Overlord: Ainz Ooal Gown first appearance on the new world



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    Overlord season 1 episode 3, Ainz Ooal Gown first appearance on the new world
    Next Fight Gazef vs Sunlight (cz-news.net/online/video-5ozrM_Sq56A.html)
    Ainz vs Sunlight (cz-news.net/online/video-SBzRL75H9zM.html)

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    1. Smile ZeroTwo

      Albedo in armor is BOMB!

    2. Xenojie

      The healing potion even buffed her up.

    3. Your Name

      Ainz when he enters the new world: Nice place *NIGGA*

    4. Johnny Jovanovski

      so nobody was bothered by the fkn BIG FKN FRAME ON THIS VID wow ok!

    5. Thor Klarwasser

      I think they fucked the entrance a bit up. In the LN Enri and Nemu basically thought Death in person stood before them and they literally shit themselves.

    6. i dont know what to put

      was there a reason why he decided to help these people?

    7. Kevin Spideysenses

      His name is Goblin Slayer

    8. Quinn Garcia

      2:44 when your tank rushes the next room by themself

    9. Deadliest Duckling

      It’s always bothered me when he said “crest middle tier undead” because I am craving to see the brute strength of higher tiers of the creat undead skill

    10. DerLamer

      You will do well to remember my name. I am... xXxHotGamerGurlxXx

    11. Dio Brando


    12. drogon the dragon god of ragnarok chaos

      You will do well to remember my name I am Drogon the god of ragnarok dragon,destroyer, warlord and chaos bringer And son of Ain Ooal Gown and albedo!

    13. judy templeman

      “Grasp Heart”?? More like “Heart Construction Zip”

    14. kogahide4


    15. SD FutureMusic

      Man , i want to watch overlord again . I loved the visuals of overlord a lot !!! I hope do good animation with season 4 in future.

    16. kuchar Buy


    17. MightyPacifist

      I just realized that the first human who started showing potential and was killed off right away was the guy who started giving orders near the end. He was the first of many

    18. nuggistrike

      So he first time even ammitting to becom a psychopat hu kills only for pleasure and self gain and feel no remors or anything in game ! Still ! He know he is inside the game ! Trapt ! Or is he ? Maby he is in a coma when the game rebooted and all season 1 and 2 is only happent in 1 or 2 days in real life ! Think about it ! Playing a mmo gor 14 houres straight ! You can do alot in game ! Now in vr ! Think you can speed run in diablo from level 1 to 100 easy in 24 houres !

      1. Vezoth

        He is not stuck inside the game. The New World is a reality. This was hinted in the Light Novels and confirmed in the latest Side Story. The New World being a game poses a lot of problems such as reaction times being slower, the log-off system not working, nanobot depletion not kicking him offline, or even the legal actions the company forcing him to play would receive if this was to be found out.


      You would do well to remember my name: TheLegend27.

    20. GOLDsken GOLDsken

      kinda wished some cult outside of nazarik would appear that worships ainz as the god he is. atleast in the new world he is a god.

      1. Richard Casterly

        He already has cultists worshipping him now.

    21. William Côté

      That’s one hell of a first impression

    22. グラハム・エーカー


      1. 誠伊藤

        グラハム・エーカー 駄女神?

    23. Aliff Asyraff - Boss

      i'm bad, and that's good. i will never be good and that's not bad. there's no one i'd rather be than me

    24. Aoi Minase

      Suka blyat giving the wrong order lol

    25. Prot0PrawnSuitablesInc. Dominion varient

      I've never noticed the size of the death knight shield. Another thing is that the death knight looks like a dark souls monster if I have ever seen one.

    26. ZonatedSpore97 Acamas

      I wouldn't feel anything too if I killed those soldiers, who knows them also knows that they are = to criminals.


      So ainz is some anti-hero or something? Cuz I’m pretty sure those knights were about to slaughter the entire village by the kings order

      1. Vezoth

        Those knights were not under the command of a king. Their outfit resembles that of Baharut Empire, rather than the Re-Estize Kingdom. If we just went by appearance, it would seem like they were attacking under the command of the Emperor. In truth, the soldiers are from the Slane Theocracy disguised as the Empire's soldiers. Slane Theocracy sending their troops without a disguise would only raise hostility with the Kingdom. Instead, they framed the Empire as the Empire and the Kingdom already have yearly wars of an area close to the villages. The soldiers were under the command of the Sunlight Scripture and were there to act as bait until the reinforcements from the capital arrived at the villages and with them Gazef Stronoff who was their target.

    28. Jonathan Hernandez

      6:39 Boo, bitch!

    29. Solus Darkcoat

      So it heals her and fix her clothes? Neat.

    30. Dan Niton

      3:36 "They don't trust me at all." Well no shit, you have an appearance that spells 'death'.

    31. Tatellic

      Rule to anime : healing options heal clothes

    32. Alucard

      a bunch of lvl 1-2 npcs getting saved from a bunch of lvl 6-7 soldiers by a ptw lvl 500 with all skills maxed of all classes combined given by his clan, which btw means he also has clan perks from a definitely max lvl guild. The staff being the ultimate object that you get when you combine all the infinity sto..... hmm

    33. Dzintra

      This anime is for teenagers

      1. Richard Casterly

        Yes. It's called SEINEN for a reason. Lol

    34. unknown ???

      ainz's enemy:78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen XD

    35. Kevlar Vrus 57

      I will have to download this series.

    36. Od dacity

      7:32 Downward strike Head somehow gets decapitated and flies away instead of whole body getting split

      1. Astute Anansi

        Probably a strike curving into a horizontal offscreen

    37. Unison

      *Girl got sliced along with clothes* "Ainz gives medicine *Heals both wound clothes* Me: Logic

    38. Ace The FireDragon

      Drink it. *ominous music*

    39. metallicaman4able

      6:50 when you are cornered in the prison shower.

    40. nicholas tortora


      1. edy oprea

        * penetrate up *

    41. Nairb


    42. Akari Hanao

      Finding Nemu

    43. theking hmimidou

      when you dont listen to your friend advice and go loot a lvl 90 dungeon even do your just lvl 5 so you and your team get destroyed by the starting guard.

    44. パッキンパクパク


    45. Disguised Loaf

      I never liked this anime

    46. Rin Okumura

      The Days I Actually Respected Ainz As The New Anti Hero.

      1. Francisco Pizarro González

        I still respect the nigga.

    47. comic moon


    48. Wendin

      i wish i could think of baddass names for my characters on the fly like he does

      1. MiGujack3

        It's not like his name came out of no where, because it's the name of his former clan.

    49. Drayran

      9th tier? We're overdoing a little. Aren't we?

      1. edy oprea

        "dies from mere 5th tier magic"

      2. No Step On Snek

        Aniz didn't know how strong they actually were at first. He needed to test the waters.

    50. thedougman2008

      3:56 i love that it heals the fabric as well.

      1. You Tube

        Well that wasn't suppose to happen hahaha

    51. zameliz

      wtf... in the manga Albedo actually had some armor on and not this boob plate nonsense -_- Here's a reference for anyone interested s5.mkklcdnv5.com/mangakakalot/o2/overlord_manga/chapter_3/3.jpg

      1. zameliz

        @Vezoth So thats how it is -_- I have some gripes for a bunch of these usual manga and anime cliches, the boob plate being one of them. It's just that they are so overdone and beaten to death.

      2. Vezoth

        Sadly, the manga isn't canon. Artwork done by so-bin, who is the artist responsible for the light novel covers and art, has always depicted her as having these boob plates.

    52. ビーフコンソメ


    53. S hizuku


    54. 夕。


    55. Intrigued Bystander

      Little did the Death Knight know that he would soon be serving lemonade with his fellow undead dicks

    56. Tonsen

      He hear himself with pleasure speaking

    57. Dexter Alupay

      S4 PLEASE

    58. Dexter Alupay

      S4 PLEASE

    59. Sir Jecht

      I want some Munni...

    60. Marsh Obeja

      Bobo mo tol

    61. Paul Oh

      Smufing at its finest...

    62. Key


      1. チェルトシオン


    63. David D.S

      *basically* Ainz: oh albedo thanks for joining Albedo: anyway what about this little bitch here, shall I dispose of them?

    64. Nhamyr

      I can't stop thinking about the Death Knight at 2:47 singing Bakuretsu Bakuretsu LA LA LA while running towards the village to kill those knights

    65. Soki Moh

      6:46,death knight:playing possum?

      1. Terence Tebing

        "I take the chance to survive" *failed→die

    66. Cheng Vang

      5:28 when a level 100 discover a group of level 20~30 camping at the beginner’s base to prey on newbies

      1. Yato Kami

        Scale this down, those are level 10 soldiers farming a lvl 1-2 villagers

    67. Zeno Sama

      To think that Death Knight is just a mid-tier undead summon....

      1. Эспаньйолга окда

        Best human lvl 15-25,and Death Knight is 35 ,as I know

    68. Mayuka Channel


      1. 口ポッカーン


    69. RAM RAM


    70. KRU's Den

      3:56 a healing medicine so powerful that it mends clothes.