Patrick Mahomes Scary Knee Injury | Chiefs vs Broncos 2019

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    1. Ben Lutzkow

      The center is like lay on me i'm a couch but I cost a first down

    2. Aaron Scott

      And the Madden Curse continues, also you gotta admit it was pretty relieving to see them pop his kneecap back into place

    3. Bernard Mccoy

      There it is is cover curse

    4. Lydok

      Scary? LMAO. Watch Napoleon McCallum's injury then get back to me.

    5. DrawingWithTrexory

      Because of the madden curse...

    6. Mentor Tairi

      Ohhh fuck that was sick. Andy Reid. You sir are an idiot

    7. Z3US

      the thing that makes me mad the most is people are calling it the Madden Curse if it were it would be way worse hes returning against the titans

    8. Epic BootyClappers

      It’s the cover curse

    9. Michael Keehn

      Even the best laid on center plans can turn out bad....

    10. Jack Bailey

      We better hope a 3 week injury is the Madden Curse

    11. markybabelove

      0:25 NIce to see the bronco player help Patrick. give it a thumbs up if you agree

    12. Gone to the Dachshunds 2

      Me: on the ground bawling Patrick Mahomes: Nah dude I’m fine

    13. Gone to the Dachshunds 2

      Chiefs are my home team

    14. Nyong Tembeli

      Cover curse

    15. ste ste

      This video sucks whoever put it on is a loser

    16. Leila German

      It makes my knees feel weird just thinking about that happening to me

    17. Leila German

      Mahomes got a dislocated kneecap

    18. Jared Smith


    19. Alejandro Jaime

      Fuhhh . 😬 Why didn’t they just kick it 🤦🏽‍♂️

    20. Jaiden d

      number 76 went to medical school watch what he does

    21. Troy D.

      I knew Madden curse got him.

    22. Zachariah Black

      Madden curse

    23. Aaron

      Chiefs are gona rush him back and it’s gona get worst good luck y’all

    24. StarWarsMarvel

      Lmao i love how everyone tries to be a doctor on this

    25. Johnny Despite

      Let’s run a sneak with our hurt Star QB

      1. rayism 24b

        Mahomeless = over-rated girly butt mama's dough boy puss-n-sprain-toe laying on top of center. Mahomes couldn't do a cheerleader pyramid without getting hurt.

    26. graves74

      Hmmm, obviously nobody here understands the difference between a dislocated knee cap and a dislocated knee. 2 completely different injuries.

    27. El Bronco

      Haha Mahomes u bitch!!

    28. bill tran

      Madden curse

    29. Buzz Lightyear


    30. some loser p

      Plz man I dont support the chiefs but he is an amazing person and qb I'm really wooried

    31. decoito

      Two words *madden curse*

    32. Brayden Reed

      Get well son

    33. Provistic Gaming

      Patrick Mahomes:this gonna be a good year Madden cover curse: I'm boutta end dis whole man career

    34. Ryan Ryan

      Madden curse...

    35. Jason Simmons


    36. James Lane

      Got us a deadbeat dad last Sunday St Joseph Missouri child endangerment 110 miles an hour on the highway and DWI

    37. Green River

      Once i blew my knee cap like this and was the worst pain i ever felt, it's like someone just shoots you in the leg 😥

      1. rayism 24b

        @Green River You couldn't play the radio

      2. Green River

        rayism 24b You're lucky you didn't play the tromboune

      3. rayism 24b

        And one band camp......I stuck a flute I my___________?

    38. Dick Fitswell

      Its like they pop it back into place..lmao. Ive had the same injury. Once you dislocate the knee cap your fuct for life. Even new tendons & ur still more prone than someone who it hasnt happend to. He will prob need a super tight compression sock thing from now on. I have to wear one and I would know, so would my wife Gisele

    39. shal vow

      people always said “mahomes is overrated” because of all the stars on our offense, but now that he’s injured it’s “the end of our season” ...?

    40. Nani? Xd

      Mahomes: *exists* Madden Curse: Imma end up this man whole career

    41. 3

      Madden curse

    42. Justice Is From Texas

      That Madden Cover Shit is really real, I mean it's crazy its not like these players that be on The cover injury themselves on purpose lol

    43. Wyatt Hood

      Next thing they’re gonna do is put a damn flag on the quarterback

    44. Devonta Dowdell

      Madden cover course

    45. Myron Jr

      This was a career ending (knee) injury Because head coach Andy was the head coach when McNabb suffered his career ending injury. #SAD


      And the curse takes another victim

    47. Lizard Boi

      Knew it wouldn't be long before the Madden Curse got to him

    48. Cooper Cote

      It’s all the madden curse.Im a broncos fan

    49. RA1D KiKz

      It’s the madden cover curse

    50. Cion


    51. Alex7aj

      Well shit...

    52. Tank Boss

      I'm through trying to figure this dumbass coaching why would you run your starting quarterback and they were leading in score this wasn't the super bowl or playoff game this was dumb and the chief was leading why not give it to the running back this some ass coaching

    53. Tom Brady

      Madden curse is real shitttttt!!!!

    54. Ryker P

      Poor Patrick man that really sucks

    55. Seth Hartley

      Madden Curse😭

    56. Aaron Wood

      The madden curse is real😳

    57. Tommy Vincent


    58. Vineet Singh

      The Madden curse claims another!

    59. waldo castro

      Where did mahomes want to go as a kid? Dis Kneee!!!

    60. David Milligan

      Another reason I hate the garbage fkn bronco's . cheating druggie ahols

    61. If it's in the Word Then it's in the word

      Chiefs season is over now.... They will lose every game until he returns and they will be out of the playoff hunt by then

    62. AmazeThemAll99

      Why would you run a QB sneak with your starter who has an ANKLE issue??!! Andy Reid shoulda seen this coming smh. Get well soon Mahomes

    63. Zack Dunn

      I've done that before and its not a big deal he'll be back within 2 too 3 weeks

    64. The king Weezle

      Madden curse

    65. Speaking Soul

      The Madden curse never left

    66. Thomas Just

      Blaming the coach is senseless, it's very uncommon to get hurt on these plays, Mahomes is either very unlucky or the dude is injury prone, both are bad omens for a football player

    67. Dakota Brewer

      The madden curse isn’t real he is only out for 3 weeks.

    68. ItzSynX

      0:26 good sportsmanship 👏👏👏

    69. DiviN3 Toxic

      The madden Curse is real 😳😳😳

    70. sporque325

      Has happened to both my knees several time. Painful at the time but feels much better once it pops back in place. Mine always popped back in on their own. I feel his pain though.