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    How do they make those perfect rrridges in Ruffles? Well, that's the question Claire has to answer, isn't it? Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Ruffles.
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    Bon Appétit is a highly opinionated food brand that wants everyone to love cooking and eating as much as we do. We believe in seasonal produce, properly salted pasta water, and developing recipes that anyone can make at home.

    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Ruffles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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    1. Weston Sullivan

      claire i would die for you

    2. Phillip Perry

      just saying I love the gray strands In Claire's hair. it's honestly really pretty.

    3. Tres Castaneda

      Claire is love Claire is LIFE...

    4. meganpitt


    5. Jaydia Simmons

      I'd like to see you make Raspberry Zingers.

    6. Scott Patton

      I stopped watching this one due to the first 5 mins of non stop bag openings

    7. Elizaflower

      Claire you are scaring me with bare hands on that mandoline... especially after you just dropped 2 slippery potatoes, OMG *cringe*

    8. Joyce Liang

      gabby so cute

    9. KevSlider Gaming

      Was it not okay to wash the potato after it fell?

    10. zorin79

      🌈🚥🚥🚥Please make gourmet Friuty Pebble's!!!!!🚥🚥🚥🌈

    11. CrimsonSeas9109

      I thought somebody wrapped up a normal knife for a sec

    12. Rod Lloyd

      MMMM Gut rotting Canola Oil... wow... some professional!

    13. Lord Walker

      My favorite thing is when you find the odd chip that is brown and I think they taste better.

    14. Dick Hurtz

      I’d love to bang her

    15. Mr2Vin

      god I love gabby..

    16. Jacob Mudd

      for god's sake use the hand guard! you're freaking me out

    17. Christine Peterson

      Watching her use the mandoline is TERRIFYING.

    18. KAchow

      Claire: "I need laser cut potato chips" William Osman did that

    19. TEMP

      gourmet hot dog?

    20. TEMP

      gourmet sour belts

    21. Fred McIntyre


    22. Alfia Melirk

      Hehe can she try and make goldfish? I feel like their hollowness would be a challenge

    23. Alexandra Craddock

      Why didn’t she just boil the potatoes before she sliced them? Especially with the wave knife

    24. Raphael Lee

      My nickname is Ruffles so she just made me better

    25. jenn jeffs

      You should try making Fritos, Funyuns and HOT cheetos.

    26. P Fx2

      in Spain we have jamon serrano ruffles and they are the best

    27. hugesinker

      I've cut fingertips off using those kind of slicers... now I always use the plastic gripper.

    28. FALLEN

      hi im claire and im dead inside. take it easy, girl

    29. MilkySubstance

      Did claire throw out a potato just because she dropped it on the floor? A potato she was then going to peel, wash, and deep fry? Lol

      1. Dave Tugwell

        you mean a potato she bought and that she didnt wanna chance using because god knows what is on the floor? remind me not to eat what you make

    30. MilkySubstance

      Gourmet Makes deserves better producers. Claire doesnt deserve these A-holes

      1. Shelly

        what did they do?

    31. shellee r

      Loving the videos!!! Any chance you could give meat knishes a go? The good ones - with the yellow dough covering, not puff pastry!!!

    32. Rob2x

      Everytime she says shes confident the episode be 30 min long

    33. DefiedFaith

      Loaded Backed Potato are by far the best.

    34. Replay Button

      As someone who has cut part of her right thumb off (not once, but twice!) with a mandolin, this stressed me out in the best way possible

    35. Stop Motion With Hannah

      It’s ironic because we are learning about waves in 8th grade science right now lol

    36. Gage Locklear

      Make fruity pebbles

    37. N Blachowicz

      Claire's initial uncertainty with the Dremel is me whenever I try to cook

    38. IAMBOBBY

      I was able to go to the store and get some ruffles and be back before the ending.

    39. Venus Aziara

      You have to make nutty bars omg

    40. stargreen

      Please never begin any kind of metal grinding task without first organising your PPE. Your lungs will thank you for wearing an appropriate mask later in life.

    41. janice

      make coke

    42. Nicole Masellis

      Koalas march/ Hello Panda

    43. 刘】【刘Gacha Frenzy


    44. Eliseo Palestina

      Your so Beautiful 💙☺😁💞

    45. Rocket Number 9

      I just want a fried potato. A whole fried potato.

    46. ZannyH

      I wasn’t aware there was more then original cheddar and sour cream and onion

    47. Brandt Settoon

      they should try to do gourmet sun chips. if u ask me, sun chips are pretty underrated

    48. Hartlei Stansbury

      *tattoos "pulling a chris" across my forehead*

    49. Florentine Overko

      As it is approaching Christmas season, Claire should try and make a terry’s chocolate orange! It’s the sign that Christmas is here when I see them in stores.

    50. Blithe Dream

      Hang on, in America are crinkle cut chips not normal? Like, you go to the supermarket and buy any type of chips (Smith, kettle or savoy). And you choose whether you want thins or crinkle cut.

    51. Xmetal

      i would have loved to see the look on Brad's face if he just had walked in at say 18:40 or so

    52. Spitts

      This video has gotten me addicted to All Dressed Ruffles. After watching this I ordered a bag on Amazon and now they are sold out so I have to go through Target. Of course they aren't sold in America

    53. Wiggibow

      Not even a single MENTION of the sour cream & cheddar flavor?? I'm so disappointed, if there's an "signature" flavor of ruffles that's it

    54. Alana Ludlow

      You should try making the whopper candy!

    55. McFarvo

      18:30 this episode of History Channel's "Forged In Fire," we see our blacksmiths working on their ruffle mandolin blades...

      1. Tamia Smith

        McFarvo love that show 😂

    56. McFarvo

      FACTS: cooking is chemistry and chemists make the best mass-produced snack food.

    57. Alexis Baker

      Why hasn’t bon apetite just taken Claire’s recipe and branded it then sold their gourmet versions of food. Everyone at Whole Foods would go crazy for that no cap

    58. oldpokemonmaster

      I didn't see and reduced fat Ruffles. A MUST try. The reason.... Most ALL reduced fat potato chips taste WAY MORE potato-y(?). We do not get them to help our diet but that is how I discovered this awesome taste. We rarely buy 'regular' potato chips anymore. Please try this and please pass on this info. We at times find it hard to get our hands on reduced fat Ruffles potato chips or most any other brand of reduced fat I wish they were more popular because they taste amazing I hate buying actual potato chips anymore I always look for the reduced fat kind.

    59. xylene

      This was really cool to watch, seeing Claire adjust the recipe one tweak at a time. :)

    60. Mohamed Moustafa

      Welcome to mechanical engineering

    61. Keely Driscoll

      Please make gourmet TimTams!!!

    62. Nightshade Kelly

      All dressed ruffles are the best

    63. Karla_309

      Why didn’t she just wash the potato 🥔 instead of throwing it away 😂💀

      1. Annonimoose Q

        Karla_309 a) it rolled under the stove which is kinda concerning b) there are probably food safety regulations that require all dropped food to be discarded

    64. HELINA LO


    65. Crossiant Apple

      Y’all Americans are missing out on all dressed and ketchup chips...

    66. Thuan Nguyen

      13:42 Oh she accidentally made lays

    67. Diana Quinteros

      Honestly still cannot believe they didn’t do cheddar and sour cream ruffles

      1. Lauren O'Neill

        Ikr it’s the og!

      2. Anna Ivanova

        What's worse they didn't even mention them like that's not the only flavor that matters.

    68. Water Dog

      Alex delany looks like post malone 😂

    69. Bianca Casciato


    70. matthew manning

      her saying she’s gonna nail it looks at the time stamp uhhhh child... anyways so...