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    Alright, look. We're warning you now. Don't mix Mentos and Coke at home unless you want to spend way too long cleaning up afterwards. Anyway, making Mentos should be just like making Skittles, right? So this shouldn't take too long... hmm.
    Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes gourmet Mentos.
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Mentos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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    1. Bon Appétit

      Check out our brand new tempered chocolate shirt!

      1. blahblah2316

        Bon Appétit make gourmet jelly belly!

      2. The Glasses

        Gourmet Makes, gourmet Mike and Ike!!

      3. hailey andrews

        Bon Appétit you should make subway raspberry cheesecake cookies next!!!

      4. pradeep kumar

        Try halidirams kaju katli

      5. Tmaire Tameran

        Definitely need a Claire version of the shirt. I'd buy that.

    2. TheRedKueeng

      this is hands down one of the best episodes ever.

    3. Josh Mason

      What’s with blowing the whole budget on that mentos bit at the start Christ

    4. Jessica Elliott

      I feel like the producers are pushing gourmet makes more into replicating than making it gourmet and improving it. Like the texture I’d say is improving it. Please brig GM back to making something better because its being homemade by an educated chef using better ingredients

    5. Gianluca Antonini

      Gabby is the best

    6. Vikram Krishnan

      "This is basically skittles", doesn't ever go back to skittles till 25 minute mark

    7. Sergio H

      Next episode, Claire needs to make a Meal Replacemnet bar

    8. Christian Ilao

      13:49 the candy looks like uhm... 😬


      Go to 3:17 and turn on captions

    10. Rman Nayr


    11. Rman Nayr

      LOL Where is the Coke?!

    12. Kathryn Keith

      Remake some popular drinks!! Or maybe some infamous Starbucks drinks

    13. JaiProdz

      Krispy Kreme and this video..are disappointments. It isn't fun seeing Claire get upset or frustrated, it doesn't seem healthy for her and it seems like she's not happy doing it at all. I've noticed a shift months ago once these videos got really popular. I think it needs to be retooled. She looks defeated, and I hate that aww.

    14. Olivia Anna Carolina

      Christina is a mood

    15. Emily A

      Cristina is that one friend thats like you need to stop and tried to help love those friends

    16. Lucy Roadknight

      Well now I want mentos

    17. Koen v. Meijel

      there's like 3 coherent thoughts in this entire video

    18. Noah Mitchell

      but there is also a mint taste to the shell of a mento

    19. Maja

      If BA ever does a compilation best-of album, 36:31 has GOT to be the cover. They look like a spunky grunge band and i love it.

    20. Kennedy D

      Fruit mentos are my favorite candy omg!!

    21. Lucillia Streusvogel

      19:16 poor Claire

    22. Vinci

      19:23 LongbeachGriffy would approve😂 God this episode is filled with so many gems

    23. Vinci

      0:01 Wait... Did Claire go to Harvard?? Or I'm not hearing that right

    24. Brody Knott

      Gabby still looks fire in a trash bag

    25. Genetically Modified


    26. Courtney Faison

      I love how she accidentally makes a Now and Later with the batch around 15:00

    27. katie

      Claire should choose what she does. Then it will still be challenging but she will be excited instead of defeated.

    28. JaiProdz

      Am I the only one who thinks Alex Delany is like super cute? Like the stache, his whole vibe. He is boyfriend material.

    29. Cool Banana

      I love gabby’s sunglasses lol❤️😂😂

    30. Murron Cook

      We care about your suffering Claire! 😊

    31. Bywater NYC

      (40:02) "It's like you never get a little Brad. You always get all of Brad."

    32. Bunny Llewellyn

      What is the shape called? Oblique steroids?????

    33. 888888 88

      I hope they use their trash as a fertilizer than just actually throwing it out cause they waste too much

    34. Cecilia Martinez

      you should try hi-chew next!!

    35. Mr Ching Chong

      Make gourmet fruit by the foot!

    36. Eugene Naputi

      Claire should’ve immediately covered the 2 liter bottle with the cap and just hand it to someone in the test kitchen

    37. thejetblackdog

      gourmet makes: gourmet mentos in diet coke

    38. Alana Lewis

      “It makes it fizzy” well Claire I think we got that part lol

    39. Thot-hunter420

      Oh no it’s 40 minutes long Poor Claire

    40. Munirah Alhabshi

      delany: in a suit me: heart eyes

    41. TK

      Chris sniffing his food @ 16:01 and waggling his eyebrows instead of taking a bite of it like a normal person is the most Chris thing ever

    42. Chloe Hondro

      the coke and mentos works even better if you try to quickly put the lid back on, just sort of half twisting it so its not fully screwed on. The pressure builds up and the top explodes

    43. Sr.____

      35:18 *Happy noises?*

    44. Kebdoesstuff

      Tf kind of kitchen just has an angle grinder lying around.....????

    45. Peter Frost

      Delaney seems like he made lots of girls cry in high school, not like on purpose, if that makes any sense lol

    46. Gott короBа

      I'm glad one if the first things I hear is "war if the worlds" it's so underrated it's a great movie atleast the Tom Cruise one is the older ones are...well old

    47. It's Lexsisss

      Wow I love Christina lol

    48. Sigrid Dolan

      she sounds so sad in this episode :(

    49. Caroline

      24:06 the most wholesome Gourmet Makes moment

    50. Koreana

      Ah, this episode. The highest highs, the lowest lows. But in the end, victory in the form of a soda fountain 💪

    51. Iroxinping

      That grey streak is cute Edit also wouldn't a preheated mold with the high coconut oil content make it stick less? Edit 2 Molly is a nice kid lol

    52. Alexis Andrews

      someone needs to make a ship edit of brad and claire right now!!!!

    53. My Space

      But if you put the mentos in the fridge, they harden.🤔

    54. Kino Sevilla

      As a leftie with an almost useless right hand, Claire talking about it is so amazing

    55. Karissa Marie

      Try making the center out of hard taffy or use a food safe silicone to make a mold

    56. Where Angels Tread

      Real friends are beautiful lol.

    57. Iris Velasquez

      Claire: "Emoshin"

    58. mstly4lg

      Ben and Jerry's 😍😍

    59. Dyani K.

      There's something that slightly irritates me in the disposition of the staff towards Claire and towards Chris. When Claire does this challenged, it's somewhat less difficult, and yet she gets a lot of leeway and a lot of praise almost throughout the challenger. When Chris does his blindfold challenge, it's a lot more difficult, and he gets a lot more scrutiny and not enough good vibes. I don't have anything against Claire, she does an amazing job and her videos are very entertaining, I'm just irritated by the disproportionate amount of praise compared to Chris.

    60. meghna sankhla

      I’m now having a mentos craving...

    61. Mister Ious

      Delaney seems off putting somehow during the end of the video. 🤔 The way he looked at the camera after Brad show the miso thing. @40:00

    62. Mason Free

      Gourmet makes: Dr. Pepper 23 flavors baby

    63. Cara Li

      14:47 new couple photo ideas?

    64. anahita mem

      delaney in the suit is unhealthy for me

    65. J J

      Bizet at 12:40 was the perfect choice👌🏻

    66. Pauls DickMold

      Emotion blindness is a sign of serious mental disorder seek help immediately

    67. .m.

      she's such a cutie

    68. Hannah Schlueter

      If you have time you should totally remake loft house frosted sugar cookies or whatever version of them you can find. So sugary but so good🤩

    69. David Ahmed

      Why don't you use food grade silicone molds? It's heat resistant and lasts for about 100 pulls before you start lose the shape. These videos are addictive! Thanks very much.

    70. Stephen M. Tomic

      Claire should be making cakes and pies and pastries, not candy.