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    Who else could replicate and gourmet-ize everybody's favorite chocolaty, caramely and nougaty candy bar other than our very own Claire Saffitz? Join her in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Milky Way bars.
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Milky Way Bars | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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    1. mountain view

      Brad is fun to watch for sure, but I enjoy watching Claire the most.

    2. SingingPixels

      interesting, here in Germany Milky Way has no caramel, which is why i like it so much 🤔

    3. Tori Gen

      Claire should make malteasers

    4. Flexington

      I was like "I don't remember Caramel in Milky Way, wtf is going on" and I was fkn blown away thats Mars here is Milky Way in the US and WHY

    5. meliana

      next gourmet make : lotus biscoff, its also a new challenge for claire, vegan gourmet challenge!!

    6. Tachidottv

      I like Claire's signature tasting move where she turns her head sideways, bites the food with left half of her teeth while quickly looking into the distance :)

    7. GOLF BOY

      do kinder bueno

    8. TOXIC Melon

      In Canada Milky Way is a Mars in Canada

    9. Gia_ Makes

      I really ship her with brad XD

    10. Barang Rusak

      Chris sounds like sheldon

    11. Melissa Ferguson

      Please please please do like Starbucks cake pops!

    12. Caleb Chambers

      Claire is a beautiful example of a non-feminist woman. The way she just sort of dances with interaction and conversation is endearing.

    13. Maniacus Games

      please make 3 musketeers...

    14. M Daze

      Someone please make a montage of Gaby's "What's not to like?"

    15. Michael Bacon

      Oooh Butterfinger or Butterfinger BB's would be an awesome episode of Gourmet Makes.

    16. Jonathan Reed

      Did someone say nougat?

    17. UsernamesForDummies

      The only candy bars I like are Milky Way. And I’ve always been addicted to the Nougat part. Can’t wait to see how Claire gets that done...I always thought the nougat tasted malty, a bit like Ovaltine.

    18. Angeli Lachica

      Why was Claire’s laugh practically the same

    19. Thomas Call

      Alex throwing some shade: "It tastes like I remember it tasting."

    20. Ashton Payne

      Lmao, why is this so depressing? Lol love Claire, but why do I feel sad watching someone live out my culinary dreams? ... Also Rogue hair is hot.

    21. Amelia Chan

      i- 40 MINUTES?!

    22. Aidan T W Simpson

      Here's a question for any budding candy makers in the comments. Would it be possible to make the nougat a little salty to complement the caramel? I imagine it would taste awesome. And could a little bit of almond in the chocolate also go well with a salted caramel combo?

    23. Joseph Prosnitz

      I think in some ways these are the most interesting. I don't really care about the attitude (you have a dream job for a certain set of people). I do love your process which is fascinating. Your process of working the problem (analysis, modification, and consolidation of each of the evolved elements) is great.

    24. Jenifyw

      Which is Gabi non favorite snack?

    25. daemonicflame

      Til that Mars bars are called milky way in freedom land.

    26. tuch mimi

      Can you make haribo balla stixx 😍

    27. Hayden Ford

      This is so weird for me (aussie viewer). In Aus, a milky way is just nougat in chocolate and nothing else. What I see here in this episode is a Mars Bar. So weird

    28. Amelia Cosco

      “I know what you’re thinking, and I don’t appreciate it” 😂

    29. OrigamiMarie

      Milky Way is just a defective Snickers that's missing the peanuts.

    30. Kaylene Eldredge

      She should do gourmet makes “Hubba Bubble bubble tape” 😂

    31. Devin McNulty

      honestly justice for milky way midnight

    32. The chair Will die

      I would love you to make the global version of a milkyway

    33. Dead _ Inside

      Wow that’s weird. Here in the uk a Milky Way bar only has the nougat and no caramel. With caramel would be a Mars Bar.

    34. Chelsea Frattura

      Wtf 😰 that’s a Mars bar

    35. Eric Sletmoen

      I live in Canada, and I actually got up after this and walked to buy a MARS bar, my craving was so real. Had no idea all those candy bars were the same thing. So product placement is definitely working. Also I love the show! Great job! Haha 😁😂

    36. cindy n


    37. reuben flores

      I'm going to stop watching Claire or anything with Claire because someone asked her to marry her and bought her a crazy sweet ring. I can only watch single claire bake. Deal breaker, hope you have a happy life Claire.

    38. ZappyyZ

      wait if a milky way is a mars bar wtf is a milky way? (the blue one)

    39. Makayla Coker

      AIR HEADS!!

    40. Måns Malmgren

      wait, does Doctors offices give away chocolate bars in the US? I think that says quite a lot

    41. Julia Seel

      This could be half the runtime, BA Friends

    42. AlucardNoir

      Sugar, in nougat.... Americans. At least she didn't use high fructose corn syrup.

    43. Erik Boschert

      Claire = BAE ❤️🥰

    44. Dylan Pritchard

      Mini Eggs!

    45. here for now

      Claire is like a mix between 20 yr old and a grandma. I mean that as a compliment. She definitely stole Gabby hair style though

    46. 박Riley

      you should do 3 musketeers next

    47. KatieC

      Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles

    48. Beatrice Lanting

      Make Crunch

    49. Zach P

      Correcting people on grammar but she can't manage to follow a recipe...

    50. ghoulon

      This series could last forever! Would love to see Claire do aero's (the bar or the balls) or monster munch crisps

    51. TheyHateEvanJ


    52. Deathisfinetoo

      I feel like everywhere xcept in the Us a milky way is something completely different and what you are making is a Mars. Confusing af.

    53. Baka Pierre


    54. Brooklyn Sizemore

      I love Brad so much

    55. Lesli Perez

      Anyone else jonesing for Milkyway now?

    56. Sidney Huber

      Claire should make Whoppers!

    57. Dominic Erbacher

      In Australia that's a Mars bar. Milky Way is just soft nougat.

    58. hellmind

      Am I the only one who hasn't tried Milky Way with caramel?

    59. Bretislove

      please do the UK/EU Milky Way Bar!

    60. The HolographicSweater

      sometimes it’s hard to tell if stuff is going wrong because of a curse or just for no reason

    61. The HolographicSweater

      i bet she could read the ingredients off of the back of a box of chemicals, wowzers

    62. WatchForIce

      Hold Up... Molly doesn't like chocolate? Shut the front door!

    63. Angie just angie

      nobody is talking about how pretty the video gets at 14:35 & forward

    64. John A Doe

      why is EVERYTHING mixed with corn syrup in the US?

    65. Cara Eskins


    66. Ester Gonçalves

      She’s wearing a ring!

    67. Tim Satterwhite

      I thought she was gonna put the kombucha in the nougat.

    68. HG Zaatar

      I just wanna know who disliked this video I just wanna talk

    69. derik Bellanger

      Non natives don’t smudge claire

    70. Mira Heichenko

      Why don't you share the recipes? It would be so nice to recreate "the best nougat ever"