Pacquiao beats Thurman for WBA Super World Welterweight Championship belt | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX



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    Manny Pacquiao defeats Keith Thurman via split decision to obtain the WBA Super World Welterweight Championship belt.
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    Pacquiao beats Thurman for WBA Super World Welterweight Championship belt | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

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    1. PBC ON FOX

      What did you think about Manny Pacquiao's victory?

      1. Rania Ibrahim

        PBC ON FOX / his amazing and great champion in the world! He deserve to win he deserve it en his very humble person we pround u senator boxing champion many Pacquiao we are pround to be a Pilipino .😍💋😘👊🏻🥳🥳

      2. Pacquiao Fan

        Great fight! But man horrible highlights

      3. argus zz

        now do you think yiu excel in EDITING. YOU NEED TO BE FIRED.

    2. Вы неудачник

      𝔗𝔥𝔞𝔱𝔰 ℭ𝔬𝔬𝔩

    3. Jojet Shardonay



      Lame! Clip of the flight


      Why he didnt do this to mayweather...?

    6. liuetenant dan

      Based on these highlights Thurman won

    7. Dapperdave 527

      We all should appreciate the fact that Manny Pacquiao beat 3 former world champions (Luce Matthysee, Adrian Broner and Keith Thurman-now former world champion) in a span of 1 year.

    8. itiswhatitis 9

      Boxing is so lame man

    9. Edward J. Raya

      SHOW THE KNOCKDOWN IN THE FIRST ROUND. of course fox would be against someone who isnt American.

    10. Itzel Vallejo

      I think they made the highlight like this on purpose to get people discussing about it so it can get more views and attention

    11. Florichest

      If not for the knock out in Round 1, Pacquiao might have been robbed again even though Thurman unhesitatingly straight from the shoulder accepted that he was beaten by the living legend. It should have been an unanimous decision because even a draw is a remote possibility. Thurman is a clean fighter, I salute him for his sportsmanship. Both fighters earned a highly regarded honor and respect from the boxing fans.

    12. TheCornBeefEater !

      Nice put out a terrible highlight to make it look like Manny loss

    13. Elias Arambula

      Go! Pacman!

    14. Jose Ahumada

      Who edited this garbage?

    15. Bam3vo

      Who did edit on this?! Should call it moments after the Highlights...

    16. Markjomari Tingonong

      The best highlights I've seen ever in Pacquiao's fight! 😂😂😂🤣

    17. De Annoying Oreange

      I could win with my hands tied behind my back👌🏾😂🤷🏾‍♂️ Jk

    18. SmartGamerDude

      According to the Highlights, Keith Thurman won. Their was no knockdown. MANDELA EFFECT! Jk... dislike the biased video, for the future of unbiased boxing.

    19. Chris Hernandez

      U can see fox had manny loosing in the casino

    20. OhMyGulay

      Fox needs to leave PPV to the big boys like HBO or Showtime

    21. Alvin Kunsamasenpai

      It's so sad THIS is the highlight reel that makes it to trending when it is literally the most absolute WORST edit of highlights I have EVER SEEN. If you haven't seen the fight, go elsewhere to see the highlights. This is bias and pathetic. They left out the REAL highlights of the fight which are the knockdown, Manny's combination flurries, and the huge body shot in round 10. Shame on whoever edited this!

    22. Money grip 1013

      I smell steroids is that you Manny

    23. Datt Guy so cold

      Sounds like key and peele

    24. Sticker Samurai

      bias highlights, didn’t show knockdown on 1st round!

    25. July Stylez

      Highlights are supposed to sum the best part of the fight? Good thing I watched the full fight this does not do it justice. Horrible job!

    26. Marcel

      Terrible highlight video

    27. campos3452

      The thumbnail was the biggest highlight. 😂

    28. turtleattack

      Didn’t expect a good highlight from FOX 😂😂

    29. Sindi Salazar

      They’re only tryna make Thurman look good smh where’s the knock out ??!!!??!

    30. Thomas Tindry

      Professional boxing is so fake😂😂😂

    31. Lawrence

      guy/ppl that put together this highlight musta went all in and lost it all on thurman. FIRE who ever had a hand in this HIGHLIGHTS vid! no Knockdown in RD 1 and RD 10 body shot that made thurman spit out his mouth piece WTH

    32. Ginsung

      Wtf was that 😂😂😂

    33. Jesse Perez

      This video should be labeled "FIGHT LOWLIGHTS" 😂

    34. Battle Memes By Omari

      Stop putting spoilers in your title

    35. Jessie H.

      Prime Manny that destroyed cotto, margarito would have slayed all the current ww champs.

    36. nickfury 71



      Sub to my channel pls 🙏

    38. Alex Mtz

      Good job “editors” this is bias to the fullest, never expected this from Fox, 😕😕

    39. Mercury Grand Marquis

      You guys suck

    40. Raidaikin

      Didn’t even show the knockdown

    41. la amenaza

      Garbage highlights wtf terrible

    42. Sergio Aguilera

      What kind of highlights is this

    43. Omar Taco Tree

      They cut off the best parts lol

    44. Iron Martian

      This was awful. Missed the knockdown in round 1 plus went from round 10 to 11 back to 10 wtf I could of edited this better

    45. Kamikaze Gorilla

      Manny's steroids won him this fight.

    46. Ore Ojo

      LWA Gang guess the song go watch this crzy funny😂😂

    47. blinked025

      fox sucks

    48. HelloSir

      Wtf was this, a highlight really?

    49. Game Addicted 【Arif】

      Please help me... Come my ....?

    50. Vîen Nguyen

      a highlight without the knockdown? hahahahaha

    51. simpolang

      All the pros are like WTF? Split decision? Should make those judges famous.

    52. rdchannels


    53. Rod M

      When trash talking goes horribly wrong. Episode 10

    54. Mike Marrone

      Wheres the knock down ?

    55. Joe Anderson

      Keith Thurman is an embarrassment for the new generation of boxers....

    56. FIH Le PRO 101

      I will take the fight way over that Mayweather fight. These were really 2 championships putting on a show. Loved it. Keith you're still a champion and congratulations Manny.

    57. Louis Akana

      That was a great fight to watch a lot of action👌🏽 better than the mayweather vs pacquiao fight

    58. SkyNdiveProductions

      How's this video not show the 1st rd knock down?

    59. Jani Onii-sama

      Gago ano yun?

    60. Lil Raah Straight Hair Dreadlock Videos

      Paquiao has my respect, he still fighting and winning 😂🔥

    61. John Jones

      Terrible highlights!!!

    62. The Ghost brrr

      PBC wanted Thurman to win, split decision and no KO highlights smh. USA boxing is garbage and I’m American.

    63. brytsyd11

      You call that highlights? Tf? Where's the KNOCKDOWN? Fox news at it again! 👏

    64. dalmami

      Probably the worst commentary in round 10. Thurman was hurt and he said was a headbut. Lmao. Bring back the hbo ppv guys

    65. Clymax01

      Pac vs Loma

    66. V. Chin

      This highlights is for Thurman

    67. darkeagle

      Good work out for pacman, congrats!!!

    68. Dan

      Whoever made this deserves a pink slip.

    69. King Kato

      Where's the knock down by Pacquiao? The is Pbc edit B.S like it was a close fight. Thurman won two maybe three rounds .. Its hype because Thurman will fight on Pbc again. Al Hayman Pbc B.S... I've noticed they turn off sound when commentators says something about fighters they dont like .

    70. rosan ghale

      thurman did get pacquiao with some pretty nice shots but i think 1st round flash knockdown got inside thurman's head and later the body shot to thurman...pacquiao might've cracked his rib...but good solid performance from thurman nonetheless....also pacquiao respected thurman's power that's why he kept jabbing and keeping a distance...