OVERNIGHT AT WATER PARK! (Security Catches Us)



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    TFIL takes on the challenge of staying overnight at a waterpark. Everything seems to be going well until security comes...
    This is video ONE of THIRTEEN from our TFIL Utah trip with Elton Castee, Andrea Russett, Corey Scherer, Sam Golbach & Colby Brock. We have some CRAZY videos in store so make sure to subscribe!
    Thank you to Splash Kingdom in Redlands CA for making this one possible! Check out the park if you're in the area!!!
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    1. TFIL

      MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!! THIS IS VIDEO 1 OF 13 FROM OUR ROAD TRIP!!! 200,000 LIKES = Another Overnight Challenge Video! Comment where you would want to us to try & stay next!

      1. Eliza Whitledge

        Mcc Tuba player Hi

      2. ツ.SpecailCookieLover ツ

        Elton ecplain why u held sams nipple while u all went down the slide on ur second time bc that was fucking helerios

      3. shelby dauphinee

        My question is why is colby so happy when he holds Andreas hand in the slide! 26:01

      4. Melinda Johnston

        Moll of America

    2. Jay Leverett

      Stay at 6 flags they have the funniest staff I’ve ever met🤣

    3. Awk Cosplay

      i literally live down the street from splash kingdom

    4. Corissalynnn

      Anytime Elton rents places for overnight. I feel so bad for the workers. I used to work at an amusement park and I'm not sure if it's just me but I would be bothered to have to work through the night because someone wanted to rent the park out for the night

    5. マリアAlice

      Corey's got the dance moves tho, have been noticing from past vids

    6. Keira Tate

      Y'all are crazy.. I LOVE IT!!!!!💞💞 I need guy friends 😂😂😂

    7. Courtney Cicero

      I used to live 2 minutes from this place but then I had to move to Idaho my dream is to meet all you guys plus jake Tara Reggie and the whole crew I love you guys I really hope I can meet y’all some day you have helped me through so so much ily guys.

    8. lily grace

      a zoo

    9. Jamie Kouns

      Honestly, this is my favorite overnight video.

    10. Fabiola Segura (fs1264)

      you guys got pranked so hard

    11. Jahely Magno

      Stay at a movie theater

    12. Rileigh OMG

      This had me dying

    13. biancasays

      no one: literally no one: not even the aliens: corey: MY BITCH GO LOCO

    14. Addxisonx Y

      Andrea and Colby look good together

    15. N ova

      19:06 when your late for class

    16. ccolby

      *eltons laugh cracks me up*

    17. Jasmin Salladay

      This shit is fucking funny

    18. Onlina Shopperina


    19. Onlina Shopperina

      im so confused

    20. Onlina Shopperina

      "I'm not going to jail again" and I oop-

    21. Megan Halkyard-Wait

      Omg I couldn’t stop laughing throughout this vid

    22. Keira Redmond


    23. Kimiko McConnell

      At 23:46 Uncle Elton is so sweet for keeping his legs up so he wouldn’t hit Colby awww

    24. Amanda Morgan

      I love Sam and Colby cos they basically are brothers. They make fun of each other like brothers, they insult each other like brothers, they talk like brothers, they laugh together like brothers! I love them and I hope they stay together forever! ❤️

    25. SavageTrex 77

      Why is there a loader scream at 21:20 eanding at 21:30

    26. Opal_ Games

      You guys should stay at the Noah's Ark in Wi Dells WI! P.S. you got free tickets at Delten Grand

    27. Rory Rogers

      I lost it when they started running :D

    28. Natalia Vargas

      The way colby tells her to run and looks after her first was sooooo cute

    29. Cadence Rae

      Did she just say and i oop- SHES A VSCO GIRL AHH

    30. Anamae Cautivo

      Oh my gosh! This video makes me laugh so hard in the whole time 🤣🤣🤣 lol

    31. NiamhJull

      corey shouting BrOtHa in a british accent,,,, as a british person i am impressed

    32. Alicia McDaniel

      Is the chick in the video one of your girlfriends?

    33. Alicia McDaniel

      It would be so fun to rent a water park out for s night ❤️

    34. aleia carlisle

      fucking elton hahhah

    35. Elijah Villalobos

      I like the abandoned mall ones

    36. Mangle_ Gal99

      Imagine being a life guard and seeing 8:18

    37. Emily Rollins

      That's the same waterpark Beauty and a Beat was filmed at!

    38. Merii Martir

      andrea is me😭😂always hanging with the guys.

      1. Merii Martir

        but i fr need friends like them!

    39. Angeline Hage

      The guard: I’m not built for this. Me:same 🤣

    40. MasterChief


    41. Bev Webb

      Corey looks like a walrus flopping his way down that slide. Lmao

    42. Lil Sunrise

      you guys should stay overnight at a stripclub 💀

    43. leah davis

      am i the only one who thinks andrea sounds like tana mongeau at 11:34 ?

    44. ледбика кюн

      Stay in mall

    45. Dhruvil Parikh

      Stay over night at haunted hospital🏥

    46. KS Chops

      I've been researching your videos and I realized colby and Andrea would be the perfect couple

    47. A little bit Of Everything

      18:50 I’m dying

    48. A little bit Of Everything

      14:20 there’s a camera omg hahah

    49. Jazmin Smith

      Colby: RUN guard: I'M NOT BUILT FOR THIS

    50. Kalei’s Makeup Tutorials

      every single time they went on a ride colby let go of andrea and latched on to someone else💖💖

    51. Pika Cutie

      Omfg Colby= bakugo Sam= kirishima Elton= Sero Corey= Denki Andrea= mina Jake= jirou It's the bakusquad

    52. Becca Brown

      No one : Me: laughing uncontrollable the entire time the got "couaght"

    53. Damien Carriero

      An a Abandon haunted house

    54. Goaty Guy


    55. Cynthia Garcia

      I. Love you

    56. blackrxses

      Random Idea. 24 Hours In A Zero-G Plane!!

    57. Jessica Reid


    58. Amanda Jimenez

      i feel like colby and andrea should get together they look so cute together

    59. Emily Crowley

      Was anyone reminded of the witches forest when Corey was screaming Colby wait Colby in the slide

    60. Carolina Pascucci

      I think u should go to North Carolina

    61. Katelynn_ gamer

      Did Andrea really just say "and I oop" 2:13 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    62. Alyal_a

      Y did my fone pause at exactly 8:22 😂😭

    63. taylor ellyson

      I died when they fell off the inertube at the beginning of the video

    64. Bradley Allgire

      26:01 colby was so happy when he and andrea grabbed hands

    65. Dixiemaniac 205

      I'm ligit suprise they don't go to jail for dis

    66. AxmarianGaming 2.0

      Elton doesn't get cold bc of his luxurious leg hairs.

    67. Alan Gonzalez

      I dare you to stay at fucking lego land

    68. ikky rankters

      Dude in bright pink "im not going to jail ...........again LLOL

      1. ikky rankters

        Sorry i meant lol

    69. ツ.SpecailCookieLover ツ

      Ecsplain why eloton held on sams nipps on the 2nd time going down the slide -3-

    70. Crystal Olson

      thank you for making me smile this made my day