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    Witness the crackling confection taking the world by storm! They're carbonation made solid. That's right folks, they're a modern marvel made to modify your mouth, a sensational symphony of splendid snaps and sparkles soothing your senses and sent straight to your stomach. And now for the first time ever, we present gourmet Pop Rocks, the product of a perfect marriage of scientific ingenuity and culinary craft, made by the clever and creative Claire Saffitz!

    Check out Claire's Instagram:

    And check out Applied Science's "Making Pop Rocks candy at home":
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pop Rocks | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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    1. ronya binder

      I would love to see gourmet reeces peaces 💕

    2. OTrizy

      Claire: 'It's not Chris' fault. 5 mins later. Claire: 'Chris this is your fault' XDD lmaoo

    3. Spookay T'is Me

      17:55 Caramel is a sugar stage... WTF do you mean, cooking it past all the sugar stages!

    4. Spookay T'is Me

      Why bother making them if you're going to do something that is different? ... Bi-barb/baking soda nonsense

    5. Izzy Grooves

      Claire's Metamorphic Rocks???

    6. Jamie Lee

      Please, can someone tell me where Amiel got the shirt that says whatever?

    7. souraya nasr

      Can you try to make takis???

    8. Joslyn Graham

      we had a fun new segment in this episode: brad mansplaining claire's science to her after she researches it and does it

    9. KuzsRiptide Gaming

      I would never work in the world Trate center

    10. stapuft em "fizz bizz"

    11. Michael Reeves

      Seeing how this workplace is run makes me dislike Bon Appetit.

    12. Minni Mouse

      18:32 reminds me of peanut brittle

    13. Katia Janz-Sanchez

      "No I quit" will be my senior quote😂😂😂

    14. Meredith H

      But gourmet zots

    15. ashley blaylock

      I love Ameil and his daily doubleshot

    16. Del

      Why does the metal tray make that horrible noise on the dry ice?!

    17. Anjolyne Chavira

      I haven’t seen it but my first thought is make a flavored hard candy with citric acid sugar then hand pull it and then add baking soda let it harder and then put it in a bag and break it with a hammer till it’s small

    18. Misunderstood78ca

      Hey sexy lady..... Can you make cinnamon toast crunch?

    19. Aaron Phillips

      Next episode idea : Claire on a beach making her favorite drink and not having to lift a finger for at least a week.

    20. Savage Doki

      Fizz Gravel I'd say fizz pebbles but I don't wanna get sued by Post.

    21. Nesquick Hopper

      Poor Claire

    22. BakuDeku Madlad

      Hears pop rocks. My brain: KIRIBAKU??? NANI???

    23. Annie Tran

      Chris: "I know. I can't believe anyone listen to me." Gaby laughing in the background.

    24. John _

      This video is cursed

    25. Tiffany

      Make McDonald's french fries

    26. Tiffany

      Make Talenti gelto/ice cream

    27. Monse Esparza

      Claire went dark. She went emo. She went e-claire

    28. Alexandria Henderson

      2:03 Clare feeding the rare majestic boom mike

    29. Monse Esparza

      I remember when I was in elementary school, one of my teachers said she experimented pop rocks and soda to see what would happen. So her and a couple of friends ate pop rocks and soda to see what would happen. When she got her results, which were nothing, she decided to test it against diet soda and nothing happened.

    30. Tyler Dunn-Bey

      13:24 looks like a platypus, and Clair, you should make Three Musketeers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOUR VIDS

    31. Anna Miller

      It never looks like she’s having fun making these videos

    32. Jennifer Barnes

      I'm pretty sure they screwed up on the thumbnail..

    33. tyler wilson

      I’m begging you to make nerds

    34. Ana-Alicia Claussnitzer

      i'm lowkey in love with chris tbh

    35. darkhalfcustoms

      That was amazing Claire. Great job making something out of a very difficult project.

    36. troubled mexican

      Was I suppose to know the BA test kitchen was in the world trade center or did i have to have Claire causally mention it?

    37. Jordan M


    38. Kayla Ortega

      Try to make laffy taffy

    39. kevin ivory

      I'm just not down with pop rocks. Not hating on the video cuz Claire, but I'd rather see her make some really good hard candy or something.

    40. Roy D

      I don't understand the need to buy so much...or even show that huge amount of pop rocks

    41. Hayden

      The dark circles under her eyes are really a testament to the starburst episode

    42. Stopher2475

      Claire rocks! Oh bad pun.

    43. Jeffrey Larsen

      All the editors just said to her, “we don’t care just make them.”

    44. Ffrozen12

      Someone please save Claire.

    45. Jon Fulkerson

      This was more of an attempt to reinvent pop rocks than to replicate them

    46. Syed Ahmed Hashmi

      Do they like make them for profit after the test?

    47. Kayla Maria

      couldn’t pay me to work in the World Trade Center I would be so scared like every day yikes

    48. Meghan Flannery

      Chris showing up being like, 'I got here as soon as I heard' with his jacket still on and then being the ONLY person that agrees with Claire that this is a horrible idea and is way too hard is the best part of the video

    49. HappilyBlue

      can we get a "bingo bango bongo" shirt?

    50. Valentin Soria

      Gourmet Turkish delight from Narnia!!!

    51. Bruwer van Vrede

      i have a crush on this woman

    52. Dandy Baabs

      I randomly found this channel one day and I've watched everyone of these since. You guys are awesome and I love watching!!! Much love ❤️

    53. Robin H

      Would love to see you make Rolos!

    54. A Esc_

      5:44 Angelica, is that you?

    55. 4ever Aqua

      9:56 tbh I’ve been watching this channel for a long time now. I had no clue y’all were in New York. Like I knew somewhere in the east coast but WOW. Hello from Los Angeles California! My 7 year old nephew is fascinated with all the buildings in New York and has actually been in that building/took a picture at the top when his parents went on a business trip to NYC. I wanna go there lol.

    56. CKOD

      4:40 "Your stomach would explode and you die" Next scene? Claire drinking soda. Jesus how hard are you pushing Claire that she is actively seeking the sweet release of death any opportunity she can get in the kitchen.

    57. A Knickerbocker

      I feel way way better cuz I ate lunch

    58. CJ May

      Gourmet hohos??

    59. V E

      I love her frustration lol

    60. Andy Buela

      Is it just me or when Brad is talking to Claire she glows or like blooms differently, rather than talking to the other chefs hahahaha

    61. Mya


    62. Nur Amira Binti Roslan

      I need a friend like Chris!

    63. Jacqueline Hagerman


    64. Leah Gorski

      I love watching these, especially when you get perturbed but then fix it.

    65. Assur HeX

      looks like the fake vomit from day of the tentacle.

    66. Allie Miller

      This is probably not the best episode to comment a future episode suggestion on but....... gourmet goldfish? but only if claire wants to... obviously lol

    67. bleach


    68. sierra h

      i kinda want her to attempt to make an icee/slushee

    69. sierra h

      'we're ready for butterfinger" YES PLEASE

    70. Catie Callahan

      A Gourmet version of some discontinued candy. Like the Hershey's Smore candy bar.