Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown vs Shalltear Bloodfallen - English Dubbed

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    1. Charles Gorillionaire

      Greater Maximized Shitposting

    2. Cinereo


    3. Qrow Summer-Rose

      23:04 “Blood sucking meat devourer!!!!“ “Thank you for your input, it was illuminating”

    4. xxhipstergaming2 xx

      All those buffs

    5. Open Eyz

      Uhhhhh..........I wish I could a fight like that, or better yet; Every Monday: A new car, 10,000 on my debit card.

    6. Nathan Ruiz

      Is that the voice of cooler from tfs

    7. Ahmad Abdollahzadeh

      What a total bullshit! A true gamer knows that in any game casting so much buffs one after each other not only drains your mana completely, but also by the time you finshed casting the spell for the last buff, the first buff has already timey out. Some games allow creating custom buff spells that last longer. But you need impossibly high skills to create such a spell, and when it finally works, it consumes a ton of mana.

    8. Swag Gemini 135

      Me knowing that if meliodas was here he'd full counter a lot of their magic moves 😂😂

    9. TheRealDamnDeal

      When you absolutely hate a person and want to absolutely destroy a noob talking shit

    10. Ashes

      the start with buff stacking is pretty wonky, why start the fight on equal grounds by buffing, when you can cheese and burn with nukes.

    11. Defult

      The dub sounds weird

    12. Shelvs HOTpencil

      This is the Asian market in a nutshell. Throw money at it

    13. broken yolk yolk

      He renamed himself after the guild that so cool

    14. fjvideo

      Awful voice acting. With my vocal chords and personality tied behind my back, I could do better.

      1. Fred Douglas

        Ainz's voice actor is Cooler from Dragonballz abriged dude, he is literally a top tier voice actor.

    15. AS4L3M Gaming

      25:33 WTF!!

    16. Spartan Venom

      He won by using pay to win mechanics

    17. Michael Campbell

      Both these characters are pouting JRPG/MMO gibberish nonstop but I'm finding it utterly fascinating.....

    18. Treatz

      >Dubs WHYYYY

    19. Marcus Mclean

      One of the few animes that's better in English, just because if Ainz's voice

    20. LordAbomination45

      Cooler: Before I throw this did my brother do this Goku: yea but his was smaller Cooler: Knew it HA! 😂😂

      1. minion

        I understood that refrence

    21. tyler lewis

      Everything but the kitchen sink

    22. Plasmancer

      "Lord Ainz sama! That fight was awesome, have you always been this cool?" "Well you could say that I've was always... Cooler"

      1. Kakarot

        Someone better pick up that phone

    23. DMG Mana

      they are so loyal to him like literally he could hold out his hand with a bit of food they would come and eat from his hand (like some pets do maybe all pet i never tried with my pets) and he'd be like "Mom, MOM GET THE CAMERA MOOOOOM"

    24. C

      Shark cyclone..... That's a cosmetic bought from the in-game store wasnt it? Add sharks to your normal cyclone spell.

      1. Vezoth

        No, it's a unique spell with that name, summoning a tornado that is 50 meters long and 100 meters tall, with those 6 meter long sharks moving inside as if they were in an ocean

    25. DMG Mana

      i just noticed but THAT FUCKER CUT THROUGH REALITY

    26. Zwizard247

      18:57 heh, i can see that someone naming themselves that online

    27. A.wal1991

      yeah, this reminds me why i watch with subtitles The voice acting is fine, the actor just doesn't have the voice to match that skull. And shalltear sounds too adult (i mean lore wise you perverts).

    28. Roblox Memer

      MMOs : *exists* Ainz : *BUFF 100*

      1. Tech Guru413

        Roblox Memer BUFF 100000

    29. I wanna Die

      *I hate dub*

    30. Olyvier Monteau

      Nobody: The spell fallen down: Me: *_London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down! London bridge is falling down, my fair lady!!_*

    31. Leon Coben

      Could someone explain to me how you people have such indepth knowledge of all these items, skills, magic, and weapons? Is YGGDRASIL a real game or do I have to buy a damn book guide to understand what the hell everything does?

      1. Vezoth

        The anime is based on the Light Novels and other canon sources. The anime skips over most of the information provided in them and is more of a bareboned version of the story. The LN explains things like why the Black Scripture was in the forest and mind-controlled Shalltear, or why the Black Scripture wasn't ordered to kill Gazef instead of the Sunlight Scripture. The layout of Nazarick, reasons why you couldn't just block out an entrance of a guild and use teleportation to get in and out of a guild base, or the different NPCs under each Floor Guardian are also mentioned.

    32. DryTaste

      The only thing I hate about dubs are the retarded ways they pronounce names.

      1. Tech Guru413

        DryTaste the damn american accents lol.

    33. John Murphy

      Wtf was that eye?

      1. Vezoth

        Aura using a skill to distract Shalltear, allowing Ainz to recompose his thoughts and finish her off.

    34. Gojira

      Is nobody gonna mention that he summoned a fucking Sharknado?

    35. Ruthless

      2:19 neat easter eggs

    36. octylMan

      Overlord: the anime that DOESN'T portray MMORPGs.

    37. Jordan Jordan

      its amazing how the voices don't much the character.

    38. Muntje *-*

      The dub sucks

    39. うんあ うん

      This dub is unworthy

    40. xryanv

      For some reason ( I notice this in a lot of anime) all the english voice actors sound like the whole thing is a big joke to them, like they are not taking the situation seriously.

      1. Tonatsi

        xryanv I think it can just be difficult to do that in English; english doesn’t bode well with ‘angry battle shouts’; the only other example I can think of is poetry with expressive reading; which is often satirical/ over exaggerated. Hence the ‘lack of it sounding like it is being taken seriously’

    41. Erichi Mira

      Ohhh man, it is like Cooler fighting Raynare!

      1. Tonatsi

        Erichi Mira wait seriously is that voice actor the same as Raynare? From DxD? Abridged/vanilla; I can’t remember honestly

    42. jacob marley

      wow this was boring...

    43. UnnamedHero0922

      Jack Skellington: "People call me Bone Daddy" Ainz Ooal Gown: "Super Tier Magic, Fallen Down"

    44. Bills 4 Reals

      So Ains is that one guy that made it to pay to win tier off of just insane grinding

    45. Wolfsavior101

      I know there are those who don’t like isekai because it brings in an overpowered character trope and I respect your opinion but hear me out on this, Ainz is overpowered but those who have seen the anime and read the books we all know he worked very hard to get to that point and wasn’t given all mighty powers no one else has by a god or goddess or some bullshit like that, Aqua your the exception, but to be a character that is primarily just straight evil and powerful and to see that point of view is absolutely a good chance to tell a good story with interesting characters while giving us the perspective of this evil character who is the protagonist and to see events unfold that’s not from some heroic character trope wannabe with no character development, there are a few exceptions though, but I just wanted to share my opinion on the matter of this show in particular

    46. HarakuroShido

      God...this dub is actually good :D I don;t belive It :D

    47. Steampunk_Timelord

      19:26 I bet Albedo enjoyed that part.

    48. Yare yare daze

      This vampire is fighting him under the sun yo

      1. Anti-Idiot Organisation

        She is resistant

    49. Khalid Bahaj

      nub Ainzz. Credit Card Warrior

    50. Gauntlet Of Hades

      I love this anime

    51. Gauntlet Of Hades

      Holy fuck

    52. David C.

      Japanese Cocytus: Deep and Majestic Dubbed Cocytus: *Mature Spongebob*

    53. Duel Link Guardian Sena

      Dub so suck as fuck

    54. Don DollarSigns

      Ainz: Activates ghost organization, bribes police, sets bounty, calls mugger, calls mercenaries, drops BST; armor, explosive rounds... lol keep going

    55. John Ikeda

      Everyone: still commenting on this video Me: *Surprise pikachu face*

    56. Dick Borbon

      Remember kids always use cash shop items.

    57. William Ha

      "It belonged to Lord TouchMe." Me: *has flashbacks to Ghost Stories Rabbit*

      1. Nick Rivas

        @Thex but was he black?

      2. Thex


    58. Graydogger

      8:26 I Shalltear Bloodfallen, have a dream.

    59. Brandon Adamson

      This is my first time listening to the dub version of overlord. I really don’t like how the English voice actor portrays the dark sinister voice of the Satoshi Hino for the original.

    60. magnusm4

      If Ainz almost lost if not for some eyes behind her then how strong ARE the others?! Now I really want to see the silly and hilarious Pandora's Actor give Shaltear and the others a hard time and even defeat them.

      1. Vezoth

        Shalltear is the strongest Floor Guardian, so it's very unlikely that any other sentient Guardian (Area or Floor Guardian) would give her a hard time in a 1v1. Though in a group fight Aura would be stronger, she is one of the weakest Floor Guardians alone. Only Floor Guardian I could see beating Shalltear would be Gargantua, but he is a golem and isn't sentient, thus requiring someone to control him. Pandora's Actor may also seem strong with his transformation ability, but there are flaws to it. For starters, he cannot copy more than 80% of the target's original strength. There is also a limit to the number of transformations one can have, which is 45 for Pandora's Actor. Sadly, only 4 unknown slots remain in Pandora's Actor's use, as 41 of those slots are taken by the characters of 41 Supreme Beings. It's unknown if you can swap out these slots or if it requires special rituals/items. Pandora's Actor is also incapable of using certain skills and abilities like Super Tier magic, or a World Champion's ultimate skill. Pandora's Actor also can't copy the benefits of equipment, but can only copy the appearance. He would need the original item to gain any benefits. Doppelgängers like Pandora's Actor also are vulnerable to spells that force them out of the transformation, with some higher tiered ones even disabling the ability temporarily.

    61. Dragon X

      What was the eye that appeared behind shalltear before she died ?

      1. Vezoth

        That was Aura who saw Ainz hesitate to finish off Shalltear. Aura's skill made Shalltear think that there was a hostile presence behind her, which made Shalltear look back and realize no one is there.

    62. Soos Hernandez


    63. Iwo DEU

      This fight in a nutshell: Just as planned.

      1. CrownofMischief

        All according to keikaku

    64. DJ BANZAI

      That was............... TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!! This is my first time seeing any kind of action from Overlord. I gotta start watching this anime and read the manga too. Glad this showed up on my recommended list.

      1. Vezoth

        I recommend the Light Novel, as it's much more detailed than the anime or the manga. It also is the source material for both and is considered canon. It's also the furthest in the series, as the manga is currently still around Season 2 of the anime, and the anime's third season ended at Volume 9. Volume 14 comes out in Japan next year. The LNs also explain certain plotholes that appear in the other two.

    65. Creeperinside Link

      I know this has been used before and is a meme but I don't care. Greater Hardening & Penetrate Up, who knew Ainz Ooal Gown was such a pervert?

    66. FireGustNo. 7

      So I watched this before I understood lore and things like that and now that I know a little bit about stuff I still dont understand one part can someone explain the eye thing at the end where she sees this eye

      1. Vezoth

        That was Aura using a skill of hers that can alter the emotions of a target. While undead is immune to mind-affecting effects, her skill is not exactly one but close for it to have a similar effect. After Shalltear's death, we see a bit of breath coming out from Aura's puckered lips, indicating that she used the very same skill she had used earlier in the series to wake up Hamsuke from her dwelling.

    67. God's perfect idiot

      12:11 Sharknado

    68. justl16

      Sounds like beerus from dbz

    69. olney28

      IDK what I just watched but I'm loving this Lord Ainz guy

    70. sweetchaos Fox

      and i to thought that dbz characters only make craters