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    Witness the crackling confection taking the world by storm! They're carbonation made solid. That's right folks, they're a modern marvel made to modify your mouth, a sensational symphony of splendid snaps and sparkles soothing your senses and sent straight to your stomach. And now for the first time ever, we present gourmet Pop Rocks, the product of a perfect marriage of scientific ingenuity and culinary craft, made by the clever and creative Claire Saffitz!

    Check out Claire's Instagram:

    And check out Applied Science's "Making Pop Rocks candy at home":
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pop Rocks | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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    1. Richard Andersson

      Of course Ben Krasnow have already tried this :D

    2. Rotom Black

      Can you make a prince Rupert's drop but with sugar instead of glass?

    3. Felipe Brockveld

      This positive sign was: k ok, I can flirt?

    4. Cailyn Marie

      I don’t blame chris Chris i blame you

    5. Jojo

      Ahoi Brause

    6. Evan

      5:48 the internet is always listening.

    7. Zach P

      I can't stand how she complains in every episode!

    8. don//star

      “Just straight death” “Ahaha.. really?”

    9. Robert Foster

      I'm just enjoying watching Claire. She's so pretty!

    10. Lucas de Barros Castro Mota

      BA reality show

    11. Wesley Lao

      In soda bottles, the CO2 comes out of solution until the bottle is at about 45 psi, so if you were able to create a large sealed container and allow the sugar to solidify over a large pool of soda, you could probably get some amount of pressure in the trapped gas

    12. Alexis Abramson

      would love Jolly Rancher episode (could you also make a jolly rancher soda like friendly’s use to have??)

    13. Kristen

      Omg Carla is so friggin wise I'm high enough that she just changed my whole life with that pain/time philosophy

    14. Vitamin Ex

      I think Zotz would've been a more appropriate challenge for her. Hard candy outside, pasty/jelly inside with a fizzy effect. Pop Rocks is a bit outside any chef's comfort zone since it requires equipment you won't find in any kitchen. You need lab equipment for Pop Rocks.

    15. Lazy Panda

      I vote she should try and make jolly ranchers and she should make her own flavor as a fun activity

    16. Caye Sorensen

      amiels dress sense baffles me. like its not bad just odd

    17. Jac Le

      Camera Crew: This is Chris’ fault Ba Test Crew: Chris did this Comments: Blame Chris Chris: It’s all on me Claire: I brought this all on myself and I blame only myself

    18. Jenlynn

      Claire makes a homemade bath bomb into candy

    19. Andrew Markus

      Claire is like the baby sister who is everyone's favorite. You just can't be mean to her and you are always proud no matter what.

    20. NaksPizza

      Claire is a chemist!!

    21. Dina Roumeliotis


    22. berryboy888

      Claire and Chris are goals.

    23. Kathir Lassiter

      This is for not tempering the chocolate.

    24. Roslina Tamold

      I love how much she didn't want to do this one and how much she loves Chris clashing.

    25. Rahul Hossain

      i was thinking about whether you can make it with a sodastream and make it fizzy. i dunno. havent watched the whole thing yet so

    26. 2009antz

      I know it's a year late... But couldn't you mix crushed dry ice in the hard crack and vacuum it as it cools so the gas doesn't all escape? Should create bubble in the hard crack that contain Co2

    27. TrapLordMomアンソニー

      7:04 "Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pipe Bomb"

    28. no

      i thought it was chewed up gum in the thumbnail and i was so confused

    29. Christina Cody

      What she needed for this gourmet remake is someone with a molecular gastronomy background.

    30. Lore Books

      Imagine my surprise when I fully found out my college is right next door the BA Test Kitchen, I'm living my whole life.

    31. Prithvi Ranabhat

      I watched the same video

    32. Dave Post

      That guy in the CZ-news video made his own mass spectrometer and electron microscope. If he said making pop rocks is hard, I'd just give up.

    33. Ginny Last

      Chris: I’m so sorry I doomed you Claire Also Chris: you’ve cracked it look how fast the day turns around (:

    34. David Genaw

      wow, actual cooking starts around 8 mins in, bon apetit...... tomorrow lol

    35. karam faiz

      People who disliked the vid were prolly sad for Claire

    36. Tabitha Fox

      Is this a 2 additions situation? Add most of it in when she is adding it, and then let it stir in, then add a little bit more and stir as it hardens so it doesn’t react as much

    37. slumberdols _

      ba's most popular videos consist of a lot of these gourmet videos with means she deserves a break

    38. slumberdols _

      someone give claire a paid 2 month break where she just makes whatever she wants

    39. slumberdols _

      the test kitchen pressuring a pastry chef to make a bomb for 26 minutes

    40. Siraphon

      Gourmet Butterfinger when?

    41. Greasy duster

      Looks like the guy in the video u watched was cookin up a meth lab

    42. SdaMANN

      3:01 the way she looked up 😍

    43. Paije Montoya

      Claire is a mood! She is legit ME!!! I love you girl i hope they give you a vaca soon💓💓💓😂

    44. Sev Fryskesma

      if claire isnt having fun, i'm not having fun. she's capable and aware of her limits; let her cook things she can succeed at

    45. Jetman640

      AppliedScience having trouble making pop rocks.... this is when you know you are in the deep end.

    46. danielle farmer

      You want me to make a bomb? In THE WORLD TRADE CENTER?

    47. Fea Pratt

      I’m inspired to try to layer the dry ice into the sugar as it’s poured

    48. Gemini Neda

      I love how this is how I find out the Bon Appétit test kitchen is in the World Trade Center

    49. Michelle Verdugo


    50. tr3vk4m

      Me every time I see green candy: Ooh LIME! ... Yeugh! Green Apple!

    51. Victoria Flora


    52. Kim Barbeau

      She's a baker, not a chemist.

    53. Ryder Rosebrough

      Pop rocks should make a sucker that just fizzes in your mouth the whole time

    54. SlenderSera

      That thing she made at 18min, looks like this weird fungus that grew in my old yard.

    55. leslien92

      Butterfinger or tea cakes!

    56. Corbin Wiggertower

      What do Ameal and Duhlayknee even do to earn paychecks? Are they just volunteers?

    57. Ochan O

      at 21:17 i was like "who's child is thar?" and then she turned and i t took me a second and i was like " oh that's Gabby" hahaha

    58. doctor gaming

      You can buy knistert Zucker and add flowers.

    59. Coquin

      Why is Claire dressed super formally when she comes back the next day to apologize for being negative about Pop Rocks?! Did HR speak to Claire about her hatred for this candy?! 😆

    60. Himani Saran

      How about malteasers?

    61. Vex Agent

      These are the only reason this channel is alive

    62. Caitlin Goetzinger

      “It’ll make more of a fizzing sensation than a pop” okay fizzle rocks

    63. Maria Martinez

      So many candies Claire has never tried lol

    64. Christian Ramesar

      Claire's Froth rocks

    65. Jilliane Marielle Sanchez

      in the beginning of the video* Claire: it's never Chris's fault when Chris comes in* Claire: Chris it's all your fault It's funny

    66. Callum Crossing

      I never knew the BA test kitchen was 300km in the air???

    67. scasny

      Make them white or blue tase of mint with a touch of salt and call them sea foam rocks.

    68. scasny

      making pop rocks is no joke. But its simple. Liquid CO2 at 50atm and temperature around 10°C and melted hard candy. But 50atm is like serius bomb presure. Even in non fragnented explosive decompreasure can damage ears and cause deafness.

    69. Miguel Esquivel

      What if you add baking soda and citric acid into molted sugar?

    70. Anti-Nihilist _

      Wait, so did she end up using the dry ice at all?!