Our Unbelievable Night at Haunted Langham Hotel

Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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    Sam and Colby explore the United Kingdom's most haunted hotel and stay overnight in London's scariest room... we interview paranormal experts about the Langham hotel.
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    1. Sam and Colby

      Hope you enjoy the new series! Turn on notifications, next episode is Tuesday 1:14pm PST Be sure to download our XPLR app here: apps.apple.com/us/app/xplr/id1474820819 and grab some new merch:)

      1. Tracy Brown

        Hi I'm in background and I didn't notice yours I was saying to my cousin that's colbey omg xxx

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      I feel like the gulf specially Oman is haunted and ghosts are real I don’t know how some people don’t know that for sure get ????!!!! 😅

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      AYE I LIVE IN ENGLAND DANM Bitch i am a demon AKA steven the demon

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      The most haunted hotel in the world is the Stanley hotel

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      Hey Sam and Colby, I swear I felt a sharp pain on my left side of my head and I don’t tell anyone, I’m scared and I love ur vids🖤🖤🖤🖤😬

    10. Keely Laflamme

      Do a video at the world most hunted hotel and try to spend the night.

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    12. Gokuz

      when you were in the interview i heard water running

    13. Lovely_Trash

      21:59 *Quite possibly my favorite Corey quote now lmao*

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      England isn’t scary

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      Random comment Colbys bday January 2nd is also the day that Guccio Gucci died

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      I just want to say, When I was 7, I was being babysitted. So, one day I was playing with my babysitters kids, and we decided to play Charlie charlie and when we asked if it was gonna hurt us,it landed on yes. We ended the game, but 2 minutes later, I had a scratch on my neck, and it was gushing blood, out of no where. I had to tell my babysitter and I went home straight after....

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      I love how 2.1 million people have seen this video and only 157K liked the video like come on guys show some love

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      4 cameras middle of the room looking opposite directions keep them on all night you might catch one or 360 camera that helps try thermal if you can you might see heat slowly but surely move just a little advice

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