Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown vs Shalltear Bloodfallen - English Dubbed

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    1. jose ornelas

      Overlord needs to come back A.S.A.P!

    2. Romeo Mariano

      Who knows what the eyeball is that she looked at that made her hesitate when ainz was casting fallen down a second time is???

    3. Rose Vidler

      What ep is this from

    4. Tank Gamer

      ainz just said infinity war

    5. Thomas Nguyen

      Behold the power of your mom’s credit card

    6. FrediTheGamer

      0:32 me buffing in dark souls or nioh

    7. LDFSGamer

      All I see is abridged Cooler

    8. igable82

      Wonder why Ainz was fighting Shaltear...are they not on the same side? I've just been watching clips of this anime so this is confusing.

      1. igable82

        @Tristan Mathiesen Ah, okay. Thanks for the information.

      2. Tristan Mathiesen

        igable82 she got mind controlled by a world item

    9. PreciousHeart

      "Imma plant me a dumbass tree!"

    10. tropical dino

      0:32 when you unlock all the skills in skyrim

    11. Enigma Matrix

      God, "Touch Me" sounds even more dirty in English. Or maybe it's because I watched this - cz-news.net/online/video-eh0iRZpWnTs.html

    12. Seirra Moon

      I cannot understate how much I LOVE THIS SHOW!

    13. NakkiPeruna

      I see. Cooler got reincarnated in an mmo

    14. Igarappappa

      If anyone's wondering near the end I think I can explain. From what I read about what happened in the novel, Ainz hesitated for a brief moment when breaking the Cash Shop Item, probably because he was afraid they wouldn't be able to revive her, as Shalltear attacked she was suddenly paralyzed/distracted by something that caused her to hesitate. That was was done with a skill/spell/ability of Aura who was watching the fight. It gave Ainz enough time to push through and finish the spell. They didn't really make it clear in the anime what exactly happened in that bit so I'm glad someone explained it.

    15. Lucas M

      To anyone who doesn't know why Aura and Mare were there, Aura cast that eye at 25:33 to distract Shalltear just long enough for Ainz to use his item. Mare had an item that basically acted as a "bank" for experience points gained, so Ainz can refill a few levels after he uses certain spells that require exp to use.

      1. Vezoth

        Aura and Mare were there to secure the perimeter and scout the area. Mare did not help Ainz to refill a few levels, nor is there any mention of Avarice and Generosity being activated/mention of the power of the item.

    16. Sasuke Uchiha

      Something I love in the protagonist in any series, story, whatever, is when they can demonstrate extreme intellect with staggering power. it's part of why I like Ainz so much. this also applies to antagonists too

    17. Bret Couch

      ainz got good

    18. 19Biohazard88

      Free to play vs “Surprise mechanics”

    19. Zixter

      I think Ainz english actor is ,,Cooler" than the original one

    20. Potato Chips

      So Ainz would have lost if Aura hadn't used an interrupting spell on Shalltear?

    21. Aatrix

      Whats with the eye at the end 25:31 if some1 could please give an explanation it would be most appreciated

      1. Amelia Kyle

        i had to ask about it too, basically it's like some kinda spell Aura used, to 'poke Aggro' onto a foe, that's what the smoke she was releasing at the end was about.

    22. Torey White

      Lord Touch Me??????? Gimme a GODDAMN break. 😑🤦‍♂️

    23. Torey White

      "Penetrate Up" is a special buff that can "go through" anything.

    24. 重男徳田

      Shit eng dub.

    25. Ian Marshall

      Soo im still confused about the random eye that showed up in her armor at the end. Like what exactly was that? Also great fight.

      1. A1ucard666

        Aura did it. You see her towards the end of the vid letting out a long breath. Her breath has crowd control disorient effects.

    26. leying

      LOL, this guy's voice sounds like DBZ abridged voice

      1. City Guard

        leying lemme tell ya something cool... He is. Cooler

    27. Jamil Van Zeijl

      Cant wait till light novel 13 gets an anime adaptation its gonna be glorious with fight scènes better then this one.

    28. Ryukopool// PEACEMAKER 228 HD

      did anyone notice a fourth wall break when that girl turn her head to the camera

    29. Artjom Manov

      I still prefer original dub or russian dubbing from "студийная банда"

    30. ぽちろん


    31. R.R 3000300030003330

      He cast like 1000 buffs on himself hahahaha who the hell thought this was a cool idea

    32. Wisest Beast

      This nigga ains really summoned a shark tornado

    33. A born stargazer and True gamer

      Level 9000 vs level 500 I’m sure you can tell whose who

    34. REDandBLUEandORANGE

      2:38 *FALLEN DOWN*

    35. Hyeon Bum Kim

      와 영어 더빙 ㄹㅇ 역대급이네 ㅋㅋㅋ 개 잘해놨네

    36. Kevin Boyer

      I would like to see a Deathbattle between Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord vs Alucard from Hellsing.

    37. Mr Derp Saiyan

      who decided that? oops wrong anime

    38. Death Claw

      This is probably the only "fight" in the whole series.

      1. Nicolas Noisette

        If youths searche watched up to season 3 then yes. This is the only legit fight.

    39. CiraGaming

      A dub I don't mind watching.

    40. Dat PolarBear

      Wtf was that at 25:32

    41. Fetna

      Hi Magic :S

    42. Matt Lacdao

      I like the japanese dub Ains It was deep and powerfull, his voice had weigh to it English dub sounds like old wise wizard, kinda sounds like Merlin ( it aint bad but it just makes him sound like a really old guy)

    43. Al i

      Can someone explain why Ainz couldn't break her mind control? Or is it really that there's someone who has greater power than a 10th teer Magic

      1. ahmed .khaled

        Undead like Shalltear are normally immune to mind control. With the exception being world class items (Which is what was used against her) The only way to counter an effect caused by a world-class item is another world-class item. That is why when he found out she was mind controlled he gave every guardian a world class item, in case someone with one attacked them using it. And I don't think Ainz had any that could undo mind control

    44. ronal christian collatupa sanizo

      holy shiit, 26 buffs

    45. Prem Ramman

      English has no feelings or emotions. Its like blah

    46. チャンドラーリッグス

      Waiting 4th season

    47. Leo Ix

      This anime is perfect for the Aizen type of player. Cash shop item champions. I bet he also "plays" ArcheAge and Black Desert Online. 'Even she is like "it can't be, another cash shop item!"

    48. Luis Chu TV


    49. Jain Tech


    50. Herman Garcia

      Btw for those of you wondering, at the end of the fight when Ainz was about to break the hour glass, he felt a large amount of guilt for killing his friends creation, and so he hesitated, as Shaltear was going to strike him Aura used an ability she had to distract Shaltear and give Ainz the time he needed to get over his guilt and cast the spell.

    51. josh barrett

      What was the eye behind shalltear when Ainz casted his Fallen down at the end that distracted her??? Super confused about that

    52. Tyrannical Cabbage

      Okay when shalltear was about to attack him while he was holding the hourglass,what was with the freaky eye that appeared behind her ?

    53. きつね先生【ら民】


    54. Cryo Gami

      That eye that stops Shalltear at about 25:31 wtf is that anyone? I thought it was part of the spell, but it doesn't really match in any way.

      1. Script X

        It's Aura, she used a spell to distract Shalltear

    55. マキマキ3076

      声が本家と違いすぎてキモイすぎる 日本語と有名な声優だからいいアニメなのに英語と全く違う声になるとクソアニメにしか見えてこない

    56. Craig Wilks

      Just listening to all those bugs brought me to my demise

    57. MariNate

      The English dub is garbage lol. The sub is the way to go. There’s so much more emotion in the sub

    58. Just an ordinary dude. That's all.

      Wait, isn't Ainz's VA the same one who did Boros? Ains=Boros confirmed?

      1. MrOiram46

        Saitama trained so hard, his hair fell off. Ainz trained so hard that everything fell off his bones.

    59. shina winters

      every one is talking about them cash shop items yet he was only able to use them due to perfect warrior >> you cant say pay to win if said items have a restriction

    60. Kill Switch

      Mans has all da cheat codes

    61. Zaraki Kon

      This remains a Great Fight to watch imo 😁👍.

    62. christianpbagley

      So what was that eye that appeared behind shalltear at the end?

    63. Dj CrazyBoss

      Shaggy has to fight ainz

    64. Zoro p

      "The goal of all life is death" That one shot kill is awsome

    65. Tonny smax

      25:32 what was that??

      1. Pádraig

        A distraction magic spell from Aura

    66. Simón A. Carreño

      As an RPG Fan I'm really amazed of this anime... 0:31 to 1:14 As a usual Buffer/Debuffer class player in MMORPG's it gives me a lot of good memories :)

    67. Will

      Moral of Story : u need to pay to "win".

    68. Ladislaus IV

      Wow dub was worse than I thought out would be

      1. Emperor Ssraeshza

        The guy voicing Ainz actually does a decent job. Shalltear is okay. Albedo, Cocytus and Demiurge are fucking atrocious. I can't imagine the rest of the characters are voiced competently.

      2. aguarnes

        Stop acting like every sub is better weeb

      3. aguarnes

        The dub is better than the sub lmao ainz sounds like a dumbass in the sun

    69. Andrew I

      Fighting a max level mage who controlled the top guild is one thing, great tactics and strenght can overcome them. Fighting a credit card warrior? Impossible.

      1. Marvin

        @Lux Noria their prime is just top 9 but considering the top 5 got 100+ members and they only got 41 members.

      2. Lux Noria

        @Fernand Celestino Weren't they? After all in the many years the game was up, their guild was never defeated even the one time many guilds teamed up and tried raiding their guild base.

      3. Fernand Celestino

        Theyre not the top guild though

      4. Bryan Stevens

        And don't even get me started on someone who is both.

    70. Sakhile Rashama

      Damn, 32 buffs before the fight even started. Give her a chance Ainz.