Overtime: Judd Apatow, Gov. Steve Bullock, Rahm Emanuel, Steve Schmidt | Real Time (HBO)

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    Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.
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    1. newmove

      Its not whether they're rich, its whether they bought their votes.

    2. moose boy

      Steven Miller is Anonymous to drum up sympathy for trump.

    3. Judi Mcmahon

      That was one of the best Real Times/Overtime’s. Rahm Emanuel was on it.

    4. rajeshsweet194

      Isn't emanuel like the mayor of the city with most yearly murders in america. He seems least affected by it while talking smugishly here.

    5. --

      Judd Apatow is a twat.

    6. Brother Michael

      "Now you're looking for the secret. But you won't find it because of course, you're not really looking. You don't really want to work it out. You want to be fooled." 🙉🙊🙈

    7. David John Thistle

      Character should always be more important than a bank account balance. Scripture states, "We seek wisdom NOT Gold, Understanding NOT Silver." This is repeated several times in Proverbs. However, it is what we do with what we have that counts. Thank you all this week.

    8. Boston Bob

      Video Shows July Mass Arrest of Marines Accused of Human Smuggling at Camp Pendleton /In total, 13 Marines were charged with human smuggling

    9. Boston Bob

      Video Shows July Mass Arrest of Marines Accused of Human Smuggling at Camp Pendleton /In total, 13 Marines were charged with human smuggling

    10. Salariatus Dunbauld

      I think Anonymous is Trump himself, he's that crazy!

    11. Kenneth R Loper

      I agree BILL, that's the beauty if we take money out of politics 🤑then the candidate has to run on things like their integrity their character there in visions and their aspirations for this country

    12. Mary Larson


    13. Brian Rodriguez

      We're full of people with enough degrees and preparedness to successfully run this country, but they're not rich, not famous, have no connections and only make enough to stay out of debt.

    14. Debbie Harding

      Our vote DOES NOT MATTER DUDE!!!!!!! NOT IN YEARS.....it is all decided by the top 1%, those folks. President has ALREADY BEEN ELECTED!!!! DONE AND DONE! Wake up!

    15. RubelliteFae

      I admit, I 1.25x or faster on YT except music

    16. Bruce Harvey

      Democrat politician's are destroying this country.

    17. Linn Specialist

      Conway is that Anonymous.

    18. Joy Anna Radcliffe

      Democracy= the people; Republicans = corporate interest that = self interest.

    19. Joy Anna Radcliffe

      Huge money piles into the political process, though doesn't always help candidates glide into election, it still poses a serious risk against our vulnerable democracy, Bill. I do like your sense of humor and your logic.

    20. Erica Fuller

      I 💗 Bill Maher!

    21. yukonnoka

      Bill Maher is a crusty washed up sell out. Fuck the rich, including the Hollywood elites like Maher. I can't believe i used to like this show.

    22. yukonnoka

      The system that allows for the creation of rich people is the problem. Capitalism will destroy the planet. Stop buying stuff.

    23. visionblack9

      The fundamental change candidates are the ones that have crossover appeal for former trump voters: cz-news.net/online/video-r_a3OgmSgq0.html

    24. Rua Melek Sad Haja Kadribasic

      Bill Maher has become a conservative rich fart.

    25. FanofJesus

      Soon people will see you for the swarmy, Evil, SICK loser you are ... we’re going up, Maher -Super Elites - you’re going down and fast -PRAY, REPENT

    26. tmdarby

      Holy shit Bill you just got 100 percent owned by Cody Johnston

    27. Kabir Mallik

      I do not remember any of Judd Apatow's work, so he's on the money there.

    28. Bernie OrGuillotine2020

      This is somehow even better after watching Cody absolutely destroy Bill Maher in the latest episode of Some More News.... 😂 😂 😂

    29. D. Steven

      Correct: There is too much Netflix to watch. So I made the wise decision and don't watch at all. Apatow doesn't remember what he watched because our brains didn't evolve for such constant stimulation. Do future generations a favour and return to books -- before we all turn restless and functionally illiterate, like Mr. Trump.

    30. Inna

      "people demand all sorts of stupid shit" - amen..

    31. Laura Kenney

      It's KellyAnne.

    32. inkooh8

      Bill, the off-hand "easy for you to say" response applies equally as much to you. It is quite easy to claim that unknown unknowns that Powell allegedly stopped justifies his staying in service to Bush despite evidence to the contrary for what we do know.

    33. BotoCorDeRosa

      How did Apatow become a household name? He’s an absolute bore and his movies are total bollocks.

    34. B Ruane

      Is anonymous Trump himself ?

    35. Andrew G.

      The judge Judy segment this episode was sooo cringe

    36. Teodor Panaite

      All of Trumps people get thrown under the bus at some point.

    37. David Roberts

      Then don't make boring movies and people won't feel a need to speed it up. How egocentric are people that they now think it is up to _others_ to decide how fast or slow I can watch _my_ choice of viewing? People who speed things up, on youtube, are usually intelligent people who can't stand thinking at the slower rate of a typical human, they are _also_ smart enough to understand that a comedy or drama requires being watched at the proper speed to get the most out of the artistic creators design, but that doesn't mean that "artist" should have fascist control over peoples viewing habits.

    38. David Roberts

      "Hillary outspent Trump 2-1 and he beat her." One of the most inaccurate statements I've ever heard used as an "argument" on this show. 1) He didn't beat her, Hillary got over 3 million more votes. 2) He only "won", because Putin saw to it, that he "won"...that has nothing to do with _money._ 3) He just got through saying, "It shouldn't be about money..." ...and he's using "money" as the basis of who wins or doesn't win. ...and, of course, money is _necessary,_ due to the nature of the type of society humans have created for themselves, without money you could never rise to a level that would put you in the running as a potential winner of a "presidential" election, ...that's _why_ America is an Oligarchy and Capitalism is failing.

    39. GlobalGood

      Funny & ironic, because I watched this video in 1.5x speed lol

    40. Keemster Baas

      "You don't need a conspiracy when interest converge. " -George Carlin NO, you don't need another billionaire, America. You need sanity and a cordon sanitaire around that abomination that you call 'the republican party'.

    41. AJR4 3269

      Can you get Stephen Colbert on your show?

    42. Mazikeen McAllister

      20.99 Trump wrote the piece.

    43. SmallTownGamer

      5:10 I don't think everyone here realizes how important *_THIS QUESTION REALLY IS._* Hoping the States will step up and do their part to protect their rights. Because Ajit Pai really is the Rudy Giuliani of the FCC, only he knows what he's doing :/ . The question should be asked in in terms of: Do you think Americans are going to get the proper offerings of Qos, consistently available bandwidth, including it's reliability, and keeping latency during server connections to a consistent minimum they deserve? ---- Is it Satellite, where you are at the mercy of the sky? Is it copper, which cable companies have had a monopoly for decades, and chose to let their infrastructure fall into disrepair? Or do you have the relatively new FTTH service? Cedar Falls Utilities had their service up and running in 2014, and President Obama pretty much cut the ribbon on the facility. The service/price can't be matched. Shortly after it launched, Mediacom released a statement venting their frustration about how they will no longer be able to compete. And they cant. The speeds are exponentially faster, for a lower price. For example: You can receive a 1Gb/Sec. *FULL DUPLEX* (not kneecapped like other providers do for no reason...) connection to your house for $105. Then add a + $12/month charge If you don't want any cable service to go with it.

    44. theycallmemrshaggs

      Bill Maher advocating for another 1% president. How the mighty have fallen.

    45. Jim Fath

      Hey Judd, maybe if your comedy movies were 90 minutes instead of the over stuffed, 2.5+ hour, improv laden, "when is this going to end", kind of movies, people wouldn't want to forward through them as much.

    46. Mark Cole

      Old men, giving old men answers to old men questions. Sofa King tiresome.

    47. Agnes Kim

      Very wealthy people don't have a notion of what normal life is, and that's a problem. It's hard to lead a country when one has not had the experience to go grocery shopping, or drive their own car. Let alone ride public transportation. It makes them detached from their decisions, like it's a video game or a TV show. I believe that is a contributor to the debacle with the Trump presidency.

    48. Alabama Liberal

      To answer Bill Maher's question about why people are judging billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer differently than the also-wealthy FDR or JFK: Bloomberg wasn't an economically progressive mayor AT ALL--income inequality and sky-high rent got even worse during his tenor, and he was very much known as a Wall Street-backed mayor. In fact, he's only running for President to poo-poo on some of Sanders and Warren's most economically liberal policies. And Tom Steyer talks a better game, but has never actually governed, so we have no real record to judge him on. But his few actions so far (saying he'll spend 100 million on his own primary bid vs. helping senate candidates, buying his way into debates, and paying for endorsements in Iowa) don't bode well. Long story short: we don't believe they would be for the working class at all.

    49. Kurt

      Funny how billionaires are hated. But some of these fools running for POTUS need to confiscate billionaires money to fund their grand, outrageous plans. They should want more billionaires not less.

    50. Ethan Robertson

      I agree with Bill on most things, but I think he was a little out of his depth trying to argue that Powell was doing the American people a favor by lying in front of the entire world.

    51. buckleal

      bill you are cruel inviting bullock then making jokes about others winning the white house. skip the longshot hopefuls and invite progressives maybe they can speak about their side. fuck centrists they won't even admit they want everything to go back to the utopia of 2015. you know when things were perfect.

    52. Gina Kay


    53. Sarah Anhäuser

      Hahahahahaha "Who is Rudy?" aahhahahahaha

    54. Gina Kay

      Ahhh BENNY 😅😂🤣😍

    55. Gina Kay


    56. Gina Kay


    57. The Shadow

      Maher is a bit prickly about rich people isn't he?

    58. Danny Aikin

      ok, boomers..................

    59. Beefy Beings

      Watching this in 1,25x speed :)

    60. Sulanis

      (opinion) I can't believe that they are saying that instead of being a whistle blower he/she should of just left. No, that is the wrong approach. If everyone that has a problem with it ups and leaves and then who stays to make sure that the "PRESIDENT" is doing illegal things that he needs to be held accountable. I seriously can't believe that well educated and well manner professionals are saying that the whistle blower should just shut up and leave. The republican made whistle blower laws protect the whistle blower because it allows Congress to get the bottom of accused illegal action. The other reason those laws were put into law because of the actions of people like Donald Trump who instead of being a professional leader of democracy calls the guy a traitor and that he should be executed. People that is a fucking "DICTATOR", not a free thinker, not a genius, a simple fucking DICTATOR. You can still be loyal to republican conservative ideals and still hate what Trump is doing and how its destroying democracy. I think we can all agree that no one is above the law and that if our politicians are caught doing a crime then they should be help accountable.

    61. Greg Robinson

      "Suddenly every movie I make will look like a Benny Hill sketch" - Apatow ;-)

      1. Derek McCumber

        They'll also be well under 2 hours long now, so I'm all for it.

    62. Leif Johnson

      I am so tired of Judd Apatow. His movies are garbage.

    63. zeus star

      Worst overtime ever !

    64. Moonlit

      Melania's book?!??! (Heavy sigh) I just can't.

    65. Jim Davis

      Now I get it. We can get rid of Trump, but only if we give the core issues we care about.

    66. doug SD

      Trump didn't beat Hillary Putin did

    67. tagyourdeadxxx Cc

      Great panel this week.

    68. Joseph Van

      Maher finds fault with every single aspect of Trump and his phenomenal successes while sucking up to political hacks like Rahm Emanuel. If anyone is a phony, it is Bill Maher (formerly Mahr).

    69. the wolfy gamer 115

      Judd sucks

    70. Mike Cziraky

      Ram was a horrible mayor. He was closing public schools every week. Taxes went up. Crime went up. What a joke