Packers vs. 49ers NFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs



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    The Green Bay Packers take on the San Francisco 49ers during the 2019 NFC Championship Game.
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    1. Uncle Sam

      I know this. If KC can’t stop the run. They will lose big.

    2. Ratus

      Jimmy Gropallo is such a fkin sham QB....The 49ERS COACHING STAFF ARE THE TRUE MVP...TURNING THE TEAM INTO FKING GOLD WITH A TRASH QB...GROPALLO IS DONE !!! 6/8 passes, 77 yards 0 TD...but i guess 0 INTS.... Guess what? THEY TURNED THEIR WRs INTO RBs... ASK DEEBO!!!

    3. jaydoubleuem

      Lmao joe buck was so sad he couldn’t suck aaron all game. Always been a niner hater and rodgers rider.

    4. Oarfish

      Goofy foot

    5. Henry Newman

      buck was a packers fan in this jesus

    6. Faithful Collections

      Feels Great Baby

    7. Uncle Sam

      Well. The Chiefs should at least keep it close. 42-20 Niners.

    8. Tripzn

      2:07 dirty play

    9. NikolasCage FreeEEGS

      So obvious the packers didn't belong here, but the NFL hates the Seahawks so.... here ya go Rogers - don't make an ass of yourself again... oops. This would've been worth watching if it was an nfc west rivalry again.

    10. Federer Fanatic

      Kyle learned his lesson, run the ball. Courtesy of the Patriots.

    11. America's Choice

      49's owned the line of scrimmage.

    12. Mikey B.

      One hell of a good Super Bowl. KC minus 2 1/2 ??

    13. Chris Serrano

      Love it

    14. Charles Meckwood

      49ers better enjoy this one because they are in for a heart breaker ass kicking in the super bowl

    15. Revis Y

      I hate Joe Buck's commentary.

    16. Natan Tabor


    17. Luis Guzman

      Aaron is supposed to be a GOAT? Lmao

      1. Nonya Biznes

        2 ints and 3 fumbles

    18. michael morris

      Rodgers is garbage found on the beach... washed up trash

    19. DImitrije Milisa

      If only Aaron had a better defence 💚💛

      1. Nonya Biznes

        He had 2 ints and 3 fumbled. Most overrated qb ever lmao

    20. Daniel Touchstone

      49ers just proved to the nation why the a good fullback is crucial in the run game no.44 is an awesome blocker. Time and time again grew was throwing key blocks. And what makes them so good is they can still drop back and throw the ball if they need to. Something the titans couldn't do. The super bowl should be a really good game.

    21. Jonathan D.

      Don’t look at the final score, this was absolute domination by the 49ers defense and running game and all 20 of Green Bay’s points were scored in garbage time.

    22. Rob

      And they say Brady gets carried 😂😂😂😂

    23. Ken & Angie Corn

      😎 we winning the superbowl #SF 🏈🏈🏈

    24. Tony Green

      To all you 49er hater this year nothing could be finer to be the 49er in the Superbowl

    25. G D

      Funny how NFL players imitate soccer players’ post-scoring dance routines.

    26. MYSLICE

      I'm used to the disappointment, but I'll always be a fan of the packers til I die. Go pack Go! P.S. get someone to stop the run next year! It's been a problem all season

    27. Marjus Skenderi

      Green Bay:This is going to be a different game than week 12. 49ers:Yep, we are going to expose you in a title game what a fraud team you are.

    28. Le coût critique

      you can't stop the run with Blake Martinez... you can't stop the passing game either... or blitz... can't we get rid of him?

    29. Mason Solo

      Yo be honest never really payed attention to Mostert on the niners but after this I’m a fan

    30. Mackay Creative

      Absolute beatdown

    31. Shahul Usman

      Roger's good for 2-3 sportscenter highlights but I think has declined considerably. I never understood the obsession.. Was good for a couple years but so was Kerry Collins or Jeff George.. They can still win with him but need to keep up the run game.. Get better possession recievers and defense.. He can't win you games on his own

    32. Marc Gordiano

      Nobody: Jimmy Garrapolo : 118, Set!

    33. Costone90

      suck it packer fans

    34. Odin Eggen

      Патриоты вернут Гаррополо?

    35. Chance the Greatest

      How the hell do you call this a highlight video when you skip touchdowns?

    36. Tekka579

      GG game GreenBay scary as always when we play you guys. Much respect..

    37. redhurricane24

      We have us a BLOOD BOWL!

    38. Lincoln Judge


    39. Bobby Johnson

      San Francisco D is legit but their QB I still don’t like

    40. JayJay BadAzz25

      Mostert fast asf bruh no kapp

    41. Comingfor Ya

      Greenlaw is a damn beast of a open field tackler. Great draft pick up by Lynch and staff. Faithful!

    42. I II

      Hoes Mad Hoes Mad 🧀🚫

    43. Jon155

      Rob Parker on suicide watch yet again 😂😂😂

    44. Rico Bowen

      I wonder who Joe Montana is going to pick to win the Super Bowl 🤔?

    45. Jessie James

      Good Job 9ner's been watching you sense 1984 :D

    46. Peter Hübschen


    47. Kellz The one and only Lefontae

      Rogers is and always will be a #NinerFaithful #NINEREMPIRE #NinerGang.

    48. b gilley

      Pats fan, but I can admit this Superbowl will be more entertaining than if the Pats had somehow got there. 49ers d is good enough to give KC some issues, and the offense isn't bad either. I'll be rooting for the 49ers, my childhood favorite team, before living in New England eventually dragged me down to rooting for a bunch of cheaters.

    49. AT4

      Niners came out of nowhere. I expect them to beat KC. Finally the leagues best play in a SB.

    50. Ted Brogan

      When do the Packers play?

    51. Gen Sco

      Why aren't these mini celebrations after a great play flagged for taunting? It's the exact same thing as before, but, now you have mini teams practicing the taunt as well and we all get to watch that. I've been on the field before and I get the exuberance of a player scoring a goal or defending his area, but now you have teams practicing taunts, much more in your face.

    52. V.S.O.P 100 Proof

      Jimmy Garoppolo is the GREATEST QB EVER 💯💯💯

    53. MrStradia

      Yup, Rogers got discount double checked.

    54. Erhardt Gerber

      Imagine both teams arrive at the Superbowl in RED

    55. Session Slots HQ

      I guess you can say the team that won had a player who ran over the most dirt.

    56. Session Slots HQ

      Joe Buck sucks! The play - Aaron getting sacked and fumble Joe buck conversation : I just ate some cheese sticks and ten years ago Greenbay- oh the ball is out.” Fire this hack

    57. Fernando Morales

      Joe Buck is probably the most one sided sports caster there is 😂 you can tell he was not happy with the Niners doin so good

    58. Jizz Boots

      People are so funny by saying that the 49ers haven't played no one how can y'all say that when the only thing that you have to do is go back and check our schedule we have one of the hardest schedules this year

    59. DFanboy

      Aaron: we are going to crush them Garropolo:exists the score:17 point win for 49ers

    60. marcinho

      the packers need to trade for odell beckham jr

    61. Bargil

      Green Bay definitely looked like Swiss cheese with all those holes in defense

    62. landseer lover

      Like many- I'm happy for the 49ers, but I have to say one pet peeve, like so many teams. Didn't seem to matter, whether it was the offense or the defense, when they make a good play... do they have to walk down the field showboating… really childish, as your "good play" is the reason you're a millionaire. Lose the attitude, and PLAY the game.

    63. Game Over

      Aaron game over

    64. alen

      6:48 lol feel bad for the packer nearly got knocked out lol

    65. dev smonk

      It’s okay, they can play again next year

    66. kaiviti2013

      Mediocre teams this season. 49ers might win Super Bowl but their just best of the mediocre bunch for this season.

    67. fruitrollups

      Aaron Rodgers gotta go on suicide watch after this. This game had him eating his words.

    68. TheReal NateDogg

      49ers got that juice. They were hyped and they were firing on all cylinders.

    69. Shane Carter

      1:40 some say he's still sliding to this day

    70. Dabbing Toaster

      The 49ers with the ‘lemme see how many yards I can get my RB in Madden’ gameplan.