

      1. Bubba's World

        Its just a natural thing most of the time you cant control it like me when I talk to my dogs It happens and most of the time I dont even notice it.

    51. C. K.

      Kermit is just so selfish😂

      1. Bubba's World

        Thats sooo true.

    52. Ha Ba

      Paesh the squirdog happy birthday 🎂

    53. Kristi B

      Why did she correct him when he said "brothers?" She said, "brother." Did one of the dogs pass?? D:

      1. Bubba's World

        Oh noooo Hopefully not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    54. Leah

      my heart...

    55. dhhdbdv jdjddj

      Why does Bunny sleep in a cage ?

    56. McKenzie Herebia

      Did anyone else notice peach literally appeared out of nowhere

    57. Sarah Worwetz

      I want Jenna and Julien to be my parents so I can feel good about slowly improving

    58. Drew Whitlach

      Cermet will not grow if don’t play with other dogs toy!

    59. KadenTheLeaf

      My birthday was the 4th of June. (My 12th Birthday). The day started with a card from my mum, and £50. Later, My best friend said happy birthday. That's it. The teacher checked the register bc she didn't believe me. Got 3 happy birthdays in one day. The day after I got one from my friend online. Apple dog gets more love than me lmao

    60. Jenny Penny

      Can you guys adopt meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol

    61. SKRsoul

      Lol at Julien hating on Kermit

    62. Amie-Jaye

      the way Kermit is looking at Peach while you sing her Happy Birthday.

    63. Megan Chang

      Julien: hey baby *friendship kissing noises* Jenna: I see I'm not your best friend anymore. Beech

    64. Mindful Living Michigan

      Why did I cry when they sang to her omg

    65. Meep Meep

      WHEN DID HE PROPOSE!?!?!?!??

    66. Rxztlxzz Nightmarxz

      Maybe it's good when Kermit's bday is last bc when he goes first/second like with the Easter hunt he gets really mad

    67. Zoe Jorgensen

      Julien's aesthetic shots are everything. Also, he would make such a good dad (for a human baby- based off of how good he is with the fur babies)

    68. Chloe Davis

      SpLoOt - need I say more?

    69. arousedfetus

      kermit is almost double peaches age. fbi?